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  1. Won’t be back until Aug 18th at the latest due to moving/vacation/other IRL things. Might pop back a day or two earlier than the date stated, depending on the situation.
  2. At the entrance of the Flame Village stood a girl, donning her usual formal attire. Wrapped around her body was a white cloak. Patting the medium sized sling bag, which was covered by her cloak, the young girl would stare at the village where she had spent nearly two decades living in. This was the place where she had grown up and flourished as a kunoichi, but all things must come to an end and thus, it was time to say goodbye. It was surely saddening, but she needed to move on. As much as it had been joyful to live in the Flame Village, the girl could not foresee herself staying in the damned village which had its fair share of miseries. She had made sure to drop by the village elders to notify them that she was passing the title down and leaving the village. She trusted the village elders to notify the new leader of the village of her leave. She knew the right thing was to notify him of her leave herself, but she couldn't bring herself to see him. Perhaps he'd declare her as a missing ninja after this and honestly, she wouldn't have cared. All she knew was that she needed to get out of the village. It should also be noted that she wasn't leaving out of spite; it was more so her desire to travel to places and see the wonders of the world. Perhaps one day, she'd make another village her home. Perhaps she'd come back to the Flame Village one day. No one really knew, not even Yuri herself. Turning her back towards the village, the girl would walk past the gate and head down the path where she'd close this chapter of her life. It was time for a new chapter, after all. Till then. Bye losers. [Exiting Flame Village]
  3. Upon hearing Daichi's words, the female's head hung low. Massaging her temples once again, the girl tried to calm the raging headache which would once again attack her in waves. As a grimace crawled up her face, Yuri would look up and face the window. Looking into the distance, the kunoichi bit her lower lip. This was her chance to get out of this mess; once and for all. She would no longer have to deal with the pressure of being the 'perfect' Kage. She would no longer have to deal with people gossiping about how undeserving and incapable of her to lead a village. She would no longer have to worry about protecting the village. She would at last have a peace of mind. To be frank, all those didn't sound too bad. She'd finally be free from everything and everyone. Upon that thought, a small smile crept onto her lips. Who would have thought that she'd finally break under the pressure after only a year of taking the title. She was so determined to prove people wrong, but that didn't seem to be the case. The kunoichi quickly wiped the smile off her face. Turning around to face the crowd, Yuri would look upon her desk. Opening a drawer, she'd stare at the contents for a couple of seconds. Inside, both tucked neatly, were her headband and cloak. Grabbing both of those items, she gently closed the drawer and returned her attention to the group of shinobi standing before her. Taking a deep breath, the kunoichi would lean into her seat, "Good luck." Performing the required hand seals, the female performed the substitution jutsu, switching herself with a block of wood which sat beside a shop situated ten meters away from the Hikage Tower. As the puff of smoke stretched its claws around the room, what was left in her seat was a block of wood. Reappearing ten meters away from the Hikage Tower, Yuri would look at it one last time. This had been the place where she'd spent most of her for a year; she was almost unwilling to leave it behind, but she needed to put her past behind. And thus on that day, Yuri would lead her way back home to start a new chapter of her life. [Exit; giving Daichi Kage title and stuff blablabla idk]
  4. Annoying. Too many people. Get out. What made the receptionist think that she'd allow this many people to enter her office at once? Looking at the individuals who entered the room, Yuri was unfazed. Their faces seemed familiar; ones she had seen from documents detailing the village's shinobi forces and thus she knew that these weren't complete strangers. The room was then filled by a short-lived silence which came to end as a result of one of those individuals. To be frank, she didn't have much to say after listening to the speech delivered by one of them. As if that wasn't enough, another one decided to wrap off the speech by a little something-something of his own. Staring at the redheaded male who was the last to speak, Yuri remained silent. She remembered him from an incident which occurred some time ago. He seemed eager to receive orders then, but hey, people change. Cocking her head ever so slightly to the right, the female stared at the door. She could have sworn that she heard a gentle knock on the door a couple minutes back, but perhaps she was going crazy and was just imagining that. Shrugging her shoulders, the girl dismissed the thought. Crossing her right leg on top of the other, she continued to stare at the man. They could have a staring contest all day; that would be better than doing stupid paperwork anyway. Letting the speech delivered by one of the shinobi in her office run through her head, the kunoichi was somewhat lost in thought. A split second would pass before the girl spun her chair around, waving her right hand towards the company in the office. Staring out the window, the girl uttered, “Go on, keep talking. I am listening.” As of then, Yuri was willing to listen to what the small crowd had to say.
  5. [Short because I am not awake enough nor am I in the mood to write long posts] Massaging her pulsing temples, the young girl closed her eyes as her head hung low. As of late, she has been stressed for reasons which was unidentifiable by Yuri herself. Perhaps it was due to the chain of events that has been happening in the village as of late. She was aware of the posters and whatnot lying around but has not bothered to do anything regarding these events. She was basically doing the total opposite of what a leader should have done. At that point, did she even deserve the spot as the leader of a village? Definitely not, but one thing was for sure, she wasn't about to step down. In other words: Fuck you and your opinions and stuff :^ ) Opening her eyes, she continued to stare at the the desk and continued to massage her temples. As her raging headache started to subside, the door to her office creaked open, followed by an army of footsteps. No knocks, no notice, no nothing. The girl internally groaned as her eyes flew shut as her headache started to flare up once again. How dramatic. Annoying. Get out. Leave me alone. Taking a deep breath, the young kunoichi would lift her head to face the owners of the footsteps; her room was then filled with a number of individuals. Leaning back into her seat, her gaze would bounced between the individuals who has entered her office without notice. She had nothing to say then so perhaps this would turn into a staring contest or at least that was what she hoped for as she wasn't (and probably never will be) in a mood to talk.
  6. Hola, just decided to post this to formally state that I need to take a break, I suppose. I know I haven't been active since I joined the site which was partly (or mostly?) due to bad timing on my side with school and stuff which affected me pretty badly, I dunno; I shall spare you the sob story. Anyway, I'm gonna take a break, get my life together, make decisions, bla bla bla. I'm not saying that I am leaving the site—you guys are not that lucky—just saying that I will be absent for a while (lmao like that is new, who am I kidding) to sort out my existential crisis and figure life out. I might (or am planning to) be back by the end of the month. I know this is a lot to ask considering my streak of inactivity, but I'd really appreciate if you'd leave my character alone in her seat in the office until I came to a decision (which is hopefully by the end of the month?). Send me wholesome memes plz kthxbai. Cheers.
  7. Watching the Denkikage sign the agreement, the girl would lean into her seat while waiting for the paper to reach her. Pursing her lips as the man pressed his bloody thumbprint or whatever on the contract, Yuri sat up straight. Thoroughly reading over the contents of the paper, she quickly left her signature beside the Denkikage’s. Following his action, she left a bloody thumbprint as well because… well, why not? Passing the paper back to the Mizukage, it was time for the girl to fill in the silence with a suggestion followed by listening for responses by the other two leaders in the rooom. Upon hearing the words of the Mizukage, the kunoichi shrugged her shoulders as a response. Perhaps, it seemed rude and unprofessional, but at that point, that facade of professionalism or whatever has shattered after her hey-let’s-sign-the-contract-in-blood suggestion. Less work for me, I suppose, she thought to herself. Eyeing the Denkikage as he took his leave, Yuri stood up and bowed in response. Flicking her hair back, the female sat in her chair and leaned against the table, “I am fine with that as well.” Her response was curt as she didn't have much to say. Should she have offered manpower to assist the Water Village with the event? Perhaps; it was something which she needed to consider thus if need be, she would send a couple people to help with anything. Letting silence fill the room, the kunoichi would eye the door, “Uh, I also need to take my leave. Duty calls. Till next time,” the young girl stood up, bowed and swiftly exited the room. She needed to get back to the village because… well just because. [Exit]
  8. Listening to the words of the Denkikage, Yuri cocked her head to the right as his speech came to an end. Pursing her lips, a small chuckle escaped past her lips upon hearing Nuilin’s comments. Quickly suppressing it, she hoped that the other two didn’t catch it; after all, it was a serious meeting filled with serious things to talk about so she should be serious too or something. Since she was the youngest out of the three, Yuri felt the need to present herself in a serious manner. There was perhaps the fear that the other two Kage would view her as childish and unfit for the position which she held, which may or may not be true, but alas that is another discussion for a different occasion. Back to the situation–how should the three of them seal the deal? “I actually agree with… your daughter. Sealing the deal in blood seems fitting,” What. Pausing for a moment, she bit her lower lip. Pull yourself together, the kunoichi shouted in her head before clearing her throat, “Uh… A written contract with our signatures, on the other hand, is also a good option,” Awkward. Goodbye professionalism and seriousness. Dismissing her actions, the kunoichi quickly continued to address the other two Kage, “Oh and as for spreading awareness regarding this treaty, I believe a public service announcement should suffice. This treaty is after all… a risk, so I may call, that the three of us of have chosen to take. It takes a lot of trust to establish an alliance and breaking it would, of course, lead to consequences. I personally do not believe in violence; violence begets violence. So, should one of us break the deal, shall we try and settle the dispute peacefully before doing anything rash?" Pausing for a second, she continued, "After all, we should be the ones setting positive examples for others to follow and one way of doing that is by being… well, peaceful rather than violent towards one another.” Studying the faces of the other two, Yuri pursed her lips for a moment. Was that the right thing to say? Who knows. Either way she was open to what the other two leaders had to say. Wrinkling her nose as the smell of smoke slowly crept across the room, she eyed the Denkikage. Tying in to what he last said, he came up with the suggestion of capturing criminals hailing from the respective villages. Bingo book; administered to all shinobi; yes or no? Deciding to answer first this time around, she sat up, “Sounds good. Though, perhaps we should limit the distribution of those books to only those of Jounin–maybe Chuunin–rank and above. I’d much rather not involve those of lower rank with criminals.” Looking pointedly at the Mizukage, Yuri await for his views on the Denkikage’s suggestion. Fast forward to the silence which filled the room, it was time for Yuri to make a suggestion of her own, “On a completely unrelated note, I suppose, I’d like to hear your thoughts on a joint Chuunin Exam. It could be a way to commemorate the unified village treaty and improve relations between our shinobi force. Of course, we wouldn’t be doing this straight way; The logistics of such an event needs to be discussed beforehand. I personally would much rather have this happen sometime in the near future. This will allow the potential candidates to prepare themselves for it and whatnot. Since I did bring this up, I would like to take up the responsibility of hosting the first one, unless either one of you would like to host it instead.”
  9. Shrugging her shoulders, the girl turned on her heel and started to walk the other way. Clearly, Yuri was a blockhead who couldn’t read Essien’s body language which screamed his need of a rest in the shade due to the scorching hot sun. Looking straight ahead, she assumed that the two would follow her steps. Biting her lower lip, she racked her brain for things to ask or talk about–anything to create a conversation and avoid silence. Life is hard when one is socially awkward. Fast forward, she’d start with simple questions: general things such as what they were up to being out on such a hot day, a little something about themselves, hobbies and whatnot. She figured it was better to start with general small talk before transitioning to more serious questions: goals, dreams, so on and so forth. Figuring out their philosophies seemed like a good idea while casually wandering around the village. Seconds, minutes, perhaps an hour or so, would pass by before the Hikage tower was within five meters away from the trio. Turning to look at the tower, she saw a familiar face pacing around her office. Tearing her gaze away from the tower, Yuri bounced her attention between both Momiji and Essien, “Well, duty calls and thus it is now time for me to take my leave,” Yuri paused for a moment before continuing, “If you need anything, feel free to drop by my office and we can have a little chat about it. Till then, farewell.” Ending it with a small smile and a little wave, the girl walked away, leaving the two on their own. [Exit or something]
  10. Listening to his words with a bank look on her face, the kunoichi nodded several times. Biting her lower lip, she took a step back, “Right… Uh I’ll… notify you should there be any problems. A group of shinobi has been dispatched to scout the area, so I suppose everything will be just fine.” Followed by a pause that lasted for a moment, she took another step back, “Thank you for telling me. If possible, do thank your sister on my behalf for taking care of the girl who fainted. Oh, and if any other problems or the like arise, do drop by my office.” Her head dipped in a bow before she started to walk away. As of then, she needed to tell the others about Fa Zheng. Oh, and pay Ash Girl a visit of course. [Exito]
  11. The tiny, gray specks of ashes imitated the appearance of dirty snow, toning down the vibrant colors of the sunset; the sky was then a drab hue of gray. Walking towards the nearest window, Yuri opened it and rested her right hand against the frame. Down below, she could hear the chattering of villagers and shinobi alike, all presumably surprised by the sudden change in weather. Watching the ashes from a recent volcanic eruption rain down the village, the girl was lost in thought. It wasn’t long before a series of knocks on the door interrupted her train of thoughts, causing the girl to slam the window shut. Turning away from the window, she ran towards her table and sat in her chair, staring at the stack of paper which sat on her desk. Pretending to be working on the paperwork in front of her, she lifted her head to meet the eyes of the man who confidently waltzed into the office. Bearing the news of a volcanic eruption from Yougan Touchi, he began his speech; according to him, a group of shinobi has been dispatched to scout the area for any casualties and the like. As the end of his short-lived speech came to an end, the man swiftly excused himself and exited the room. The room was then filled with silence. A split second passed before the girl stood up and walked towards the nearest window once again. Opening it, she climbed out of the window and jumped down towards the nearest rooftop, one that rose to a rather unimpressive height compared to the Hikage tower. Scanning the area, there really wasn’t much to see as her vision was obscured by the blanket of haze which covered the village. It would be pointless to climb atop the Hikage tower to get a better view of the village. The kunoichi dropped into a crouch and puffed her cheeks, her nose wrinkling as a response to the intense ashy smell which filled her surroundings. As she wasn’t able to see much from the rooftop, the next best thing was to check the heart of the village. Perhaps the dwellers of the village have decided to ignore this occurrence and continue on with their lives; perhaps that wasn't the case. That was something that she needed to find out. Jumping towards the nearest rooftop, she quickly made her way towards the village center. A minute passed before Yuri settled on some random rooftop, watching the hustle and bustle of the village. It was then when a girl, covered in ashes, weaved her way through the crowd before stopped by a boy. It wasn’t long before two other individuals approached Ash Girl, both trying to figure out what she had to tell. Glancing down, Yuri watched the drama featuring two girls, a boy, and a much older man unfold. Their faces seemed familiar, but did she know any of their names? Of course not. The drama was quite fast paced and pretty uneventful other than the fact that one of the girls, namely Ash Girl herself, fainted. Not long after, the boy distanced himself from the others and exited the scene (or well, attempted to exit the scene). Climbing down the roof of whatever building it was, Yuri would stop the boy in his tracks. Although Ash Girl’s speech was mostly unintelligible, one word caught her attention: Hikage. Yuri, of course, needed to find out what Ash Girl over there had to tell.
  12. [All useless filler fluff; don’t read. Skip to last paragraph plez] Yuri froze as the girl who stood in front of her took a half step forward. Why is- her thought was interrupted by the girl’s sudden announcement, declaring her name for the whole world to hear. Personally, Yuri thought that it was slightly unnecessary to be that loud, but who was she to judge this girl’s actions, amirite? Momiji Shuusei. A name that she hoped she would remember but would probably not. Not because she didn’t like the girl, but because she was bad with names. However, it didn’t matter; all she needed to do was remember her face which should not be too difficult given her distinctive appearance. Shifting her attention towards a newcomer, Yuri eyed the boy. All black and a mask. Who does he think he is? A member of the ANBU? Bouncing her attention between the two individuals who stood near her, she felt… slightly awkward? Being socially inept, she felt as if she needed to do something. Anything. Letting the silence fill in the space between them, Yuri pursed her lips as Momiji posed a question (or two) directed towards the boy, which was greeted by even more silence. So… are we going to waste time staring at each other or…? As if being able to read her thoughts, the masked boy sprung into action; it wasn’t long before he broke a nearby branch and started to write something on the ground. As the boy drew the words on the ground, Yuri raised an eyebrow. Perhaps he didn’t want to speak? Or maybe he couldn’t speak? Shrugging her shoulders, she dismissed her thoughts. Reading the words he had written, the kunoichi racked her brains in search for the name which seemed familiar. Eyeing his mask, her gaze followed the boy as he jumped onto a nearby roof, waved, and jumped back down. Blinking a couple of times, her head was blank. She didn’t know whether it was a signal of some sort or whether he was just putting on a show. It was then when he took off his mask which covered his face. Not impressive, but what was she expecting? Continuing his chain of actions, the boy scribbled something on the ground. Staring at the words, a series of questions ran through her mind: The palace? What palace? Is he talking about my house? Or maybe the administrative building? Or maybe an actual palace nearby that I am not aware of? Wait, is he the stalker? Bringing her face up, she cocked her head to the right, “What palace? Do you mean the Hikage tower?” Pausing for a split second, the girl would continue, “But uh… I am out on a walk… Would you two like to go on a walk with me?” She didn’t know whether she’d be perceived as weird or creepy in any way—remember stranger danger kids—but it didn’t hurt to ask. Should both of them refuse her offer, it would then be time to bid them farewell and make her way to Hell her lovely office.
  13. It wasn't long before she felt a presence appear behind her, perhaps closer than she expected. Turning around, her eyes met the eyes of a girl, presumably to be around her age. Blinking a couple of times, Yuri took a step back as to put some distance between the two of them. Scanning the girl from head to toe, the kunoichi took another step back. Her face seemed familiar; maybe it was one of the faces she had seen while sifting through the files of the village's shinobi force. Hearing an apology from her, Yuri raised an eyebrow before shaking her head followed by an awkward response, "No.. it's okay...?" She wasn't sure what the girl was apologizing for, but whatever it was, it seemed right to answer with the response above albeit the awkwardness... right? Was she the one stalking me? Yuri thought to herself as she studied the girl. The fact that she was out of breath did contribute to the assumption but maybe she was mistaken? Maybe it was someone else stalking her and this girl happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Shaking off her thoughts, Yuri bit her lip before filling the short-lived silence, "Oh, uh.. I have yet to introduce myself. I am Yuri." Choosing to leave her last name out, the female's brief introduction was followed by a short bow as a greeting. Should I have bowed or not? Do young people bow to each other as a greeting? Is she going to think I'm weird for bowing? Why am I overthinking this? Why do I care if she thinks I'm weird or acting like an old person? Pursing her lips, the kunoichi finished her greeting with a small smile because supposedly, a smile makes everything better. Just as she was done, another figure approached the two. Dressed in black from head to toe, he seemed sketchy; who in their right mind would dress like that in such hot weather, amirite? Staring at the newcomer, Yuri cocked her head to the right. Another one..? Despite her initial judgmental outlook, the kunoichi greeted the boy with a short nod and a small smile because as mentioned before, a smile apparently makes everything better.
  14. Mission Name | You’ve Got Mail Mission Type | Service; Flame Village exclusive Ranking | D Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | N/A Mission Description | The Flame Village’s courier ninja/mailmen are busy and short-staffed. Your job is to assist at the post office and act as a temporary postal worker; this includes anything from sorting out mail or parcels to delivering them out. Word Count | 400 words Requirements | Be of Genin rank or above
  15. Mission Name | Defend the Wall Mission Type | Service; Flame Village exclusive Ranking | B Repeatable? | Yes; once per character Mission NPCs | Old lady; basic C-Rank abilities Mission Description | An old woman has been spotted near the village’s east wall multiple times, acting shady. Despite her outer appearance, it is believed that she has received basic ninja training; her abilities is equivalent to that of a C-Rank shinobi. Intel is assuming that she is planning to sabotage the wall. Your job is to investigate what she is up to and bring her to the higher ups for interrogation. Word Count | 1000 words Requirements | N/A