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  2. Kazai looked back, Leon had already finished the deed. When he mentioned breakfast, his stomach growled and he blushed, "Yeah, I'm sorry. I just wanted to get this done and over with. Maybe we can have some deer, bear, and squirrel for breakfast. Crab for lunch," By this time Kazai was already fantasizing about all the exotic meat they could eat as they slowly walked back, "Or lobster, I caught some yesterday. Wait, fish! We have an abundance of that. There is also clam. I wonder what krill taste like, I've heard they taste like nothing..." With that, he'd walk back to the compound with Leon behind him, spouting about all the food that the Odotai had. WC: 122 TWC: 702/500 Requests: 1000 Ryo and 30 EXP.
  3. That really sucks man. I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully, you can find some time in-between to come back Kaa-chan.
  4. Finally, Kazai was going on a mission where he didn't have to hunt down huge, not to mention, delicious crabs. Now he was going on an actual hunt and kill mission. The mission was to go into the deep jungle of the island, search for eerily glowing, rabid, foaming at the mouth animals, and then swiftly execute them where they stand. This wasn't going to be easy, the animals grew huge after chakra entered their pores and fueled their body, increasing their physical abilities even more than should be humanly possible. Kazai walked out of the compound where he would sleep and go over to a nearby one. The Odotai member opened the squeaky door to see Leon laying in his bed. Kazai would walk over and shake him, trying to wake him up. Leon had agreed last night that he would go on this mission with him, so he should be up and at it. If he got up, then he'd explain the mission to him. He'd either take off with or without his fellow Odotai member, and he was hoping with. Kazai would travel through the compound, and on to the island. He'd have to cover his eyes from the harsh ray of sunlight that attacked him, but then he'd be ready to go. Kazai ran across the fields and to the forest, this island was huge, so there was only one section of the forest that these animals had inhabited. With that in mind, he headed North, that's where he had spotted most of the animals. He'd subconsciously summon his gauntlets onto his fist. When he had gotten into the forest he hadn't seen or heard anything, it was just still silence. Then it turned into hell. All of a sudden three different animals had attacked him. One was a huge squirrel, another was a wolf, and the last one was a huge bear that towered over him. Thank goodness Kazai was faster than all of the animals, or else he'd be screwed. As the squirrel launched at him, he'd summon the claws from his gauntlets that would impale it through its chest easily. He'd then jump backward so he wouldn't be bitten by the wolf and crushed, or clawed, by the bear. His gauntlet covered hand reached into his pouch and pulled out a kunai, he wouldn't go down that easily. The wolf jumped at him and he slashed the kunai across its face, most likely its eyes by how much blood spurted out. The bear had almost gotten a shot on Kazai but thanks to his reflexes he'd be able to jump to the side and dash forward, stabbing the kunai directly into its chest. The bear growled in agony. Kazai's kunai hadn't gone deep enough so he had earned a huge arm against his body and sending him flying. He easily responded to that attack by sticking out his legs, jumping off a tree, pulling out another kunai and stabbing it into the back of the head. The wolf jumped towards him trying to bite him once again as he landed, but he put his gauntlet in the way. The wolf bit onto the gauntlet and he let the blades fly, destroying the wolf's head easily. Leon would have to deal with the other two chakra beast, but he'd help him if it was needed. WC: 580/500
  5. Kazai took in everything that was happening around him. Right now he'd be standing by Leon and watching as Dimi stomped on the kunai in mid-air to stop it, he'd take mental notes of this whole encounter. Instead of just playing it off as a mistake he'd throw the blade right back at Leon, directly at his heart. Kazai would jump backward to give the boy all the room he needed. All of a sudden he shot a stream of high pressured water to stop the kunai. It anti-climatically fell to the floor. Kazai realized if Leon hadn't stopped the blade, he would've been swiftly killed. The boy took more notes and concentrated more on what happened. Always aim to kill. The boy stopped being tense as the whole exchange ended. He took a deep breath in through his nose and out of his mouth. Leon had been examining him quite a bit since he got here, now that Dimi had arrived and said all that he had said, how did Leon not know that Kazai was an enemy, "From what Dimi said, how would you know I'm not an enemy. It's too late obviously as Dimi is here, and if I was an enemy I'd be dead right now, but you should keep your guard up Leon and so will I," Hopefully that would be a good lesson to his fellow Odotai Member, he wanted to help all of them become better so they could all reach their goals of making this world a better place. "Oh. What brings me out here? I was going to train for a bit, maybe work a bit with my gauntlets," As he said that they suddenly appeared in their hand. The hardest metal, that's what these gauntlets were made out of. They had chakra streaming through them to activate all of their abilities, and even debuff others, Kazai smiled at them before he made them disappear, "If you guys want to train, I'm up for it," He looked towards Dimi, "Shinrai left kind of early, so we didn't get much done, we could finish our training with Leon." The boy smiled, "Before we start, can I ask what you two specialize in, what kind of weapons you have, and what is your elemental affinity? I specialize in Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, and maybe Fuinjutsu or Medical Ninjutsu when I get the time. As you can see, my weapon is gauntlets, they're pretty cool actually if you want to hear more about them. My elements are Earth and Lightning. I can also utilize Explosion Release like one of our fellow Odotai members that I have yet to meet," As Kazai finished he'd look back towards Leon waiting for a response, and then turn to Dimi when it was his turn to speak after Leon. WC: 489 TWC: 1606
  6. Update Type | Equipment and Jutsu Update Name | All For One, Shuriken, and Kunai, [A-Rank] Explosion Release: Exploding Clones, Explosion Release: Giga Ball, Explosion Release: Exploding Palm, Explosive Clay: C1, Explosive Release: Explosive Clay Minions, Earth Encasement. Update Training | For Earth Encasement: Training Day (Open) Update Cost | My Ryo Afterwards: 3475 - 2500 (jutsu) - 100 (Kunai and Shuriken) = 875 Ryo Left Update Links | Kunai, All For One, Shuriken, Exploding Clones, Exploding Palm, Giga Ball, Explosive Clay C1, Explosive Clay Minions, Explosive Clay C2, Earth Encasement.
  7. Kazai refused to blush at her attempts of flirting again, she was being a nuisance rather than an asset. He turned towards Dimi with a nod, "I'll see you later, sir, I'm going to go do some missions for the Odotai and then maybe some late night training. Have a good day," Kazai would bow towards his leader once again and then jog out of the room. Maybe Kazai could help Shinrai understand a bit more about being an Odotai member. He didn't know a lot, he had just become one recently, but he knew there were boundaries that we shouldn't cross, and Shinrai had crossed them today. He honestly thought he was more mature than her at his age. [Exit] WC: 127 TWC: 2669 Requests: (store the WC for later use)
  8. Kazai easily ducked under the blade and jumped backward about five meters before the man could perform another attack. He created one hand seal, Rat, and then performed Raiton: Thunder Wave. The attack traveled at about Level 2 Speed, so he assumed that Dimi would be able to dodge it. He'd run backward as he charged a sphere of chakra in one hand and then surrounded lightning chakra around his other fist, he'd do this, he believed that he could! WC: 82 TWC: 1954
  9. Update Type | Ryo Update Name | 600 Ryo Update Training | http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/613-kazais-solo-island-missions/ Update Cost | 3275 Ryo afterwards Update Links | (same as Update Training)
  10. Not worthy of being an Odotai Member? Watch him, he'd prove his strengths. Kazai took some time to examine the compounds as they walked. The footsteps echoed on the metal ground as he examined the underground place known as the Odotai base. There were many different corridors and rooms, but they had finally reached the North Wing. Kazai stood across from Dimi, his eyes closed in anticipation, he didn't want to die here, and he couldn't lose anything valuable to him and the Odotai. His eyes shot open, his position shifted into one of great defense, and he growled out in determination. "You make the first move, sir," Kazai said calmly but aggressively. You could call it passive-aggressive. WC: 124 TWC: 1872
  11. Kazai's eyes literally opened to the size of saucers, what was this woman thinking? Sure, Kazai didn't know much about Dimi, but he knew that he was dangerous, and teasing him wasn't really making your life expectancy raise at all. He stopped sweating, and he didn't feel his inside churn and stir, he finally felt normal. Kazai didn't like this woman very much anymore, his demeanor changed entirely, once again. If she was going to make him feel this way, he didn't want to be anywhere near her. He would need to build a resistance, something that would allow him to be friends with her without wanting to decapitate her, and it'd take some time but they'd finally reach that point in their relationship. Or, you know, her head would be rolling into the ocean, and her body would be disposed of in a trash can somewhere. "I'd enjoy, and recommend for your safety, that you don't do that again Shinrai," Kazai's eyes flickered with anger, "I don't enjoy how that makes me feel. If we were to ever be partners I don't know if I could restrain myself from killing you right where you stood once you activated whatever you're doing. Try to control the jutsu, or maybe it's a bloodline if you didn't even know that it activated, well, I'm assuming from the look on your face when you looked over this way." Kazai started to walk towards Shinrai, his presence carrying danger and concentrated rage, "I'd also suggest that you don't make fun of our leader like that, show him the respect he deserves, what are you, an academy student? If you're in the Odotai, start acting like it." The green-and-black haired boy laughed cruelly out loud, "What's with this cocktail? Your hair almost gets cut off, and your ear drum is almost ruptured, but you show no sign of carrying, and you still ask for the cocktail bar! It's time to stop." The boy stopped, he was standing right in front of Shinrai, "If we're going to be partners, we need to work together," His cold and hard eyes softened, "We need to be able to utilize our certain traits, mix them together, and overall, show more respect for the people above us in ways we couldn't even imagine. Please, I'd love to work with you, but I can't have your ability being a boon in battle." Kazai would wait for her response. WC: 437 TWC: 2542
  12. Edited
  13. Kazai nodded, "I won't forget this training session Garou, I will learn from my mistakes and even my success, and use them to my advantage." As Garou walked away the boy would smile, he really liked the man, he felt as if he could slightly relate to him. The green-and-black haired boy started to walk away before his eyes widened, "We should go on a mission some time Garou, that'd be really nice, other than that I'll see you later!" Kazai ran off. He needed to learn more Earth and Lightning jutsu, they were quite intriguing. The chakra also tickled him when he used it, it was exhilarating! Off he went, strengthened more than before. [Exit] (No extra WC please)
  14. Kazai's eyes widened as he saw Leon throw that kunai in the middle of Dimi's feet. The boy had to force down a chuckle, and it came out in more of a choking cough. He couldn't believe that had just happened, that Leon had literally chucked a kunai at Dimi's feet. The boy would look towards Dimi and wait to see his reaction. (OOC: Sorry for the short post, I just don't have the writing drive right now.) WC: 69 (Got Em') TWC: 1177
  15. Update Type | Equipment, Jutsu, and Stats. Update Name | Rasengan, Lightning Fists, Odotai Masks, and various stats and specs. Update Training | Here and Here. 800 Ryo. Update Cost | 2,200 Ryo. Update Links | Rasengan, Lightning Fist, Odotai Mask.