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  1. Jutsu Name | Earth Release: Inescapable Hell Ranking | C Element(s) | Earth Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | Dragon- Rabbit Range | 15 meters around user Duration | 15 Meter AOE earth around user Description | After forming the needed hand seal, the user can create a conical crater in the earth around them (15 meters LxW) . This twisting, sinking pit will pull targets (other than the user who can travel unburdened) below ground to imprison and suffocate them. (C-Rank Shinobi will struggle to get out of the pit, B-Ranks will find it mildly difficult, A-Ranks and up will not struggle to escape.) Other Effects | This technique can be used to slow opponents as the ground beneath them sinks and trips their feet. Requirements | Earth Status | Open
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  3. Name | Kiyoshi Yamato Nickname | Title Name | Genin Gender | Male Age | 14 Home Link | Village | Water Clan | Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Rank Element(s) | Earth Specialties | Ninjutsu Bloodline | 9-Tails Fox Strength | 1 Speed | 1 Reflexes | 5 Endurance | 4 Stamina | 1 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | Mizukage Zarek, Junnosuke Friends & Family | Recent History |
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    Nodding to the shinobi, Kiyo thought for a moment as he watched the man climb out of the hole. The beast had been subdued and it was time to meet the titan face to face. He pushed himself up clinging on to the earth above him as he peaked out at the aftermath of the battle. The battlefield ripped of its earth as craters filled the empty gaps around them. There had been resistance here, he noted as he pushed forward. Meeting with the Mizukage he stared in awe at the massive subdued beast in front of him. He waited as the leader of the Water lands prepared for the seal. Stepping forward when the signal was given he removed his shirt as the Mizukage performed several handsigns and reached out towards Kiyos stomach, he looked out at the beast once more as he calmed his breathing. The last he saw were the blood red eyes of the beast as the world spun around him. -Thud-
  5. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Earth Release: Earth Shore Return Update Training | N/A Update Cost | 200 Ryo Update Links | Update Type | Equipment Update Name | Explosive tag bomb x2 Update Training | N/A Update Cost | 100 Update Links | Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Earth Release: Earth Dome Update Training | Update Cost | 200 Update Links | Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Earth Release: Boulder Throw Update Training | Update Cost | 200 Update Links | Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Earth Release: Inescapable Hell Update Training | Update Cost | 200 Update Links |
  6. The shinobi sprang from the ground up into the air as the kunai flew right below him hitting the ground where he once laid. As he came down he performed a couple of handsigns before landing, crouching he raised his left hand slowly in front of him as his foe entered his stance. Cracking his head he waved his left hand in the air as five long condensed rock rose quickly from the ground rapidly molding itself into spears about 5 meters from Kiyo's opponent. His eyes cold eyes fixed on his target as he pointed out with his left hand, his hand a wand as the spears the hovered 6 feet above the ground mirroring its movements. Pointing idly at his foe he twitched his index finger lightly as two of the spears darted out towards the genin one aiming to pierce him high above his shoulder area at his center and the other aiming to pierce him his lower abdomen. Lifting and extending his right hand out he smiled to himself as the remaining hovering speared fixed their points towards the young shinobi. CP= 200-40= 160 Cp
  7. The branch smacked against the side of the arm of the jounin, Kiyo grunted to himself before he was met with a far extending kick. Scoffing to himself he made no attempt to dodge the kick but rather retracted his left arm back quickly into a shoulder guard, planting his right foot behind him while lowering his head down behind the guard taking the kick in stride. The foot landed at the center of his guard pushing him back, shifting the weight to his back foot he skidded back form the jounin as he tossed the branch at the man, like a kunai it sliced and cut through the air in the direction of the teacher. "You all are wasting my time! Lets get on with this! And next time watch how you make your entrance, or we will have problems you hear!" He called out as he stood upright now he dusted himself off his gaze turned back to the tree behind them. He adjusted his fur cloak and nodded to the man as he spoke, although his gaze made it seem as if he was ignoring the question rather than answering it.

    What a drag....
  9. Bijuu

    The wind blew through the opening as the tailed beast let out another agonizing roar as the Violet haired shinobi darted ahead of them. Snow blew off the nearby trees as Kiyo wiped his face of the heavy steam, turning to the other Nin as he spoke he nodded to him as he began performing handsigns. Another roar ripped through the night, this one feeling different to Kiyo as he felt a called to, the roar seemed soothing to his ears, powerful but graceful. He looked once more towards the origin of the roar, he wanted to see the beast with his own eyes but knew better than to act rationally. Looking to the ground beneath he refocused his thoughts, crouching towards the ground placing his right palm in front of him. Dark chakra began seeping out from Kiyo infusing with the white earth beneath the two it began shifting becoming sand like. Reaching he touched the other nin before beginning to rapidly dig underneath him as they both began descending underneath quickly. Once completely tunneled underneath, giving them enough distance from any collateral affects he stopped, the magnetic pulses ran through the ground underlined the action above.
  10. Jutsu Name | Earth Release: Boulder throw Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Earth Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 20Cp (5 per extra Boulder) Handsigns | Ram- Snake Range | 15 Meters Duration | Instant Description | This technique focuses chakra on a single large boulder (100 pound per boulder) found in the vicinity and sends it flying towards an enemy. The impact is of course greater since it’s a big rock. Also, can pick up an additional five boulders in the vicinity only one can be thrown at a time but they can be thrown successively with skill. Can also be used on variations such as concrete rubble or other earth like materials. Other Effects | Requirements | Earth Spec Status | Open
  11. Jutsu Name | Earth Release: Earth Dome Jutsu Type | Defensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 20 Cp Handsigns | Boar - Rat Range | 10 meters Duration | Instant Description | The user creates an earth dome(about 10 meters around the user), which protects them from external attacks (Strength Lvl 5 can break through the barrier) this dome last 5 Post Other Effects | Requirements | Earth Status | Open
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  14. Kiyo looked over to the Benin who had been walking up the tree, shrugging her off without a single second to even take a look at her he shifted his body to the side, his back turned slightly towards her. Another genin appeared and approached the two, letting out a sigh of disappointment he shook his head once he recognized the newly arrived he in. He had a session of sort with the young shinobi and had had enough of his presence to last him a life time. "You two?" He asked softly to himself, his tone cold and arrogant as he scoffed, moving the hair that shifted over his head and into his face with his left hand before closing his eyes and ignoring the two. He quickly leaned off the tree as a random man descended from above, startled he looked up to the tree then back to the man while rubbing his head. Shaking his head at the realization that this man had caused the branch to strike him in the head, he stared with intent his scowl cold and vengeful. Reaching down with his right hand he got a hold of the same branch and slowly picked it up, placing his left hand in his coat pocket grabbing hold of the hilt of a kunai within. As the man spoke Kiyo rolled his eyes as he announced the team name, scoffing at the notion of being paired with the simpletons around him. Lifting his right hand he swung the branch at the man's head hopping to catch him smack on the left side of his face.
  15. The large tree branch crashed into the ground above kiyo but otherwise cause no damage to the surroundings, as he dug into the ground, tunneling he sensed everything around him, hoping to catch his opponent, digging forward to the last place he saw the genin headed, reaching into his pocket with his right as he moved up. Having heard nothing he sprung his head out from underneath the ground and looked up at the swinging genin, reaching and digging his arms out from underneath them swinging his right hand forward he threw the kunai forward at the boy. As t shirt wearing kid swung and spoke, kunai flying at him, Kiyo scoffed at hearing his words. "And you fight me head on? As if I did not see your seals, do you take me for a fool?" Performing two more handsigns he shook his head. "You wished to train did you not? I do not have time for sharing names and holding hands."
  16. Bijuu

    He remembered the stories as they replayed in his head, everyone did, of the creatures of mass power and chakra who's power rivaled only by their own kin. 9 in all creatures of might and terror, that if left uncheck could destroy all in its past. He remembered the stories although none were told to him directly he knew what they said, but he knew it was only half the story. The night was dark and full of gloom, the ominous glowing moon further mystifying the environmental and snow trees around. Deep in thought imagining the form of the so called 9 tailed beast they were sent to subdue, one said to be of wraith and onslaught. The question of why he was chosen to accompany both the Mizukage and a strange shinibo who had ventured out with them, he did not ponder on who he was for he did not care, his concern was for this beast and what he had to do to show that he had indeed earned his place among the three here today. His black fur coat and cloakhung over his shoulders wide making him appear larger in size, is yellow eyes hard forward his face stern ready for battle, a black and red wolf shroaded in a valley of moon white snow. Being motioned he stopped in his tracks, as the mysterious nin began preparing the battle field with his wire techniques. Wires?! Impressive His eyes turned to the mizukage who's eyes fixed in a given direction. Kiy stood in awe as he heard the roars of the beast they had gone out to hunt rip through the valley. It was late now and the night was otherwise quiet as the cold air blew through the clearing in the air had given off such a tender and soothing aura that the roar seemed to shift his environment into a frenzy, as the trees shifted, animals scattering into the distance fleeing from the incoming danger. A clash was imminent, getting into his stance he performed several hand signs preparing for what's to come.
  17. Crossing his arms on his chest he spat to the side as drops of water fell off the tips of his spiky hair. He was unamused by the genin, and truthfully would not have ventured to training if not for being instructed by the Mizukage. Running his fingers through his hair with his right while rolling his eyes at the genin he leaned back on the tree he had just fallen off of. The snow around him began to form heavier now into a consistent fall, the scene appearing a misty snowy paradise in front of him. He was delighted to be in the middle of this, as he was obsessed with being outside, especially in the snow although he would have preferred to have been alone in the misty wonderland. Glancing to the side then back to the boy as he began to get up Kiyo unfolded his arms and nodded, just as the boy sprung up and propelled himself forward. Sighing to himself he performed two handsigns before raising his hands together reaching to the sky. The ground around him gave a small tremor before a wall of solid rock shifted in front of him, the rock itself white and covered in lingering snow stood about about 7 ft tall and 6 ft wide between him and the propelled nin. Performing two more handsigns as the earth around him became sand like as chakra poured into it he crouched and moved under. Quickly he descended into the ground digging like a dog beneath him until completely engulfed. WC: 257
  18. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Earth Release: Earth Shore Return Update Training | N/A Update Cost | 200 Ryo Update Links |
  19. Jutsu Name | Earth Shore Return Jutsu Type | Defense Ranking | C Element(s) | Earth Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP (max 10 walls) 15 CP per extra wall. Handsigns | Rat -> Dog -> Monkey Range | 10 meters Duration | 3 Posts Description | After striking the ground, the user creates a large wall of earth that rises from the ground in front of them, the wall can have a slight curve if the user wishes it to. The wall can only be 15 meters by 8 Meters at max, this can be flipped to be 8 Meters by 15 Meters. More walls can be created by the user for additional cost. After the duration the walls lose their strength and become E-Rank constructs but retain their shape until knocked over. Other Effects | A user can create multiple walls in front of one another for a stronger defense Requirements | Earth Status | Open
  20. Snow trickled down the branches after every step as Kyo made his way towards the training facility, vaunting himself forward to the next branch after every step, dodging the smaller trees as he jumped forward, avoiding awkward branches, ducking every so often. He reached a stop hanging off a tree looking to the distance, his right hand wrapped around the tree branch. A crack in the branch sent him down one level, as he reached and grabbed the branch beneath, planting his right foot against another catching his balance. Swinging once more a few feet in front he caught his breath as snow fell from above as he jumped forward and continue on his travel. The trees around him thick and blanketed in white snow, the touch of ice acting as a white armor amidst the tree trunks. The mist around made it hard to see, and on multiple occasions Kyo had slipped and almost taken a long journey down to the snow covered ground. As he approached the opening in the thickness of the white forest crouched surveying the area. Short of breath he inhaled and exhaled deeply, the smoke form his hot breath against the icy cool air made its escape all around him, his face was red and puffy, his expression an angry one, giving him the appearance of an angry dragon in a fountain of white. He wore his long black fur trimmed hooded cloak cloak over his head, its furs icy and wet, and long dark cargo pants with his combat boots. A bear on a tree, an interesting site indeed, as he stood out amongst the white paradise. Noticing a fellow Water village nin beneath him he stared with intent as the shinobi went about his business. He thinks hes gonna pull a fast one on me? Ill show him He thought to himself as the nin performed several handsigns and planted a small seal on the ground in the are where Kyo would of entered from had he not decided to be a monkey. Shaking his head he performed several handsigns himself, standing up out of his crouch, he took a moment before stepping to jump off. His right foot slipped as his left foot left the ground. Crashing and tumbling down he hit several branches on his way, knocking both tree and snow in a mini avalanche. Crashing a loud thud was head as the ground around where fell stood covered in snow, moments later Kyo's head popped out at the center unhooded, a small branch stuck in his hair. His face unamused he looked over to the shinobi in front of him as he pulled himself out of the pool of snow. "We shall not speak of this..... You wanted to train did you not! well here I am covered in snow for ya. Lets get started shall we!" He called out his voice annoyed as he whipped his face and shook his head, the snow and leaves falling off of him. WC: 502 Reflex Training: lvl 2 Speed Training: lvl 2
  21. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Earth Release: Rock Coffin Update Training | N/A Update Cost | 200 Ryo Update Links | Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Earth Release: Rising Stone Spears Update Training | N/A Update Cost | 200 Ryo Update Links | Ryo Cost: 400 Ryo
  22. Jutsu Name | Earth Release: Rock Coffin Jutsu Type | Offensive, Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | Earth Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | Ox - Rat- Boar- Range | Short-Mid Range Duration | Dispelled Description | This jutsu allows the user to control sections of rock (Up to 20 meters around him) in an environment around them. The technique allows the user to move them around their opponent. The user then forms two gigantic sections that crush the opponent. There is a max amount of 500 pounds and a rock size of about 2 meters limit for C rank users. Other Effects | Requirements | Earth Release Status | Open
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  24. Jutsu Name |Earth Release: Rising Stone Spears Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Rank Element(s) | Earth Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | rat → snake →Dragon Range | All ranges Duration | dispelled Description |This technique lets the user condense mud or stone, from the ground (rise from ground at B-rank Speed) around him for as far as 25 meters, and shape them into spikes that will protrude from the ground in order to skewer the target. The user can create spikes as long as 20 meters Other Effects | Requirements | Earth Release Status | Open