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  1. Amelia decided it was time to take a little break from training and beating the shit out of people. The sun was beating down on her red hair and a gentle wind blew from the west. The wind was perfect for the day. It was a perfect day today just to relax and chill out. Walking through the market, Red found a nice noodle shop and thought that it hit the spot. Looking around to see if anyone was looking at her she walked over to the noodle shop. Passing the citizens that looked like they were afraid of her. This was not like them. No one knew of her. Why would they know of killing? Red quickly moved faster as her red eyes didn't move from the noodle shop sign. The wind drifted the smell of the noodles to the nose to the shinobi. A sigh came out her mouth. "Finally something to eat." Breaking through the open door of the noodle shop, she eyed the chef in the eyes and he knew exactly what she wanted to eat. Red had been here before, but with all the training she couldn't come back. The sun pierced through the window of the shop and hit Amelia in the back of the head. Sitting down Red put her weapon down on the table. Everyone that was in the shop looked at the weapon on the table. Dire Reaver had a black aura to it and Amelia didn't know why. It never did this. Looking around, everyone's eyes shifted to their own plates and the chef made his way over to the table she was at. Putting the plate down, Red nodded in approval and the chef went back to his daily routine. Looking back at her weapon Amelia thought about what she had done.
  2. Amelia wasn't a awkward person,but this was just getting no where. There was nothing else to be said, This was leading to nowhere. Amelia thought that this wasn't the time and place to ask a Sai if she knows what is going on. If anyone needed to know anymore about her that no one was going to know this wasn't the place. Once she said that this was one of the best places that she has ever been in Amelia went over that in her head for a little. Was this a key word for a attack that was coming into place. After shifting her head to the right 90 degrees then to the left 90 degrees she decided that she was getting weirded out. If anyone wanted to attack her this wouldn't be the place and time for it. "Yes it is." Looking over Sai to look at the chef. With a quick nod Amelia got up and looked down at her noddles that were once there. "It was nice to meet you, but I have to leave now." Reaching into her pocket she pulled out just enough to pay for her meal. Looking back at her new friend she moved passed her and left the noddle shop. {Exit}
  3. Name | Needles Ranking | D Type | Supplementary Appearance | Material | The needle is made out of stainless steel Crafter | Essien Description | These are basic needles that you would find in a sewing kit, They can be used to sew things together and also penetrate things. These can't go through walls but they can go through clothes as they were meant for. They are 5 inches long and the have a small hole just enough for a chakra sting can go through it. These can be pushed through the fingers of the puppet, The fingers don't have to be attached. They are also little enough to be hidden inside the glove itself until pushed through. Jutsu | None Status | Restricted
  4. They are used to be put into my puppet.
  5. Puppet Creation Name | Golden Gauntlets Ranking | C Type | Gauntlets Appearance | The user uses chakra strings to control the fingers. The fingers can be taken off and replaced by something of the user's choosing. Also the gauntlets are completely holo. It can be used to push weapons through the fingers and detach them. Material | The gloves are made out of magnesium and has a gold outlined on the knuckles and back of the forearm. Crafter | Amelia Background | Amelia wanted the biggest things in life. She thought that this puppet would make her hold more money than ever before. So she created this puppet to grab all the money she could, but when there was no money to be found she had to settle to using this thing for peer chaos. Status | Restricted
  6. The question of the century came into play. Amelia never wanted to have brothers or sister they would take up too much time and space. But on the other hand she didn't like to be alone. So it was a love hate relationship. Red thought about the question real hard. No one knows why because it was a simple answer. Mostly because she didn't like talking to someone never. She like people that had been with her before and knew how she was like not this random that she just met for the first time. " No, I don't have any brothers or sisters. I am the only child in my family." Amelia didn't want to give her whole life story out of this person. For this reason was that she could be getting intel for a enemy that needed to know who she was close to. There was no other details that she was going to reveal to this women. There was nothing more that she wanted to say after that. Everything was quiet for a little until the waiter came over and asked if there was anything else that we needed. Amelia said no and wanted to know more about this women. Even though she didn't want to tell her anything about her in the first place. What was a good question to ask someone knew that Amelia had just met in the first place. Something sparked into her mind. "So... Come here often?"
  7. When Saisaki sat down in front on Amelia there was a cold air that went down the spine of the young shinobi. She could tell that the lady was really nervous to talk to anyone. Out of all the people that she could say something to it had to be her. Next thing that came from her mouth was do you come here often. Was this lady trying to hit on Amelia? Looking a little stunned as to say why would that be the first thing that comes out, she said " I guess. I mean this is the only good ramen shop in town in my opinion." Something about this woman made Amelia feel uneasy. Was this a sign that there was a attack coming? The only way for her to remotely be ready was to pay attention to what she says and see if there is any key words that start to form. Also there was a sense of familiarity that she had not once sensed before hand. It was like she had seen her around town, but in guy form. Did this person have the ability to change sexs whenever they choose to. That would be interesting. Good for camouflage. Amelia shifted her red eyes out of the window to double check and to make sure no one was watching their conversation. If people saw what she was doing they would most likely think that she is soft and think less of her. She wanted to be the best killer that was known in the village. That was a fact. Looking back at her company she had something that was on her mind. " Have I seen you around the village before in man form because I swear there is someone that looks like you walking around."
  8. It seemed to Amelia that the lady that stood in front of her was very uncomfortable. Amelia still had her same face as when she walked into the ramen shop. Nothing was going to change that smug look on Red's face. Looking around once more she saw that everyone had disappeared in their own conversations. Amelia knew that she was in the clear for now. Still looking at the lady that was in front of her, she thought about what would happen if she decided to make a move on her. What was the actions that were to be taken? All of this escaped Red's mind when she spoke for the second time. This caught the young shinobi off guard. Most people would have just walked away once they saw the blade. The name of Saisaki came from her lips and it was lingering for a moment until it disappeared with the wind. Saisaki? That name seemed so familiar to the young shinobi. " Hmm you seem to be a reasonable person. My name is Amelia or other people call me Red." Amelia has never had someone ask the name behind the sword that killed so many people. This was awkward for her. Never before had this happen. Most people only knew the sword that was slicing into their enemies. She felt kinda good that someone actually wanted to know her name and was not the girl that was swinging the sword. "Would you like to sit down and have something to eat with me?"
  9. Amelia was startled at the voice of the women that was right in front of her face. Looking her right in the eyes the red haired shinobi looked back at the weapon. Listening to her words there was a familiar sound that came from the body. It reminded her of her mother. This made Amelia kind of angry. The thought of her mother and father made her angry. Then Red remembered that her parents are dead so there was a snap back to reality. The sun was still hitting the back of her head and made her feel a little hot. Back to the women that was standing in front of her table. Was this women a shinobi like her? Amelia didn't want to come off mean or anything or start anything at the moment it was her day off. "I'm sorry. I didn't notice that it was a bother to people. I will put the weapon away." Amelia stood up and put her sword back by her slim side. Shifting the red eyes around the room, she saw everyone go back to whatever they were doing and left the two of them alone. Something about this woman made Red feel uneasy. Lifting the young shinobi's right hand up to her hair she brushed it from her eye. This made it clear that Amelia wanted to fully see who was standing right in front of her. Out of all places to meet another shinobi it was the ramen shop. Taking another big bite out of the ramen that was getting cold she swallowed the humongous bite and stared at the chef once again to ask for another round. Amelia decided to look this women in the eyes again to ask to see if she would like to have a conversation. "Was that all that you need?" With the questioned being asked she took another big bite out of her ramen. The was never a chance where the shinobi's left hand wasn't on her weapon. She only had it on the table just to make sure that if anyone attack it wasn't on her side and she could get it out faster. Looking the woman dead in the eyes she waited for the lady to answer the question that was lingering in the air.
  10. Amelia looked up and saw the fire that lit the tower. It had the same color as the hair and lingerie. Her eyes were a darker red then the flame, but it was close enough. The mist took over the land so it made it really hard for the shinobis to see anything that was ahead. The flame was their only guidance. Looking over to her teammates for the time being she thought about how well they worked so well when defeating those missing ninjas and how stupid they were to fight without knowing that they were up against. Maybe it was the Kage putting them to the test to see their fighting styles this all crossed the mind of Red. Walking through Mizumura Village they finally came upon the Mizukage Tower. Kensei shoved the doors open without hesitation and Amelia and Kabel followed. When they passed the two guards they got their weapons ready as to say that we weren't suppose to be here, but we just walked right past them without giving a second glance. A women came to greet us. Anyone in the room could tell that Kensei was going to hit on her once she spoke. Once they got done with their little makeout session Amelia hit Kensei on the back of the head to say that they were on a mission. There was no time to try and get some. The shinobi talked to this women for a while to see when the Kage was going to meet them. She said that he was going to meet them in another room and quickly got up to show them where. Walking up the long flight of stairs the women turned around to acknowledge that the three were following behind her. She slowly opened the doors and they walked inside to wait for the Kage to show up.
  11. Jutsu Name | Faint Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | E Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Genjutsu Energy Cost | 5CP Handsigns | Tiger Range | Instant Duration | 2 Post Description | This Genjutsu fools the targets sense of sight, making them believe that a strike heading for one area is heading for another. This genjutsu is triggered once the opponent sees the weapon come at them. This allows the user to trick the person into seeing fake versions of the weapon in order to strike their opponent. Other Effects | None Requirements | None Status | Personal
  12. Edited
  13. Watching everyone do their own thing Amelia got up into a standing stance. Looking over at Kabel who was dumping the body of the man that she just killed brought a sense of delight. Knowing that what she was for the best of the village there was another smile that came across of Red. Her red eyes burning with power from the soul that was taken from the body of the headless man. She wanted more. She wanted more people to ambush them just so she can kill them. There was a small realization that there was still blood on the face of the chunin. Bringing her right hand up to her check where the bright red blood was stood she took a small swipe and the blood shifted to the back of the hand. Looking deeply at the blood she thought about her parents and how much blood was there when the bodies were found. She was really familiar with the smell and look of blood. When Kensei spoke it was a shot to the head to say welcome back to reality. Shifting her red eyes over to Kensei she nodded in approval and walked over to the tree and whipped the blood off of her hand. She would have to clean her clothes when the time came. Looking back at the tree that she once sat under she took her sword and looked at the blood dripping from the weapon. Flicking in dry she took a solid swing at the tree cutting it in half. The tree fell backwards with a thunderous thud. Making the birds from neighbor trees fly off. This power is what she needed and this drove her to get there. Packing up her stuff there was pause as she waited for the rest of her team to get ready. OCC: Bukijutsu Training 1,516/1,500 Complete (Will add when A-Rank)
  14. Shifting her red eyes to underneath the branch she saw Kabel use the wire to his advantage and kill the man on the spot. Looking around to see if anyone else was coming towards her, she jumped down from the branch and landed both feet hitting the ground at once and making a loud thud as they landed. Keeping Destiny's song in her right hand she looked towards Kabel and nodded in approval as to say you plan worked. Shifting her red eyes down the man whose head was ripped apart, she smiled in joy. This was the first time that she would let them see the smile cross the face of Red. This was an unusual thing to see happen, but something about seeing killing made her smile. Maybe this was a sign that she was going insane. How could she hate that fact though? Snapping back to reality she heard the footsteps of a man running towards the tree. He had a short butchers knife in his left hand. Running as fast as he could the missing ninja through the knife aiming right for her face. Why would he throw away his only weapon? Shifting her right hand upwards and back downwards Destiny's song wiped the knife off to the left of Red. Seeing the relaxs of the chunin he stopped dead in his tracks 15 yards from Red. The missing ninja hands flew and he shouted "Water Gunshot!" Quickly Amelia brought Destiny's song up in front of and started to spin the weapon clockwise to block the incoming water shot. The once water ball turned into water below Amelia's feet. Is this all that he got? "I'm going to give you one last chance to run away or you are going to die right where you stand. I would pick my words carefully." "Never" Once these words were said he once again put up his hands to make more hand signs. Amelia truly wanted to know which one this was. It was Water Gunshot once again. Does this guy not know anymore? This time Amelia dodged to the right and ran towards the ninja. She got within 7 yards of the missing ninja and put her hands together while holding Destiny's song and made the weapon grow to 25 feet in length. Seeing this put the man in shock. Allowing the weapon to wrap around him trapping his arms and upper body. " You picked the wrong thing to say." Pulling the chain ever so closer to her. The scrapping of his feet across made Amelia enjoy what she was going to do to this man. Pulling the man to 3 feet in front of Red. She drew Dire Reaver. The sound of the sword coming out of the guard that held the weapon close to Amelia's side made the man have goose bumps. With one solid swing of the blade it beheaded the missing ninja. Blood squirted out of the body and onto Amelia's face and onto her clothes. The head flew back 10 feet. Once the man stopped moving a black ghostly figure came out of the man and into the blade. This was the soul coming into the sword. She could feel the power that it gave her. Untying the man from Destiny's song she looked over to Kensei to see if he had done his job. He finished a long time ago and it was only her that had to do the job. Sitting back down at the tree once more she took out another apple and took a big bite out of it. OOC: Bukijutsu Training: 1,211/1,500
  15. Almost falling asleep, Amelia felt something was something was off. Looking around she saw Kensei coming over to say something then a rumble can from underneath the ground. There shouldn't be a earthquake anytime soon. Looking down at the ground beneath her, she saw a solid foot come out of the ground and right under her chin making her stand up. Once the kick was done Amelia landed on a branch about 10 feet up. Pulling out destiny's song Amelia went 10 feet higher. Looking back down at the shinobi, she looked him right into the eyes to trigger the genjutsu false illusion. She made it so there was a clone in the place where she once was. This was to make sure that the shinobi wouldn't move to attack anyone else. Knowing that Kabel was know where to be seen. She went to the edge of the tree branch that she was on and looked over at Kensei. Looking at him she wondered if there was anything that she could do to possibly help the man. Red didn't have anything else to do so she sat down on the branch and look on to the fight to see where there would be help anywhere that was needed. There was no need to prove herself to these fellow shinobi. Why would the queen have to show off to these peasants. If they did this on their own then maybe there would be some trust between the three. "One day," she thought. OOC: 130 Chakra False Illusion
  16. The day was starting to shift over to a cloudy one. This is how we knew that we were getting closer to the Water Village. This was quite a long walk from the village. This was a good way to keep in shape. Amelia was not one to complain about being tired. But she could use a break at anytime. She knew that it was for the mission and she didn't want to let anyone down. This was one of her biggest fears. Wearing the usually attire that was worron on missions. Red lingerie with skin tight black latex gloves and what seems to be booties. This was the most comfortable thing that she had to wear and she was not going to put a fancy dress on just to do a mission. That was for special events. Also if anyone was to fight the squad, she didn't want to get blood all over the white dress. Kensei stopped and told Amelia and Kabel that it was time for a break. It was weird because they were out in the open and something could come across. Making sure that no one was around Amelia put down her backpack and started to rummage through looking for something to eat or drink. She took out a bright red apple and took a big size bite out of it. Amelia wanted to know why Kensei was going over to pet the animals. Maybe this was some sort of distraction for anyone that was to see them. Knowing this she took a seat underneath the closest tree and ate the rest of her apple. Out off all places why would this be the place where we stop. And why is he wanting to pet the animals. All these question would be answered in a matter of minutes when Amelia heard the animals run off into the distance. Maybe Ken decided to scare them off because he knew that he was being alittle weird. Reaching into her pack once more she took out a canteen full of water. She drank half and put it back into the backpack. She knew that something was going down.
  17. Amelia decided to get a head start before the sun started to peak over the village. Making sure she had everything that was needed for this upcoming adventure with these random people that she knew nothing about. Maybe this was a trap for her. But then again why would her own peers set this up. Even before the sun was even up alittle Amelia came to the resting spot where everyone was suppose to meet up. Looking once more into her bad she had 5 kunai and the her trusty weapons. Also this included a flask, but it was only for water. Once satisfied with what she had she got up into a nearest tree and waited for her two peers to come walking up. Waiting for them she decided to think about a strategy if they really had to face anyone while delivering these messages. This was not the time to get carried away and lose out on the money. Money was everything to this little lady. When the sun started to shine she saw Kensai walk over to the spot where they were meeting at. There was no desire to talk to him so she just sat in the tree and waited for the other one to turn up. This was no time to play games. She took missions very seriously and wanted to get this done fast.
  18. Name | Amelia Amari Nickname | Gold Title Name | The Golden Warrior Gender | Female Age | 15 Home Link | None Village | Lightning Clan | None Village Ranking: | Chunin Shinobi Ranking | B-Rank Element(s) | Fire, Lightning Specialties | Puppetry (Novice), Genjutsu (Beginner) Bloodline | None Jutsu | False Illusion Equipment | Forms | - Creatures/Summons | - Mentors & Pupils | None Friends & Family | None Recent History | None
  19. Update Type | Bukijutsu Update Name | Novice -> Adept Update Training | Sparing with Kabel Update Cost | 1000 words Ryo After | 4,000 Update Link |
  20. Finally getting the chain unwrapped, she looked over at the masked figure that was three meters away from her. Her red eyes gleamed in the sunlight. His voice was solid and didn't miss a beat. Amelia was trying to remember the chuunin's name. Remembering back to the tea shop, she remembered that his name was Kabel. Who could not remember this guy. To be honest Red really liked this guy. All mysterious and like. He spoke of sparing to train some things that he was learning. " I'm use to training by myself, but I guess I can give this a shot." She had no idea what this guy was capable of. This worried Red. Maybe she shouldn't have taken him up on the offer. Swinging the chain weapon to her right side. This would have been really good to have her black latex gloves. Looking at her sword, she didn't really want to use this right now. If she really wanted to be in a team with Kabel there was only one way to figure out what he has got. Staring back at Kabel she nodded in approval to start the spar. When she nodded the wind died down and and sun seemed to shine brighter.
  21. A walk in the forest was the best thing for Amelia at the moment. This time was taken to do some training and just some sight seeing. It was a nice day outside, sun was shining and everything looked green as could be. The wind was slightly blowing the trees back and forth. Wearing such little clothing made Red hate wearing her training lingerie. At Least it was a dark red so the sun's heat would get trapped into the clothing and make her a little warmer. Amelia was glad that she didn't pick the water village because it was always cold and rainy there. She decided to leave her black latex gloves and socks back at home. She didn't like training in them. They always made her sweat and she never like to sweat or smell bad. Shifting her red eyes over to the lake that was standing as still as ever. Amelia never truly wanted to learn how to swim, maybe the time will come someday. Looking over to her left she saw a tree that was perfect to train on. She walked over slowly because it was a long walk to the lake. Now standing at the tree the red mist drew Dire Reaver. The sun glowed off of the sword as it was held in the right hand of the chuunin. Looking at the sword Amelia had a flashback from the day she took the sword from her parents. Seeing their dead bodies on the ground as the sword was taken off of the wall brought a smile to Amelia's face. She didn't like to smile often, but if she enjoyed it expect a smile to become of her. Snapping back to reality Red took a big swing at the tree. Slicing about a 3 inch cut right dead center of the 20 foot tall tree. Deer ran in the background as the sword clashed with the tree. They must have been drinking from the lake when the sword hit the tree. Doing this 3 more times to make a square shape in the tree. Amelia stepped 10 feet back and brought out Destiny's song. Swinging the weapon to her right side you could hear the whistle from a mile away. Hopefully no one was in range to hear the whistle so the genjutsu didn't start. Getting the steel weapon to maximum speed Amelia threw the weapon at the center of the square to show off the accuracy of the weapon. A couple of seconds went by and Destiny's song hit right dead center of the square. She was learning and learning fast. Soon Amelia would become a even deadlier killer then she already was. Pulling the steel from the tree she started to swing the weapon this time to her left side. Next, it was time to wrap it around the tree. Hearing the whistle once more, she discharged Destiny's Song back at the tree to hook the tree. The steel wrapped around the tree like a boa constrictor around it's prey. This was pretty easy for the chuunin to do, for it was very basic. Nodding in approval Amelia knew that she was learning. WC: 531
  22. It was finally a nice day in the lightning village. Sun was out, and a slight breeze was becoming over the land. Amelia had on her normal attire on. Black and red everything. From the red of her lingerie clothing to her black latex like gloves that covered the arms and legs. Red had her kunai strapped to her right thigh in the holster her father gave her. This and Dire Reaver were the only thing that she had left from the family she destroyed. She was suppose to be meeting someone here. The young chunin wanted to know why this person ever wanted to talk. Maybe this person wanted to spar with Red to test their strengths out. Her red eyes looked around the training grounds to get familiar with the surroundings, just in case there was a attack that was planned. Studying the area she saw that there was a surprising amount of trees near by. The wind started to pick up a little more and the trees were swaying back and forth as if they were dancing. Maybe it was time to get some training in. With one false swipe she took out Dire Reaver and sliced the training log in half. A smile was brought upon Amelia's young face. Seeing that she had improved was enough to make the day of Red. Then a thought crossed her mind. When was this person going to come and visit? What did he have to bring to the table? Maybe she should set up a trap. Ehh who knows what this guy is going to bring to the table.
  23. As soon as Kasai's blade came out Amelia was shocked to see another buki user herself. Do I want to spar the is person asked Red to herself. Looking right into the eyes of the now opponent she said with a snicker " If that is truly what you desire I will spar you." The trees looked like solid objects after the words came from her mouth. Amelia really wanted to see what this guy had in store for her. Her red eyes shifted over to the yellow haired man that was watching them beforehand. The red eyes dug right into him as if to say not to call her princess. The word princess reminded her of the parents that she once had. They always used that name to call Amelia that. There was always hatred for that word. Never to be brought up again. Hearing those words just made Red angry. Inside her head were the words calm down or I will end up killing this genin. Looking back at the genin with his blade ready she noded. Jumping 20 feet back from her opponent she held Dire Reaver in the right hand and she held her left arm in a sideward position. Also putting her left foot back. This made her ready for anything was going to come her way. Her eyes shifted once more to the man watching from the side. This made the red mist think about him joining in on the spar. If so this might be a 2 v.s. 1. If that was the case she had to be ready for anything came her way. Once again the trees started moving and it seemed like forever until the fight began.
  24. Jutsu Name | Extension Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 25CP Handsigns | Horse -> Bird Range | 25ft Duration | Instant Description | This jutsu allows any weapon that Amelia is holding extends to 25 feet. If she is holding Destiny's song, the whistle noise that comes from the chains becomes stronger. Other Effects | None Requirements |None Status | Request
  25. Updated