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    I voted for no stat system to be honest, it just makes more sense to me without it. In the manga/anime you could clearly see how ranks affected the ability of a shinobi. When lee and sasuke had their op speed and were by far the fastest genin, they were still no match for a jounin like Kakashi or Guy. Kimimaro who completed S-rank missions, still could easily fight naruto, gaara and lee and only lost because of his illness. Haku, who would have been a B/A rank shinobi easily out matched Naruto and Sasuke. Higher rank shinobi are just better. For people talking about having no chance in combat with a system like that...that's the point. If the system allows for lower skilled players to beat higher skilled players, it's flawed. Bit harsh, I know, but that's the truth. Also, your stats don't determine how good you are. Like just because your stats are better, you can still lose...there are ways to play around having lower stats, it doesn't mean you automatically lose (if it did, once again, its flawed). The whole point is we don't want auto wins and auto losses, but the higher ranked shinobi should benefit from being a higher rank. As for having individuality, then add something like special characteristics. Each rank gets a certain number, so like 1 at C-rank and 3 at A-rank, like elements or specs. People can create their own or have generic ones like speedster which just gives you an advantage of speed over your rank. Since everyone gets them, it wouldn't need weaknesses as such just balancing. Honour system ftw, just have a couple people moderating battles to make sure people aren't abusing it.

    Ranmaru Nakamura Post here
  3. There was a rather dangerous storm tonight. A very dark sky with powerful winds crashing into and brushing along side the mountain side, roars of thunder could be heard loud and clear through the dark grey clouds and not to mention the frequent lightning bolts falling from the sky. Ranmaru was walking through the trees with his hood up to hide his spiky grey hair as the rain started to fall. Slowly at first with the drops clearly distinguishable on the back of his hood, before speeding up into a frenzy. 'What a night' Ranmaru though to himself, he quite liked weather like this but from his younger years, he knew the weather would rile him and get him quite agitated. Ranmaru walked calmly and at a leisurely pace through the forest. His hands were in his pockets, making sure to hide his hands from anyone who may be in the vicinity. His secret would be surely to fun reveal and to see the reactions of his sensei and team. To follow suit, his face was also covered with a face mask which hid his mouth and nose. It was a dark blue and wrapped around his face, below his ears and tying up at the back of his head. His teammates wouldn't get to see his mouth today. It was a fight, but biting someone would surely lead to problems. 'I couldn't try that hard' he thought to himself. He emerged from the trees to see the concrete floor and an armoured practice dummy at the entrance. He was fond of these from his time at the academy not too long ago. With that, he stopped, pulled his headband out of his pocket and gave a quick smile as his eyes dropped down to look at it. The young lightning shinobi was proud he graduated. Raising his head once more he walked to the middle, glancing across and seeing the other dummy on the opposite side to the first. With that, he took his hood off, unzipped his hoodie and pulled it off. He sat down with his legs folded and let the rain hit his skin. He loved the soothing feeling the rain gave him, hopefully it'll counteract the agitating lightning and thunder. He leaned backed, put his arms behind him on the floor to hold him up and screaming "Hello? Is anyone else here?" 'Normal' behaviour was lost on Ranmaru as he still hadn't got used to human customs, but he was trying. Hopefully having a team and people to socialise with would speed up that process.
  4. [Character Picture Here] Name | Ranmaru Nakamure Nickname | The Predator Title Name | Nature's Retribution Gender | Male Age | 15 Home Link | Village | Lightning Village Clan | None Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-rank Element(s) | Wind Release | Fuuton Specialties | Taijutsu | Beginner Bloodline | Kankyō Hōfuku Strength | 2 (+1 Bloodline) Speed | 4 (1 starting + 2 tai) Reflexes | 3 (1 bloodline + 1 starting) Endurance | 1 Stamina | 1 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
  5. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Academy Jutsu Update Training | N/a Update Cost | None Update Links |
  6. Name | Ranmaru Nakamura | Nickname | The Predator | Title Name | Nature's Retribution | Gender | Male | Age | 15 | Birth Date | 10th October | Hair Color | Silver | Eye Color | Red with black slits | Height | 5'8 | Weight | 132 lbs | Appearance | Ranmaru has medium length spiky silver hair with thin eyebrows that stretch along his face. He wears a metal forehead protector on his forehead which is tied up using a soft blue cloth. His snake-like eyes are often carrying a relaxed and laid back look, almost as if he about to doze off at any moment. They are red with black slits and are a proportional size, not too big and not too small. His left eye has a scar that resembles a slash from a bladed weapon, the scar extends down so that it is in line with the tip of his nose and starts from the middle of the forehead, it cuts through his eyebrow meaning his left eyebrow has a slit in it. A blue mask wraps around the middle to lower portion of his face covering his nose and going under his ears. The mask is designed to keep his mouth hidden, primarily due to his very sharp pointed teeth and long intimidating incisors. He has smooth tanned skin with smaller lips and a nice sized nose. Ranmaru has an average sized frame for his age that has minimal body fat and is almost entirely all lean strong muscle. Although unseen, his unusually chiselled jawline would probably stand out in comparison to a regular human due to his powerful jaw muscles. The other unusual characteristic he has are his sharply clawed hands as opposed to finger nails. Village | Lightning | Clan | None | Village Ranking: | Genin | Shinobi Ranking | C-rank | Element(s) | Wind Release | Fuuton Specialties | Taijutsu | Beginner Bloodline | Kankyō Hōfuku Favorable | Animals Nature Peace Relaxing Training Unfavorable | Hunters Anything which unnecessarily damages the Earth Personality | Due to his past and lack of interaction with people, Ranmaru doesn't really have a real personality or emotions. Behaviour would be a far more accurate word. In that sense, he is very territorial and protective of what is his. He is very aggressive when provoked, much like a normal predator, and growls are definitely used as a deterrent to people trying to attack him. Without provocation, Ranmaru is calm and composed, as if nothing in the world could worry or phase him. Fearless to the point of stupidity and by no means calculated. He has never had to be. He is slowly learning and developing the emotions he lacks and the mannerisms that are required to live amongst humans and shinobi alike, but it will take time to overcome his habits and built in instincts. He has a deep embedded love for the world around him and loves to explore new places as he can come into contact with completely different animals to what he was used to back in the jungle. His motives for becoming a ninja was so that he can become strong enough to lead a village to clamp down on hunting and to bring people back to their more primal routes. Philosophy & Beliefs | Being from the jungle and living off what the land had to offer, Ranmaru started to believe in natural balance and more so mother nature. This belief was not uncommon to those who found themselves lost and stuck in the middle of on of nature's toughest habitats. Despite not being directly hunted by another animal, there was plenty to look out for. Jungle cats with their powerful jaws and agile bodies leaping at you from above in the tree tops or from out of sight, camouflaged in long grass or bushes, or snakes with their small size but deadly bites. There was never a warning, if you were caught off guard you were catnip. This taught him to never over stretch his resources and only go where he needed to, never biting off more than he can chew for it could very easily be fatal. A love for the wild grew inside Ranmaru just as his love for mother nature. He believed that humans could incorporate themselves in the eco-systems of any habitat regardless of how extreme, it just had to be done right. This love for the wild lead to a hatred for hunters, or those abusing mother nature's grand work. It is a right the animals have to live in peace, letting nature run its course, without the interruption of humans. Survival of the fittest wasn't a bad idea after all. He didn't even really see himself as human, in his mind he was just another apex hunter trying to survive. History & Background | Ranmaru's origins remain largely unknown due to the fact that he has spent most of his life, and all of his memorable life, in the jungle. Due to his animals traits, it is believed his parents and even ancestors belonged to a tribe which has inhabited the jungle for generations upon generations. His earliest memory dates back to the age of three, in this memory he remembers walking around as a toddler and being found by monkeys. At first they were fairly confused what to do with the bipedal but hairless Ranmaru. He had many similarities to them, but many differences too. The younger monkeys started to become playfully aggressive and were essentially bullying him, before one of their mothers put a stop to it and took him in as her own. This is where his life began. He spent several years with the monkeys, swinging on vines, eating a vegetarian diet and getting a lot of sun. This lead to his skin changing from a paler white to the tanned skin he currently has. In those years his flexibility was pushed far more than a regular human and his muscles became strong similar to how a monkey's body is far more powerful. He learned the location of all the edible fruit and plants were as well as the location of the things that didn't have such a good reaction to his body or he didn't find very tasty. From the treetops he watched the apex predators like a hawk, and admired their power and ability to hunt. His intelligence quickly grew to the point where he was smarter than the monkeys by around the age of 7. It was at this point he decided he wanted to find out why those predators were carnivorous as opposed to eating fruits like he was so accustomed to with the monkeys. It was this which drew him to undertaking his first real hunt, leading to his first kill. Using his claws and sharp teeth he ripped and bit off the flesh of the slain animal and got his first taste of meat. At first it didn't agree with him very much, just like raw meat rarely agrees with humans, but after a while his body grew accustomed to it and he developed the necessary antibodies to combat the bacteria that was attacking his body. He spent three hears mimicking and stalking the jungles top predators so as to replicate their behaviour, he was very impressionable in his young age after all. He would stalk his prey from bushes just like he had seen the big cats do and he would roar and growl like a lion if he felt threatened. He even learned how to run on all fours, using his powerful limbs to lunge at his prey and his claws and teeth to swipe and bite at the unfortunate prey. Just as he has seen more than a thousand times over. By this point, Ranmaru was ten. Of course, he had no idea about where he was or the world he lived in and he eventually found himself far to the north of where he lived with the monkeys. He was now right by the gates of the Lightning Village, although he had no idea what that was or that it even existed. He had never encountered anything like himself before and he had come to the belief that he was the only animal of his species left. One day, he had stumbled too close to their gates and the shinobi keeping watch spotted him and quickly apprehended him. They brought him into the village for questioning and found he had no use of language. Ranmaru was completely feral as he had never encountered a human before, or so he thought. Obviously this was illogical as he had to of been born, but he didn't know any better. He was human after all, albeit the slight physiological differences, and so the Lightning Village decided to keep him as an orphan and try to get him out of his primitive ways. Due to his age, he was able to pick up the language very quickly. He doesn't really remember much between the ages of ten and eleven as this was where he joined civilisation and had to essentially re learn how to live his life. He was very good at gestures, which lead to the ease of learning the language. It was exactly a year after joining the village that Ranmaru got into an altercation with an academy student and was brought before a doctor by the kind woman who ran the orphanage he lived at. It was here where the doctor, being a shinobi himself, came to realise that Ranmaru had chakra and was capable of being a ninja himself. The doctor, being a lonely man in his mid fifties decided to adopt this primal child and teach him how to be a true ninja. Although able to now communicate, Ranmaru was by no means a regular child. He still lacked emotion, as he had never had a use for them before, and his behaviour still mimicked that of the apex hunters he had learned from what, by now, seemed like a lifetime ago. His life was changing rapidly and he had no control over it. He was definitely fun loving and shared many characteristics with those of his age group, but he didn't know how to behave with others or interact effectively. Basic social constructs still evaded his understanding. The old man was very patient and did his best for Ranmaru, never raising his voice or lashing out. Ranmaru was very grateful for this and this man, who he had learned to call Dad was his first real bond. Roughly aged about eleven and a half and having been integrated into village life for nearly two years now, his old man decided it was time Ranmaru entered the academy. His academy years were tough, and he was far from a genius, but he excelled at the physical aspects far more than anything else. After roughly three years in the academy it was this, that finally actually had him promoted to genin. His ability to use the basic academy jutsu was minimal and he was barely able to replicate them at all, but he simply outclassed everyone else when it came to hand to hand combat. At fifteen years of age, Ranmaru is now ready to join his first squad having successfully passed the academy. He is by no means a very good human, however he is learning slowly but surely.
  7. This is too vague, I'd like you to elaborate on the effects using the attribute system. How does something wrapped around the heart affect the mental capabilities of the host? Again, be more specific. How much stamina? And if it's physical stamina what does this do to the SP system we currently have in place. If it affects chakra, I'd like to know how it interacts with the chakra system. How does it make them a living vat of medical goo? You haven't said anything about the cells, so far the only cells that should be in your body are around your heart. Explain what you mean by devour please. This should be limited, so only one aspect can be taken per animal. And no, not most of these are jutsu based, all of them will need to be jutsu based. Can't have you running around poofing things out of thin air. This will also require a training post of sorts to be able to actually use the modified body parts. This will not be permanent in the case of animals and such, it needs a length of time it lasts for - goes for both variants of assimilation. It is far too op to be able to go up to a bird in a topic with no one else to kill something that cannot fight back to permanently gain something like wings. As a result of it not being permanent, I would like you to also cap how many extra biological aspects you can gain a time. Also, I'd like to know about these surgeries. Transplant rules say you can only have one implanted bloodline, please state that only one kekkei genkai may be assimilated. Any transplants of kekkei genkai will still take a week to be able to use. As stated in the transplant rules: If you wish to shorten the time it takes your body to adjust, you may type 1000 words for every day you wish to subtract. However, you may not reduce the waiting time to any lower than 48 real hours. No exceptions. The rules are rules for a reason, remove that aspect please. What do you mean once they have permanently assimilated the ability to lay eggs? Is this something you wish to achieve? It is not just a free ability. The modified versions of different beings is going to need to be jutsu, and can only be used once you have assimilated the aspects already. This is just ridiculous in the first place, so I'm going to need you to explain things like how long it takes the eggs to hatch, how many modifications they have and how many different types of things you can create, as well as size. Basically and overall description. Since only one summoning contract is allowed, this is going to need to match the power. Be sensible. Serious question, how do you even lay eggs? Where do they come from? Are you spitting them out or God forbid...? What does doing this do to you? The beings will have a chakra cost to control and send mental commands to them. Your weakness is also not a weakness, so change it. More than one will also be required for something so strong. And no, no summoning contract is not a weakness either. These are things you are happy to not have planned around. A weakness requires an actual drawback.
  8. Bloodline Name | Magnetic Releass Possessors | Public, Shukaku's Jinchuuriki Appearance Abilities | Magnet Release is an advanced nature transformation formed by the combing of the earth and wind based chakra. Those who possess these elements are able to create magnetic forces of different properties and for many purposes. For example, black sand or iron sand. The main component of this sand is magnetite, which is an ore of iron which has the highest concentration of iron in it, and as a result this makes it easily manipulated by the magnetic forces. Another example is gold dust. Due to the conductive properties of gold an alternating magnetic field can induce a current in it, which generates its own magnetic field, therefore small particles of it could be manipulated. Gold in bulk size is not a ferromagnetic metal like iron. It is diamagnetic which is far weaker than ferromagnetism, however nano-sized gold particles do exhibit ferromagnetism. Gold is 3.7 times denser than magnetite, the main component of iron sand, so it moves slower but is obviously much harder. Users are able to extract these metals from the ground, with higher ranking shinobi being stronger and as a result able to extract more. Common uses of this kekkei genkai include compacting the small objects into high density shapes, propelling metals at high speeds or even the ability to pass on the magnetic properties by touch. Weaknesses | Magnet Release gains a one rank decrease against Lightning Release jutsu due to the electricity disrupting the magnetic field. Chakra Cost | Jutsu Dependent
  9. Completion Bump.