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  1. Greetings, Sorry to be a bother and open up with questions right away, but there are a few things I'd like some clarification on regarding the systems I've read. The Specialty System doesn't really explain what "Specialty Tokens" are. Is that just a way of saying you can freely add a specialty with that level of mastery without training it? Also, would that be just for starting out at the ranks listed? Or would ranking up grant me tokens as well? The Otodai Exam page says 11 Otodai slots are full. However, the Otodai Zodiac page shows only 10 slots full. I'm interested in the Scorpio position in particular which appears to be open. Which roster is accurate? In the Element System [Storm Release] is specifically stated to not have anything to do with storms. I realize it isn't "canon" but in one of the movies there was a "Storm Release" shown which made use of clouds that surged with lightning. An example can be seen here. The character idea I'd like to use would include jutsu of similar type. Would I need to make a personal bloodline for that? Or would it be possible without the use of a bloodline? Could I bend the limitations of Storm Release to include jutsu like this? I'm willing to tackle this from numerous angles, but I'd like clarification from staff on which one would be best. That's all for now~ Thanks in advance!