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  2. Imma approve it, but you know O . O on watch
  3. Oh man. It took him a lot less time to pull that off than he was expecting. Alrighty Fa was going to have to dismount this bad boy and hit the ground. Alright here we go! Fa jumped from the branch, stumbled on the dismount, fell flat on his face, felt embarrassed, quickly recovered, jumped to his feet, brushed himself off. "Alright, good work my boy!" He then noticed the longing looks Daichi was casting towards the scroll, and nooses in a sagely manner. "You can take a peak at that if you like." Fa scratched his chin and smiled. "Kasai was not a good man, and breaking his secrets would bring me great delight." Oh ho ho! Try to turn Fa into a human battery will you? Fa Zheng always gets the last laugh! That's the trick of living longer than all of your enemies. You had enough time to spit on their legacy.
  4. AND DOWN GOES DOROTHY! Phew! Good thing Daichi was able to take care of that on his own, because there was no way Fa was getting out of this tree comfortably. But most impressive he was able to survive the Dreaded 100 Beagle Buster Bomb Barrage. "Fine work my boy!" Fa shouted from the tree branch he was seated on. You go ahead and tie them up, and find that scroll. I'm just going to sit up here a second and catch my breath. Summoning three S-Ranks kind of took a toll on the old man. Which was a better excuse than his back hurt, and he wasn't sure that he could get out of the tree for the moment. And while at it he went ahead and desummoned Gamakazi. The arrogant little frog must have been plenty happy that he was able to take down an enemy of equal ranking. Ugh. He was going to be insufferable now though.
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  6. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Patience, Humility, wisdome wolf decay (When approved) Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid Update Training | Update Cost | -1000 for Sticky Acid -1500 for 2 A-Rank fire jutsu -1200 for Wisdom Wolf Decay (when approved) -3700 in total Update Links | http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/1361-seven-gifts-of-amaterasu-patience/ http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/1460-seven-gifts-of-amaterasu-humilitas/ http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/1490-wisdom-wolf-decay/ http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/476-tongue-tooth-sticky-acid/#comment-1264
  7. Well I was more looking for you to increase how much damage A-ranks did to it, rather than give it an insane buff
  8. Also scale the point reduction on that health a bit more smoothly. 5-10-50 is a big curve
  9. Love me
  10. Only real problem I see is that when this Is expanded to 20 meters, the arms reach up to 40 meters away. Figure out how to fix that for me
  11. Approved
  12. Alrighty put for me that, this jutsu is Always does A-Rank damage even when boosts like chakra enhanced strength are applied to the user. Sorry I forgot I was grading this!
  13. Approved