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  1. Hah hid@n!!!!
  2. Raikiri Jutsu Name | Lightning Cutter (Raikiri) Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | S-Rank Element(s) | Lightning - Raiton Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 100 (50 initial, 20 upkeep) Handsigns | Ox → Rabbit → Monkey Range | 30-meter distance ( 25-meter Aoe ) Duration | Instant Description | Kakashi later demonstrated the ability to imbue a projectile weapon, such as a kunai, with his Lightning Cutter, granting the technique long-range capabilities. In this instance, the kunai was capable of piercing through multiple large rocks with ease, without any loss of momentum or change in trajectory. Other Effects | The Lightning Cutter is an enhanced and concentrated form of the Chidori with the same effects and drawbacks. Requirements | Chidori Status | Open
  3. Name | Sezumi Uchiha Nickname | The Flying Zumi Title Name | The Speed Machine Gender | Male Age | 14 Home Link | N/A Village | Water Village Clan | Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Specialties | Ninjutsu ( Beginner) Bloodline | Uchiha Stamina | 100 SP Chakra | 200 CP Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | N/A Friends & Family | N/A Recent History | June, 105 A.S. 4 Missions June, 105 A.S. 2 Missions July 105 A.S The Awaken Of The First Tomoe
  4. Mission b rank Update Type | Mission Update Name | B rank mission Update Training | N/A Update Cost/Pay | Update Link | Mission b rank
  5. It truly hurt when that young lady chosen to be a genuine officer taking a chance with her life for us. His certainty all of a sudden dropped truly in a method for where he lost expectation. Zumi observed all that she was stating. He appreciated her and whatever remains of the group yet having that straight feeling as though he was forgotten. He felt distinctive contrasted with his friends. They were more seasoned and more quick witted however the youthful shinobi saw how things were for him. They just needed to ensure and pay special mind to each other figure he didn't have that sort of bond. Particularly Rei, a solid pioneer who can comprehend his partners. Not until the point that Kiyoko was the person who might enter the hot steam. Everybody was doing their part and stepping forward. At that point, Rei showed up applauding his on his shoulder. It felt so unique. So delicate and frosty. A warm welcome to advise him that it's great to have this level of bravery, yet having this quite a bit of strength requires determination... furthermore, certainty. He let these words simmer for a while he needed to. "Much obliged to you, Rei for your kind words. I thought I was only, in the end, you reminded me and am happy." there wasn't no time for Bromance. Shit must be done as congratulated. He proceeded onward to sit tight for guidelines. Meiko was an exceptional young lady who is an ace at Medic. Keeping her behind us is securing the employment. Everybody had a section to do. It came inevitably when everybody was given an undertaking to do. When Rei summoned his genuine monster otherwise known as his serpent it looked cool. Sezumi was requested to take the south it wasn't confused as he made his turn. He contemplated internally while shielding the gathering from the threat. Then he thought for a while. What would it be advisable for me to enhance? Ok, yes all the more training with others what else? He would laugh for a bit. No, what I ought to do is visit my uncle. Yes, I believe that is it… I am a prevalent ninja Afterall. nobody can crush me. I have the immense Sharingan. He at that point would haul out his Katana. Hold up no I should execute my comrades...I feel that will make me stronger. He at that point would think for two or three seconds. No, I shouldn't do that isn't right. He at that point would put his entire hand all over. Once in a while, I am a shit-head my choice dependable drives me to either being executed or gets me killed. I comprehend I've been through harsh circumstances particularly losing my folks at a youthful age. Yet at the same time, I have to change.. He at that point would raise his arm and then look at his hand. " I truly need to comprehend what the significance of comrades is before I turn things around." After all the franticness considerations he at that point would sit tight for basic directions from and the squad holding up quietly. WC:529
  6. Yes, we as a whole rejoined. For the reality, these individuals looked great. I ain't discussing love down here basically saying these did not regard hang out with. Indeed, things were pushing forward and it was the ideal opportunity for the youthful shinobi to proceed onward. They all made some fabulous introduction's however gracious well Zumi held up when Rei said about being ready. All things considered, for the reality, he was constantly arranged for challenges. Time moved as they came to their goal the hot steam was high on the temperature where Zumi was excited for this. The discussion started where it was the ideal opportunity for the individual to enter this hot bubbling child of a creature. " I am constantly prepared to do it, yet the issue is I could bite the dust since I go hard doing this." he at that point thinks for a second. " damn no I am going in." he at that point would ask the Kiyoki. " How about you? [forgive me bubblys I woke up and seem to have some nublys sorry for I posted late.]
  7. It came in the long run where it was the ideal opportunity for him to go on a mission with a gathering. This B-rank beyond any doubt got him glad additionally meeting his companions would make him more joyful. He went out while using his katana in the face of his good faith. Zumi at that point made a beeline for the where he would be meeting his squad. At the point when Rei specified about security, he shook his head. He appeared like a decent person who might comprehend with regards to awful circumstances. And after that this young lady by name as Meiko Tokiyama presented herself. She had a quick presentation. That didn't trouble him, yet he answered. "Ah, My name is Sezumi Uchiha." he stopped. " yet am known as Zumi for short." he would then sit tight calmly for the following guidelines. WC:145
  8. Konan: 27Kisame: 20Hidan: 31Obito: 21 Kill Obito, Save Kisame
  9. Konan: 27Kisame: 20Hidan: 31Obito: 21 KIll Obito, Save Kisame. ;-;
  10. Konan: 27Kisame: 20Hidan: 31Obito: 21 Kill Obito, Save Kisame
  11. Update Type | jutsu Update Name | Sharingan Update Training | Sharingan Update Cost/Pay | N/A Update Link |Sharingan Sharingan
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  13. |Sezumi Uchiha| |Private District| |Training Field| Sezumi awakening after a long snooze. He cherishes missions as he has been accomplishing for as far back as days. A rest was required in this way, off he got off his overnight boardinghouse to begin on his day. He eats his most loved nourishment and does what he would do day by day. At that point, wrapping up everything and hauling out his Katana putting it behind is back.He gone out and straight went to the preparation field. The climate was sunny a brilliant heavenly day for Zumi to prepare. He set down and begun to gaze at the cloud contemplating how hard he grew up without a family nor having numerous friends close by. Before long, he would sit up and be prepared to train. The Zumi WordCount:127
  14. |Sezumi Uchiha| |Private District| |Training Field| He chose to take a short rest yet rather, something little showed up. It was loud disturbances happening he didn't appreciate what it was. Regardless, it had a longing for something so he stood up and researched. He felt stimulated and was stacked with joy however what he saw was this mammoth going wild in the arrangement he was in. It was furor until the point that he started to lift tree's and going crazy goodness Zumi loves strong opponents. He out of the blue started to feel torment in his eyes and he didn't know why. Suddenly, he started to walk around the individual it took him a couple of moments meanwhile he was walking dodgy. He talked in a tone of arrogance. " You, what are doing?" he would sit tight for a response as he would place his katana behind his back. WordCount: 141
  15. Sharingan unlock.
  16. Konan: 24 Kisame: 21 Deidara: 4 Hidan: 31 Obito: 20 Save Kisame, Kill Deidara Like this
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  19. Update Type | jutsu Update Name | Demonic Demonic Double false Update Training | N/A Update Cost/Pay | 2 C-Ranks 400ryo Update Link | Demonic illusion Demonic illusion Double