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  1. I'm still here! ^^ Taidana: Here Freya: Here Ikari: Ikari
  2. Update Type | Equipment/Jutsu Update Name | Equipment: 5x Kunai - Throwing Dagger (50) 5x Shuriken - Throwing Stars (50) 4x Smoke Bombs (200) 20x Senbon Pack (50) 5x Cherry Bomb (100) 10x Explosive Tags (300) 10x Lesser Compact Charge (200) 1x Kunai Leg Holster (100) 1x Leg Holster (200) 1x Wireless Radio (200) 1x Carrying Case (200) Jutsu: Summoning: Iron Maiden 750 Words Summoning Technique 200 Words Chakra String Technique 200 Words Ignition 100 Words Void Manifestation : Scorpion Tail 600 Words Update Training | Here (The whole topic has enough words to cover all the WC costs for the Jutsu) Update Ryo | -1650 Ryo Update Links | See above
  3. His beaming smile was almost contagious, had Taidana not been as lazy as she was, her own face would've likely split into a smile similar to his. But alas, she was too tired for energy-wasting things like that, so the world would have deal with the fact that a small smile was the best they could get out of her. Most people found her lack of smiling to be rather disappointing, as her smile was often described as being 'Beautiful' and 'Flawless'. Such compliments were often lost on Taidana though, her lazy-brain instinctively tuned them out. Not because she was vain, but because she really didn't think high enough of herself to accept them. The fact that he was only a genin was quite surprising to the young lady, but she neglected to show any signs of shock on her face. The man looked to be stronger than the average genin, but looks could be deceiving. His frame was massive, the bulging muscles on his arm looked as if they could uproot trees and throw people as far as a normal person could throw a kunai. But like what was stated earlier, looks could be deceiving. Taidana had a slim and 'Womanly' physique. Yet the multitude of chakra pumping through her system allowed her to punch and kick at strengths higher than most chuunin. Despite her obvious lack of any actual 'Muscle'. "Don't worry about those chuunin, I believe the exams are coming up soon, you look skilled enough to pass." While this may of sounded like a compliment to most people, to the more perceptive person, they would figure out that she was actually just an observation from Taidana, and an extremely truthful one at that. "As for how many people I speak to..." She trailed off, her mind racing to try and find examples of times she had spoken to people. The annoying people in the Jounin lounge, Voidy, this man, the occasional mission partner. Okay, wow, she didn't have a lot of friends... "I don't really speak to people that much, I've found that up keeping a relationship with someone is quite heavy on my energy reserves." She paused for a second, contemplating whether or not she should tell the man about 'Voidy'. There's no harm in telling him, right? "Though I do have this strange 'being' inside of me, talking to him doesn't require any energy because I just need to think to communicate. So we've become quite good friends." She spoke so matter-of-factly about something so bizarre, that one may find it quite humorous. Not that Taidana really cared, getting angry was too much energy. TWC: 2756
  4. Of course, Taidana was incredibly lazy, but that didn't mean she wasn't perceptive. Her intelligent brain often picked out cues and other things which a normal person would probably miss out on or ignore. Because of this, Taidana immediately picked up on the genin's disappointment, and yeah, she did feel a little bit mean for ignoring his hand shake. But it was necessary, energy was a valuable asset in this shinobi world, why should she waste it just to feel better about herself? It was quite an odd conclusion, but Taidana was just weird like that. No one ever got into the higher-ranks of shinobi without having some kind of weird quirk about themselves. When Shimo apologised for his lack of any combat experience, a small, rare smile flickered onto her face. It was strange to see a late-teen boy like Shimo to not have any combat experience. Having been forced to fight against academy students and genin from the age of about two, lack of combat experience was something which could never give as an excuse. It was a curse, not a blessing. Curse her parents who wanted to 'Cultivate their daughter's genius', she could've lived a much, much more simpler and care-free life if they hadn't ruined it! She nodded when the boy commenced the mission for her, somewhat happy that the boy had saved her energy by not waiting for a reply and just starting to walk towards the mission location. Instead of leading the way like a normal Jounin probably should, Taidana fell into place behind the boy. Matching his pace completely as she didn't want to fall behind. The trek would likely take a while, considering the fact that they had to walk half-way across the village and all. So, to pass the time, Taidana decided to speak to Voidy. Sup, Voidy... She sensed his discomfort at being called that, yet she did not feel guilty. After all, this 'Being' inside of her had somehow managed to convince her that this mission would be fun. Which it obviously wouldn't, stupid bandits rarely put up a good fight after all. Taida... Don't call me that, it's annoying. He responded, the contempt in his tone was quite funny. The Jounin suddenly found herself with a burning question, one which was simply begging to be asked. Hey, Void-Man, do you have a gender? I've always thought of you as a guy, but I've just realised that my assumptions were probably incorrect. She asked, hearing Voidy humming as he contemplated the question. That's actually something I've never really thought about. But I guess if you wanted to classify me, I'd probably be a male. He responded. Taidana's eyebrows marginally furrowed, if Voidy was a guy, shouldn't she be concerned that he shared all her memories? Taidana sighed, all this deep thought was making her feel tired. The pair eventually made it to the edge of her tundra, the meer sight of the ice was enough to make Taidana shiver, let alone the actual freezing temperature of the air. Taidana breathed out slowly, her breath coming out as a swirling patch of steam in front of her face. Thank the heavens she had actually worn warm-ish clothes today, the general dark aesthetic of her clothes meant that they absorbed an abundance of heat. So Taidana wasn't completely freezing her ass out here, but she she wouldn't be at her best physically and mentally. That was when she saw it, the rustle of leaves and a glint of metal high up in the trees. She immediately snapped to attention, her latent shinobi training kicking in. She watched as the unknown assailant threw the kunai, her light-blue eyes widening when she spotted whereabouts it was careening towards... Shimo. Without a second to spare, Taidana would be a blur of speed as she crossed the gap between her and Shimo in less than a second, pushing him out of the way with her left hand while simultaneously wrapping her right-hand fingers around the flying kunai's handle, her strength allowing her to catch it with ease so that it wouldn't carry on and hit her stomach. She then quickly moved her right arm length-ways across her chest, and extended her arm, letting the kunai sail back in the direction it came from. Unfortunately, the figure had already managed to leave, making the kunai embed itself in the tree instead of the bandit. She turned to look at Shimo, who would likely be on the floor due to Taidana's incredibly strong push out of nowhere. If he was on the floor, she would offer a delicate hand to the boy to pull him up, her eyes no longer dead, but filled with alertness. Signalling the abundance of training she had been put through when she was younger. "You okay?" She asked, knowing full well that near-death situations had the habit of breaking people. However, she felt like she had responded quick enough so that wouldn't be a problem. Though she couldn't be sure, the cold was dulling her senses. "I don't 'spose you have any tracking abilities? Those would be real useful right about now..." She spoke in her usual 'Flat' tone, but there was a certain edge of life in them now. A perceptive person would be able to deduce that she was, most certainly, paying attention right now, and she wasn't as tired as she seemed. TWC: 2057
  5. This is done! (Sorry if I put anything in the wrong place, I'm super tired and I'm about to go to sleep )
  6. Standard Tools and Weaponry Standard Ninja Protection Medical Tools Other
  7. Edited The explosion radius is much smaller than normal for its rank. The X-Rank's range is the same as a B-Rank's. Also edited the number of orbs made and added a cap for amount shot per post.
  8. Either there is a typo with the ranks there or it is confusing enough that I'll need you to clarify what this means. Please may you tell me what I need to clarify exactly? Sorry, I'm pretty tired so I'm probably just misunderstanding ^.^
  9. Done
  10. To meet in the middle, and so I don't have to retype everything up for each element, why don't we make it so that each different element takes up 1 slot or so? So this technique would take up 5 slots (As well as cost the same as 5 X-Rank jutsu if I wanted to have it all).
  11. "Huh?" Was the only word that Taidana could say to this display of... Whatever the genin was going on about. It seemed that he had managed to sleep through everything she had said, and she was too lazy to repeat everything... She sighed, arching her back to give it a good morning stretch. She could already tell that this was going to be a loooong morning. This reminded Taidana why she did NOT want to be the leader of a squad, having to deal with a bunch of people who could barely take care of themselves would be too much of a hassle. As the boy continued, Taidana simply stood there and let the boy figure it all out by himself. She didn't want to waste valuable energy, and by the looks of it, she was going to have to help this boy a lot. She needed to prepare herself for the worst. He eventually figured it out, as he finally did the smart thing and actually looked at the mission slip, seeing Taidana's photo printed on it. She sighed, yet again, her eyelids threatening to snap shut and send her into the wondrous comforts of sleep. But alas, it turned out that this mission was actually quite important to the betterment of Mizumura, so sleep would have to be put aside for now. "Yeah, I'm Taidana Zuko, just call me Taida though, it's too much effort to listen to my full name." She droned, her bright gaze slowly dimming as if this was the most boring thing in the world. She groaned when he asked for a plan, and she quickly pulled out the mission slip from her back pocket, ignoring his attempt at a handshake. She had been hoping to get away with asking Shimo to do everything, but now she actually had to read. Her eyes quickly scanned over the mission slip, getting a general gist of what they had to do. It seemed to be a basic 'Rat Clearing' mission, where they had to locate and apprehend a group of criminals. It was going to be such a drag. villains always had a habit of hiding away in the most stupid of places. "Okay, here's the plan: I stay here, and yo-" Taidana! The being inside of her shared all her senses, so he knew how she was going to complete the sentence. Don't be lazy, it could be fun, remember that detective mission we did together? Asked Voidy, Okay, fine.., She responded in her thoughts.This whole thing probably looked a little bit strange from Shimo's perspective, as Taidana had just cut herself off and looked like she was having an argument in her head. "Sorry about that, my throat hurts. Where were we? Oh yeah, so we're going to have to travel to the Frost Forests near the borders of the Water Village, and we're going to go scout for a crime boss or something. Sound good?" She asked, raising an inquisitive eyebrow. Maybe, just maybe, Voidy could be right and this could turn out to be fun... Only time would tell. TWC: 1168/1000
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  13. Let's all murder pirates together!
  14. A slumping figure walking through the streets of Mizumura, her posture signifying that she was anything OTHER than a trained ninja. Her movements were sloppy and unrefined, her sandaled feet slowly dragged along the dusty path with every step. She even had the audacity to be walking through the streets with her eyes closed, opting to rely on her honed senses instead. She didn't want to be caught OTHER than a trained ninja. Her movements were sloppy and unrefined, her sandaled feet slowly dragged along the dusty path with every step. She even had the audacity to be walking through the streets with her eyes closed, opting to rely on her honed senses instead. She didn't want to be caught totally unprepared if an attack were to befall her after all. Eventually getting bored of the silence, Taidana decided to continue the argument with 'Void' while she walked to her mission meet-up point. You have to admit, it was a good idea... She thought, hoping that the creature inside of her hadn't completely given up on its tired host. Taidana, it is one of the most stupid things I've ever heard in my lif- But! Don't interrupt me! A tiny smirk befell her face at his feistiness, the smile quickly returning to its default setting after she grew too tired. As I was saying, Taidana, it may be a bad idea, but it's probably one of your more... Creative methods to help deal with the energy to move. Taidana sighed, why didn't this creature understand her? It was a genius plan! All it required, was making a shadow clone then forcing that shadow clone to transform into a chair with opposable legs to allow her to move without wasting any precious energy. The prospect that someone found it stupid, was rather shocking to Taidana. She was about to retort to this blasphemy, when 'Void' started talking again. Taidana, didn't you wake up this early because you needed to complete a mission? Taidana's eyes widened in surprise, then they momentarily flashed with a deep regret. God dammit, how did her Mother always goad her into taking missions? Voidy, why did you have to remind me? She asked, pretty sure she knew what the answer would be. Because you'd be leaving the poor genin all by himself, also what kind of a name is 'Voidy'?. Taidana quickly smirked, turning into the opposite direction to start heading towards the barracks. I don't know, it just thought it sounded cool. She responded. You sicken me. Taidana actually full on laughed, gleeful at the resentment which was evident in his tone. She had won... This time. The lazy Jounin eventually arrived at the barracks, clad in a black hoodie, black tracksuits, and black shinobi sandals. She gave the look of some sort of edgy kid who didn't want the world to understand them, but in all honesty, she was just wearing these clothes because they were really soft, baggy and generally easy to move in. So, Taidana strolled out into sight of the genin who was sitting down, stopping once directly in front of him. She yawned, interlocking both of her fingers behind her head as she looked at her mission partner, recognizing him from the village files she had been given to take a look at. "Shimo Chiyome, right? You'll be my mission partner for today. I'm Taidana Zuko, Jounin of Mizumura." She went silent for a second, as if contemplating something. "I didn't properly read the mission slip, please give me a brief rundown while we walk to the location" Since she said it so matter-of-factly, there was no way that her question could be seen as a joke. If Shimo took the liberty of following through with her request and started walking to the mission location, Taidana would follow him to wherever he went, assuming it was a safe place and all. Though if he ignored her and stayed put, she would follow suit and stay where she was until one of them did something. TWC: 664/1000