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  4. It was disheartening that such unusual circumstances had taken up so much of his time on a day that he had specifically set aside as a free day of relaxation. Just prior to the unfolding of events, Shinrin had been on his way to a nearby ramen stand to grab himself something to eat. While he was glad that he could have been of some assistance in the matter, he would have greatly preferred not having been involved at all. Of course, this had always been an option, but it was his duty as a shinobi to do what he could in situations such as these. Even if it meant holding off on lunch and watching people eat slimy slugs. After the drinks had been taken from his hands, Shinrin stepped back so that he returned to his original position at the older man's side, watching as the slugs were distributed to each of his fellow Genin. 'What a drag...' he thought silently to himself, as he watched them consume the slugs one by one. The boy's face formed a grimace and his eyes darted between the two, as if gauging just how disgusting the act was by the expressions they made as they carried it out. Quite a few who were simply passing by now stood and watched, with their own looks of horror and disgust at the spectacle before them. Shinrin let out yet another sigh, before raising his hand to the back of his head in order to slowly scratch it. Just as he did, his stomach let out a sound that was easily audible to those within the immediate vicinity. It was clearly the sound given off by someone who required sustenance. The brown-eyed boy looked down the street towards the location of the ramen stand, before looking back to his comrades. "I don't mean to be rude, but it seems I could use something to eat. If you guys can get by without my help, I think I'll be going." he spoke plainly, but earnestly, before turning to make his way back towards his destination. His right hand raised as if to wave a goodbye. "Maybe we'll run into one another again sometime. Hopefully it won't be under similar circumstances." {Exit}
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  12. Jutsu Name | Hagane no Ningyō Fū - Steel Puppet Seal Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | A Element(s) | Haganeton - Steel Release Specialty(s) | Fuuinjutsu Energy Cost | 35 CP to Plant; 10 CP per Post to Maintain Handsigns | Ram → Monkey → Dragon Range | Contact Duration | Until Released Description | The Steel Puppet Seal is a technique developed for use with the Ningyogan bloodline, but has multiple applications. The user will form the needed handseals before planting their hand on any part of the target's body. Once planted, the seal lies dormant until it is activated. Once activated, the seal will produce a full suit of steel armor that covers every part of the bearer's body other than the inside of their joints (4 inch gap along inside of arm) and their face. This armor is three milometers thick and possesses A-rank durability, meaning that only weapons and techniques higher than A-rank are able to penetrate it. However, two A-rank attacks concentrated in the same spot will also suffice. Other Effects | The steel armor allows the bearer to also be controlled by the Ningyogan user who placed it, in a similar fashion to a puppet and offering the same bloodline benefits as one. For an additional 5 CP per Post, the user can also materialize a pair of eyes atop the front or the back of the head-piece of the armor to use their Ningyogan to see what the person is looking at. The strength of the bearer's strikes are increased by +2 levels so long as the armor on their limbs remain in intact. Requirements | - Ningyogan Status | Personal
  13. Remove the Ketsuryugan from Clan Specialties. That is for recognized specialties, such as Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, etc. This is not the place to apply for your bloodline. This is.