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  1. Each member of the Akatsuki starts with the same amount of points. You vote for one to kill and one to save, the one that is to kill loses a point, the one to save gains a point. When a member hits zero they will be dead. Be sure to copy and past the list in each response. No double posting and only vote for one character per choice per post. Sasori: 10 Pain: 10 Konan: 10 Kisame: 10 Zetsu: 10 Itachi: 10 Deidara: 10 Hidan: 10 Kakuzu: 10 Tobi: 10 Kill: Itachi Save: Hidan Sasori: 10 Pain: 10 Konan: 10 Kisame: 10 Zetsu: 10 Itachi: 9 Deidara: 10 Hidan: 11 Kakuzu: 10 Tobi: 10
  2. Greetings everyone! Some of you know me, unfortunately a lot of our new members have not had the pleasure of interacting with me due to my absence recently. i know we have done one of these before but with the way things have been going lately and my reappearance i feel it is best if we do this again. This topic is going to be a safe constructive place for you, the members of SG to let me know what is on your mind and what are some things that can be done to make your stay here better. This topic will be for you to share the things you feel need some work, maybe there are things that are missing, certain rules that are not clear, or just simple ideas you feel can help this place out. This is not a bashing or name calling topic, and any post that is sarcastic, rude, or not helpful will be deleted. This is meant to allow the members to use their voice and help staff find direction. We value your opinions and ideas and want to know what we as staff can do for you, the member. This place belongs to you, and your happiness is the most important things. Keep in mind we will listen and consider every idea here, and we will take into consideration everything we can. However some ideas may not get used, or will be tweaked for the better of the site. SG is a wonderful fun environment for everyone to role play and enjoy themselves, and i want nothing more to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible. This topic is a chance for you to connect with me, even if you think nothing is wrong, use this chance to get to know me, or let me get to know you. You are the life blood of Shinobi Generations. So please, let your voice be heard!
  3. Ok everyone our staff team is looking for new members to join our ranks and we are going to open up our search to you guys. Have you ever thought about working along side staff to help the site out? Do you think you have what it takes to be a good leader? Well we are looking for you. Below is an application for you to fill out. We will consider every application, however will not be able to make you all staff, so please be patient and dont worry if you are not chosen, the chance will arise again. We are looking for calm level headed people who work well with others and are willing to give it everything they have. We want people who want to see this site grow and get better, so please do not apply if you do not plan on being serious. We will only be taking members with approved characters, and if you have shown a consistent level of bad behavior you will fall lower on the list. So please, apply and help Shinobi Generations grow! Name: Account name and any other accounts you use Reason for wanting staff: Explain to us what motivates you and why you want to join the staff team Past experience: Do you have any past experience at being a staff member or doing something that relates, be detailed. Field interested in: Is there something you are good at doing, or something specific you would like to handle? Maybe checking specific things or just being a site mod?
  4. Water Village Roster Mizukage The Mizukage is the title given to the person sworn to protect and guide the water village and its territories. It is the highest rank one can achieve in the village, and there may only be one at any given time. The Mizukage is normally appointed by a council of elders when the previous one is no longer able to lead. They are charged with protecting the village and all that call it home, and as such only the strongest, bravest and most diligent Shinobi are considered for the role, only S ranked shinobi can apply. Current holder: Zarek Sheno Kanda Hand to the Kage The Kage's hand is the closest, most trusted person to the Mizukage. They have several jobs which include but are not limited to being the assistant, standing in for him and being his personal body guard. They know just as much as the kage and are often there for all major decisions. In most cases when the kage is unable to continue their duty, the Hand is the first considered for replacement. The job comes with a high amount of responsibility, only A rank or higher shinobi being allowed to take this position. Current Holder: Hunter Ninja Commander The hunter ninja are the villages elite group of hunters and protectors. Trained in espionage, assassination, tracking, interrogating, and elimination the commander of the hunter ninja must have great discipline and a strong will. They lead the villages front line and are in charge of maintaining a well functioning group of shinobi. Shinobi of A rank or higher may hold this position. Current Holder: Suijin Umiken Police Force Chief The Chief of the water village police force is charged with the internal protection of the village. They run operations and command shinobi within the village to maintain a well running society. They protect the village from the inside, putting a stop to any internal threats or liabilities. Shinobi of A rank or higher may hold this position. Current Holder: Utsubyō Water Village Hunter Ninja Leader: Suijin Umiken - - Water Police Force Leader:-Utsubyō Kazuo Enomoto - - Jounin Utsubyō Taidana Zuko Chuunin Shi Tataru Takato Keita Karasu Genin Alaude Tataru Takara Mizutani Jin Tataru Rei Tataru Sezumi Uchiha Gojyo Uchiha Meiko Tokiyama Yoshimaru Uchiha Aoi Shinkuu Mikoto Uchiha Izumi Mizushima Kurai Uchiha Junnosuke Shimizu Kazuo Enomoto Chaohuan Kiyoko Shiratori
  5. Chat box rules have been updated.
  6. Ok ok ok keep your pants on guys. I am back! First off i want to apologize to every single one of you, i did not expect to be gone that long. I am still in the process of getting my new home set up, and unfortunately that means i do not have internet yet. I will be using a limited amount of time each day, so you guys are going to have to hang tight. With that being said i am officially back, even if only for a few hours each day. I have been working on a game plan to get things back to normal, and will be working with the staff team to catch back up. I understand there may be a few issues that my leave may have caused, i promise to work my ass off to get this done. So as i get situated and up to date, i ask that everyone be patient as things might begin to shift a little. The plot will be picked back up, issues that were pushed to the side will be fixed and a few new announcements are around the corner. If anyone has any thing they want to say to me (please make it nice) spam my pm box please. With that said, Soul is off to work! Damn it feels good to be back though, i missed you goons.
  7. Jutsu Name | The Puddle Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 Handsigns | Boar - Rat Range | 3 meter diameter Duration | Instant Description | By sending water based chakra through the body the user will secrete water from their body creating a small puddle beneath them. The puddle will have a three meter diameter with the user being at its center. It will be 200 gallons worth of water. Other Effects | The water can be used for other water based jutsu. Requirements | None Status | Open
  8. This topic is going to be used to list and link things that have been changed so that the members can keep up with what is going on. This is a place to easily find things that have been updated. This topic will be updated as things gets changed. [7/29/2017] Jutsu Guide [7/30/2017] Bloodline Guide [7/30/2017] Mission Guide
  9. Approved, i shall add this to the site shortly.
  10. At C rank you only get one element and one specialty. However i do notice you have magnet release as a bloodline and not the element listed. You can choose to have one of the two you have listed, so earth or wind (not both at C rank) You do however get to have your bloodline release at C, so choose between earth and wind, remove the other and add magnet to the list.
  11. Jutsu Name | Redirection Seal Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | A Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Fuuinjutsu Energy Cost | 25 to place second seal, 50 to activate first seal Handsigns | Rat-Dragon-Serpent-Boar (adds Serpent to the end of a jutsu for first seal activation) Range | Second seal can still be used while 30 meters away from first seal Duration | Second seal last for 4 post Description | This fuuinjutsu works in two parts, having two separate seals. The first Seal is tattooed on the right palm and wrist of Zarek Kanda, and lies dormant there until used. The second seal, after the correct hand signs, can be placed on a surface by touching it. The first seal (tattooed to Zarek) and the second seal (placed on activation) are connected to each other, acting as a sort of portal between the two seals. Once the second seal has been placed the portal is considered open, and Zarek can tack on fifty extra chakra and an extra hand seal to the end of a different jutsu. If this is done the jutsu will be transferred to the second seal after being created but before manifesting. The chakra for the jutsu will travel through the first seal in his palm to the second placed seal, allowing him to cast jutsu out of the second seal. The first seal is tattooed on his hand, unable to be removed. The second seal is a foot long and wide. This seal can not be used to cast jutsu other than ones the user has completed the hand signs for. First seal: Second Seal: Other Effects | This is used to allow jutsu to be used from different locations, setting up unique and tricky battle field tactics. This seal is dependent on the jutsu being used through it, for example a jutsu that effects the users person will have no effect if sent through the portal. Requirements | None Status | Private
  12. Jutsu Name | Seal Lock Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | S Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Fuuinjutsu Energy Cost | 100 Handsigns | Tiger-Rat-Boar-Ram Range | can cast it up to 10 meters Duration | 4 post Description | An anti fuuinjutsu seal that was developed to combat other fuuinjutsu type effects. This can be used on any seal that the user can see with their eyes up to 10 meters from their bodies. By activating this jutsu a seal will form over top the effected seal, locking it and preventing it from being activated. If something has already come out of the seal it can not go back in until the duration is over. If the seal is giving off any passive boost or effects those effects will end. After the fourth post the seal will vanish by itself, allowing the effected seal to once again be used. Other Effects | None Requirements | None Status | Closed
  13. Jutsu Name | Clinging Mist Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 Handsigns | Ram Range | Self (Effects the range of mist active when used) Duration | None (Follows the duration of the mist effected) Description | This justu can only be used while standing within a chakra based water vapor like mist or fog. The jutsu will cause the vapor to bind itself to the user, creating a connection between the user and the mist. The mist will retain its shape, range and duration, however will now follow the user where ever they go. The moment the jutsu is used it will become locked to the user, and will move in the same direction that the user is moving in. Other Effects | None Requirements | A water vapor based mist or fog created out of chakra must be present. Status | Open
  14. edited
  15. A second explosion had gone off in the middle of the night, piggy backing off of the first fire that was busy being quenched by the villages fire department. A few local shinobi had managed to arrive on scene, lending a helping hand to assist the efforts in putting out the flames. While things seemed to be getting better, the celebration was soon interrupted as another one lit up the dark sky. Three shinobi who were in the area decided that while the fire department was busy here, they could be used else where. With a second attack going off, it was confirmed these fires were not random, and instead were planned attacks. Gojyo, Meiko, and Chaohuan saw the explosion, knowing that since this one was deeper in the slums, it would take local authorities would take forever to get there. This was their duty, and as such each shinbo took off towards the second location. Running across roof tops and through dark ally ways, the trio would soon encounter each other, realizing that others were headed towards the fire.
  16. Just as he had thrown the final kunai, the mist barely had time to fill back in as another kunai came hurdling directly at him, aimed right for his face. A quick smirk had just enough time to form across his face as the Mizukage's right hand bolted upwards, meeting the ninja tool just in time for him to wrap his fingers around the handle. The thin black tip of the weapon was staring directly at him. inches away from burying itself into his face. He could not help but be impressed, not only was she still alive, but she had managed to stay healthy enough to counter attack. The last person he saw try this training ended up unconscious in a pool of blood. The fact that she was still able to put up a fight meant a lot. As he moved the kunai away from his face, Zarek could hear the young girl struggling against the wire leash, a faint shadowed image of her in the mist only feet from his location. Gripping the Kunai in his right hand the violet haired man approached Takara, the mist now fading as he ended the jutsu he had active. Her entire image came into view as the white curtain faded, revealing the damage he had inflicted. There were several cuts on her legs, with blood slowly sliding down her flesh from each wound. So he had managed to hit her a few times, and yet here she was, so full of energy and ready to fight. He wore a light whimsical smile this time, placing his left pointer finger on her nose. "Good job, i see you managed to survive." Removing the finger he leaned behind her and used the blade to cut the wire, releasing her from the restraint. "I am proud that you managed to deflect a few of my attacks, and were still able to retaliate with your own. However the training is not over just yet. Now i want you to show me just what you are able to do with no restrictions." As he spoke he pulled out another loose string of wire, and began to wrap it around his left arm and his torso, binding the arm to his body. He wrapped the arm so that his hand was free but the arm could not move. Now with only he right arm free he stepped back five feet, the smile never fading. "I want you to give me everything you have, no holding back ok? Hit me as if i were your enemy." He was already prepared, knowing that at any moment she would strike. The next few moments were going to be intense, he could tell, but this was about her, not him. He needed to gauge where she was skill wise, so that they could begin working on her weakness's.
  17. There was no cry of pain this time, maybe she was learning, quickly picking up on habits. He was impressed, this was a simple training exercise that did not really do anything in all honesty. The point here was to give all the power to Takara, to allow her time to figure things out on her own. It was the beginning of their training, and the primary goal here was to teach her that the strongest weapon she had access to was her own mind. The course of combat and the battlefield was always changing, and anything could happen at the drop of a dime. The real trick was to train yourself to be mentally prepared for whatever managed to come your way. He had learned along time ago that you could never really expect anything, and to always be ready. Her first kunai glided out of the mist right towards him, just like he had anticipated. Turning his body ninety degrees, Zarek watched as the weapon went flying right by him, disappearing into the mist. Waiting patiently he both heard and saw the second one break through the mist, aimed right for him. Again, his speed allowed him to side step this one with ease as well, however she was definitely making him work. With both kunai thrown he was sure she was finished. But he was not, she had proven that she was able to adapt to a situation, and devise a plan of action with dealing with an unknown enemy, but a real battle was never this simple, there was always plenty of things happening. He needed to overload her sense's. He remained where he stood for a second, pulling out five more kunai this time. "You must always keep your cool, and no matter what, remain calm during battle. Things can get pretty crazy, and the quickest way to die is to lose control of the situation." As he finished speaking Zarek would chuck the first kunai, then bolted to his left five meters, tossing the next one. Directly after throwing the second he would run towards her about a meter, then double back towards the right, throwing a third. Continuing to move forward he now brought himself up behind her, chucking the fourth, only to double back one more time, heading back to his starting location, firing the fifth and final kunai at her. These were all aimed low, not wanting to seriously injure her. However they would all be quick and well placed, the goal to over load her senses and give her to many things to react to. Chakra: 580-10= 570 Hidden Mist Technique -10 Chakra
  18. Its any mist or fog created by a jutsu. It gets complicated when you say only your mist, because what if two different mist techniques are active, does it separate the mist out? its just weird explaining it.
  19. He managed to hear the yelp cry out through the mist, signifying that the small black ninja tool had found its mark and managed to wound the girl. He had positioned it low enough so that even if she walked right into the weapon, it would not cause serious injury. What he was not prepared for was the sound of her own ninja tool leaving her hands and swooshing through the air. He could just barely make out the tiny metal object breaking the mist as it glided right towards his shoulder. Reacting the slender man side stepped just in time, letting the blade cut the very outer layer of fabric on his uniform. It matched the dozen of other tears cuts and scrapes the black jacket held. Taking a second, Zarek smiled, impressed that not only did Takara strike back, but if it was anyone other than him, the weapon might have found its mark and dug itself into the shoulder. Excited to continue the training he began to walk in the opposite direction, retracing his steps. His voice would echo out in the mist, reaming calm and collected, the kage not wanted to give her any sign that the weapon had barely missed him. As he slowly paced back around to his starting point he pulled out two kunai this time, both at once, with only one metal clicking noise filling the air. Taking one step to the side, putting himself about two feet from the sound of his click, he would toss both kunai, one first aimed at the same level, to catch the thigh, while the second one was released a second later, allowing it to travel through the air behind the first one. "An attack can come from anywhere, and can be disguised as anything. Skilled enemies will not show their true colors or make their attacks obvious. If something seems like one thing, there is always the potential for it to be another. Remember this, the hidden is always the most dangerous, and the least information you give your enemy, the bigger the advantage you have is." He would finish his statement, the last weapon being thrown just as he stopped. However he would keep walking, stepping back in the opposite direction once again, ready to dodge or block another thrown weapon. She was aggressive, which was not a bad thing, but she would need to learn patience at the same time. A battle could often be decided by who was best at keeping their head. Chakra: 590-10= 580 Hidden Mist Technique -10 Chakra
  20. I edited. Umm it is not restricted to ninjutsu, however ninjutsu is primary what its going to effect, since genjutsu wont really do anything and if i push a fuuinjutsu through it itll just put a seal on the same place that this seal was already placed on. I didnt want to restrict it just encase there was a weird application later on.
  21. The idea is that any jutsu can go through the seal. I am using my chakra to create the jutsu, then push it through the seal before it ever takes form. So any projectile or mid air attack will still go through. Its a weird application. However something that can not actually go through it will just fizzle, making me waste chakra. Like any jutsu that effects my person or something like the water razors that needs something to make it work. But no, if i created a fire ball, it will not form then go through the seal, the chakra will move through the seal then manifest the jutsu out of it. So using your example, yes i could shoot a fire ball with out needing to put my mouth to my hand.
  22. Jutsu Name | Water Surface Sealing Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Fuuinjutsu Energy Cost | +10 CP to cost of seal being applied Handsigns | Adds Serpent sign to the end of another fuuinjutsu seal Range | Range of applied seal Duration | Adds one post to duration of the effected seal Description | A unique fuuinjutsu that is not a seal on its own, but is an adaptation to other seals. By fusing ones water based chakra into forming a seal, the user can use this jutsu to apply a fuuinjutsu seal in their arsenal to the surface of a body of water or to the water molecules in a water based vapor like mist or fog. This jutsu gets tagged on to the end of a fuuinjutsu, which then allows the user to bind their chakra to the existing water (vapor) to hold the seal. The seal will remain attached until it is activated or its duration has ended. The seal must be placed on the surface as it normally would be (based on application of seal) but can be activated from a distance (based on range of seal effected). If the water or vapor would go away for whatever reason before the seal is activated, the seal will vanish with it. Other Effects | Can be used to apply seals to surfaces that are not solid as long as it is water based Requirements | None Status | Private
  23. Its binding itself to the water molecules in the mist, so its like a free floating seal, however if the mist is disturbed (blown away for example) the seal goes away