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  1. Mission Name | Bandit DuoMission Type | Water VillageRanking | BRepeatable? | YesMission NPCs | 2 C Rank banditsMission Description | There are two bandits who have camped out on the Mizumura Coast. One bandit is strong in Taijutsu, the other is strong in Bukijutsu. Locate them and defeat them before they can stage any more robberies.Word Count | 1000 Words ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It was about 1 PM. The day was quite nice, in Mizumura's standards at least. The sun beat down on her pale, exposed skin. Freya relished the sunlight, hoping it would bring a tan to her incredibly pale skin. But alas, it stayed as pale as the snow, without giving any hints that it would get more tanned anytime soon. What a shame... It seemed that she wasn't going to stop being an albino anytime soon, that much was for certain. She sighed, bringing her hand up to her face while looking up at the sky. Today she had been tasked with a mission, one which was incredibly difficult, from what she could gather. The last one she had completed had been a C-Rank, and this one was a B-Rank... Not much of a difference for other people, but for Freya, considering the mild mental trauma the last mission had caused... Yeah, she wasn't excited for this. AT ALL. Freya had all her usual equipment upon her person, the kunai leg holster was wrapped around her right leg, all five of her kunai safely strapped inside. Her pack of 20 Senbon was securely attached to her left hip and a small pouch attached to the back of her shorts carried five shurikens. Pretty much accepting her fate as an albino, Freya had put her soft hood up over her face. Making her look quite edgy and cool. She stuck her hands in her hoodie pockets and breathed slowly. She was currently waiting at the meeting spot for the mission she had been selected to partake in, a bench near the village gate. Apparently, once her partner arrived, they would have to both venture across the bridge to the coast and 'deal' with two bandits which had been stirring up trouble. Freya sincerely hoped that 'dealing' with them didn't mean killing them... It all depended on the attitude of her partner. With that thought in mind, Freya quickly wondered who her partner would be. Who knew, hopefully, it would be fun though! TWC: 391 @Kiyoko
  2. Freya bumbled along slowly, a small smile on her face as her friend described the best ways to track a bandits. She spoke as if she had done this numerous times, only serving to build-up Freya's respect for Kiyoko by multitudes. It seemed as if there wasn't anything which Kiyoko couldn't do, or hadn't done. She was good at Taijutsu, Ninjutsu and Kiyoko had summoned a dog at one point! Those were the three things which Freya had actually seen her friend do, who knew the kind of things which Kiyoko kept hidden. Freya nodded to show Kiyoko that her words were not lost on the Albino. Freya wasn't the smartest person out there, so stuff like this often flew right over her head. Thankfully, the Kimono-Clad kunochi had a habit of making these things a lot more easier to understand. Whether it was by accident or on purpose, Freya didn't care. But she was still thankful for it, she needed to add that to the list: 'Things Freya's thankful for - Kiyoko Addition'. "Talk? Hmmm" Freya murmured, her energetic mind whirring with topics of conversation. Talking was something which Freya rarely got to indulge in, she had just somehow grew up without talking to people. It meant that Freya's mind had picked up a long, long list of things to talk about over her childhood, yet she had never had a way to vent them out. Turning Freya into a literal walking dictionary of random knowledge and questions. Woe to any poor soul who started a conversation with her, for once they had been started, they rarely ever stopped. Her mind eventually settled on a fairly mundane question. It was quite boring but, well, all of her conversation starters were mundane and boring. Freya had spent the majority of her life training and studying up on her clan, it meant that she didn't have much to bond with other people on. However, that didn't stop her from somehow talking to people endlessly for hours on end. She had the strange power to talk about 'Nothing'. Someone could bring up bugs in a conversation and, despite knowing next to nothing about the critters, Freya could always bang on about them non-stop. "... How are you so strong?" Freya asked, the question was likely to end with a long-winded answer. But she was actually genuinely curious. After all, Kiyoko looked to be about 1-2 years younger than the Albino, but there was still an incredibly large gap in between their skills. At least she had inherited the peculiar bloodline from her mother which dealt with some of her obvious downfalls in skill. But, as far as Freya knew, Kiyoko hadn't displayed any bloodlines or the sort. Perhaps Kiyoko was just what they called 'A Genius'. Who knew? TWC: 1259
  3. A familiar voice suddenly sounded out of nowhere, causing Freya to lift her head and grin widely, her eyes crinkling at the sides to showcase how genuine her smile was. Freya was pretty happy that she had been partnered with someone she had met previously, Freya was a social-butterfly, but that didn't mean that she could immediately make friends with anyone. Plus, this mission would be relatively dangerous, she'd rather entrust her life to a friend over a random person that she'd only met once. Freya noticed Kiyoko's glances towards her equipment, and a little feeling of anxiousness came over her. The albino wasn't the smartest of individuals, but she had a sneaking suspicion that Kiyoko would be monitoring Freya's use of weapons. As Kiyoko seemed to have a teacher-like quality to her. Though, of course, Freya was probably completely wrong with this regard, she had only met Kiyoko once after all. "Err, yeah, I'm going to be using them..." The words Freya spoke were bold, yet her tone was uncertain. She was scared, not of the bandits, she was positive that Kiyoko would be able to deal with anything which was thrown at her. No, she was scared of wielding a weapon, arming herself increased the possibilities of injuring, maybe even killing, her enemies. She wished to apprehend them and give them to the authorities, not kill them. Freya only nodded as Kiyoko pointed out the giant shuriken on her back, Freya was too caught up in her anxiety to to properly process the casual way Kiyoko refereed to her weapons. She gulped, steeling herself as a new-found determination fount its way onto her babyish features. She clenched her fist together, taking a deep breath. "You ready?" Freya stood up and dusted herself off, looking through the gates and at the bridge. Once Kiyoko gave her confirmation that she was ready, Freya would start walking across the bridge, heading in the direction of the coast. If Kiyoko was following, then Freya would turn her head without breaking stride and begin speaking to Kiyoko. "How are we going to find them? I haven't had much experience tracking..." She grinned sheepishly, awaiting the answer from Kiyoko. TWC: 803
  4. Jutsu Name | Chakra Suppression Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | B/A/S/SS/X Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | None Handsigns | Ram (Hold for a time equivalent to the number of handseals needed.) Range | Self Duration | One Post Description | The user uses chakra suppression to control their levels of chakra. This will make it difficult for chakra sensing jutsu to detect them. During this time, the user cannot mold Chakra. If they do, the chakra suppression will be compromised, and the user will be detected by sensory jutsu immediately after. Other Effects | The user can also pose as a civilian by reducing their Chakra levels accordingly. Requirements | B+ Rank Shinobi Status | Public
  5. Is it possible to learn a technique with words instead of purchasing it with the ryo? Or do you have to purchase it?
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    Freya with her rarely-held weapons.
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    This is Freya trying to get her point across, usually done via shouting like a maniac.
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    A rare occurrence, Freya actually wearing 'Girly' clothing.
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    Freya all scratched up
  15. Freya almost laughed at Kiyoko's confusion at Freya's unending speech process. It was true, once the albino was set on something, she would see it through the end. Even if that somehow ended up with her dead... Or worse. Maybe ending up with her being strung up by tentacles again, she was still finding that funny. She had the urge to try and get the kage back somehow, maybe she and Kiyoko could attempt to prank him? She grinned, that'd be very fun indeed. She listened as Kiyoko pointed out the obvious short-comings in her goal. Freya agreed that it was naive, possibly even a stupid goal. But the thought did not dissuade her, nor did Kiyoko's words. Shinobi needed a goal to push themselves further, without a clear one, they would likely find that they weren't garnering as much progress at they perhaps might of hoped. Perhaps with Kiyoko's help she could push herself even further than possible, she'd show the Mizukage that she was capable! "I agree," Freya mused as Kiyoko told her that it was a good thing to strive towards. Freya could respect Kiyoko's brashness, it was a similarity which Freya was happy to have spotted. It was interesting that they both had the same problem of always speaking their mind, completely disregarding the possibly fatal repercussions of their actions. "Big emphasis on the 'If' there, Shiratori. Becoming a kage seems a bit too far-fetched, even for one as optimistic as me! But hey, if I ever meet with the kage again, I'll put in a good word for you." She said with a mischievous grin. Her words making it seem like she knew the Mizuakge on a personal level, which she didn't of course. She nodded when her friend suggested that they collect all their weapons, it had been an interesting morning. She couldn't wait to continue! TWC: 6752
  16. She breathed a shaky sigh as she stepped into the training grounds, she was visibly shaken. She looked. Scared almost. You see, Freya had recently done a mission where she had encountered a huge beast. A beast which had tried to kill her, yet she managed to defend herself. Unfortunately, in the midst of her shock and horror, she had killed it by ramming one of her light-release kunai into the centre of its face. Most people would be satisfied with that job, thinking it was a job well done. Freya though, it had haunted her. The way its life just flickered out of existence, its body becoming an empty shell. It terrified her, it made her sick. Even if it was her or the beast, she still felt bad for killing it. Freya had never killed anything before, she even purposely avoided stepping on insects when she could help it. It was just that... Taking a life, it was a horrid feeling. Every creature, no matter how large or small, served its purpose in life, all of them had goals to accomplish. Killing them? Well, that just prevented their goals from happening. She always felt bad about even thinking about taking a life, she hadn't been able to think of anything other than the mission she had done. She walked through the park, wearing her normal clothes with her fingers placed delicately in her hoodie pockets. She sighed, Freya couldn't believe that she had told the Mizukage about how she was 'Fearless' and that she was unstoppable. What had she been thinking? If she was to be called out on what she had said, what would happen? She shuddered, the cold air nipping at her exposed skin. Enough of the bad thoughts, she was in these training grounds for a reason. What was that reason? Well, it was too train of course. Weak people could only end a fight by killing their opponent, stronger people could do it without taking a life. Freya wished to be able to do that. Restrain an opponent without killing them, it was practically a dream come true. She eventually found herself in an empty field, a lake sitting in the middle, frost starting to build up on its surface. She shuddered, breathing out mist. It was stupid cold this morning, the bitterness of the air was only solidified by the fact that she barely wore any clothes which would be deemed suitable by other people to be wearing in this weather. It was basically some short white shorts, a sleeveless white hoodie and some white trainers. The clothes themselves were almost the same shade as her pale skin, a look which most would find rather weird. She started off by warming herself up. Doing some basic stretches, jogging around the clearing. You know, the simple stuff. She soon stopped, not that much warmer than when she had just started off. But at least it was a start. She sighed, pressing her hands together continuously. Trying to increase the rate at which she could perform hand seals. Which... After a few minutes of performing all of the hand seals continuously, was obvious that it wasn't going to happen any time soon. It was just something which she would have to improve at over time. So, she started doing more rigorous warm-up exercises. Intense stretches, running as fast as she could for as long as she could. The warmer she became, the more energy she seemed to gain. Until she was practically a little ball of energy ready to explode. Most people got tired if they exercised, Freya seemed to get more energy. So, even when a little bit of sweat was beginning to form on her forehead, she was still energetic. With this new somewhat clarity of thought, Freya realised something. She wasn't going to get very far without the help of other people. She mentally decided that the next person she met, she would ask to have a spar with. Assuming they had some kind of shinobi training of course, Freya didn't like one-sided stomps.
  17. Freya almost looked a little sheepish when Kiyoko scolded her, but the lack of any annoyance in her tone allowed Freya to realize that Kiyoko wasn't merely just telling her off, and was more leaning toward informing her correctly. Freya had a habit of just sprouting whatever she had on her mind, it was something she needed to rein in, otherwise, she would probably get in a lot of trouble when she was older. Heck, it could happen anytime now. She hoped the day would never come, where she spoke to the kage again and made a comment about his appearance that may or may not get her killed. "Hey, you seem skilled enough to become a jounin, you just need to wait for the exams," Freya said after her friend told her that she had a long way to go. "Maybe you should take my route and just barge into the kage's office and demand to get a rank up or something." Freya laughed, she needed to do that again sometime. It had been quite fun. "I must warn you though, the Mizukage has a thing for tentacles." She joked, referencing the time he had, quite literally, left her strung up in the office, both of her arms and legs being strung up by tentacles. Kiyoko asked Freya what her goals were, the albino considered this. Before this morning, she hadn't really had any idea of where she wanted to go in life. Sure, she had a semi-goal, to stop the eternal hate in the world, but after actually living for a bit, she had realized just how impossible it actually was. She had attempted to become an Anbu, because she had believed that it would bring her one step closer to her goal. She still wasn't sure if becoming an Anbu would achieve what she wanted, but it was the only lead she had at the moment. "My goals? Well, I hadn't really decided on a proper one which was actually achievable until this morning. I've always wanted to stop the eternal hate in the ninja world, I even attempted to become an Anbu to try and help with those plans. I have, however, recently realized how futile this goal is. What I decided today, was to try and become powerful enough to apprehend my opponents without severely hurting them or killing them. You saw today, I tried my utmost to not launch any attacks at you, and I instead opted to dodge and counter-attack. That was why I needed the practice to fight without attacking." Freya launched into a mini speech. It was something that could've likely been shortened down a lot further, but she wasn't the most articulate with words, so she always ended up speaking more than needed.
  18. Freya noted Kiyoko's fatigue, it was odd to see someone who was completely dominating her a few minutes ago, so defenseless and tired. Freya was not nearly as fatigued, as she hadn't really particularly done anything taxing to her body. Her heavy breaths were more due to the fact that the smoke had filled her lungs with almost unbreathable air, and she was still recovering. Taking in deep, broken breaths every couple of seconds to try and re-expand her lungs back to their default setting. A task which was proving to be incredibly difficult. She hoped to break this stupid breathing problem. Freya decided, that from now on, she would freak out at the sign of any smoke bombs. "It wasn't luck, I don't believe in stuff like that. Just think, who was it who decided to activate those techniques beforehand?" Freya grinned, speaking about something surprisingly philosophical for an obnoxious loud-mouth like herself. She really wanted to show Kiyoko how much respect she held for the Kimono-wearing kunoichi, but she wasn't the most articulate with her words. So something like this was about the pinnacle of what she was able to achieve. Freya nodded when Kiyoko pointed out the fact that Freya had a severe lack of any offensive techniques, it was quite a stupid weakness to have. Considering the powerful bloodline she had inherited from her mother, but it was true. Freya just wasn't a fan of hurting people, let alone killing them. However, this training session with Kiyoko had highlighted one thing today. And that was that Freya had the capability to apprehend her opponents without the need to kill them. This was the push that Freya needed to start to train harder than ever before, with a clear goal in her mind. She realized that training with a goal was much more fulfilling than training without one. She let Kiyoko finish speaking, the grin on the albino child's face was enough to signify that she 100% agreed with everything her friend was saying. "Trust me, it doesn't sound dumb at all, everything you've said today has helped me far more than anything my Acadamy Teachers taught me, back when I was a student. I've come further today than I have in my whole 19 years of existence." Freya grinned, meaning every word. "Have you ever considered becoming a tutor at the Academy?" Freya asked, rather happy with the day's events.
  19. Konan: 41 Kisame: 16 Hidan: 43 Kill Sharky | Save Hidan Let's work together and kill Shark-man! then we shall destroy Hidan D:
  20. Konan: 39Kisame: 17Hidan: 44 Kill Kisama | Save Hidan
  21. Defiance shone through the albino's eyes, she wasn't going to lose this! She had to, she was determined. This was probably the most effort she had ever put into a fight, ever. Her fight against the Mizukage hadn't really been a fight, as Freya wasn't trying to hurt or kill him, her goal had just been to tag him. A ninja game of tag if you will. Anyway, this was her first proper fight, she didn't want to have a 100% loss record. Such a thing wouldn't look good on her report if she ever followed through with her goal to become an Anbu. Freya's face hardened as she watched the smoke carefully, waiting for any sign of someone coming out... The smoke looked like it burst as Kiyoko sped out, moving too fast for her eyes to track. Even though this was the case, the way the smoke went outward clued Freya to where Kiyoko had body flickered too. This meant that she didn't even need to see where Kiyoko had ended up, to have a vague clue on where Kiyoko was. So, not wasting any valuable seconds, Freya suddenly spun around 90 degrees on the balls of her feet, completing the last hand seal necessary for the technique once she was facing Kiyoko. The whole area in front of Freya would suddenly light up with a brilliant white light, the light would be bright enough to completely blind Kiyoko. Her opponent would probably be very disorientated due to her current predicament. Having one of your senses be momentarily ripped from you does that to a person, Kiyoko would be confused and dizzy, her vision filled with nothing but darkness. Then, once the technique was over, Freya silently ran behind her blinded opponent and wrapped her arms around Kiyoko's torso, trapping Kiyoko's arms to her side. Then, Freya would drag Kiyoko down on to the floor, and wrap both of her exposed legs around the lower part of Kiyoko's torso. The grapple ending with Freya underneath Kiyoko, while her arms were pinning Kiyoko's to her side, and her legs were wrapped around her to make movement even harder. This whole thing was completed in a few seconds, so it would be right about now that Kiyoko's clone and the dog would arrive through the smoke. Freya looked at them from her position underneath Kiyoko, her grip never loosening. A look of disappointment befell her soft face, it seemed they had arrived at an impasse. Well, Kiyoko clearly had the advantage here. As both of Freya's arms and legs were occupied with keeping Kiyoko secure, so there would be little she could do. Seeing this, Freya let her grip loose, allowing Kiyoko to scramble free if she wanted. "I guess that I've been beaten." Freya sighed, remaining on the floor. Her demeanor quickly changed into a more happy one, she didn't want to get hung up on the loss after all. "Do you have any tips on how I could improve? I feel like I have a lot to learn." Freya beamed. Assuming Kiyoko had gotten off her at this point, the albino would push herself up into a sitting position. She had really enjoyed this, she wanted to meet as many people as she could, hopefully, all the experiences would be as fun as this time around. Maybe, she could even have a rematch against Kiyoko some time, a grin appeared on her face. Yeah, that would be fun. TWC: 5593
  22. The moment she heard the sound of a hand slamming on the ground, Freya backtracked as fast as she could back into the open. The immediate freshness of the air was beautiful, her eyes were no longer red and puffy, dried streaks resided on her cheeks where her eyes had watered. But she could see and breathe properly, it was a welcoming change. Causing Freya to greedily gulp the air as she stepped back about 5 meters from the edge of the smoke. Here, she would be able to see anything which came out of the smoke. It would also give her a temporary advantage, as stepping out from complete darkness into a light-filled area often left one with a temporary 'Blindness' as their eyes adjusted. Anyway, while quickly back-tracking out of the smoke, Freya would perform the hand seals Rat-Boar as a preparation for a technique she hadn't used yet. Light Release : Blinding Eyes. It was incredibly powerful, Freya wanted to blind Kiyoko the moment she stepped out of the smoke, and then get her in a hold. Hopefully as a means to win this spar... Or not, Freya realized that Kiyoko would probably inadvertently somehow block this. If that happened, then Freya would be stumped. And have to just fight Kiyoko fairly. For now, Freya would be waiting 5 meters away from the edge of the smoke, both of her delicate hands were pressing together to form the Boar seal, and she was ready to do the Ram seal the moment Kiyoko showed herself. Freya was nervous, but she was ready. It seemed the spar was reaching its climax, whether or not she could pull off this blindness technique was going to be the deciding factor. She just needed to time it perfectly.
  23. Kiyoko's voice echoed through the smoke, and Freya was immediately on guard. She felt like she had learned a lot in this short session, probably more than she had in her entire life put together. She made a note to thank Kiyoko for this learning experience later when they weren't actively trying to injure one another. Freya no longer completely froze up at the prospect of hurting another person, but she still had second thoughts whenever making an attack. In Kiyoko's words: 'I see a myriad of emotions overflow when you fight. If you leave them as is, someone is going to eventually take advantage of them and hurt you.'. It was something which Freya had taken to heart, and she would likely never forget them. So, the attack name Kiyoko had called out sounded like some kind of ranged weapon attack. Maybe something like throwing a kunai? it was earth, so it was guaranteed to be some kind of blunt attack. Freya suddenly realized that Light Release techniques were vulnerable to earth release techniques. Freya had to be careful, she couldn't rely on her newly created staff to defend herself. So, she gripped the staff with two hands, placed it on the ground and pushed downward. Allowing herself to launch into the air straight upward. Alas, she did not move quick enough, as the first rock managed to hit her foot with quite a lot of speed and power, and considering the fact that she was in the air and nothing to stabilize herself... Yeah, Freya's foot was forced backward, her body leaning forward from the impact. Resulting in Freya spinning in the air like it was some kind of cartoon. Thankfully, with the way she spun in the air she managed to avoid the other projectiles, but her foot still hurt a lot. It would likely hurt to walk on later, but for now, she was in the heat of the moment. Adrenaline was pumping through her system, allowing Freya to land on the ground softly, the impact drawing a little wince of pain to escape from her lips. In her jump, she had accidentally left the bo staff behind, the bo staff falling down and landing on the floor with a thud. Freya released the technique, she didn't think that paying for a technique that she couldn't use properly would benefit her in any way, shape or form. So, she brought out another kunai from her pouch. While she preferred blunt weapons, she didn't want to be caught out without any weapons to defend herself with. She refused to throw another kunai, she wasn't sure if the last one had been dodged or not, but it would've likely at least grazed Kiyoko. Hurting a friend was not something which Freya enjoyed in the slightest. So, for now, Freya would have to wait for the smoke to disperse. She knew where Kiyoko was, assuming she hadn't moved, but Kiyoko would have little clue as to where Freya was. As Freya had left the staff behind when she had jumped. Now the only thing being played was the waiting game, Freya's crimson eyes were scanning the smoke around her. Due to the dark vision ability of her bloodline, Freya would probably be able to make out the silhouette of Kiyoko before she could make out Freya's. TWC: 4726
  24. And she thought it was going so well... She had been in the process of grappling her opponent into an arm lock, when suddenly everything was surrounded in a haze. Smoke obscured everything, she couldn't breath through her noes without coughing, she couldn't see. The smoke was irritating her eyes, making small tears run down her cheeks and her crimson eyes to go a little red. This was no good! She coughed, her delicate fingers letting go of Kiyoko and allowing her to make her escape. Freya was too disorientated to do anything clever like that, so she stayed where she was. Tears running down her face and eyes getting all puffy and watery. She heard Kiyoko's voice echo through the smoke, the way it echoed sounded as if Kiyoko was everywhere within the mist. Right behind her, far away to her left. Everywhere, it left no room to interpret where she thought Kiyoko was coming from. Freya had started to become more calm now, rational thought was now within her grasp. However, everything Kiyoko had done so far was a way to benefit Freya's training. So she stayed where she was. The instructions Kiyoko had given Freya were clear, but Freya couldn't help but doubt them. After all, as far as Freya knew, Kiyoko didn't have any way of knowing which direction Freya was facing, so she wouldn't know if dodging right would end up with Freya actually stepping directly into the oncoming attack. So Freya did what she deemed suitable at this current moment in time. She dropped to the floor, laying down with her cheek pressed against the ground. The sound of a something whizzing through the air sounded above her. Almost giving Freya a heart attack. It seemed that she had been right, doing what Kiyoko said would've likely ended up with a kunai in her face. Freya knew another attack would be incoming, Freya was going to have to act fast. The light-release user was not a show-boat, but she felt that just running out of the smoke like a normie wasn't the best way to get out. After all, who knew how far the smoke extended. Freya thought for a second, still lying on the floor. She needed to do something, fast. So, keeping herself low to the ground, Freya groped around on the floor, eventually finding the kunai she had discarded earlier. Then, she closed her eyes and started visualising the area they were in. She remembered the sound of the kunai whizzing over her, she replayed the memory multiple times until she had a clear grasp of where it had come from. Using the Doppler effect to her advantage. Right, so she knew where Kiyoko currently was, what she didn't know, however, was how far away Kiyoko was. She didn't know if she was still in the smoke, or somewhere else entirely. That left her with only one option to show Kiyoko what she was capable of. She had to throw the kunai. Freya had a mini panic attack in the smoke, she didn't want to throw the kunai out of fear of seriously harming her friend. But she also needed to get over this blasted fear of weapons, she had to realise that weapons weren't always for killing things. They were sometimes used for defending people, heck, Freya had once seen a ninja using a kunai to prepare some food. So, if she learned how to use the kunai now, she could potentially save lives. She already had, once. So, Freya chucked to kunai in the direction the first kunai had come from. But she threw it slightly to the right so that the worst it could possibly do was give a nasty cut to Kiyoko's right arm. Freya didn't doubt though, that Kiyoko would likely dodge this, throwing stuff in the smoke wasn't always a good idea, 9 times out of 10, people would find a way to dodge whatever you did. Once the kunai had been thrown, Freya sat up and immediately pressed her hands together. She did the boar hand seal, then she silently clapped her hands together and brought them apart. As she brought them apart, a glowing yellow staff would be materialising until it was 1 meter across and had a diameter of 1/2 an inch. The glow would likely be enough to be visible through the smoke, but the glow wouldn't offer any clue as to what it was. With that done, Freya would wait in the smoke with a glowing yellow bo staff gripped in both of her hands. For now, she would just have to wait and see what would happen next. TWC: 4175
  25. She nodded at Kiyoko's words, only vaguely recognising what they said but showing interest anyway. She didn't want to make it seem like Kiyoko's words were just flying over her head. They weren't, but she could only comprehend about half of what she was saying, the other half just went into her head, sat there for a while, then left. The one thing she did understand, though, was the part about holding the weapon tightly. Holding it loosely meant that it would just fall out of her hands without much resistance, which could prove to be quite detrimental in a fight. So, she did what Kiyoko told her too and started gripping the weapon with as much strength as she could muster. Upon feeling that her blood circulation was beginning to be cut off, she loosened it a teeny bit. There was such a thing as gripping something too hard after all, couldn't let that happen. Blood flow was important, cutting it off was like suicide. Her face hardened into one of grit and determination as Kiyoko told her to be prepared, she was determined to try and win this without using the weapon. She wanted to prove to herself more than anyone, that it was possible to end a fight without having to resort to a deadly weapon. This was for her, she needed this to happen. Then again, Kiyoko looked like someone who was incredibly skilled... A prodigy maybe, participating in combat without using everything was a dumb move. No, pessimism was a bad way to start a fight. Her eyes widened when Kiyoko suddenly moved at a much faster pace straight toward Freya, starting the attack by sending a horizontal slice toward Freya's torso. Too hopped up on adrenaline to get scared, Freya acted purely on instinct. Freya stepped back a small amount when the attack had reached about 1/2 way to her body, she then dropped the Kunai on the floor and grabbed the back of Kiyoko's hand, the one holding the kunai. And instead of trying to slow it down like any normal person, Freya pushed it in the direction it was already going, giving Kiyoko a hard time if she felt the need to stop. Since she had stepped back, with her pushing Kiyoko's hand in the same direction it had been travelling at first, the Kunai would pass harmlessly in front of Freya's torso. Passing a little too close for comfort past her chest, but leaving thankfully leaving it unscathed. Then, once the kunai was on the opposite side of body from where it had started, she stepped closer and continued pushing the hand so that Kiyoko would now be likely facing the other direction. Freya then used both her hands to stop the hand with the kunai and re positioned it so that Kiyoko's arm was now bent backward in a rather painful manner. The albino would then use her foot and give the back of Kiyoko's knee a gentle push, likely resulting with Kiyoko ending up on her knees. Right, so Freya was currently using one hand to keep Kiyoko's hand with the kunai firmly placed against her own back to prevent it from moving, and Freya had forced Kiyoko to her knees using her foot. She let go, stepping back. "How was that?" She asked. Assuming this all went to plan, Freya would be rather pleased with herself. After all, she had proven to herself that weapons were not needed in a fight.