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  1. The dark sky from that of the previous day had transitioned into a deep, cerulean sea almost free of clouds as Yoshinori would walk along one of the many natural pathways within Midori Forest. Trees on either side of him, the monk would enjoy watching as they twisted and contorted; casting different shadow puppet-like shapes as the sun attempted to shine through the branches. Thoughts would attempt to fill his mind with worries of the mission, though only until his concentration was eventually broken by the fragrant petals and leaves blowing past him in the occasional saccharine breeze. The day would be perfect.... At least until he would come across the checkpoint, and with this thought alone, Yoshinori would be plunged back into the reality of the mission at-hand. He could have quite possibly headed immediately into the volcanic land of death that was Yougan Tochi, though once again considering the man who was behind the event, Yoshinori figured it couldn't hurt to gain some information beforehand from those supposedly at the checkpoint..... Besides, he wasn't sure about anyone else traveling to the fight club, though he happily preferred a stroll through a forest of sweetly-smelling vegetation than a region of lung-scorching ash and choking smoke. Gradually venturing deeper into Midori Forest, things would become less serene and more so like well..... a forest. As the path became increasingly narrow, Yoshinori would began to hear the grunting and howling of animals--sensing their piercing eyes stalking his every movement and hearing their claws savagely scratch at the earth in search of any trace left by his presence. The forest journey so far was truly intimidating, though that wasn't to say it didn't provide a wondrous experience along the way. "Who knew Midori Forest could be so large?" Yoshinori would say while looking up above him. His eyes fixated on the canopy of the near-endless forest, he would glance all around though no matter where he looked, the sky would be overtaken by a grand cluster of emerald leaves. This of course wouldn't be his first time in Midori Forest, though with each visit like anywhere else, things would seem displaced or shifted around: familiar trees seemingly being replaced by equally-familiar rocks or vice versa. Withdrawing a well-crumpled piece of paper from his robes, Yoshinori contemplated on the poster, attempting to divert his attention away from the damp moss which clung to his bare toes and the coarse mixture of mud and leaves which his legs would slowly sink into. Eyes fixated on the words of red, he stared at it, confused as to where the checkpoint was even supposed to be. Where is it? Perhaps they could have been a bit more specific..... Though then again, I guess this would be preferable considering they--whoever is in charge, wanted it hidden from the likes of shinobi, Yoshinori would think to himself as he continued walking, more or less frustrated even while his face would fail to give this away. Removing his glasses almost instinctively, the monk wiped them, using the orange sleeves of his robe to clear the lens of the forest dirt which would seemingly develop an attraction to it. As he carefully positioned his glasses back on his head however, he would notice something strange. Walking further would lie a small, wooden shack-of-a-building and several tents--each the same colors as the trees and ferns which surrounded it. Routinely pacing around these structures cautiously would be shinobi who inscrutably shielded themselves from the light in cloaks of black which would aptly bare the words Megu of the Bonetorches inscribed in blood-red from top-to-bottom. "So this is it...? Yoshinori would ask in half excitement and half disbelief. It took some time, though from the looks of things, he finally made it to the checkpoint. Just as he would think himself alone with this realization though, a chill-inspiring voice would give an answer to his earlier statement; so sinister and cold that Yoshinori dared not to look behind him regardless of knowing he had to. "I see you've made it to the checkpoint. You also won't mind waiting here while I verify some things, will you...?" Before he'd have a chance to turn around fully and answer however, the cloaked man would saunter off towards the other shinobi. Hopefully this works, would be the only thing Yoshinori could manage to think to himself. About several hours later, the same man would be standing in front of Yoshinori--his hands gesturing towards another path which lay hidden behind the checkpoint. He was finally clear to pass.... or so he would think. As Yoshinori would walk past the guy from before, his cloak would conceal almost every facial feature besides a single, deceitful smile plastered onto his face, though unbeknownst to Yoshinori, this wouldn't be the only sign of a trap in progress. Continuing his walk towards the path, Yoshinori would glance around as four shinobi slowly attempted to surround him. There was certainly something strange about this all. Had they somehow discovered he was a shinobi? If so, how? After all, it wasn't as though he was wearing a flak jacket or even a headband for that matter. The stream of inquiries would quickly began to flood his mind as he attempted to figure out what was happening, though the still-smirking shinobi would be quick to answer them all as if having read his mind. "Of course! You're thinking about why we'd kill you, though instead of telling you, it'd probably be best to show you first instead." As he withdrew a scroll and unfurled it, Yoshinori would immediately notice a list of names accompanied by a few small pictures. "This is a list of information on all of those within the Flame... From names, to occupation, to even ranking.... By the way, congratulations on becoming a jōnin commander, Yoshinori. That really surprised me considering you arrived from the Wind only a few years ago," the man would say with a laugh. "We don't simply hold an event without having a few.... Additional measures." Lost for words, Yoshinori stared blankly as he would start to hear the sound of metal grazing wood; the shinobi carefully retrieving their swords from their respective lacquered sheathes. Though surprised however, the list was all the more reason to further investigate the fight club. If these people had in their possession a list of everyone in the Flame, who knew what else would await him? Not faltering in further giving away the slightest sense of nervousness, Yoshinori would start to weave one of several hand seals... Until something unexpected would happen. Like a puff of smoke, something gradually made it's appearance through the grasses as the surrounding ferns would rustle with the movement of the small animal. With the glistening katana blades of steel completely directed at Yoshinori, the shrouded group of shinobi would abruptly take the time to glance towards the source of the noise; some even turning around all together while everyone anticipated the new arrival to the fight. The air would be as silent as any other calm afternoon--the howling animals even ceasing their activities. In exchange however, there would also be an anxious tension consuming the area. The animal, now seen as a cat, would leap from the shrubbery, sporadically flying through the air as it proudly displayed a single hint as to who it would be. Locked onto the hissing animal of white fur, Yoshinori watched as the cat launched itself at one of the men, revealing claws nearly reminiscent to the sword gripped by it's victim--all the while, half-blinded as the same newspaper still akwardly hung from it's head like a hood. Seemingly more surprised than Yoshinori, the man who he would have by now assumed as being the leader of the checkpoint, quickly hid the list in his cloak before speaking in a voice of both anger and confusion; belligerent orders spewing like venom from his mouth. "What are you doing! Kill him! And where'd the cat come from...? You know what? Just hurry up and kill them both!" The now irritable leader himself having reached his breaking point, would simply stand by and watch as five meters in front of him, three of the remaining shinobi would prepare to attack Yoshinori while the fourth remained incapacitated by none other than the cat. Now without any further interruption, the monk would calmly begin to weave several handseals in quick succession before, upon the final handseal, creating three shadow clones. The swords of his enemy slowly rising up overhead, Yoshinori watched as the thin shadows of their blades seemed to shrink on the leaf-ridden ground before the blades themselves would then quickly slice through the air in a single, clean motion--one to Yoshinori's left, one to his right, and one in front. With little time to construct a plan, the jōnin would instead opt to form an almost impromptu strategy, weaving a few more handseals before thinking his last thought... With nothing else, this has to work. As their swords fell with ease, the three clones of Yoshinori would take most of the attack as the monk began to simultaneously weave several more handseals with the newly given, albeit short, amount of time. Through the white wisps of the ensuing smoke, a dragon of great radiance and force would appear as he used the Fire Release: Great Dragon Technique. The barrage of bright flames incinerating his aggressors, Yoshinori would attempt to glare through the flickering flames which were strewn outward in a 5-meter radius. Trees near-instantaneously turned into candles and the vegetation beneath his feet rendered a bed of charcoal, he would start to amble through the forest in search of the leader, only to find nothing but a single charred scroll. Picking up the list of information, he would finally be free to reflect on what happened. "If the cat is here..." Yoshinori would start to ask as he stared at the cat who, at the moment, would rest somewhat lazily on the body of one of the cloaked men. "...Then could the other two be around here somewhere..? As he looked around him, he would walk past the checkpoint of clustered tents, now following the path to Yougan Tochi. (WC: 1,708) (TWC: 3,256/3,000 Towards: 3 B-Rank Mission Plot)
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  3. As though tiny feet were anxiously scurrying across all of Hikaen Village's roofs, the pitter-patter of the light drizzle could be heard with great clarity. From underneath the cover of an aged and now-saturated newspaper, Yoshinori would peek out to view the cascading showers of rain as water streamed along every surface. Though there was something about it which was almost life-draining, the sleepy feeling would be almost worth it just to get a glimpse. Like pristine crystals of a glass chandelier, the endless rain seemed to be almost stationary in mid-air as it captured what little beams of sunlight still shined through the blanket of dark clouds. As Yoshinori would hear the familiar splash of water with each step, he tried to find shelter; not wanting his already-damp robes of orange to be soaked even more. Holding out an arm, Yoshinori would immediately be forced to pull it back with the rain being cold to the touch, though he wouldn't be the only one sharing this opinion. A slight noise would be heard simultaneously as he took his next step--not too distant and in fact, closer than initially expected. Though the roaring background noise of the rain would make it somewhat difficult, with his ears now attuned, Yoshinori was almost one-hundred percent sure what it could've been. As a gentle meow drifted into his ears, Yoshinori would feel the soft, wet fur of the cat brush up against him. The cat would look as white as the purest snow, though it wouldn't take long for Yoshinori to smell a pungent stench as the animal was seemingly receiving it's first bath in years. Regardless however, it would be nice to finally notice some sign of life in the otherwise lifeless village; everyone else either dreaming the monotonous day away or elsewhere unbeknownst him. Though the diminutive cat would enjoy playfully clawing at the rough linen of his robes, as Yoshinori would soon discover, there was a limit to how much rain a cat could take. Inevitably shivering, the dripping ball of white fur would fruitlessly attempt to search for cover only to reclaim it's position near Yoshinori. Without any better ideas himself, Yoshinori would gradually bring down his arm--his newspaper buffer against the rain now held at his knees as droplets of rain immediately slid down the back of his neck. As Yoshinori settled the newspaper down, the cat would softly scuttle underneath the makeshift tent of paper, releasing a purring sound as it was seemingly content with it's new home. This however would not last for long as several footsteps carelessly splashed water in all directions, breaking the initial silence which surrounded the two besides the ambient sounds of rain. "What's this?" a stunned Yoshinori would say as he reflected on the two figures, who were from the looks of things, raising their arms in preparation for an attack. Their feet abruptly lifting off the ground in unison, the two aggressors prepared to deliver their respective palm strikes from two separate directions, though this would be no match for the swift Jonin. As his body became enriched by a refreshing burst of chakra, Yoshinori would easily evade the attack--afterwards watching from nearly 10-meters away as his opponents careened into each other in a single, painful movement. Somewhat confused from Yoshinori's use of the Body Flicker Technique, the dazed duo would attempt to scramble up into a last-minute stance. Though taijutsu was not his forte, Yoshinori would have his years in the Flame to thank as he ultimately concluded how the shinobi fought from the near-familiar position they took. A resident of the very village responsible for possibly the world's most efficient form of taijutsu and the birth of countless more practitioners--even if they were somewhat isolated from the Flame, it wouldn't be too surprising as Yoshinori recalled their fighting style.... Though while still managing to more or less butcher the name. "I think I remember that.... Wait a second, is that the Hyuga Clan Fist Technique..?" With the preceding pause of silence, Yoshinori would become hesitant about speaking further, though after some time, one of the two began to answer him, though alongside the sound of rain, it would be difficult to tell which. "Gentle Fist.... The Gentle Fist Technique is the name that you're looking for." Seemingly annoyed briefly by the obvious misnomer, the two would surprisingly make their appearance before Yoshinori; massaging their sore arms from their earlier failed ambush as he looked on. After some time, it would be almost unfathomable how similar the children's mannerisms would be, though after meeting their unique eyes of lavender-white with his own eyes of dark-gray, it became apparent the two would be related by Hyuga blood, regardless of every other feature being clouded by the falling rain. Still more or less listening to the two until they finished, Yoshinori would glance towards the cat who afterward looked on disapprovingly from underneath it's humble newspaper home. The light drizzle gradually transitioning into a heavy storm with every second, Yoshinori would have been fine with simply ending the discussion here--albeit the many questions swarming around his mind would prevent him from doing so. Awkwardly staring at Yoshinori, one of the Hyuga would finally say in the voice of an almost guilty child, "Well I guess we should tell you what we were trying to do, right?" Retorting back with a calm, yet obvious look of suspicion, a bewildered Yoshinori allowed the siblings to explain themselves. "Jeez, we know! You don't have to look at us like that. Anyways, it's been pretty boring here with this rain making our sensei ill so we sorta figured you could be our new sensei. Y'know... Just for the day maybe.... Or at least until we train our Byakugan." The group still standing as though seemingly unaware of the relentless onslaught of rain, Yoshinori was initially tempted to help them pursue their goals. For whatever reason however, he couldn't bring himself to do it. As noted previously, the Gentle Fist Technique just wasn't his forte--much less even taijutsu in general. "Sorry guys, however taijutsu isn't something I generally specialize in. I could help you look for......" Before he could finish though, the children would cut him off, presumably hearing enough of what Yoshinori himself thought to be a reasonable excuse. "No, no, it's not a problem. We'll just leave you to whatever you were doing in the middle of a rainstorm.... In case you were wondering though, we're the Hyuga brothers, Kenji and Kenta." Kenji and Kenta..... At least they took it well, and who knows? Maybe their sensei will be able to train them later, Yoshinori would think to himself. He attempted to remember their faces in hopes of increasing the chance he could recall either one of them, but with so much rain it was hard to see much... In any case though, he was sure they would somehow cross paths in the near future. With the abrupt and somewhat strange meeting coming to a close, Yoshinori watched as his new acquaintances walked through the rain, disappearing off in the distance. Even the cat taking his leave as well, Yoshinori could only watch as it would begin walking in the puddles of rain; newspaper still concealing it's body like the shell of a turtle. The previously eventful hours over with, Yoshinori suddenly recalled something which had seemingly been forgotten.... He was supposed to be on a mission! Retrieving a large piece of folded paper given to him prior to being informed of anything, Yoshinori's eyes would search every inch of what looked to be an advertisement; the writing inscribed in a red ink of some sort: Welcome, villagers of Hikaen Village! Do you thirst for the bloodshed missing from this dull village?! Are you just bored in general and can't find anything else to do?! Well if so, our fight club is the place for you! Join if you dare, however we do ask that you keep this information confidential between civilians only, lest you prefer to negotiate with our.... Rather violent associates. In short, if you don't give us any unnecessary problems, you have nothing to worry about! This year's fight will be held in Yougan Tochi with a cheap admissions fee of 5,000 ryō. For details, there will be a checkpoint on the outskirts of the village near Midori Forest. Sponsered and hosted by, Megu of the Bonetorches Yoshinori had to wonder how such a poster was kept secret until now, though nonetheless, he had it and that was all which concerned him at the moment. Preparing for the journey past the first checkpoint, Yoshinori decided to sleep for some time while still attempting to shorten it substantially. If this was an annual event from what the poster mentioned, there had to be no drawbacks--even more so than usual considering the host of it would be Megu, one of the Flame's most infamous crime bosses. As he would search the area for some place to quickly rest, Yoshinori could've sworn he had seen the shadows of two small children follow behind him from some distance away. After thinking however, he would choose to instead pass it off as some sort of animal, now occupied with larger matters and a new mission. (WC:1,548 Words) (1,548/3,000 Words Towards: Plot of 3 B-Rank Missions)
  4. This almost seems close to the previous stat system (before ranks alone were utilized) in which numbers were incorporated to further add a bit of distinction between, for instance, people of the same rank. While heavily successful in doing this, the system arguably had complications of its own. While I could be wrong, wouldn't you essentially be asking to revert back to a variation of that system with a few minor changes (just asking for clarification)?
  5. Nice, thanks for that! Edited. Additional 10 CP has be added.
  6. Certainly wasn't my intention, though I suppose you got me there. In any case however..... Edited along with minor adjustments: [1.] Slot System now fully acknowledged in technique. [2.] Buff increases speed of any projectiles by 1/2 a rank when thrown immediately after summoned (B-rank grants 1 full buff though I'd rather half this if okay). [3.] Temporary puff of smoke indicates weapon being summoned while not granting anything else, making targeted player at least aware of an attack if they manage to spot this IC. As said before, thanks for checking.
  7. No offense, but I shouldn't have to...? I've addressed one concern after the other with some more or less suitable responses, which is somewhat good considering what you've asked of me was questionable. I could go ahead and repost my responses, though rather than start a pointless discussion again, I'd rather you instead carefully take a look at the previous posts and hopefully come to the conclusion that this technique is all good (again, no offense ;-;).
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  9. It takes some amazing skills to bring together a site as successful as SG and have it fully functioning with nearly 300 members. In any case though, good luck with your next project and hopefully it will be just as good (if not better) than this!
  10. Yoshinori was more or less surprised upon hearing Daichi speak, though with everyone finished voting he calmly waited until a final consensus would be made. He had to admit, it was somewhat smart of their Hikage to hold this meeting as it provided some sort of insurance in the event something happened to their current leader... Though regardless of their future leader being the same guy, it was even better knowing the Flame would have him as leader for a longer term. "Everything seems fine to me, Hikage. If this is all, I'll just take my leave now." [Exit]
  11. Characters Involved | Yoshinori Link to the Missions | Consists of 2 B-Rank Missions Brief Overview | The denizens of Hikaen Village stand by while an Inuzuka contributes to a hostage situation within a hospital, seeking sake from the famed Raisaki Village, 10,000 ryō, and his wife.
  12. Yoshinori would hear the deeply-concerned gasps of those around him as the awestruck crowds attempted to find out what was currently taking place--whispers gradually circulating throughout the air as many guesses were made, both educated and otherwise. Yoshinori himself however, would be no different as he attempted to piece together the situation with help from any sign of gossip, though with so many voices only contributing to the confusion, this would inevitably lead to no avail. The bustling streets of Hikaen Village were usually filled with conversation of all sorts, however today, things seemed different... Packed masses of people would be huddled around what looked to be a large hospital--a towering testament to the Flame's resolve to protect it's blossoming village. Initially smiling at the thought, the expression would quickly subside as Yoshinori came across an unsettling thought. For some reason, the hospital seemed almost desolate, as though completely evacuated. This certainly explained the crowds, Yoshinori would think to himself, though that doesn't explain why this happened... Temporarily glimpsing away from the building of concrete and glass, Yoshinori looked around. A few shinobi seemed to be planning out some sort of strategy, though from the anxiousness seen in their faces, they couldn't have possibly came up with any desirable solutions. In the midst of a chaotic frenzy and without any answers, Yoshinori sought to discover whatever was happening for himself as he took the initiative to venture into the strangely-abandoned hospital. He could've sworn someone had called out for him, though more than likely, it was simply random background noise. As he walked toward the building, Yoshinori would have a calm demeanor, partially because he had yet to experience anything--though mainly it would be because he expected nothing out of the ordinary; after all, at his age, he would be more or less accustomed to carrying out missions such as this, though even so, there would also be the hint of caution in the event he was ultimately wrong. A chilling breeze would hit him as he began to take his first steps into the building, causing what little hairs on his skin to stand on end. As one would expect, just as with the outside, the interior of the building would be fairly modern as an almost endless corridor would lead into opened rooms of simple, white stucco and a single light which shined rays of pure white light out into the halls. Walking further, the building would be void of any sound with the sole exception of his footsteps which bounced off the wall in loud echoes. In the otherwise silent hospital, Yoshinori would be left to his thoughts. I should've thought to ask what was happening before deciding to walk in here.... Though then again, there were too many villagers to ask any one person. Let's just hope I'll find out something soon, he would think, though these thoughts of anticipation wouldn't last long. Something had suddenly pulled him out of his thoughts... A sound, almost like that of an animal... More specifically, a dog. His ears now attuned fully to where it might be coming from, Yoshinori listened attentively to the increasing sounds of the eerily-vicious howls as they would disturb what little peace was around him. From those alone, Yoshinori could at least sense a strong intent to kill.... Though they would be accompanied by something else even more nerve-racking than the howling of a beast. Walking further, Yoshinori would hear a sound louder than the first--the piercing cry of a woman. The thought that someone in the village was being harmed and tormented with literally every second he waited--every minuscule step he took, only fueled him in his effort to find the culprit. The plea for help prompted Yoshinori to hastily check through each door, though he retained a cool flow of thoughts while doing so. Why hasn't anyone tried to apprehend the guy..? You'd think with so many people outside this could have been settled with ease... Though then again, I suppose they are at least planning something now and that's good enough in itself, right..? As the screams grew louder, Yoshinori could have been sure he checked most of the doors throughout the immense hospital corridor of rooms, though a single sound--a thud, seemingly sufficed to make him to believe otherwise. You would think someone's heartbeat couldn't possibly be elevated so high, though just this would happen for Yoshinori as he slowly began to turn towards the sound. On the ground behind him, lay a body of what seemed to be a shinobi; the man wearing a flak jacket reminiscent to that of the Flame Village's attire. Though shocked as one would be under the current circumstances, he somehow managed to have a calm mind while dozens of thoughts attempted to cross it at an almost incomprehensible pace. As he would slowly step over the Flame shinobi's corpse and enter the room nearby, he noticed a shining piece of metal... A small dagger..? No, no that couldn't be it.... Yoshinori wasn't much a medical expert though it looked to be a scapel--fresh blood staining it's blade as it was now lodged in the neck of the guy he had stepped over. As of current, he would be standing in the room which housed the source of everyone's concerns. Getting a quick glimpse around the room, Yoshinori would notice nothing warranting too much attention: the room itself being no different from the hundreds of other hospital rooms in the building... A drapery of linen curtains concealing a small set of recently-cleaned windows, a modest bed, and a small, stainless-steel trolley supporting what looked to be standard medical equipment. As he would began to look around further however, there seemed to be something else which would abruptly plague him with fear--well other than the shinobi with a scalpel in his neck. Crouched on the floor of the room's center would lie an elderly man, shakily-wielding a tool of some sort, most-likely grabbed impulsively from the nearby trolley, though this wouldn't be Yoshinori's only worry... Next to him would lie a nurse-turned-hostage who looked to be in her twenties at most; her locks of hair swaying from side-to-side as she would desperately attempt to struggle free. Out of their sight, Yoshinori would try to think of something. Should I just attack him...? I'm sure he'd be less of a priority more than the girl anyways... Though what if I'm wrong? Hmm... Maybe I could think of something real quick... anything at all.... now maybe...? With thinking completely thrown out of the window, Yoshinori would opt to instead talk and see what would happen from there. Revealing himself to the two, Yoshinori would try his best to affably wave his hand in an attempt to ease the old man's visible nervousness.... Though this would eventually fail to work too as a large hound could be seen, slowly peaking it's head from underneath the hospital bed--a frothy foam of white gradually dripping from it's mouth as it angrily grimaced with a devilish grin of sharp teeth. Alongside the faithful (albeit equally terrifying) companion, would stand the old man as he still managed to hold the distraught nurse at knifepoint; both hostage and captor remaining confused all the same, regardless of one actually wielding a weapon. After an awkward amount of silence however, it would be only a matter of time before it was broken by the surprisingly innocent voice of the man. "That shinobi on the ground... Did I kill him..? W-Wait, who are you... And how did I get here..?" The sincere tone of his voice would certainly catch Yoshinori off guard, with him contemplating on how to handle the elderly man's questions all at once and even more importantly, how to handle a guy who would seemingly be unaware of the ensuing danger surrounding not only the woman, but himself as well. As he would take a calming deep breath, Yoshinori attempted to allow the words to reach his incognizant opponent. "Well, I'd assume it was you who killed him... Though why would you do something like this?" As the man would begin to loosen his grip on the nurse, he carefully prepared a response before focusing his attention onto Yoshinori, presumably lost for words. "I-I'm not sure... Though I think it was because of my wife..." "Your wife?" Yoshinori would retort, now fully immersed in the reasoning behind such a fragile, old man's attempt at accomplishing something so terribly unrealistic. "She disappeared a few years ago, though I just know she's around Hikaen Village, waiting for me...." The old man would quickly pause to allow a short, jovial chuckle. "In fact, she's probably sipping that sake she likes so much... I think it came from Raisaki... Raisaki Village of Hokkyoku Point, if I remember correctly.." As he would look up at the hospital ceiling, led astray into a world of past memories, Yoshinori continued. "What do you think happened to her." He would attempt to say this as naively as possible, regardless of the fact that he had already deduced the cause of her disappearance. His smile fading, the man would now don a stern face before shedding some light on the questionable circumstances. "Well, I've heard rumors that I killed her... That I turned into a monstrous werewolf and just.... Killed her, though that can't be true... I'd never do something like that. I can't do something like that." This conversation alone would be enough for a now-sympathetic Yoshinori. Attempting to console the weeping man, Yoshinori would walk closer towards him as the guy had once again reaffirmed his grip on the nurse.... A loud noise would soon dominate the room, and as the sound of a rage-fueled growl engulfed everything in sight, the dog began inching closer towards Yoshinori. Just as he thought the man had finally settled down, he too would soon follow suit, before speaking once again; albeit in a muffled manner. "You know what monk? I think I know what I want. I'll find my wife, but after waiting so long, you'd think she'd deserve some sort of reward.... Maybe if I capture you too, then I can get at least 10,000 ryō and maybe even buy that sake.... You know, the kind from Raisaki Village." The room would have been too cramped for the disastrous fight which would soon take place and speeding down the hall, Yoshinori awaited the presence of the once frail old man and his companion. Suddenly an explosion of wood and plaster would cause clouds of splinters and dust to be shot throughout the corridor. The dust gradually subsiding after some time, in it's place would be gargantuan monster.... Almost like some sort of two headed werewolf. Though he didn't know every single aspect of their history, with the Inuzuka being a prominent clan of the Flame, it wouldn't be hard to tell what had been used--the Inuzuka Style: Rare Beast Transformation. As the fifteen-foot duo's muscles had tensed up in preparation for another attack, Yoshinori would see the pinnacle of the Inuzuka's unique fighting style in the form of the technique--the only downside being the profuse amounts of drool which constantly dripped from their mouth while in the form, and this slippery saliva coupled with their somewhat obvious illnesses made for some difficult obstacles as they even struggled to walk as a single unit. Their suffering and near-pointless resolves of finding the old man's wife wouldn't last for long however and in a few moments, the fight would come to a close. While the dog and owner, still in their form, would begin to launch themselves through the air as a drilling mass of claws, Yoshinori would think up a way to stop the Piercing Fang attack from tearing him to pieces. The beast still making it's way towards him, Yoshinori weaved four handsigns before carrying out the Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique. As the compressed chakra within his stomach was exhaled, a barrage of flames manifested in the form of a dragon, barrelling down the hall... Before eventually clashing with the elderly man and his dog. Assuming the nurse stayed in the room, she would have been out of it's path and the mission therefore deemed accomplished. (WC: 2,026 Words) (2,026/2,000 Words Towards: B-Rank Plot)
  13. Understandable. I added the word "maximum" to emphasize the fact that you're strictly limited to 1-4 weapons depending on the size of the weapon. As for your first concern, I feel as though scrolls must be applied for since normally you wouldn't automatically have them and as such, it'd make sense to have them applied for and bought. Clothing is another story... Especially considering nobody would buy plain clothing for the sole purpose of a single seal. If you don't agree, I'd rather someone else review this... Though thanks for checking nonetheless!