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  1. Name | Ah Puch Nickname | Flame Feeder Title Name | Feeder of Flames Gender | Male Age | 13 Birth Date | 1st day of the 4th Month [ ] Hair Color | Frost White Eye Color | Black Height | 1.8 meters, 5 ft 10 in Weight | 165 lbs Appearance | Ah Puch has an extremely ripped, but slender frame. One that does not boast the amount of dedication and effort that he has put into his training. A term that would accurately describe his body specifications is “condensed muscle”. At first glance one will only see the average build of one his age, upon further inspection however, the evidence of his trials can be clearly identified in the “cuts” of his muscle. This being the case,Ah Puch does not bother to correct any assumptions based off his diminutive mass, Ah Puch prefers to lure his opponents into a false sense of superiority. The facial traits of this young man herald themselves to question the disposition of said individual. No smile inscribes itself upon the face of Ah Puch except for reasons known only to himself. His nose protrudes itself into existence not by overwhelming length but by its keen features. The chin almost identical in form, compliments the smirk that at times finds its way upon the template of young Ah Puch. Unique in style, Ah Puch is draped in a consortium of clothes. Around his neck is a scarf at least 2 ft in length that floats upon the waves of wind as he walks. Similar in fashion to that of his scarf, his arctic coated hair follows no particular trend as it splits off defying gravity itself. The bangs of Ah Puch prefer to hang off to the right side of his face when there is not a breeze to nudge them away. Although his head carries them on both aspects of his profile, the bangs on his left unfold and tend to remain tucked back near the foremost part of his ear. Seeking the protection from the sun’s light, but not necessarily fond of heavy clothing, Ah Puch finds himself layered with a combination of light “breathable” apparel and dark garbs under those. With an irregular decoration of stripes etching itself over the illusive blue of his “over shirt”, the only reminiscence of pattern can be found around his waist. Directing the attention to that area, Ah Puch dons a dulled, mandarin orange design both on the garb around his lower back and the same uniform color over his shin guards. Although his appearance may give off the sense of one who is shy and slow to approach, that is hardly the case. The eyes of this young man mimic a silently roaring fire as they set their gaze upon you, letting you feel the intensity at which he is watching you. To be put better, he’s not surveying you but attempting to look straight into your very being. Village | Flame Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | B-rank Shinobi Ranking |Jounin Element(s) | Blaze Release, Lightning Release Specialties | Ninjutsu (Novice), Fuuinjutsu (Beginner) Bloodline | Blaze Release Favorable | Those with purpose regardless of morality Unfavorable | Slothfulness, Boredom Personality | Ah Puch delights in strengthening his knowledge of techniques. Often left unbothered, he would seek the fundamental understanding of his own skills, initially through earth release. “How does it function at its most basic levels? Can more be achieved by applying force here, instead of there?” These are the questions that interest Ah Puch. -Power in itself is wasted if it is not understood- that is the dogma that resonates throughout him. With that being said Ah Puch takes to heart the saying that knowledge is power. In most situations Ah Puch operates at a cool, calm, and collected manner. Taking what opportunities he can to study both his environment and those within it, he treats every experience as one that can be learned from. Because of this spectative mindset, Ah Puch prefers to reflect upon the interactions of others, whether in or out of battle, and consider their actions like simulations should he be put in the same situation. However if Ah Puch is ever put in a predicament where that distance from the battle cannot be achieved, he prefers to quickly remove himself from it. He will analyze your move, even the slightest twitch of muscle, and should an opening be revealed during this time... that is his next and only target. “There is no greater disappointment than to waste effort on a goal that looked rewarding but in actuality it has robbed you of your pleasure.” With Ah Puch there is no waiting to carry out tasks. Once he knows his next objective it has to be done and those obstacles in the way will become the stepping stones to complete said objective. One of Ah Puch’s greatest pleasures by far is growing in strength with another person. To clarify, he admires the ambitious nature of some and thoroughly enjoys aiding in their growth. The time will come when those that he has helped will in turn smile its favor back upon him, but until that day Ah Puch delights in the experiences that are shared. Philosophy & Beliefs | Ah Puch does not believe in wasting time nor effort. If it does not have the potential to advance his own desires then it is not worth thinking about. In his mind power is absolute and those that have it should not squander such a gift on petty matters, but instead on the ideals and beliefs that can shape the world around them. Ah Puch will make his place in the world. For where there is someone who cannot bear the responsibility of this power... there will always be someone ready & willing to accept it. History & Background | : Growing up in the geographically isolated village of the Flame, Ah Puch has grown accustomed to being on his own. Taking what time he had throughout the day to study lightning release techniques, he became quite confident in his abilities. The manipulation of such a fundamental element granted young Ah Puch the base upon which he could direct his interests toward. Since as long as he could be remember, Ah Puch, has had a burning desire to not only learn but to understand. A rare quality in those around his age, this consumed his thoughts and eventually became both his success and failure. Rewind back a couple of months, his time at the academy was one that he prefers not to look back upon. Friends were not his strong suit. Not because he didn’t try, but rather because of his lack of patience with the ones that he did share an interest with. While his drive to learn more about a particular subject would earn him credit and recognition. His short-sighted view of study now, play some other time rarely gained him the social aspect of his school life that most children excel at. Taking what time not spent in the company of those required, Ah Puch would seek the solitude and tempered embrace of the natural borders. Not to say that he ventured deep into it, but Ah Puch often found himself at the edge of the city either staring off into the endless horizon of plains or eyes closed letting the zephyrs of wind carry thoughts of the future into his head. This routine of praise and loneliness would continue for much of his life at the academy. No question that his devotion to learning would take him places, Ah Puch slowly began to dismiss his feelings of withdrawal focus on that which edged him closer to where he wanted to be; training. Self-assured and ready to face the future, sometime before his graduation he had vowed to himself that the pursuit of knowledge over relationships with his peers would pay off in the long run. “Those that do not understand me, cannot possibly understand my ideals. And my deals being the very thing that drive me...they are the deciding factor.
  2. Love Bleach thats 10/10