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  1. [Character Picture Here] Name | Kurai Uchiha Nickname | -- Title Name | -- Gender | Female Age | 15 Home Link | Village | Water Clan | Uchiha Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu (Novice)Secondary: N/A Bloodline | Sharingan Chakra | 200 Stamina | 100 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Recent History |
  2. Update Type | MissionUpdate Name | KatanaUpdate Training | Update Cost | -200 ryoUpdate Links
  3. Name | Mikazuki Type | Katana - Sub-Type | One-Handed Ranking | D-Rank Material(s) | Blade = Strengthened Titanium Handle = Hardened Ironwood with tightly interwoven fabric wrapped around it. Dimensions | Blade = 77cm length | 2.5cm width Handle = 15 cm Appearance | Abilities | None Description | A simple family heirloom that was passed down from Kurai's mother to her. A great straight edge cutting sword that can cut through flesh and wood easily. Availability | Personal Requirements | N/A Ryo Cost | 200 ryo
  4. Kurai watched as the man, who was soon to be her brother look up at the sky. His face, showed a decent amount of expressions as he contemplated on what Kurai had just said. Offering someone to be apart of their family was quite something, event if it meant opening up the darkest secrets, and even letting them know your name. Hearing that he had accepted her proposition for them to be family, the corners of her mouth slightly moved upwards, as this was the largest smile one could get out of her when she was not fighting. The beam of emotion that shot forth from his large smile, did put Kurai on edge a bit, as it was something that she definitely was not expecting. As her newly found brother raised his large clenched fist out towards her, it almost seem natural for Kurai to do them same. Raising her left hand, clenching it in the process of meeting his, the two closed fists met in the middle, creating a fist bump. One of respect and newly found friendship that will go on, till the end of their days. Considering, they were moving forward it would of been best for them to at least know each others name. "Kurai... That is my name." Bringing her fist down from the sign of respect, she tied her hair up in a pony tail, revealling the Uchiha clan symbol on the back of the jumper that she was wearing. Whilst he would not see the symbol as of right now, should see turn around it shall be within plain sight. @Duke
  5. "I don't have a family." The thought of not having a family alone petrified Kurai, and yet here in front of her was a man stating that he does not have one. Offering some sort of support was not really in Kurai's nature but she could atleast try, in her own strange way. "Maybe you could be apart of my family." For a complete stranger to be saying that to another, was not wierd enough, Kurai stood there with an earnest expression. One that showed complete trust that you would have in a life long friend or partner. Listening further the man, meerly stated that what her solution was to her worries was, that her family needed a leader, and yet what surprised her the most was that he even stated that she should do it. Kurai was not really suited towards a leadership but more towards, a group of people that respected each other. "I am not a leader. I do what has to be done, to better myself with equal individuals." This was something that saw often around the village. Those who were not benefiting shinobi strength of the village were not treated with respect, whilst inside the ranks, were treated differently. Kurai hated being looked down upon and was something that she was sure to change in the future, but first she wanted to be around people that treated each other equally, regardless.
  6. I am sorry to hear that you have had an accident, I hope that it is nothing to serious and/or life changing. Do not worry about us, we be here when you are fully recovered and well. See you soon, and all the best! ~
  7. "Ninjaing. Shinobing?" Kurai tilted her head in response to the unfamiliarity of the words this man had just used. Her long blonde hair swept across her face as she did so, resulting in her having to tuck her hair behind her ears. Letting the gentleman further speak, she nodded her head as she could agree with what he wqs saying. Missions were long and a drag, but they were not necessarily difficult. Kurai watched the man's expressions changed from normal, to blank to perplexed as he tried to unravel the meaning beneath her words. It was funny really, Kurai wasn't really the one to open up to people and yet here she was talking about her "family issues". There were no issues in her immediate family but the family she is tied together with through a bloodline, her clan. "My family is okay. However for a long time now we have not been united as one, and me belonging to this family wishes that someone would take charge. Kind of like a 'man of the house' would. If you know what I mean." Saying this made Kurai, soften made her feel exposed as she was letting out worries that she hadn't said to her mother yet. However at the same time it would interest her to see how well one knows about the history of their village. Being able to relate was something that would assist her through this time, and would majorly influence a decision that she eventually make down the line in the future. ooc: too difficult to colour text on mobile 😭
  8. The rates on the banner are shitty af. Dont bother pulling on both banners, keep your stones. But if you want to pull id suggest the omega banner...
  9. Update Type | MissionUpdate Name | Ryo + ExpUpdate Training | Update Cost | +500ryo / +20 expUpdate Links
  10. What is everyone's favourite unit atm?
  11. Characters Involved | Kurai and Mixoris/Utsobyō Link to the Missions | Brief Overview | had to take down posters. Yay!!
  12. Feeling the gaze of the man made the Kurai's skin crawl. Standing there with nothing, except just casual clothes on, Kurai kept her hands in her pockets as the two strangers just looked at each other. She had earlier asked if the man was okay, and she had honestly thought it was within reason to do so, considering what his body was doing looked considerably worrying. It surprised the civilians of Mizumura would not help a shinobi of their village, but considering the recent posters and 'secret rally's' happening it was not that odd to see, people shying away from shinobi. "Me? Yeah I'm fine, just relaxing; I finally have a day off." Hearing this did surprise Kurai quite a bit. A shinobi!. The sound of the bear can dropping to ground made her divert her attention from the man only for a second. "Day off ?" Kurai asked returning her attention back to him. "From what?" The man had yet to reply to her questions but he also asked her if she was okay. This was a first. Not many people these days ask if people are okay, regardless if it is even small talk. "Me? Im pretty good. Just mulling over a few things about family." This statement had a fair amount of context behind it, whilst yes she was talking about family, she mainly meant her clan. For a long time they had not been together as a united clan, however at this given moment, Kurai was considering whether she should just forsake them all, stick with her blood. Family was always supposed to last forever, but now she was unsure. @Duke
  13. Update Type | EquipmentUpdate Name |Update Training | N/AUpdate Cost | 100 ryoUpdate Links Kunai Holster Update Type | EquipmentUpdate Name |Update Training | N/AUpdate Cost | 100 ryo (2 sets)Update Links Kunai Update Type | EquipmentUpdate Name |Update Training | N/AUpdate Cost | 100 ryo (2 sets)Update Links Shuriken
  14. Water

    Kurai Uchiha C-Rank Genin
  15. It was good to have do nothing days, especially as a shinobi, they rarely came around. Despite this Kurai had decided to take a walk in the park, within the market district of Mizumura village. It was here where she noticed an uncommon sight. A man, drinking beer of all things and him slouched all over the largest bench in the park. Looking at him one would be unsure of whether he was okay or not due to what look from afar constant spasms of his body. Kurai was not wearing anything out of the ordinary. Mainly just black shorts, an open black hoodie and a white t shirt that looked like it had been washed with a whitening agent. The hazel eyes of the blonde Uchiha would keep tabs on the man as she went about her business through out the park, however in doing so, she also realised that no one had even given the man a passing thought as even passerby's would look at his moving around erratically. Her conscience getting the better of her, Kurai bit the bullet and headed over to the strange man. The closer she got the stronger the smell of alcohol and beer lingering in the air became. "Excuse me? are you okay..." Kurai nudged the mans foot, only slightly just to see if he would be responsive.
  16. Plot

    Kurai watched as Utsubyo moved the poster within the dim lighting of the restaurant. The light revealed something extremely important information about the next meeting that would be taking place. Reading the message to herself in her head. "Equality: The Rally | The Slums | 8:00 PM | Next Week, Same Day" Kurai, also heard it out loud too, as her jonin partner had done so, just so that they were both clear on what the message meant. Utsubyo then gave Kurai the poster for her to hold as they left the restaurant. Before leaving Utsubyo told, Kurai she had done a good job, however it was now the time to report their findings to the Mizukage. Following Utsubyo out of the building, he and Kurai would head for the Mizukage's office with the information they had just found. [exit]
  17. Plot

    Watching Utsobyo walk out of the rally, Kurai followed him. Speaking outlaid to him either himself or Kurai, she was not really sure which. He asked about the nearest restaurant where they could sit down. After a while of constant turning of corners and making their way through the maze of buildings like pacman running from the ghosts, they had found a small restaurant that was had very low lighting. Kurai was not really sure as to why they were here, but she went along with it anyway. The restaurant was not that busy, so they were able to get a table fairly quickly. Korai watched as Utsobyo scrambled over to a table. "So why are we here?" Kurai, asked this before she watched Utsobyo spread out the poster onto the table. "Ah." Korai's question did not even need to be answered as she was able to see what the man was doing, but still, even observant people needed to be filled in. ooc: very sorry, about the wait, did not realise you posted
  18. Plot

    With the crowds jeering increasing ever so quickly, Kurai refocused her attention back towards the stage. Even for Kurai what she witnessed was enough to potentially cause the girl to prematurely retire from mizumura's shinobi force. Watching as a man who was dragged in to the view to thousands, was exclaimed by the man orchestrating the entire event to be a jonin of the water village. Watching the way he struggled trying to get free from the group of men holding him captive, Kurai's eyes glassed over as she watch just what had happened. Cries of pain echoed throughout the arena, as the jonin was publicly executed infront of men, women, children and fellow colleagues. As the jonin dropped to the ground, Kurai looked at what used to be a healthy breathing man, was now someone that would seem to be suffering from malnutrition for a while. Before she had even known what had happened Kurai was yanked backwards, by someone who she could only assume was a higher ranking than herself. Kurai did not even think anything of it, but it hindsight it was a stupid thing to do. Removing the jacket Kurai felt quiet vulnerable considering that her arms, and stomach were exposed. Thankfully she had worn a black sports type bra, that prevented any movements of her breasts. Left alone with the clone of her superior, Kurai watched as explosions shook the area. Realising that the ground was probably the worst place to be Kurai ran to the nearest wall and climbed it using the Surface walking technique. Being fairly close to the front entrance Kurai, had to crouch down whilst still being parallel with the ground, protecting herself should anything fly towards here. There was not much Kurai could do here, except watch and look on as the onslaught of the civilians continued below her. From her perch on the wall, Kurai was able to see a multitude of people making their ways out of the building as the entire ordeal had become too chaotic for the shinobi of Mizumura village to simply handle. Running on the wall Kurai was able to notice a few people who were trying to escape, however one that stood out the most to her at that given moment in time was a man assisting a woman. Jumping down from the wall Kurai had just made in time to witness this man smash a small hole in a wooden wall. Using her own initiative she followed the man outside of the rally, only to run a smoke screen. Kurai wished she could do more, but the moment she was out she ran a decent distance away to get a clear view of what was happening.
  19. Plot

    Being grabbed by the jonin that she was assigned to do the mission, a sense of security took over Kurai as she was able to calm herself down to become a cool and collect person once more. Listening was not exactly Kurai's strong point however, this time she had too. With the rally drawing to a conclusion the main speaker had given everyone a piece of information that would allow them to find the location of the meeting. "There will be something like this. On the back of your poster. Under a light." This information was quite good, considering what they had to do for the mission. Looking at Utsobyō, Kurai was about to speak about what had just happened, however she was told that now they may leave the meeting hall. Should Utsobyō leave the rally, Kurai would follow and wait until an appropriate moment to shine the posters under a light. (ooc: lets look at the code in this thread)
  20. Plot

    This was the designated spot that Utsubyo had instructed Kurai to meet, however he was till yet to make his presence known. With a few poeple left on the outside, Kurai queue up behind a fairly tall, green haired man. Non the less Kurai awaited to be let into the meeting hall, giving them a signal of what she was there for. Flashing a glimpse of the posters she had ripped off the walls around the village, she headed straight into the meeting hall. 'For such a small and undercover meeting, this place was packed out.' Kurai thought to herself in amazement as she had gotten caught up in the atmosphere of the meeting. Kurai didn't bother change her clothes, she was sporting the full Uchiha clan symbol on the back of her tshirt, sort of making her stand out, but regardless of that it seemed that many of the people in the previous rally she had been too, were also there. Instead of acting afraid when surrounded by all of the people, she merely gave a slight head nod in recognition as they 'were all there for the same purpose.' The crowd shifted rather quickly as people were trying to increase the distance between a disease ridden homeless man that resided within the slums. Kurai recognised this man as the person she queued up behind and was surprised that he was ill, however I guess this is what happens when some parts of the Village was neglected. Soon after the the crowd moved, a supremely strong wall of stench that hit Kurai's nose, almost causing a gag reflex as she was caught of guard she too moved with the crowd to get away from the source. Mixing in the large crowd Kurai, awaited for the rally to begin.
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