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  1. Name | Amon Kurosaki Nickname | AU or Amon of the Storm Title Name | N/A Gender | Male Age | 21 Birth Date | July 19th Hair Color | Navy Blue Eye Color | Black Height | 6'1 Weight | 137 lbs Appearance | Amon resembles a young and vibrant young boy despite his dark blue hair and blue eyes, which would seem un-normal to the normal populace who judge his blackened eyes, which is very common and considered normal where Amon originated from before arriving in Abraxas. He has light skin that is subject-able to getting easily sun-burnt, but nonetheless never seems to or even gain some sort of skin tan, despite how long Amon spends his time out exploring, with various scars underneath his clothing which Amon seems to be extremely cautious and conscious about. He always seems to have mostly a happy or angry expression when people come near him, as these are the only two emotions that people have ever seen on his face, and so has become iconic for being angry and happy when around people, though sometimes the expressions don't match his true feelings, so it might be truly hard to figure out what he really is feeling. Amon wears a blue leather jacket with two pockets on the front, along with a red scarf with a little tiny silver anchor on it. Under his scarf and jacket he wore a simple white shirt with one blue line running down its middle. For pants he wears dark grey jeans with black military boots. He can also commonly be seen with his sword on his back. Village | N/A Clan | Uchiha Village Ranking: | Chuunin Shinobi Ranking | B Element(s) | Water/Lightning Specialties | Ninjutsu(Adept)/Fuuinjutsu(Novice) Bloodline | Uchiha Favorable | Learning: As a scholar enjoys learning about different things in the world be it history, math, science, or whatever strategy games: With such a high intelligence level he enjoys to make strategies for battle and playing these games helps him improve that skill Listening to music:Amon is a firm believer that music is expression and he believes that everybody should be able to express themselves. Unfavorable | Overly sweet food: Amon is very into fitness and such things so he believes that he should eat a healthy diet Limitations of his body: He wishes to take away the limits of his body so that he can be as strong as possible Being deceived: He believes loyalty and honesty is the best quality a person can have Inferiority: He strives to be the strongest fighter and hates to be inferior to people but will gladly praise people’s abilities Personality | Amon Irving is a man that just may have something mentally wrong with him. He’s lack empathy is astounding. He is a man that really cares for little beyond the brim of his nose, perhaps his abusive drunk of a father, or weak slut of a mother ways of raising him has led him to have this odd behavior. What does this mean you may ask? Well for starters Amon is in it for him and him alone, while yes he does have friends and as mentioned in the earlier sentence he has family but at the end of the day he would slit all their throats for his own pleasure. He looks out for himself first and foremost. Well now you must be thinking this man is evil, he would kill a child if they had something he wanted and you would be close in your assumption; as they say though, when you assume you make an ass out of you and me and that is just what you did. Amon is not evil nor is he good, he just is. He finds pleasure in getting his way but to get one’s way does not always have to be violent nor does it have to be honorable. So you’re reading this and thinking “Wow okay, so this guy just does what he wants no matter if it is good or bad? So he’s neutral to the law?” and I’d tell you, that you are getting warmer. Amon understands the need for laws and will obey them when he needs to, he’s not going to go around robbing people of house and home...but he’s not above doing that either. He will obey the laws until they come to a point that gets in his way. He is not the type to go around murdering or stealing for shits and giggles, he finds no instant pleasure in taking a life. But like I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, he will take pleasure in getting his way. If he kills a person this will trigger no emotions unless it was his desire to kill in the first place. So now we get that Amon has no real empathy and kind goes with the flow right? Well he also loves to play games with people. “Are we all gonna get together and play a fun round of Monopoly or Clue?” you think and bluntly no. The games he plays are more on a mental level than a physical. He likes to pit people against each other, he likes to trick people into believing he is something he is not. Amon is not dumb, he knows that he is gifted with weapon wielding talents, he was just never given a proper teaching on how to wield the weapons. While Amon fights in battle he is rather careful, he does after all value himself over others. This mentality makes him not the best when it comes to team fights, due to the fact that he does not go out of his way to save others. He is relentless to an enemy that he can beat, he toys with them, breaking their spirit and then their body. If/when he is fighting under a leader he will listen to them up until the point that what they tell him to do goes against his main instinct of looking out for himself. Do not think that Amon will ever take it easy on any enemy, he will not show mercy at all, he will win at all cost. Philosophy & Beliefs | "The ends always justify the means!" History & Background | Amon was born to a couple of travelling merchants, right outside of the lightning village. Amon grew up following behind his merchant parents receiving no proper schooling. Instead Amon would teach himself using the books that he came into possession of along his travels. By the age of 8 he had taught himself the basics of ninjutsu, and by the age of 9 he had left his parents care to become an orphan in the village of lightning so that he could join their ninja academy. While a member of the village, Amon was often secluded and didn't have many friends. The closest thing to a friend was his master Saruko Kurosaki, a Jonin level ninja who was a native to the village. The two trained together almost every day, and after a year the two had began to live together with Saruko even adopting Amon as his own son. Soon after Saruko adopted him the village and its people began to accept the young boy a lot more. By the age of 15 he would reach the rank of chuunin. He took two attempts at the chuunin exam before he would finally pass. As a chuunin Amon would train harder and harder, focusing more on his ability to use the sharingan. His father Saruko saw this as a problem due to the fact it made Amon a target to those who wish to steal the dojutsu. Saruko placed a seal on Amon's sharingan making it unusable to the boy and making it unusable to anyone who tried to steal it. Amon grew angry and bitter with his father's decision to practically eliminate his true bloodline's abilities from him. And so with his sharigan sealed and his anger at a all time high he fled his home and changed his sir name from Uchiha to Kurosaki, like his adoptive father. Amon would then wander the world looking for a way to unseal his eyes, so that he may take revenge on his adoptive father for trying to "eliminate" his bloodline.
  2. Bloodline Name | Kiseimu Possessors | Up to 3 members of the clan Appearance | Strange scar on their chest directly above their heart, which appears to be large veins spreading outwards. Abilities | KKG Name: Mushikoro or "Mind Worm" KKG Description: A select few within the Kiseimu clan are bonded with a specially bred parasite called the Mushikoro, or Mind Worm. This parasite is very strong, but doesn't have a mind of it's own, contrary to it's name. When bonded with the host, the worm burrows into the chest of the subject, and then melds into the user's heart. The heart becomes warped, tougher and more efficient, and then this spreads throughout the user's body, fully combining the host and the parasite. Within a few years, the parasite and the host are completely joined as one, although the parasite's body is still within and around the host's heart. This parasite amplifies the mental capabilities of the host, making their mind run faster, and makes their body more efficient as well, giving them more physical stamina. The real power of the parasite, however, is it's ability to assimilate. Assimilation: The host has essentially been integrated into the main body of the parasite, and thus acts as a central Hive Mind. The user can use jutsu to manipulate and stimulate the parasite's cells within their body, making them a living vat of medical goo. This means that the user can devour something biological, and incorporate certain aspects of the biological matter into their own body. This ranges from things such as growing wings from a bird to fly after eating the bird, to something exotic, like venomous fangs from eating a cobra. The clan member has great control of which aspects get through, and most of these are jutsu based. True Assimilation: When the user reaches Master in Medical jutsu, they are able to perform special surgeries on themselves to permanently give them an aspect of something biological. This could be the ability to create spider webs, manifest extra arms, etc. These are all permanent. This follows the Transplant rules, with the only exception being that jutsu involving these permanent body modifications do not have increased word/ryo counts to learn or chakra costs to perform. During this time, the user will encase themselves in a embryonic sac that partially resembles a cocoon, as their body undergoes the evolution. They can use this method to implant other kekkei genkai or doujutsu into themselves, but the normal penalties and restrictions apply. The Swarm: The user, once they have permanently assimilated the ability to lay eggs, can create modified versions of different beings they have eaten. This takes the place of a summoning contract, meaning the user can not form a summoning contract, no matter what. This allows the user to create chimeras and other things from their own body, and the beings are linked mentally to the user. The beings created must be in the same topic as the user. Weaknesses | Must have healing as primary spec Chakra Cost | N/A