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  2. [dohtml] <style type="text/css"> .dadmanbox { width: 500px; padding: 10px; border-left: 5px solid #B5C7ED; border-radius: 25px; background-color: #1B211C; text-align: justify; color: #B0BFCC; } .hoothoot { background-image: url(http://ultraimg.com/images/2016/07/04/Clipboardimage2016-07-04231009.png); height: 47px; text-align: right; color: #A6B6A1; width: 482px; border: 3px double #9CAD97; padding: 250px 11px 0px 0px; border-radius: 25px; } .dadmanheader { border-left: 3px solid #fff; border-radius: 25px; padding-left: 7px; margin-top: 5px; font-weight: bold; font-size: 15px; } .dadmanbox2 { color: #BBD1B4; width: 475px; border: 3px double #ADC3A7; padding: 10px; border-radius: 25px; text-align: justify; margin-top: 7px; } </style> <div align="center"> <div class="dadmanbox"> <div class="hoothoot">Abigial<br> ♀ | lv 5 & 5% | Insomnia | Tackle | Growl | Foresight | Meanlook</div> <div class="dadmanheader">NIGHT OWL</div> <div class="dadmanbox2">The midnight oil sits aflame. </div> </div> </div> </div> [/dohtml]
  3. Possibly, but i have no intention of going into the land of flame
  4. im here
  5. Yeah Hurricane Harvey was rough, but glad to see you made it threw and welcome back
  6. Tier System What is a Tier: A tier is a row of levels placed upon one another, now maybe you are wondering how that works here on SG. As we will have a total of 6 main tiers, these being equal to the ranks of ninjas. Meaning there is a D rank To X rank tier. What is my Tier?: Now every ninja is at default tier for their rank in all stats, meaning that if you start off as a D rank, all your stats start out at D1 and you get a set amount of points to distribute to your stats. Once this is done they cant be changed. As the only way for one to increase their stat tier levels is by jutsu or items, as tier points can only be gained through rank up. Tier Points: Now what are tier points, these are the points in the Tier . EX. We have a D rank Genin who is at D2 speed and D4 strength. This means that he has 1 tier point in speed and 3 in strength. Now this means the Genin is stronger than the average Genin but still not a C rank as each tier goes up to level 5 meaning that any given tier may go up to 5 before reaching the next level ( Ex you have a Genin with a Strength tier of D4, and he uses a jutsu to boost his strength by 2 sub tiers bringing him to C2. C being the next level of tier. How do I get tier Points: Now your Main tier level is equal to your base rank meaning your base tier will always be equal to your letter rank, but your tier points are dependent on you As each ninja regardless of rank will have a set amount of points to distribute. This mean s that tier points cant be trained and once your points have been set the only way to increase the tier of a stat is by jutsu or item.
  7. Name | Bagu Blade Type | Zatoichi [Sword] - Sub-Type | One Hand || Two Hand Ranking | S Material(s) | BAncient Wood // Chakra Conductive steel Dimensions | 82 CM Long // 20 CM thick Nature | N/A Appearance | Abilities | The Hive : The Bagu blade being made out of a very special tainted wood is what allows for the blade to be so devastating in the first place. As the special wood the Bagu blade is made of allows for it to act like a living host to chakra conductive bugs. The same the body of an Aburame or Hotaru works. This allows not only for the Bagu blade to Naturally host several species of bugs. But it also taints the bugs that it hosts in sort of a way. As the partnership of how the Bugs and the wood work is slightly different than that of how it works with a human host. Now the Bagu blade acts as a Storage for the Hotaru or Aburame allowing them to store a max of 10k bugs in the blade without the need of having to summon them. (This means that the user of the blade is able to store bugs in the blade so that they don't have to constantly use chakra to bring the bugs forth.) Now the Bagu blade isn't just a storage, but also, a complete different Host that works in conjunction of the user of the blade. By putting chakra into the Bagu blade the user of the sword is able to have the blade mass produce any of the bugs stored in it. For 10 CP the user of the Bagu blade is able to mass produce any of the bugs inside of the blade. [Able to make 1000 bugs per use] The Taint [A]: Now since the Bagu blade is a special wood and not the normal Human host that these bugs are used to, they react a little different in response to the new host. Bugs produced or stored inside of the Bagu blade feed of the special properties of the wood. This causes for the bugs to get a special taint. Bugs that have been inside of the Bagu blade get an increase in their natural bug bite, increasing it from 1CP a bite to 3CP a bite. Now the user of the Bagu blade is also able to use the tainted bugs in conjunction with jutsu, using the Bagu blade as a medium. Meaning that the user of the bagu blade may put chakra into the blade to activate jutsu instead of needing to do handsigns [Only for bug jutsu] This also dropping the cost of all bug jutsu up to A rank by 50% Description |The Bagu blade is one of mystery that Zeda came to possess along his journeys threw the ninja world in hopes of coming across more bugs. The Bagu blade being a very big help in the gathering of bugs. Availability N/A Requirements Aburame: Hotaru Ryo Cost | 2300 Ryo
  8. Fixed the Coding
  9. Name | Kogen [ Ko ] Rank | A Species | Owl (Night Owl) Appearance | Personality | Kogen's personality is one that you could say would be typical of your normal night owl, having all of the normal animal instincts needed to survive the world. Though Kogen is not your typical Night Owl, having been raised almost since birth by the likes of Zeda Hotaru. This causing Kogen to be somewhat more advance then your typical Night Owl especially one that you would come into contact with in the wild. Now like most Night Owls as well as his owner Zeda, Kogen could somewhat be seen as a loner. Not caring to be in the company of others, regardless if they be Human or animal. Zeda being the only human that Kogen can stand. This being a trait that the two seem to share in common. With both of them only caring to be in the presence of one another. Now through Zeda's special training and Kogen's already natural Owl instincts one could say Kogen is very observant always paying attention to even the smallest of movements. This being the main job of Kogen making sure to always look over Zeda. On top of that one could say Kogen is a more laid back and relaxed pet. One who never really needs Zeda for much. Being able to feed and survive for himself. This making Kogen more of an idependent pet and one who honestly sticks around more for the bound that he has with his owner, instead of the fact that he needs help to survive. Jutsu | TBA History | Kogen was born deep in the jungles of one of the great oasis hidden in the lands of the wind. Upon his birth in his nest with his brothers and sister's disaster would strike as the tree they laid rest in broke crashing injuring Kogen and killing his brothers and sisters. The cause of this incident would be none other than the training of Oda, and the young Zeda Hotaru. Upon discovering the destruction and havoc that they had caused to these young Night Owls, Oda was compelled to take the young Kogen heal him up and return him to nature. Though he took a different route about it, figuring that this would be a perfect way to teach Zeda some responsibility as well as help him grow up. This causing for the young Zeda to care for the injured Kogen until he was all better. Upon this time the young Zeda and Kougen would come to imprint on one another. Leading for the two to stay in the company of one another as well as for Zeda to even undertake training Kogen and helping him strengthen up. Ryo Cost | 800 Ryo
  10. Yes for the most part it is similar to the old system, but i ittend to take dodging away from the speed stat as well as this system is to be capped meaning people cant just spend all their time training speed and avoid every attack
  11. Name | Hotaru-Aburame, Zeda Nickname | The lost Samurai | Kimura Title Name | Aries | Fire Lord Gender | Male Age | 21 Home Link | N/A [Previous Land of Wind] Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | N/A Shinobi Ranking | A Element(s) | Katon, Raiton Specialties | Bukijutsu [Adept] Ninjutsu [Novice] Bloodline | Hotaru No Michi Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
  12. Jutsu Name | Hotaru No Michi: Silk shot Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B Element(s) | Fire | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 Handsigns | Rat-Dragon-Boar-Rooster Range | 20 Meters Duration | Up to 3 Post Description | Due to members of the Hotaru being host to insects their bodies have come to become different then that of most ninjas, and because of this once the the Hotaru has done the needed hand signs they are able to mold their chakra and have the bugs inside of their body produce their special silk. The Hotaru is then able to expel this silk either threw the palm of their hands or their mouth if so be. The silk will come out in a quick long stand that is about 10 centimeters thick and equal in strength of ninja wire its rank. The strand will move at the speed of that of a B rank jutsu and if makes contact with its target will completly wrap around them leaving immobile until the silk is cut off. Other Effects | The Hotaru also has the choice of utilizing the silk by adding their elemental chakra to it allowing for the silk to have other effects. That being said if the silk is coated in fire nature chakra it will be hot and capable of causing Burn equal to B rank to any thing it touches. While on the on the other hand if lightning nature chakra is used the silk will have a electrical property to it. Causing it to cause B rank lightning dank to anything it comes into contact with. Now if the silk is actually able to come into contact with a living target and entangle them, for every post that they are caught inside of the silk, 25 CP will be drained from them. This being due to the nature of the Photuris fireflies used by the Hotaru Requirements | Hotaru No Michi Bloodline Status | Open
  13. Update Type | Specialty Training Update Name | Bringing Buki and Ninjutsu to Advance Update Training | Update Ryo | N/A Update Links N/A
  14. Jutsu Name | Hotaru No Michi: Prison Dance Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | A | B | C | Element(s) | Fire or Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 40 CP | 25 CP | 15 CP Handsigns | Dragon - Rat - Dog - Ram Range | 15 MAOE | 10 MAOE | 5 MAOE Duration | Sustain 10 CP per post Description | After the necessary, hand signs the fireflies of the Hotaru will start to spin around either the Hotaru themselves or the target of the jutsu. Creating a giant dome around the designated target. [ Size of the dome made depends on rank used of jutsu] Now the Hotaru has several ways of going about the way of the dome. First method is the regular method without the use of elemental chakra just causing for the bugs to spin around in a high speed completing blocking out the user and everything inside from the outside acting as not only an entrapment by a shield to the outside. The Dome being able to take damage up to equal its rank. Now because of the nature of the Hotaru fireflies and their high chakra eating metabolism, causing them to drain chakra from anyone caught inside of the dome that is not the User of the jutsu. [ Drains 25 cp per post for those caught in dome] Any contact to the dome also drains 10 CP. [ Jutsu requires 250 bugs to perform every 100 after add 5 points to the chakra drain Max 50CP drain] Other Effects |Now the Hotaru Prison Dance, can also have a slight twist on it depending on the Hotaru using it. Since if the fireflies are given elemental chakra, their special nature causes the bugs the react depending on the element. Fire: If the fireflies are given fire nature chakra at the time of the prison dance, it will cause for the Hotaru fireflies to ignite. Once the fireflies ignite forming the prison it will completely increase the temperature inside of the dome, lower the effect of water jutsu by -1. Any contact with the dome will cause second degree burn. Lightning: Now the Hotaru also has the choice of feeding the fireflies lightning elemental chakra. This causing the bugs to come covered in static and causing the dome to have a static effect. This means that any physical contact with the dome will be met with a fierce lightning shock equal to the jutsu’s rank. On top of that because of the strange current of the lightning all those trapped inside of the dome that arent the user fall pray to the effects of the electric current running from the prison. This causing a drop in reflex depending on the level of jutsu. [C-B Reflex drops -1 A Reflex drop -2] Requirements | Hotaru No Michi: Bloodline Status | Open
  15. Jutsu Name | Moon Style: Rapid Slashing Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Buki Energy Cost | 50 SP Handsigns | N/A Range | Close Duration | Instant Description | By focusing physical energy into their movements, the practitioner of the Moon style can quickly slash at the opponent with any kind of sword, especially useful with a two handed sword, as this technique allows for the user to do a rapid amount of slashes in a shorter time than normal. [ Meaning that the time it takes for the user to produce one slash will be lowered. Meaning at the user is capable of producing 3 slashes in the time it normally takes for them to produce 1 ] Other Effects | Now By itself the slashes can be basic but the user of the jutsu is able to conjoin the rapid slashing technique with the likes of other buki techniques Requirements | N/A Status | Open
  16. Character Name | Zeda, Hotaru Character Ranking | A Character Sheet | The Lost Samurai
  17. Edited as stated in Cbox
  18. Zeda having found it in himself to introduce himself to the man now waited for what was to come. Having really only wanting to train and expand his skill, Zeda was sure that this strange long haired man could at least be of some assistance in training if he knew how to use the giant weapon strapped to his back. Zeda wanting nothing more then to be able to completely release the full capacity of his Nuski blade. Letting it reek havoc on any one who dared crossed blades with it. Though the blessings of the Aries Zodiac was still something Zeda was working his best to be able to completely utilize to its complete capabilities, knowing that the Nuski blade could easily burn the world to ash if Zeda made himself strong enough to completely utilize the blade. This being the main reason that Zeda wanted nothing more then a chance to clash live steel, even if it was only training. Knowing that using his Nuski blade was going be the only way he got completely comfortable in using the strange Gunblade like Katana. A sword that Zeda himself was not use to, having been trained in a style with a traditional Katana making the Gunblade something completely new indeed. With his blade extended out, Zeda was just itching for the muscular man to initiate the fight. The Samurai himself being ready to send of an attack at any given moment. Knowing that even though he didn’t like the strange muscular man, seeing him more as a buffoon, then a actual ninja. Though this all being based on perception that Zeda took at first of the man when he first entered the dojo walking in on him and his strange encounter with the practice dummy. Though this all could of just been the strange man enjoying himself in the long run and no actual way Zeda should scale the fighting abilities of the man. Still wondering the extent of his skills with the giant clothed weapon the muscular man had on his back. Something Zeda was sure to be just as interesting as his Nuski blade. Knowing that Dimi had given each member of the Odotai a Zodiac weapon aligned to the nature of their Zodiac. Meaning that Zeda would best be on his guard incase he was dealing with a water nature sign. The words or excellent could be smoothly be heard coming out of the mans mouth as Zeda said his statement preparing for the spar, placing himself a good ten meters away from the massively muscular man. Noticing the grin and smooth way that the words flew from the mouth of the ninja, Zeda took this as the sign that the spar was yet underway, and with out’s a moment of hesitation Zeda would hit the trigger method on his Gunblade as he managed to channel chakra threw the legendary weapon. Once the trigger was pulled the Blazing Horn Blessing of the Aries would be Underway, as a fire ball the size of a baseball would make its way speeding towards the ninja at the exact location Zeda had just had his blades point pointed at. The Samurai himself already taking notice of the space around himself and the other ninja in the dojo. With this being on of the more smaller Dojos Zeda was more then certain that he was going to make sure that he did not manage to get backed into a corner of any sort. Knowing that having the upper ground during a fight was always one of the better strategies, and Zeda planned to try and use the size of the dojo to his advantage. Figuring that the muscular man could not be that nimble. [624] 624 + 3,164 = TWC: 3,788 - 25 CP | Nuski Blade: Blazing Horn Blessing
  19. Jutsu Name | Arc Blade Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C-S Element(s) | Fire // Lightning // N/A Specialty(s) | Buki Energy Cost | C: 25CP | B: 50CP | A:75CP | S:100CP Handsigns | N/A Range | C: 10M | B: 15M | A: 25M | S: 30M Duration | Instant Description | The Arc blade jutsu is a persona jutsu created by the likes of Zeda Hotaru that works quite simple but can be very deadly if used proper. Once the user makes a slash a wave of chakra 3ft long will move towards the direction of the slash. [ Maximum distance slash can go depends on rank.][ Speed of slash depends on rank used as well] Now if used basically the slash will just be basic pure chakra and move just as an extension of the blade, hitting the target as though they were still getting hit by the actual sword. Now threw practice and work Zeda has managed to be able also mend his elemental chakra into the Jutsu changing up the effects slightly. Other Effects | Fire: If fire chakra Is used, the arc will not change as in like flames but will actually just take on a red color from the fire nature chakra until hitting whatever it makes contact causing it to ignite and cover the are in fiery explosion. [The explosion area depends on rank used C: 3MAOE | B: 5MAOE | A: 10MAOE | S: 15MAOE. ] Now the fire Arc will move until its max destination or until it comes in contact with another force [IE: Something solid like a person or object, or Jutsu ] Lightning: Now if Zeda decided to use lightning chakra in the process of the jutsu it changes the effects slightly. Now with the lightning Arc it resembles the regular chakra arc with the slightly difference of the fact that on the lightning arc you can see the spark of lightning around the arc. Now once the Lightning arc hits it target its sends surges of electricity threw the body capable of paralyzing enemies. [ C: 1 Post | B: 2 Post | A: 3 Post | S: 4 Post] The parallelization can be stopped by using a counter current of electricity threw the body [Not any regular lightning jutsu will work ] Or by having any jutsu capable of channeling chakra threw the body stronger then or equal to the current of the jutsu [Meaning if the current is C rank you must pay C rank or higher to break it] Requirements | N/A Status | Restricted
  20. Edited, and i would preffer if you stated everything that needed to be edited at once instead of each post stating one small thing that needs to be fixed each post
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    Eh if you switch like i stated earlier just go back to the Tier system you had at first
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    Zeda [link= ] Dojo [/link]
  24. Update Type | Jutsu Purchase | Stat training Update Name | Jutsu Purchasing Update Training | Stat Training Speed to level 7 Update Cost | 1900 Update Links | Speed Training E Rank Substitution Jutsu D Rank Fire Release: Misty Flame Dance Hotaru No Michi: Extraction Genjutsu Release B Rank Shadow Clone Technique Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder A Rank Hotaru No Michi: Orbs of Destruction