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  1. "of course he wants me to lead the way" If it were not for the fact that he was slightly interested in the growing crowd, he might have mouthed off again, this boy was very annoying, he seemed to lack any kind of proper social skills. Must have been all the other young flame shinobi rubbing off on him. The genin in this village really were insufferable, being so annoying and suckish. No matter, there was actually something very intriguing going on down the road, and he wanted in on whatever he was. Not bothering to respond to the boy Oodenta took off straight down the dirt path, if Kichiro wanted to follow he would, no doubt about it. Passing by many different vendors and shops, the chuunin tried to focus on what was exactly going on, squinting his eyes in the sun light. The crowd was massive now, a large half circle of people seemed to all be staring in the same direction. There was a muffled voice coming from behind the wall of people, a voice that was shouting things he could not make out just yet. However, what ever eh was saying was getting the crowd fired up. Every couple of sentences the group of people would erupt in screams of agreeance, their fist raising into the air each time. Arriving at the group, Oodenta tried to push himself into the fold, shoving older working class men aside to try and see what was going on. He was not sure if the genin and his dog had followed, he did not really care either. Pushing his way through, it took a few minutes to get to the front, only to find what was really happening. Standing up on a wooden crate, his back to a wall, a strange robbed man was shouting at the crowd, random things of freedom and opression taking place int he village. He looked like a bum, having messy hair, missing teeth and ragged clothing, he was most likely the local town nut job. These people were really getting into it though, and were very excited by the things he was saying. Behind the man, on the clay hut wall, was a large collage of different colored posters, all similar to the ones they were tearing down. Eventually the speaker got to the shinobi of the village, and how they were pawns for the corrupt government, used as tools to silence the working class. The crowd around him was getting really fired up at this point, shouting very dangerous things, Oodenta was starting to think getting involved was a bad idea.
  2. He watched as the red haired woman held a bag up with one hand, a large clump of odd looking sea weed type stuff in the other hand. He was not very familiar with the sea and all the things that came from it. He was more of a city boy who stayed in doors when he was not training. In all honesty he knew nothing at all about any of the things she was shoving into the bag. It all looked gross and slimy to him, but he did know that there was plenty of medical properties in stuff like this, even if he could not tell you want they were. It must have been very important though, for this woman to have risked her life climbing down to get it. Scratching his chin, young Oodenta thought for a moment, considering if the added effort was really worth some medicine. Calling back down to the woman, he readied his chakra system again, making sure he had enough to help. "Alright, you have yourself a deal, i will help you up." Leaning forward he extended his right arm much like he did previously, five thin strands of chakra extending from his fingers and falling down towards the woman. Sure it was an exhausting process, using up his chakra to help a stranger. But if he managed to get something out of it, and something as good as unique and rare medicines, then maybe it was worth the time out of his day. The strings would finally make it to the woman, and attempt to attach to her arms and back like they first did. "You are going to have to climb up again, i can not do it myself. The strings will just take the strain off of your muscles." If he really tried he could use all ten fingers to freely lift her up with no effort on her part. But that was no fun. Chakra:125-5= 120 Chakura no Ito - Chakra Strings x5- 5 Chakra
  3. The poster came of with relative ease, only a thin layer of sticky substance holding the sheet to the post. As he held it in his hands, Oodenta paused for a moment, staring at the contents of the poster. It was a very colorful display, portraying some masked individual with the words Revolution written at the bottom. It appeared to be some sort of symbol for freedom. Crumpling the piece of propaganda in his hands, a fist was made as he turned to see the red haired boy following suit, pulling off a poster only feet away from him. It was odd, this entire area was littered with the damn things, every few feet had one plastered to a wall or a sign. And the locals, they just ignored them, after all they were not easy to miss, brightly colored signs all over the district. "Great, he is trying to talk to me again." His eye's rolled into the back of his head as the boy introduced him and his dog, Kichiro and Dai were their names. Letting out a small sigh he decided to play nice, atleast for the moment. With the sun beating down on the trio and the extreme heat making it hard to function, the young chuunin decided it was best not to make the situation worse. "Thats nice." He left it at that, moving past the boy and his dog, making his way towards another poster about fifteen feet down the road. Sure he could have been nicer, maybe even told him his name, or share a moment of small talk. Honestly though, he did not care, and was just ready to clear this side of the business district so they could go home. As he neared one of the posters on a vendors tent booth, a large amount of sound and commotion began to build a little further down the road. Squinting his eyes Oodenta managed to make out a gathering crowd, one that was beginning to block the road way. They seemed to be crowded around a building, most likely another one of these posters. Normally he would not care, however the noise was starting to sound violent, with screams and curses being tossed around. Tilting his head back Oodenta tried to get the attention of Kichio. "Hey, something is happening over there. Should we check it out?"
  4. He could hear her calling out from below, childish snickering escaping while she screamed for him to come back. She had noticed he was gone and probably heard him say he was leaving. It was quite hilarious to hear the woman calling out from below. Of course he was not going to leave her here for good, that was just a little to mean. Well, it was something he would have done normally, but the young grey haired boy was getting to much enjoyment out of the situation. Finally, he heard her screaming once more, telling the boy she would give him some? This intrigued him a bit, as he was always interesting in gaining new knowledge. Peering over the edge after a few second of suspense, Oodenta cupped his hands once more and yelled down to her. "What are you talking about? What kind of deal do you want to make? He knew deep down she was only doing this to get him to help her out, and that whatever she had to offer was most likely not worth his time. But he was not a what if man, and there was likely something worth it in the deal. Waiting for her to answer back he began to smile again, an obvious grin plastered on his face. This was to much fun.
  5. His partner for the days mission did not appear to be even remotely pleased by Oodentas arrival. He was not surprised, most people found the young chuunin annoying and irritating, he did not much care though, he was not out here to please others and make new friends. So he could have cared less for how upset this boy and his little mutt of an animal was. He was just as rude though, not even saying hello to young Oodenta as he made his presence known. All the boy did was toss a crumpled up piece of paper at him, saying that they were needed to tear these days. The grew haired boy did not move a single muscle, watching the ripped up poster fly towards him, then fall to the ground. His eyes would slowly move towards the child, giving him a very annoyed stare. Kichiro and his pet dog made their way away from where he entered, moving towards a large collection of mud huts. So apparently there was a large amount of strange posters going up around this district, and for whatever reason, they were needed to help tear them down. Ignoring the boys final rude ass remark, he simply began to follow the duo, pulling the edges of his new blazer to refit the coat. The business district was rather small, only being a small collection of huts tents and vendors. They all seemed to be working very hard, trading and selling through goods, no one paying much mind to the three figures moving from hut to hut. Oodenta scratched his head, completely perplexed as to why all these posters where up, it was like was plastered to a wall building or shop every other block. Not bothering to say anything Kichiro, he spotted the closest one near them, attached to a wooden post being used to support the straw roof of a local vendor. Moving from behind the boy and his dog, the puppeteer move off the path way and up to the post, his nimble fingers pulling at the paper, ripping it from its perch.
  6. The woman had managed to safely make it to the ground, now standing on the solid surface only inches from the sea. It was a rather small perch, and was dangerously close to the crashing waves and sharp rocks jutting out of the sea. He could not lie, it was rather interesting to watch the lady scurry about, cleaning her hand, then healing it. She must have hurt herself after all, most likely on the sharp rocks sticking out of the face of the cliff. Returning to a sitting position Oodenta allowed his legs to go back to swinging back and forth of the ledge, massaging his right shoulder. It had begun to sore due to the extra weight of the woman below. He was relieved to have a break. A devious smile began to spread over his face, now that she had made it to her destination, it would be hilarious to just leave her there. Now standing he brushed wet grass and dirt off of his clothing and leaned over the edge, cupping both hands around his face. "Hey! It was nice to meet you, i hope you find whatever you were looking for, but im going to go ahead and leave now. Have a good day!" Chuckling to himself he clapped his hands back and forth, removing the dirt and turned away from the sea. Walked several feet away he could not help but find it extremely funny. He was not going to really leave her, but he really wanted to see her reaction. Standing back Oodenta waited, being very proud of himself.
  7. Name | Crimson Blade Scroll Type | Scroll - Sub-Type | Container Ranking | D Material(s) | Cloth and plastic. Dimensions | a foot in length and half a foot thick Nature | None Appearance | A rolled up piece of white and red cloth, wrapped around a thin piece of plastic. The scroll has three large black symbols on it. Abilities | None Description | The scroll contains a single seal. This seal is used to seal and unseal the puppet Crimson Blade. Its a simple storage container designed to hold the large puppet for easy access, allowing the owner to hold this puppet until it is needed. The scroll can only hold the Crimson Blade puppet and can not be used for anything else. Availability | Open Requirements | Have the Crimson Blade puppet Ryo Cost | 200
  8. The morning had started like it always did, with the afternoon passing by and Oodenta waking on his parents couch. Taking his sweet time the boy fell into his normal afternoon routine, lazily sliding of his make shift bed, walking around a messy living room in his boxers, and began to fish around for some sort of left overs from dinner the night before. His parents had already left, not bothering to say good by anymore. He was use to it by now, his parents had given up on him months ago, leaving the young chuunin to his own desires. As he managed to get dressed, throwing a black button up on, a nagging sensation was sitting in the back of his mind. For some reason he could not figure it out, but he felt like there was something he was forgetting. No matter, it would work its self out, he was sure of it. Now dressed Oodenta strapped Golden Bolt to his back and headed out the door, hoping for some sort of adventure to begin. About an half hour of moving through the village it dawned on him, he was scheduled to go on a very important mission with another person from the village. What was even worse, the mission was to take place out in Yougan Tochi, another part of the village that was about an hour away from his current location. Oops, with a light shrug the boy slowly began to make his way towards the meet up spot, wondering if the person he was meant to operate with was dumb enough to still be waiting. He would not bother to run, why waste energy on something he did not really care that much for in the first place. The only reason he agreed to even do the mission was because the leaders were getting all pissy about these damn posters, begging the shinobi to help them by removing the propaganda. After an hour of walking Oodenta made it to his destination, seeing a boy and, an animal? standing near a collection of huts. "Great, he has a damn dog" He did not like animals very much, they were noisy and wild and hard to contain. What was worse, there was a group of ninja here in the flame that used dogs as companions, how barbaric. He would try to play nice, for now, this mission was going to be annoying enough, no reason to make things worse right? Walking up to the duo he cracked his knuckles and waved a half hearted wave. "Yo, you still here?"
  9. It was an extremely entertaining scene, Oodenta watching from his perch above as this woman was forced to move and dance as he wished. It was alot of power, and for her sake it was good the strings were in his hands, and not someone else. The spectacle lasted for about thirty seconds, the small group of fishermen getting quite a kick out of it. As the laughter died down, the chuunin could not help but feel a little bad for her, hanging there with no control over the situation. "ok ok Oodenta, you had enough fun." Transitioning from laying on his stomach to now sitting on the ledge with his legs dangling, he moved the chakra string in a way that would set the woman down on the hard grown below her, ceasing the forced dancing. "Sorry, i could not help myself! It was just a little fun! You should be good now though, do whatever weird thing you need to do. Ill be here if you need help getting back up!" There was no denying it, he felt a little in control, but apart of him did actually want to help out this woman. He would stay there on the edge of the cliff, watching the woman and attempting to figure out what she was doing. Deactivating the chakra string jutsu he allowed her to move about freely, taking a moment to watch the sun getting higher in the afternoon sky. Today was turning out to be more entertaining than he had thought it would be.
  10. The next few moments were rather peaceful and quiet, the stranger still climbing towards the sea, now supported by the young boys chakra strings. This gave him some time to relax and catch his breath, after nearly dropping the woman the first time. It was an exciting start to the morning, however it was beginning to get a little boring, how long did this lady actually expect him to sit here and hold her. What ever was below better have been very important, for he was wasting precious time sitting here on a cliff. It could have been worst though, atleast it was a beautiful morning with not to much going on around. This peace was soon disturbed once again as the chakra attached to his fingers began to rapidly pulse forward. Something had changed down below, causing the strings still attached to the woman to pull forward. Jolting from his seat in the wet grass, Oodenta lurched forward placing his belly against the soft stone once again, and peering over the edge of the cliff. Did she just jump? Where the red haired woman was once climbing, she was now sliding down the flat side of the cliff, sending her plummeting down towards the sea beneath. In a matter of seconds she would hit the stone edge beneath, with enough force to injure or even shatter her ankles. In that moment the young puppeteer got a fun idea. Bracing his right arm and placing his left hand against the cliff side, Oodenta used the strength in his arms to jerk the strings upwards, drawing the chakra inwards and causing the woman to abruptly come to a stop, being held in mid air by the strings attached to her arms and back. No longer sliding, she would hang there with the flat of her back against the cliff face, dangling by the string only now. With a devious smile on his face Oodenta began to manipulate the strings and his arm in a way that would cause the woman to dance in midair. He would not be able to control her legs, which only made the scene more humerous, her legs swaying back and forth from the momentum of him swinging her. The chuunin would spend a few seconds waving her arms around, making her do imaginary jumping jacks and silly waves. He could not help but bust out laughing as a small group of fishermen meters down the cliff side watched in amusement as well. Chakra:130-5= 125 Chakura no Ito - Chakra Strings x5- 5 Chakra
  11. His attempt to assist the woman had proved successful, the added support from his puppet strings allowing her the needed seconds to readjust and find a proper foot hold to support her body. Surprisingly he felt a little excited and relieved, it would have been a mess to watch this woman slip and possibly injure herself against the sharp rocks and crashing waves. Besides, he wouldnt be able to live with himself if he allowed a fellow Flame Shinobi to splatter against the rocks. Sitting back up Oodenta allowed the chakra string to relax, slack growing on the strings. However they remained attached just in case a similar situation arose. Yawning the young chuunin crossed his legs and began to hum, watching a flock of birds soar overhead, light shadows drifting over him. The woman below was still messing around on the rock face, thanking him for the support he had provided. Sure he was glad he could help, but she needed to hurry, he only had a limited amount of chakra, and if this woman decided to take her sweet time then it might end up worse than her slipping. He would not tell her that though, not yet. There was no need in making her more tense than she probably already was. Chakra:135-5= 130 Chakura no Ito - Chakra Strings x5- 5 Chakra
  12. Puppet Creation Name | Crimson Blade Ranking | B Type | Humanoid Appearance | A hollowed out set of steel armor that takes the shape of an old Ronin. It is humanoid in its basic appearance, with the entire frame being made out of the same steel. The steel is colored a deep red and black, with a basic set of brown slacks to make it feel more human. Dimensions | The Crimson Blade stands at five feet five inches and weighs 180 lbs. Material | The entire puppet is made out of steel with pieces of fabric and clothing attached in various locations. Crafter | Oodenta Background | After several interactions with others in battle Oodenta designed a more humanoid puppet to act as a second version of himself in battle. Unlike his prized Golden Bolt, this puppet is designed to be more of a distracting, build with speed and mobility in mind. It has a small frame and structure, being hollowed out on the inside both for mobility and the ability to attach weapons on the inside. The puppet is normally controlled with one string attached to each limb and the fifth in the center of its back, providing an array of mobility options. Status | Private
  13. Things seemed to be going smoothly for a little bit, watching the woman attempt to make it down to the bottom of the cliff. He had now placed his body in a comfortable position against the rock he was perched on, laying flat on his stomach and using his left hand to rest his head against. He allowed his right arm to dangle over the edge of the cliff, making sure to keep his fingers taunt just encase something did happen. He was starting to zone out, staring out into the open sea, thinking of new interesting techniques he could create. This woman was lucky he had nothing better to do today, it was not often he did kind things for other. He still wondered why she was risking her life in the first place. Was there something down there worth all the effort it was taking? Suddenly, out of no where, the strings attached to his fingers began to feel tight, as he could faintly hear the woman below. It sounded like she was having trouble, Oodenta quickly moving closer to the edge and peering over it. She was slipping, and if she was unable to find a sturdy hand hold right away it would onyl be seconds before she tumbled into the sea. Now leaning further over the edge he placed his left hand against the flat of the cliff to brace himself, extending his right arm downward and manipulating the strings. He would pull upwards, relieving most of the tension on the womans arms, this would allow her to be able to grip the rocks with out feeling any sort of fatigue or stress on her upper body. He would support the entirety of her torso, sort of holding her in mid air while she attempted to regain her balance. He grimiced a little, using most of his forearm strength to pull the strings upwards. It was just enough to give her the extra time she need to find a new place to hold on to. Chakra:140-5= 135 Chakura no Ito - Chakra Strings x5- 5 Chakra
  14. As the red haired Jounin followed him down the hill he began to speak, answering the boys question. To be honest all Oodenta wanted was a simple response, it was more or less an attempt at small talk, since he was not very good at communicating with people. Daichi seemed to suck a lot less than the others he had met in the village, and thought working on his people skills would be a good idea. Unfortunately he did not realize how serious the subject matter actually was to the man. "How boring." Thought the young grey haired chuunin as his partner for the mission began to ramble and talk about how he would take matters into his own hand if things got bad. He was like all the other jounin, always wanting to prove how big and strong they were. Luckily for him they had begun to near the camps, giving them both a good excuse to cease the lame conversation and begin the fun part of their day. The boy would follow Daichis actions, finding a bush of his own and crouching behind it. He pulled out his Golden Bolt which was nestled tightly on his back. Gripping it in his hands he began to count the number of enemies, taking the entire scene in. There was a large amount of well trained men from the looks of it, most appearing to be training or preparing for something. Tossing a glance towards the Jounin Oodenta waited for his signal, letting him be the one to take point on what was about to happen next.
  15. The woman accepted the chakra strings, even if deep down she really didnt want to. Sometimes it was just better to put pride aside and allow others to help, after all it was a much better option than falling into the deep cold water below. Her voice was barely audible over the sea below, but it sounded like she had said all right, which was all the confirmation he needed. One string would attach itself to the back of each of her hands, another two attaching themselves to her biceps and the last string attaching to the center of her back. He was not going to do the climbing for her, but with the string attached they would act as a safety net, and help alleviate the weight and struggle of trying to climb down the rocks. He was quite proud of himself actually, and even though he did not like helping strangers out, this was good practice for his puppetry skills. It was very rare that he was able to practice on an actual person, so the fact that he had the prime specimen to train his chakra control skills on was perfect. Now she just had to do all the work while he supported her. "You should be good now, just finish your climb, and dont worry about slipping or falling, ill catch you if that happens." What he did not tell her was that these string would not hold forever, and if it took her an extra long time to do whatever it was she needed to do, then he might not be able to help her back up. Chakra:145-5= 140 Chakura no Ito - Chakra Strings x5- 5 Chakra