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  1. The heat that the area release was hot enough to make any shinobi turn back. The volcanos near the area were inactive and the only active volcano was a few miles away from Lindows location. He continue his walk towards "The Kasai Settlements" where a giant inactive volcano stood, the area around the volcano was dirt and ashes and empty for miles with small boulders and spikes in between the field which made the area a person training place for Lindow. The sun was as bright as any other day burning almost, as the clouds were separated from each other almost not existing; birds pass by as the shadows were the only form of relief from the burning sun. His ciggaret on his mouth as lindow inhaled the smoke then released it making small dark clouds that disappeared within seconds in eye sites. Lindow was dress like always with his Commander Uniform, modified to have coattails that go past his waist, and left open to reveal the black undershirt he has on. Also the jacket is a short sleeves, leaving his arm to show and his hands which are covered by black leather gloves. He wears dark gray military pants with each leg side had a singular line going down, the pants reached down to his knees. As from his knees down his black boots covered them. This boots are made of leather, rubber, and metal. He wears his village headband on his waist hanging with an "X" marked across the village symbol. Looking around for the right place to train he noticed a wide plain area with few spikes his size and two twice his size this was the perfect area for his training, motivated now by the area he has just found Lindow made his way towards it as he would be standing in the center next to four spikes half his size. Lindow then began to stretch his body by starting with squats, Lindow did about 40 of them before changing it to high knees exercise doing 20 with each knee and last he finished it with a few push-ups about 75. Lindow then began to perform handsigns [Clone seal - Tiger Seal- Horse- Clone Seal] as he created a shadow clone of himself. "You know the rotten, Spare session alright." Lindow said as he toss his ciggaret to the ground and stepped on it. "Sure but don't loss to me again" Lindow's clone said, as lindow gave him a face of fuck off. As they both squared up making the same stance "Shorinji Kempo" a stare down for a brief moment happens as they both dash at each other colliding in the center of the area like arena. Both going for a direct punch and both collided as lindow quickly release his fist and grabbed onto his clone fist pulling him in towards himself with his other hand he would quickly take out a kunai and stab his clone as it would disappear a cloud of smoke would become of the clone. "Damn I need someone that can actually spar with me" Lindow said as he put his kunai away, reaching into his commander jacket pockets and taking out his lighter and a ciggaret. Putting the ciggaret in his mouth and turning it on as he inhale the nicotine and exhale a cloud of smoke. Word Count: 565.
  2. Lindow moved the lightning beast around Daichi as he manage to take them down one by one turning them into nothing almost like if they were dispelled by Lindow. He quickly reached into his pocket and tossed four shurikens at Daichi as he made his way towards Lindow; the shurikens would be separated about two feets from each other as they made there way towards Daichi but at that moment he disappeared almost like using body flicker but then appeared then again dissapeared he was quick indeed he must have been using a tainutsu technique that allowed him to move in short succession at an extreme speed. Lindow looked around but couldn't get hold of his proper location as once he looked at his right side Daichi was already attacking him as he when for a right hook to Lindow rib which connected the impact of metal ramming into his rib was painful but Lindow didn't drop to his knees he quickly tried to go for a straight left punch to Daichi's cheek but was meet with his foot mashing his chest sending him flying backwards as he began to roll on the ground. As lindow rolled on the ground he reached into his pouch as he got hold of a explosive tag bomb and took it out once he finish rolling he began to get to his knees as he look at Daichi closing up his distance with Lindow. Quickly lindow toss the explosive tag bomb at him as lindow activated the tag out it was 5 to 7 feet close to Daichi creating a 15 meter explosion; this would clearly create room between them. Lindow began to spit blood from his mouth as he smirked stand up to his feet. Lindow had to prepared for Daichi counter attack as he began to perform handsigns [Tiger, Ox, Snake, Bird, Ram] as from his hand black flames began to appear Lindow added shape-transformation to make a sword of black flames the black flame word is 48 inches long and 24 inches wide; Lindow was ready for what ever was coming next. Chakra Pool: 170 - 30= 140 Kagutsuchi
  3. Jutsu Name | Wind Release: Current Crushing Clap. Ranking | B Rank. Element(s) | Futon. Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu. Energy Cost | 50 Cp Handsigns | Snake | Ox | Monkey | Dragon. Range | 20 Meter Distance. Duration | 2 Post. Description | The user performs the needed handsigns as he focuses the wind chakra from his lungs to his arms and hands. The user will transfer the chakra from his arms and hands into his palms; creating a small sphere that spins in both his palms. The user arms will be extended after the wind sphere have been created the user will collide both palms together creating 4 wind blades each blade is 2ft long and 1ft wide. Other Effects | - Requirements | Futon. Status | Public.
  4. Name | Lindow Amamiya. Nickname | Lindow. Title Name | "Lindow Of The Black Flames" | "Lindow The Demon Reaper" | "Lindow, The Black Flame Of The Flame Village" Gender | Male. Age | 27 Years Old. Home Link | Lindow Amamiya Village | Ex: Flame Village. Clan | - Village Ranking: | Ex:Jounin. Shinobi Ranking | A-Rank. Element(s) | Raiton | Futon. Specialties | Ninjutsu [Advanced]| Medical Nin [Novice] Bloodline | Blaze Release. Chakra | 400 Stamina | 300 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | - Friends & Family | - Recent History | -
  5. Jutsu Name | Lightning Release: Lightning Spear. Ranking | B Rank. Element(s) | Raiton. Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 Cp Handsigns | Tiger | Snake | Rabbit | Boar Range | 20 Meter Distance. Duration | 2 Post. Description | The user performs the needed handsigns then focuses the lighting chakra to from his lungs to his throat after a moment of focusing the user exhales a lightning bean from his mouth that can spilt solid rocks, boulders, trees, even equal rank earth technqiue. The lightning bean is 10 inches wide and reaches 20 meters in distance. Other Effects | This technique is used for piercing and slashing using quickness and timing to attack. Requirements | Raiton. Status | Public.
  6. Lindow turn around around to see Akane toss him a sandwich; he extended his left arm and catch it. Lindow smirked and took a bit out the sandwich turning his gaze back, he kept looking for the chakra he sense earlier. "I think we both know I can defend myself just fine" Akane said confident on her abilities; "Well then, it your so confident about that then why should I worry" Lindow said in a snarky way as he took another bite of the sandwich. He enjoyed the sandwich also he hasn't eating one for a while being drunk and smoking ciggarete was what he did most eating was just when he was depleted, tired or hungry. "I am getting my stuff back. It was expensive, and not mine." Akane said clearly wanting to get her stuff back; Lindow looked back at her as he finished eating the sandwich "You want to go get your stuff at this time? Is almost night time it will be hard to find them and a pain, but if you want to go run around and look for your stuff I ain't stopping you" Lindow said as he stare at her eyes with a serious face. He walked towards her as he look down at her "Can you stand up at least, because if you can't I'm taking to your village." Lindow said this time glaring at her with pure seriousness almost like a father punishing his child; he crossed his arms and looked around making sure they were still not detected by the others. Lindow took off his pouch and open it as he began to look over his equipment, he still had most of his equipment with him so he wasn't worry that much he still had half of his chakra left but he would have to depend on close closer combat which wasn't his speciality except and only when he had chakra scalpel activate other than that he was a range attacker. Lindow looked back at Akane "I have a plan; show me your equipment" Lindow said.
  7. Lindow made his way back towards Akane with his ciggarete on his mouth as he puff clouds of smoke out. He hand his hands on his pockets as he looked at the sky which looked very intriguing the sun was setting down as the sky was orange, red, yellow and blue it was a very good looking view he had. His eyes followed the clouds that moved along with him as his mind was in peace and calm like just finishing a nap; Lindow began to look ahead as he notice that Akane was closer than he thought she must have moved, but she's still not in good shape to walk all the back to the flame village on her own Lindow sign as he let some smoke out again. Making his way towards her; he noticed that she was eating she was trying to gain her strength back and stamina all good which if she did then she wouldn't need him anymore Lindow smirked a bit as he took his ciggarete of his mouth and tossed it as it was done already. Taking his hands of his pockets he reached her and stood in front of her as he crouched "enjoying yourself there?" Lindow said as he reached into his pocket "By the way I found this" he took out the vial that she dropped when see tossed it at him not broken but empty just a few drops of the sulfur acid still remain. Lindow extended his hand to give it back to Akane. "Is getting dark is better if we leave now; I can sense other chakra nearby two others in fact" Lindow said as he looked behind him making sure no one would try to sneak up on him but he was sure that the two chakra he sense were other wanderers. Lindow stood up and let out a deep breath as he looked back at Akane "Finish your food then from there we can think of a way back without getting caught; and if we do end up getting detected and confronted then I guess we will have no choice but to fight, so I need you to be able to defend yourself" Lindow said turning his back afterwards and crossing his arms looking ahead to see if the wanderers would appear.
  8. Lindow listen to Daichi as lindow watched him get to his feet at first he limped but after a few he was normally walking and hopping. Lindow was impress with daichi abilities as he crossed his arms almost admiring Daichi in a way; Daichi began to speak as he had more than a plan in mind which made lindow wonder but he didn't want to ask yet. Lindow smirked as Daichi said he doesn't care about what the village thinks; Lindow got a bit serious when Daichi said that if the village couldn't change nor forgive him that the village was hopeless. "Hope; you say... You know for a flame ninja your definitely different, you see the in a different view like me we might have similar mindsets but where are different like day and night yet for some reason i respect you" Lindow said staring at Daichi's eyes almost smiling at him in a way. Lindow would begin to stretch his body as he was getting ready to get back to the spar section they had going on. Lindow would quickly make a stance spreading his legs as he quickly began to perform handsigns [Dog → Rabbit -> Dog] as lightning chakra would begin to surge from his hand creating visible lightning. Lindow held his right arm with his left hand to focus the chakra to that area he quickly raise his arm releasing his left hand then bringing his arm back toward stopping infornt of his face placing his left hand back on his right arm. From his right hand a lightning bolt that would be shot as it begins to transform into a lion like Lightning Beast that goes straight towards Daichi. Lindow began to move his fingers as a lightning string was attached to the lion which allowed Lindow to control its movement; Lindow decided to create one more from the already created lightning beast. Now there where two lightning beast going for Daichi. Chakra Pool: 230 - 50 = 170
  9. "You refuse to bestow proper credit and respect on me for expending most of your chakra on a single fight. You might have the chakra, the know how, but you lack the intelligence to spare your emotions and win. I beat you." Akane said, which made Lindow chuckle for a moment as he looked at her. "Of course; I'm a wanderer I'm not suppose to give you credit nor respect. I'll admit you played me and out smarted me throughout this day but you did not win. If I recall I was the one that had you near death; yet I didn't win either. Is was a draw" Lindow said as he turn his head the other way. "I am not going to ride you bare backed. Go find some clothes and scamper off. I have to get my equipment before I return to my village." Akane would say; Lindow stood up and sign "Man flame Kunoichi's are all the same; they want everything there way. Kinda reminds me of Yuri Inoue annoying children" Lindow said as he began to walk back to where he left his jacket to see if it burn it completely or just made a hole on the area it was dropped on. "Don't die while I'm gone; it would be a pain explaining your death to Daichi.... then I might not become a Flame ninja again" Lindow said as the last sentence he said a bit lower than the first. He continue walking back towards the boulders in the "U" formation as just acrossed it, was where he dropped his jacket and shirt. Lindow had his hands on his pocket as he looked around the area thinking to himself "why do I get myself stuck in this situations? as he made his way towards his jacket. Lindow stopped and look down on it as he saw it just a few steps away walking towards the jacket he quickly saw the hole made; the sulfur burned threw the front and back of the jacket but it was still wearable. Lindow picked up his jacket as he began to dust it off as that happen he tilted his jacket as his ciggarete pack fell to the ground, it was still good not even harm by the sulfur acid "Well, well looks like I got lucky the pack was not harmed I guess the sulfur acid didn't reach it. Lindow said as he took a ciggarete out and put in on his mouth as he looked around the jacket for his lighter but it was nowhere to be found; Lindow began to look around from his place threw out the visible area that his eyes could see but nothing. Lindow sign but wasn't worried as he ran blaze chakra through his pointing finger as a small black flame appeared; he lit the ciggaret up and enjoyed a smoke as he no longer felt agitated but calm and relaxed almost. He stood up and put his jacket on making his way back towards Akane.
  10. Jutsu Name | Wind Release: Vacuum Sword. Ranking | D-Rank. Element(s) | Futon. Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu. Energy Cost | 10 Cp. Handsigns | Tiger | Monkey. Range | 5 Meters Duration | 1 Post. Description | The user swings their weapon and a gust of wind is released in the arc that it was swung in. The technique is strong enough to stop projectiles that are thrown at the user. This technique can ne used without a weapon and use his fingers, It can also cancel equal rank Raiton techniques. Other Effects | - Requirements | - Status | Public.
  11. 😒 there you go.
  12. Lindow layed there looking at the sun and the clouds; he took another pull from his ciggarete and then let out the smoke clouds threw the other side of his mouth. "Things are... Weird right now." Daichi said as Lindow eyes looked at him this time almost wondering how weird things could have actually have gotten. Daichi continued "Almost two months ago, I found a girl running into the village, injured as though she had nearly fallen into a volcano. She was screaming about one of our shinobi, Fa Zheng, and I later found out that they were attacked that they. Fa Zheng stayed fight while the girl escaped." Lindow stared at him as he thought in his head that it had to be self sacrifice keeping; Lindow kept quiet as he kept listening to Daichi's words "I met the Kage that day and she... Looked like she knew something. She's barely an adult, obviously hasn't played a lot of poker, her face said everything." As once he mention that Lindow said "Yuri Inoue also known as the red flash; have never gotten along with that child. If anything that the reason why I left, it didn't make sense to make a child a leader of a village regardless of her abilities child are innocent but is that same innocent makes them dangerous and naive she was to easily manipulated by the village system." As he stood himself up this time he looked at Daichi in a more serious manner as he continue to listen to him. "Nearly two whole months now and nothing from Fa Zheng but that isn't the weird thing, the weird thing is that no one has done anything about it. He was not only a high ranking member of society, the previous student to one of our Kage, but one of our Jinchuuriki." Daichi said worried Lindow could tell by looking in his eyes "Jinchuuriki, you say... that is wierd specially if he was a student of the kage. Looks like the village has gotten worse then when I left pity" Lindow said as he pulled from his ciggarete. Daichi added "No missions to look for him, no one even talking about him. Like it wasn't just a random thing that happened. Then, on top of it all, these posters start showing up around the village encouraging a rebellion." Lindow raised his eyebrow as he crossed his arms this time thinking to himself a rebellion had the village really gotten this bad since I left "So a civil war within the village itself, I knew having a child as a leader wasn't the right course of action at the time if they only took there time and choose someone with wisdom, experience, and leadership skills the flame would have ended up like this" Lindow stated as he put his healed arm on his thigh as he tossed the ciggarete that was now finished. "Secret meetings, the slander of Shinobi... And nothing from our Kage. So the village isn't doing so great right now, Lindow." Daichi said as his eyes where determine as he had something in mind "You seem to have a plan in mind" Lindow said. "But that is why we need people like you in the village. Hell, why I need people like you in the village, people I can trust." Daichi said as he stood up and continue "I'm not trying to force you back kicking and screaming, I just want you to think about it seriously." Lindow smirked as he stood up putting his hand over his healed shoulder as he began to spin his injured arm in a circular motion. "You have an awful lot of trust on me, but the village might not want me back. I did left in bad terms and even if they manage to let me join them how do I know they won't try to drive me away again. By the way I'll kept it in mind Lindow said as he jump back about 5 meters.
  13. Lindow smirked when she said "Who am I? I am the girl who tricked you three times, has barely used any chakra, and of whom you tried to kill for no reason! That clear it up for you!?" he crossed his arm and looked at her "Let's clear things up; you didn't trick me I just acted like you did, yes all three times. The reason I used most of my chakra was because I wanted to test you; and I did have my reasons to kill you." He said tilting his head with a smug face on; Lindow would yawn as he covered his mouth with his hand. Then the young woman told him her name after a long day; "I'm Akane Higurashi. And I don't doubt that you will remember my name." as she pointed to the scar that the sulfur acid made on his chest; Lindow looked down as he remembered that; that happen almost forgetting why he was shirtless "Oh yeah this, I almost forgot that I had this; but don't worry I'll remember your name alright. After all your the only person that has destroyed my ciggaretes and live to tell about" he said with a irritated voice as he really badly wanted a ciggarete right now. Lindow stood up as Akana made her way to her feets on her own. As he looked at her he knew she hasn't healed up completely yet so he decided to help if she liked it or not he would have insist. Lindow turn around on one knee and look back at her "I won't take a no for an answer so get on my back I'll carry you to your village entrance by the time we get there you should be healed up enough walk; If you don't get I'll pick you up by force Lindow said glaring at her as in to test him on his patience.
  14. Lindow should touch his shoulder as he remember his spar day with Daichi. Talking about the village and the trust that Daichi had for a wanderer that he still bearly knew; Lindow smirked as he looked at the young lady as she criticized him on his way of using medical ninjutsu. Lindow glared at her as in saying if your so good at it why don't you do it yourself but he stop as he began to giggle to himself pushing his bangs back from his face; is been a while since he showed someone his full face he always had his left side of his face covered by his hair. Both his light green eyes looked at the young woman as she said something "So you know Daichi? And you're afraid of him?" Lindow kneel again in front of her as he tilted his head to his right then to his left as he let out a sign; he would look at her again "Yeah I know him, no I'm not afraid of him but I do respect him; let's say he's the only Flame ninja I trust. Lindow said as he began to think of his first time meeting Daichi. As he recalled them meeting by accident Daichi was drunk and Lindow had nothing better to do that day so they decided to chat a wanderer and a flame nin conversating like if they were friends even tho they didn't even knew each others name. Lindow looked into her eyes as the mentioning of Daichi made her look safe, calm, and relaxed. "I'm one of them. Daichi was my sensei when I was a genin, but now he is a friend." The young woman said Lindow noticed admiration over her voice almost like if he was her father and she was proud of mentioning his name. "Sound like Daichi was your sensei, mentor, and father than your friend. I heard of the guild if I recall I have meet this Jinpachi but maybe not I left the village so long ago; so we have a mutual friend" Lindow said as he smiled he quickly remembered something as he added "You still haven't told me your name. I'm Lindow Amamiya, and you might be? as he introduced himself to her.
  15. Lindow assault was successful as his first strike landed the his second also did. The young woman was pin down by the boulder behind her, as lindow had fight pretty much won at this point. The young woman cursed and sweard at him as he continue his assault on her "Coward! You only fight me well when I am backed into a Shinigami-damned corner!" The young woman said as Lindow ignored the words as his only though was finishing this pointless fight. "The guild will kill you! They will hunt you! Daichi, Jinpachi, Hannah, and your days are over!" The young lady said as Lindow stopped canceling his chakra scalpel technique. As he looked at her then looked around the area and signed letting a deep breath out off irritation; as he kneel in front of her as he began too perform handsigns [Hare - Bird - Snake] as he placed his hand over her heart shooting his chakra at her as the Cure Wounds Internal as it started fixing her teared muscles. He stood quiet the whole time focusing on her injures even if she didn't want the help and she would be curse at him the whole time he would keep quiet and attended her wounds. "You mention that Daichi would avenge you, in fact I know Daichi you must be his pupil; no wonder you manage me to used this much chakra on someone" Lindow said as he continued healing her; After the chakra was flowing threw her body he stood up as a breeze pass by starting to feel chilly as he started to shake a bit but he tried not to focused on himself at the moment. He looked down at the young woman as he offer her his hand so she could get up he wasn't excepting her to grab it but he didn't care; "Is getting dark so you need to make it back to the village; if I see Daichi I'll let him know about my ciggaretes. So I'll let you get away with it this time. " Lindow said; his attitude was different from a moment ago as he respected Daichi and he didn't want to kill the woman it would just end up in a mess and he didn't have time to take on the guild which he heard from Daichi a group of people that where best of the best from Flame.
  16. Lindow looked at the sky as he grinned almost like laughing as a pack of birds pass by flying. The pain was getting worse but not as bad as it could have been; "Well that was more intense than I expected it to be." Lindow over heard as he looked at him not moving his body just his eyes. As with his arm that not injured he lead on it and sat up as he coughed blood again just a bit this time; "Well that was fun, looks like it hurted more than I thought" Lindow responded back to Daichi. Lindow grabbed his injured arm with his uninjured arm and pulled it as he lead out a groan and a laughter as the pain tickled his body; then began to perform handsigns [Hare - Bird - Snake] as he began to heal his shoulder it would take a bit but he should be back to normal after the bone has healed a bit and the muscles weren't that tear down. "Are we still going?" Daichi said as he took out a ciggarete from himself and for Lindow. Lindow didn't think about it, it was like a reaction he took the ciggarete that Daichi offered him as he nodded his head in gratitude as he reached into his jacket and took out his lighter and lit it up as the taste of nicotine going threw his lungs feel natural; Lindow let out a cloud of smoke as he looked at Daichi "Of course we are going to continue, you ain't going soft on me now? Lindow said almost mocking him almost as he layed on his back again looking at the sky as shoulder healed. "So hows the village doing anyways? I don't care but since you insist on trying to make me a member again then at least I should know how is it doing.... I guess" Lindow said as he almost sounded irritated for asking. Chakra Pool: 255 - 25 = 230
  17. Lindow was about to finish his sentence as he got interrupted by a sudden feeling of irritation on his throat as he couldn't breath for a moment as he release the grip on her and with his left arm on his throat. As he closed one of his eyes focusing on himself more than the young woman; which was a bad idea as once he tried to focused on her she pulled out a dagger. Lindow quickly jumped back and off her landing about 3 meters; as he still had his hand on his throat with one of his eyes semi-close. The sun was starting to set as the day was turning to night and the heat was starting to get cold; Lindow stood up straight as he took his hand of his throat "Alright; I'm getting feed up of you this end now" Lindow said as he began to perform handsigns [Tiger | Horse | Rabbit] as chakra began to run threw his hands in a blue like color Chakra Scalpels As he spreaded his legs his right leg facing the young woman as his left leg was 90° degrees to the left behind him; his body facing was also 50° degree to the left. His right arm was facing down with his palm facing backward and with his left arm folded upwards with his palm facing his face. Lindow was tired and still thirsty but wanted to finish this silliness between him an this young woman. As he was serious not like murderers serious just serious. "Hope your ready to end this; you have been fun to play around with but time to take it serious" Lindow said as he quickly dashed at her spreading his arms infornt of him. Once he was close enough he when for a straight jab to her left arm to make her unable to perform handsign she was a genjutsu specialist and if she got him with a stronger gen it would be over; if the attack would have missed he would pulled back his hand and go for a another jab anywhere of the body that was close. If she moved away from him far enough he would follow her trying to jab her for about 5 minutes, if he would have dodge every jab he would jump back and go back to his stance. Chakra Pool: 240 - 15 = 225cp
  18. Sure why not.
  19. Lindow waited for her next comment or move as he waited patiently for the moment to use his technique in a proper way without getting himself killed. "Those things will kill you." The young woman said as Lindow laughed a bit at that, as he tilted his head back at her "Kill me? That is the last of my worries. I've been smoking since the great war and I can say I consider myself pretty healthy" Lindow replied with a smug way of saying yet almost joking as he tilt his head back to how it was as a breeze pass by them itself great almost relaxing as lindow closed his eyes from a moment taking it all in as the silence was broken with a comments "I don't trust you. But I will let you live on one condition. You drop your pants, and throw them over there, and I want to be sure there are no weapons on you." The young woman said . Lindow calmness broke as he open his eyes in some what of a shocked he slowly tilted his head at her with a face expression of whats wrong with you? Lindow was almost blushing at this point "what? What type of harassment is this? Look as much as I would making my cloths off this isn't the place. If your so eager to see me without my cloths we can go to a room" Lindow said as he looked at her eyes almost feeling wierd and nervous his stomach felt like knots. Lindow signs and looked back ahead as he said "Alright, i beat you won't turn around so I can take them off in private" as lindow slowly reached for his pants. As he got close to them he stopped and swinged his arms back releasing a wind current from his finger tips Vacuum Sword The current had the strength to make the young woman take two step back as the wind picked up dust and sand from the ground lifting it up. This gave him the chance; since he was resting this whole time he moved as quick as he could at an A-rank speed and ducked if the woman would have launched the senbon they would have missed except for one that would had pierce his earlobe. Lindow ducked almost like if he jumped form a tall boulder and landed. His legs where spreaded and also his arms quickly he put his left hand infornt of him and spin on his right leg in place as he extended his left leg going for a leg sweep trying to drop the young woman on her butt. If it would have landed she would have fallen and he would have quickly reached for her arm with the launcher and pin it down to the ground putting his knees on her stomach enough force for her not to move as other hand other hand would hold her other hand down almost like of they where holding hands in a date. He would looked at her eyes and grin almost like if was about to sexually assault her. If the leg sweep would have been blocked or dodged Lindow would had quickly jumped back about 2 meters away from her. Depending on which one happen Lindow would begin to speak. If he was on top of her; he would say "Well, well, well. Looks likes I have the advantage now love; so what should I do next. Many things come to mind like stripe you of your cloths, or slowly dissect you like a frog, or even better I can kill you right now for everything specially my cigarettes.... But I won't do any of does as he would lean forwards towards her almost like to kiss he but passing her lips making making his way towards her ears "I'm going to show you the real meaning of death my love.. hehe." In the other scenario Lindow would say "now that I'm free maybe we can finish this once and for all, I underestimated you from the beginning which was the down fall but not no more from here on out I'll take you deadly serious; I'm prepared to die to kill can you say the same? as he would give her a deadly smile spreading his legs and his arm getting ready for her next move. Chakra Pool: 250 - 10 = 240 cp
  20. Lindow lean on the boulder as he checked his chest scar it looked heal well enough and it didn't burn anymore. He would put his hand behind his head as he sign a bit rubbing his neck; then stopping and crossing his arms as he looked around for a brief moment as he tried to think where could the young woman would have been hidding any it was going to be a long afternoon if she hid well. Lindow might not even find her but his question was answer quickly enough as he felt something hard and smooth at the same time behind his neck Lindow titled his head to see the young woman behind him. "When did you ..." Lindow was going to say as she interrupted him with her own words. "This is the third time I've gotten you. Don't you move a muscle or the trigger on my launcher will go off, shooting five senbon into the back of your neck. If you want to live, you will lift both of your hands, spread them apart like a bird stance and you will do so very very slowly" The young woman said. Lindow looked at her brown eyes as his light green eyes focused on her seriousness an a bit of fear could be shown but then again she was the one with the upper hand; so lindow release his arms from being crossed at the same time once both his arm uncrossed Lindow perform two handsigns quickly [Tiger | Monkey] then he would raise his arms up as he then spreaded them to opposite sides. "So you have me now, now what? Am I getting the cookie I've been waiting for? Or are you just trying to buy sometime? Regardless of any of the answers I will get my hands on you love." Lindow said as his chakra began to run threw his body and to his fingers. "You look a little exposed out here." The young woman commented as lindow began to laugh a bit tilting his head back at her "That's because you threw sulfur acid at me; if you don't recall. And by the way you own me a new jacket and a pack of ciggaretes" Lindow said as he tilted his head back to position.
  21. Lindow looked at the sky as he was still healing from the acid sulfur. After about a few minutes of resting he began to get ready as he stood up; and began to look around the area. The boulders where he was resting at was empty but she was here as she foot prints where there but then they vanished as he took the way where she couldn't make tracks and keep her way hidden from him. Lindow was now shirtless which didn't bother him until he realized that his ciggarete and lighter where inside his commander jacket which was mostlikey dissolved by now. Which now he was furious at her he felt like a dad mat at his daughter for breaking his stuff; angry and pissed off he made his way towards the inactive volcanos which made sense to hide at but it wasn't going to be easy to find her since there are caves and places to hid and if she found a good hidding stop she could camp out until he ran out of patience in finding him. "So know to look for this little brat; great this feels more like baby sitting than actually fighting" Lindow said to himself as he crossed his arm and walked his way towards the volcanos as the walk was decent and the sun was out so he felt pretty good since he was shirtless now but he was totally irritated since he couldn't have a smoke which was driving him crazy in a way. Lindow was also trusty after walking for in this heat since the morning; hydrated, angry, tired, and hurt was all the feeling that Lindow felt right now he was feed up as he finally reach the inactive volcano as he found a union of rocks which where tall enough to give a decent amount of shadow for him to leaned on the boulder trying to catch his breath "Where did you go hide? I'M GETTING TIRED OFF THIS!" Lindow Yelled as he was very irritated at this point.
  22. Lindow was preparing for his attack as his mind was in killer instinct not caring for the woman if she lived nor died at this point. As he was about to perform his handsigns the young woman acted as quick as he was about to using the vials in anticipation of his move. Lindow paused his hand movement as he watched the liquid make its way towards him his killer instinct told him to forget out it he could heal back up just he was going to waste a bit of time but to fire the emporer's roar technique at her. The acid would damage him but she wouldn't get lucky as the blaze technique was going to hit her also it was to big to miss her. Yet Lindow's calmer side quickly reacted without hesitation, Lindow extended his hands to both sides as he jumped back the acid liquid was within inches of his commander's jacket as he landed a few steps away from the acid as it dropped to the floor burning the ground as smoke started to appear. Lindow was relieved that the acid did get on him as once he looked at his jacket a bit of acid was burning threw it; quickly he took his commander's jacket off as he looked at his shirt which also was burn an a stinging sensation began to burn on his chest. Lindow ripped his shirt of as his chest was being burned the stinging felt like is someone spilled oil on his skin then threw a lighter at him. Lindow felt to his knees as he tired not to make noise but the sensation was excruciating it was like being burn by his own flames. After a moment the stinging stopped and Lindow catch his breath; angry and furious at the young woman all that would come up on his mind was that she out smarted him again for the second time. Lindow slowly stood to his knees as he began to walk slowly towards boulders shaped in a U form as he layed his back on the boulders dropping to his ass on the ground. He looked at chest burn like a pig in a stick; Lindow quickly began to perform handsigns [Hare - Bird - Snake] as he began to heal his chest wound a bit in pain but after waiting a little bit for the Cure Wounds Internal Technique to work its magic Lindow sat there with his hands on the ground as he had one eye close and one semi-open as he grin a bit. "Once I find you my love; I'll show a sensational feeling of death. Hehehe..." Lindow said as he catch his breath and heal his wound. Chakra Pool: 275 - 25 = 250cp
  23. Sheet
  24. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Buying Update Training | - Update Cost/Pay | 750 + 750 = 1500 - 1850 = 350 Ryo. Update Links | Vacuum Great Sphere Yasaka Magatama
  25. Lindow was prepared for Daichi's next move as he knew he was going to come at him with all he got. As he waited he began to hear the ground shake as the sound and feeling of the ground got closer; then it disappeared as from the fading cloud of smoke Daichi jumped straight at Lindow passing by the trap set earlier. Lindow looked at him as he began to spin mid air as flames began to wrap around his legs as he was going for a heel drop; the speed and power was faster and stronger than Lindow and he had no time avoid it but drastic times call for drastic measure. Lindow waited for the heel to reach him as he extended his hand as he held onto Daichi's calf as his heel still connected with Lindow's shoulder; the sudden pressure pushed Lindow down as he felt backwards still holding onto Daichi's calf. Lindow still had chakra scalpel activate this allowed to cut muscled tissues from Daichi's calf making his leg feel great pain. Lindow shoulder was most likely dislocated and felt broken but he didn't stop as blood began to exhale from his mouth; Lindow used his other hand to jab his finger tips into Daichi's thigh this would also cut threw his muscle tissue making that leg he use to attack Lindow was useless even with enhanced strength it would cause massive pain to fully use it normally. Lindow laid on the whole that Daichi created with Lindow's body as his shoulder was black from the flames the burn was like no other but still wasn't as bad a black flame temperature attacks. With both of the most likey on the floor Lindow released his chakra scalpel technique to catch his breath. Chakra Pool: 255 CP Chakra Scalpel Deactivated