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  1. Name | Gamawasser Nickname | Great Water Toad Swordsmen, Great Toad Swordswoman, The Blue Blur! Rank | S Species | Toad Contract | Toad Summoning Contract Appearance | Gamawasser is 5 Meters tall 8 meters long and 4 meters wide. Her skin is blue with bright yellow patterns on his back. Personality | Gamawasser is the mild mannered cornerstone of the Great Toad Swordsmen. She's responsible, loyal, punctual, neat, proper, respectful, pretty much every synonym that you could link to those traits. If she had a real flaw it would be that she isn't rigid enough, but this is to be expected when your element is water. She's easily adjustable, and works best of the fly. Whenever a plan is thrown into action she almost always abandons it the moment something doesn't go according to plan, and doesn't even try to course correct. She swift, and quick witted enough to get out unharmed, but it does cause problems. Background | Gamawasser wasn't the original toad who was slated to be the swordsmen of water. It was originally going to be a smaller toad, who had a reputation for being quite bloodthursty, and had a sword moke like a machette than anything else. Well when the swordsmen were form, and that other toad was picked for the job a Toad covered in robes entered the Dojo entered and announced that she had an objection to the pick. Gamawasser revealed herself and claimed that the other pick would dishonor the good name of Master Gamaken and his students were he to join their ranks. Then as an example Gamawasser challanged to the toad to a duel. She dispatched him handily, and announced that as a child the toad had kill her parents in a fit of rage, and that her revenge was complete. Seeing her skill, and that she was now in want of a purpose Master Gamaken offered Gamawasser a spot on the team, and the rest is history. Element: Water, Air Special Abilities | -Kenjutsu Master- Gamawasser is one of the four frog swordsmen, who are the greatest swordmen among the toads. She has Master in Bukijutsu, and gets the proficiency bonus of having the bukijutsu specialty. -waterbodyfication- When hit by an attack Gamawasser can instead completely liquefy her body allowing her have the strike pass right through her. 100cp to cast and has a 2 round cooldown. -Waterbodyprisonfication-Rather than liquefy her body on the defensive, Gamawasser can do it on the offense! Oh yes! If she makes contact with an opponent she can liquefy her entire being, and from the point of contract will form around the target forming a great ball of water. Once inside of Gamawasser's body the victim is pushed on by all sides by Gamawasser's mass in an attempt to crush them. This attack has a strength equal to Gamawasser's, happens at her speed, and is resistible if the opponent has a greater strength. 50 cp activation and a 30 cp upkeep. Known Jutsu | Toad Sword Beheading Iado Wind Style: Vacuum Blade Rapid Slashing Weapon(s) | Gamawasser carries around a two meter long, S-ranked rapier, which can liquify with her. Specialty | Bukijutsu
  2. Name | Fa Zheng Nickname | Old Man Title Name | Lord Fa Zheng Gender | Male Age | 70 Home Link | Village | Flame Village Clan | None Village Ranking: | Jounin Shinobi Ranking | SS Element(s) | Water, Fire, Wind Specialties | Primary: Summoning (Advanced) Secondary: Puppety (Master) Ninjutsu (Advanced) Summoning (Primary, Advanced), Puppetry (Master), Ninjutsu (Advanced) Bloodline | Six Tailed Beast Chakra| 560 Stamina|450 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
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  4. Imma approve it, but you know O . O on watch
  5. Oh man. It took him a lot less time to pull that off than he was expecting. Alrighty Fa was going to have to dismount this bad boy and hit the ground. Alright here we go! Fa jumped from the branch, stumbled on the dismount, fell flat on his face, felt embarrassed, quickly recovered, jumped to his feet, brushed himself off. "Alright, good work my boy!" He then noticed the longing looks Daichi was casting towards the scroll, and nooses in a sagely manner. "You can take a peak at that if you like." Fa scratched his chin and smiled. "Kasai was not a good man, and breaking his secrets would bring me great delight." Oh ho ho! Try to turn Fa into a human battery will you? Fa Zheng always gets the last laugh! That's the trick of living longer than all of your enemies. You had enough time to spit on their legacy.
  6. AND DOWN GOES DOROTHY! Phew! Good thing Daichi was able to take care of that on his own, because there was no way Fa was getting out of this tree comfortably. But most impressive he was able to survive the Dreaded 100 Beagle Buster Bomb Barrage. "Fine work my boy!" Fa shouted from the tree branch he was seated on. You go ahead and tie them up, and find that scroll. I'm just going to sit up here a second and catch my breath. Summoning three S-Ranks kind of took a toll on the old man. Which was a better excuse than his back hurt, and he wasn't sure that he could get out of the tree for the moment. And while at it he went ahead and desummoned Gamakazi. The arrogant little frog must have been plenty happy that he was able to take down an enemy of equal ranking. Ugh. He was going to be insufferable now though.
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  8. Jutsu Name | Wisdom Wolf Decay Gas Liquid Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | SS Element(s) | Water (Acidic) Specialty(s) | Bijuu Energy Cost | 150 Handsigns | Monkey, Boar, Dragon, Rooster, Horse, Dog, Bird Range | 30 Meter Aoe gas/ 35 meters liquid Duration | 3 Description | Saiken can breath out a gnarly cloud of acidic gas out before him which extends out in a 30 meter long/wide/tall cloud! The cloud is salmon in coloration, and hella heavy. It takes an S-Rank wind jutsu or greater to move this big boy. The Gas itself is crazy acidic, boasting a Ranking of SS it begins to melt everything and anything of equal or lesser rank. It does not melt the ground, but will happily eat through earth jutsu A-rank and below. It's weird that way. Other Effects | Rather than spew the jutsu out as an acidic cloud the user can spit it out as a concentrated stream of pure acidic goodness. The stream is about 1/4 of a meter thick, and 35 meters long. The User can move their head while casting this jutsu to have the stream of acid move allowing the acid to slash through multiple targets. The Stream is 35 meters long, and limited to that length when used in a slashing motion. -The User, The Six-Tailed Slug, The Jinchuriki for The Six Tailed Slug are all immune to this jutsu. They will not die, nor will they end up in a puddle of their own clothes should they enter the cloud. Requirements | Must be the jinchuriki of the Six Tailed Slug, and know Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid, at any rank. Status | Open
  9. Update Type | Jutsu Update Name | Patience, Humility, wisdome wolf decay (When approved) Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid Update Training | Update Cost | -1000 for Sticky Acid -1500 for 2 A-Rank fire jutsu -1200 for Wisdom Wolf Decay (when approved) -3700 in total Update Links | http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/1361-seven-gifts-of-amaterasu-patience/ http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/1460-seven-gifts-of-amaterasu-humilitas/ http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/1490-wisdom-wolf-decay/ http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/476-tongue-tooth-sticky-acid/#comment-1264
  10. Well I was more looking for you to increase how much damage A-ranks did to it, rather than give it an insane buff
  11. Also scale the point reduction on that health a bit more smoothly. 5-10-50 is a big curve
  12. Love me
  13. Only real problem I see is that when this Is expanded to 20 meters, the arms reach up to 40 meters away. Figure out how to fix that for me
  14. Approved
  15. Alrighty put for me that, this jutsu is Always does A-Rank damage even when boosts like chakra enhanced strength are applied to the user. Sorry I forgot I was grading this!
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  17. "AAAAAH! OH GOD WE'RE MELTING!" "Yup they fell for it." A few minutes later Good ol' Fa Zheng came wandering towards his teammate, a little damp, and a tad covered in acid, but other than that looking good. "A mission well done, I would say my dear. You are as skilled as you are Radiant. That trick with the clone, V-Clever. I do hope that Tea was of some help, he's my best little buddy in the whole world. Now If I were to launch a bit of criticism at us today, it would be that this was a recon mission, and that we totally killed everyone. I'll take responsibility for getting caught, but whatareyagoingtodo?" It was mostly Fa's fault so there you go. Hannah's kills were probably quiet enough that had Fa not been captured they wouldn't have been heard without the camp being alert. At least it was going to make the reporting the bandit's logistics pretty easy. They have a camp in the forest, but there all dead now, so peruse the melted wreckage at your leisure. Fa was a nice guy and all, but he was one of the old school ninjas from when the Flame village was in a war with everyone of it's neighbors. Taking that extra time to secure the nonlethal kills on your opponents just wasn't something taught back then, that Plus Fa's Roommate? Ho boy! Now that's a recipe for some melted bandits. "I hope you were not too dissapointed with this old timer! Hopefully we'll be able to undertake another mission sometime soon. One which does not involve so much death. Now if you wish you're free to head home. I'm going to stay around, and log whatever information I can about these guys. There could be some valuable clues in all of this goop."
  18. Jutsu Name | All Guns Blazing Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | X-Rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Puppetry Energy Cost | 200cp Handsigns | Horse, Bird, Monkey, Rooster, Bird, Ram, Dragon, Dog Range | 40 Meters Duration | 1 Post Description | The Ultimate All out attack! The Bijuubot unleashes his cannons in a crazy display or pyrotechnics and mechanical might. Overcharging every launcher and cannon on it's body, it's able to increase it's firing speed to ludicrious levels. When activated Indra fires off every piece of ordinance it has within it's armor, every senbon, kunai, and bomb. All unleahsed from the Helios Cannons at X-Rank speed all over the course of a single round! Once initiated, the cannons don't stop firing until there is no ammo left within Indra. Other Effects | -Also with all three Cannons firing with all of their might an incredible amount of heat is built up within the Bijuu Core, filling it with 5 Heat Charges. Which means that if the Core does not vent it's heat in some way the puppet will begin to melt the next turn, and that's no good. Requirements | Helios Launchers, Bijuu Core, Indra Armor Status | Private
  19. Revamped this
  20. Puppet Part Creation Name | Bijuu Core Ranking | SS-Rank Type | Supplementary Appearance | Material | Metal, Rubber, Diamond, Chakra, Souls, Bijuu Crafter | Gunter Von Fritz Description | The Big Bananna! The Cornerstone of the entire Bijuubot operation. This battery is it! Within this battery is all the raw energy of a bijuu, and a human's soul. It powers all the gadgets within the Indra armor. Besides just being kind of a cool thing, it also has a few effects for the user as well. Bijuu Battery: The Main concept behind this battery is that it is a combination of Fa's and Saiken's soul and chakra within a single device, and that this device powers the puppet it's connected to, and allows it to "Bring to life" The puppets it's connected to with it's own sentience like how Sasori could in the anime. This has a few abilities to it: -Because the battery contains the literal soul of the user, and because puppets don't bleed, seals within the Core make it unnecessary for the user to give a blood sacrifice for summoning jutsu. - The battery can be hooked up to any human puppet, and operate it as if it was it's own body. -With no body left there are no Tenketsu points with which to manipulate chakra strings. Instead the Chakra strings are send out and channeled from the core. It needs a body to produce all other forms of jutsu, but these it can perform. Self Preservation: Now This Battery IS Fa. His soul his chakra, his memories and personality as well as that of Saiken are all kept in here as well. As such it's alive in it's own way, and has some small capabilities to try to sustain it's own life: -The Core has a lenses through which it can see the world, and assess threats. Normally it forgoes this site while within a puppet, but there are situations in which this inferior sight is necessary. When it's on it's own, and not within any type of human puppet, it can expel Chakra strings from itself, and pull itself with these strings allowing for it's own form of locomotion. -The Core can be ejected from the chest of a puppet at the puppet's throwing speed. -Should the core be destroyed, it's bijuu is released and it's user is dead. Over Heating: The Technology used to create the bijuu core is unperfected, and still has some flaws. Condensing all of the power of a bijuu into such a small size is very dangerous and does not go without it's own risks. There are certain mechanisms of the Indra armor which use up large quantities of energy and cause the core to heat up. Heating up is bad, as it limits the jutsu the armor can use, and will eventually begin to melt certain components and can eventually destroy the armor. The Heat of the Core is measured in Charges, of which Five can be collected. - At One Charge The Armor is unable to use E-Ranked Water Jutsu. It will simply vaporize within the armor to produce harmless vapor. - At Two Charges D-Rank Water Jutsu produced by the user is dispersed into harmless vapor. - At Three Charges C-Rank Water Jutsu produced by the user is dispersed into harmless vapor. C-Rank Wind Jutsu Also become impossible, the chakra cumbusts before it can be formed into a jutsu. - At Four Charges B-Rank Water, and Wind Jutsu become impossible for the user to produce. - At Five Charges A-Rank Water, and Wind Jutsu Become Impossible for the user to produce. Additionally every turn after the fith charge is gather damage is inflicted upon the Indra Armor as components begin to melt. The Turn after the fith Charge is gathered the puppet will begin to drop a rank in all attributes until the charges are purged or until the armor melts completely and is destroyed. At which point the core will rupture, resulting in the Bijuu being unleahsed, and the user's death. Jutsu | Core Venting Status | Restricted
  21. Jutsu Name | Soap Bubble Rasenshuriken Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | S-Rank Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 100 cp Handsigns | N/A But it takes a turn to charge up Range | Touch Duration | 1 Description | Those who Possess the Six-Tailed Bijuu are able secrete alkaline substances from their skin, or introduce it into their jutsu. The user of this jutsu combines the properties of lye and water with a rasengan, to create a large Wind-Mill Shuriken like attack. The the high speed and rotation of the Rasengan mixed with lye creates a vigorous frothing formation of chakra around the blades. This frothing crates bubbles that cling to the blades of the rasengan, like soapy little Remoras. Tragically the energy of the rasenshuriken itself it entirely eaten up and used up in maintain it's form, and to keep the process of the bubbles forming around the shuriken going. So This the center rasengan and it's blades do no actual damage to a target. Other Effects | However! Just because the jutsu's primary Rasengan does no damage, that doesn't mean that this puppy is entirely without teeth. For the bubbles which this Rasengan produces, which as stated are all miniature Rasengan do, do damage! The Rasenshuriken is covered with 40 Runt Ball Rasengan, which will pop upon contact with an opponent and detonate, performing B-Ranked Damage! Finally Lye is a commonly used in soaps. Which means that any opponent hit by this jutsu has the area of contact completely cleaned by the jutsu. With the caustic nature of lye, and the intense rotation of the Rasengan, dirt and germs don't stand a chance! So while the clothes of an enemy and their body might be torn to shreds, those shreds will be as clean as newly washed sheets. Requirements | Runt Ball Rasengan Six-Tailed Slug Jinjuriki, or be The Six-Tailed Slug Status | Open
  22. Woops meant to say width.