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  1. The two walked along the corridors of the compound, Leon was just a shadow to the man. He was taking notes on the twist and turns they took to get to the training hall. While he had been on the compound for a few months, he was not known as being the most directionally aware. As the two entered the area Leon took note of the large room, it was rather plain, no sort of dummies or weights like the previous one. This room was meant for spars it appeared, the walls looked like reinforced concrete and large steel beams crossed the roof. Dimi sure did not hold back when making this place, or did he just find this compound and chase whomever was in here out? Leon really didn’t know the whole history. The two started just roughly ten meters apart, he took a few steps back making it closer to twelve meters apart. As he was stepping back the man made some motions with his giant blade. He had already gotten a simple look of the blade’s skills of blasting out fire so he had to be cautious of that. While he held the advantage of utilizing a water based skill he was probably not as skilled with his trident as the man was with his blade. Still taking steps back Leon prepared himself for the man’s attack. As fire seemed to emerge from the blade. It had been pointed at his upper chest area, so the fire shot straight towards that direction. With a simple pivot of his left foot he was able to gracefully dodge the attack all together since the blast of fire was not a large one, though a quick little bugger. So this sword seemed to have a gun like function, still holding his cards close to his chest Leon charged towards the man the moment his body returned to its original position. While his speed was his strong suit he was unaware of what this man’s particular skills were in. The pro on Zeda using a massive style sword was that chances were that it was rather heavy and be harder to swing about freely plus it would create blind spots in Zeda’s vision. The cons were that it was much larger than your average sword, so it would have more chances to cleave into him, not to mention it utilized the fire element which is notorious for ints offensive power. Leon needed to be careful, this sword could ignite on fire at any moment and burn the crap out of him. As he approached the massive sword and the silent wielder he would approach from the man’s left side, the side which was normally the weakest for most warriors. He was gambling on the fact that the man was right hand dominate so an attack from his left would have a slower and weaker response. He was keeping his two aces hidden for as long as he could, while his physical strength was not up to par as most warriors was his speed helped make up for it. A distance such as 12 meters would only take Leon roughly a fifth of a second to cover, if he was at his top speed it would be even less than that but that took a bit of time to build up to. He was sure that this man would have some sort of speed to him but utilizing such a big weapon surely would slow him down a bit As he ran towards the man he would weave a set of 3 hand signs: hare, bird, and finally boar. While the handsigns meant nothing but a bluff it might cause a slight panic in the man that Leon was so close to him while doing this. He ended it on boar due to the position of the sign and how easily it would be to go from the handsign to an open palm strike. He would aim for Zeda’s left rib cage. Leon’s strength was nothing to brag about but being hit by a strike at this speed would still sting a bit. Plus having the first strike in the match would be an ego booster for Leon and perhaps a more physiological attack against Zeda. If the strike landed he would attempt a roadhouse still sweeping kick to the man’s legs, hoping to cause him to lose balance and the high ground. Though if Zeda was to somehow keep up with Leon’s actions then he would need to gain some distance against the man and pull out his trident. 768 + 3,400 =4,168 Total Word Count 768 + 900 =1,668 Useable training word count
  2. Update Type | Stat reallocation Update Name | moving the points I put in reflex to Chakra level 1-4 Update Training | n/a Update Cost | n/a Update Links | n/a
  3. Poll

    I think the system is ~okay~ as it is right now. I feel as if reaction is a bit odd in comparison to range of skills and the speed they move. Also I feel like perhaps a chakra control attribute could be put into place. This is something expressed in the manga/anime as a part of training that trained shinobi need to undergo to be decent ones in the field. I'd be curious to see how you'd handle the type system though. Would you base it on the attributes that we have now? Ranking=attributes always seems like a dumb way to go. It makes it easier in some sense because there is less calculations involved but makes everybody pretty similar with each other which is just meh and bland.
  4. As the kunai fell to the ground Leon heard the young male behind him finally speak up after remaining relatively silent for the past few moments. It almost would have been better for the boy to keep his tongue at bay than his attempt to educate Leon. The boy could have been an enemy and Leon should keep his guard up seemed to be the focal point of the conversation. Leon half heartedly turned around to face the boy, in his hand was still the second kunai that he had been using for training. “Well it’s simple Kazai, it’s against my policy to harm a child, without probable cause that is and you did introduce yourself as an ally. Perhaps if you had given me reason to think otherwise this dagger in my hand might have found a home in your heart as that one from Dimi almost found in my own.” He would turn to Dimi, who too also gave him the advice of aiming to kill if he suspected an enemy. Knowing not to be a fool against the man that was known as the Reaper, Leon would bow his head slightly acknolodging the difference in not only the two’s strength but in authority as well. Dimi was after all the leader of this rag-tag group. “You’re right Master Dimi, I show too much mercy even to those that could be an enemy.” Almost as if the young child had some sort of word vomit, he started rambling. Leon was known to be a talker but since a young age he learned to hold his cards close to his chest. Perhaps this was mainly due to the fact that most of his childhood and young adult life was spent keeping his abilities a secret and often moving about. The boy though was after all just a boy. He seemed to innocent and naïve to be out here in this rough world. His spark of energy and life though was something lost in most of the children these days. Perhaps this is why Dimi brought him to this island? Did he see some power lurking in the boy that Leon could not understand just yet? While his abilities did seem rather unique and potentially powerful, Leon was left to wonder how strong the kid really was. Perhaps a test of some sorts was needed to be put in place so that Leon could obtain a better understanding. Kazai did offer to train with Leon and Dimi, perhaps through that he would learn not only the full extend of Kazai’s explosion release but also about the mysterious leader, Dimi’s. Dimi started to scold Kazai for reveling so much about his style of fighting as well as his bloodline’s ability. Such things should be kept as aces waiting to be played. Leon just smiled and waited for his chance to speak up. Perhaps this was his chance to teach the boy a lesson or two. “Ahh well it’s an honest mistake Dimi, the kid is just over zealous. I’m sure you were already aware of his abilities to an extent, you were that invited him to the Odotai after all. Anyways we are all teammates are we not?” He gave the boy a smile and wink. “To make it fair I’ll tell you that I focus in Genjutsu and Puppetry. Confuse ‘em and then let my babies finish them off. I was out here trying to work on my taijutsu, it’s probably my weakest attribute right now to be honest. But I think that’s all I’ll tell you for now, can’t give all my secrets away. He was lying to the kid but from what Kazai had saw this type of fighting was plausible. He did add a bit of truth there, taijutsu was not his strong suite. Dimi was likely to know that Leon did not indeed work with either of these skills. It would be interesting to see how he would react or respond to Leon’s lies. Perhaps this would gain Leon a couple of points in Dimi’s book, a ninja’s role and especially a shinobi like the Odotai was to be mysterious and liars. “I’m okay with a bit of training if you are Dimi. Though I’m not sure what sort of training you had in mind Kazai, as I am unaware of what this training with Shinrai involved.” He waited to see what was in store for him this afternoon. He had not been planning on a full out brawl today but what the heck if that is what Dimi wanted to do then that was what they would do. 3,033 + 779 = 3,812 Total Word count 2,033 + 779= 2,812 words to train with
  5. Update Type | Mission Reward Update Name | Cure Wound Internal (S), Cure Wound External (S), Cure Wounds Bonding (S), Perpetual Blooming Flower (S), Water Razors (A), Bark Skin (B), Suirou no Jutsu (C) Update Training | Buying Update Cost | 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 1,000 + 750 + 400 + 200 = 5,350 Ryo Update Links | [url=http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/771-cure-wounds-internal/]Cure: Internal[/url] [url=http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/768-cure-wounds-external/]Cure: External[/url] [url=http://shinobi-generations.org/topic/779-cure-wounds-bonding/]Bonding[/url] Perpetual Blooming Flower Water Razors Bark Skin Suirou no Jutsu
  6. Update Type | Ryo and Exp Increase Update Name | Mission completed Update Training | 1,000 words Update Cost | Add 1,000 Ryo and 30 Exp Update Links |
  7. It says in the rules draining is allowed....

    Leon I be doing things
  9. The sound of a bird of prey screeching out in the sky seemed to for a moment at least, drown out the sounds of chirping insects. His dream had taken him to his deep past, to a land that would shape him and his entire course on life. In this particular dream he found himself back in The Villages of the Swamps. In this dream he was no longer a child, as he had been when he was last in this area. No, now he was a grown man, as he was today. His hair dipped slightly in the murky brown water, causing his raven black hair to have a bit of mud cake on it. He gazed around the swamp taking in the beauty in the decrepit and mundane. Right as he took a step forward in the water he felt something drape around his shoulders. It was an odd sensation, but not one that he was used to feeling in a dream. That’s when whatever was applying pressure on his shoulders started to cause him to move, thus alerting him that this was no dream. His eyes flashed open to see the little young Odotai member by the name of Kazai standing over him. What time was it? Was the sun even up? Did this kid know how rude it was to wake Leon up if there was not an emergency?! He slightly pushed the kid off of him and sat up in the bed. “Ugh Kazai….what have I done to be woken like this?” Then it all clicked. Leon had agreed to go with the little Odotai into the forest this morning to go hunting down some beast that had been going mad with chakra running through their veins. “Ugh dammit, I forgot that we are going hunting today aren't we?” Leon hated hunting, hunting meant waking up before the rooster even got up. What a dreadful activity hunting was, thank god that the human race had evolved over their need to hunt every single meal. He collected his thoughts and slowly got out of bed as the young member gave him some space. “Alright alright, let me get my clothes on and I’ll be good to go.” He quickly put his pants and a crop top like shirt on, slipped some simple sandles on and tied his hair in a ponytail. As soon as he was ready Kazai was already bouncing out the door and headed towards the compound’s exit. “Shit...what have I gotten myself into?” Leon started to sprint out after the boy. He was able to easily keep up with the kid’s speed, it would be his stamina that would be the real trick. Kids could go on for days on end it seemed with their energy levels. As Leon ran behind the boy, the sun's rays would start to peak in the morning sky. The first rays seemed to be blinding, perhaps it was due to the location this island set on. They were in a rather tropical area near the equator. Leon kept a few meters behind Kazai as the two ran towards the Northern forest. While Leon had explored this island rather extensively he had never really came across these monstrous beast like Kazai had filled him in the previous night. Out of nowhere three huge beast came out of nowhere, a bear, a wolf, and perhaps the most frightening a squirrel! Kazai went into action right away with Leon only standing there watching. He was not able to admire Kazai’s fighting style for long, two more beast came out of the woodworks, a rather massive deer and snake. Leon smirked as the snake tried to lunge at him. In a blur of motion he was high in the air. As he was coming back down towards the ground to where the snake’s head rested, closed thinking that it would have swallowed Leon in one swift motion. Leon’s trident appeared right into his hands with the spear like ends pointed right towards the beast’s mouth. The trident slide right into the skin of the snake and right past the bones. He felt the snake wiggle for a moment before it stopped. With one stab in the head with his trident the beast was dead. “Now what to do with you? Perhaps mount your antlers somewhere in compound?” The deer, almost as if it understood Leon’s words, started to charge at the man and the corpse of the snake. It would not be quick enough though. His hands moved quickly and before the deer could reach him roots would be breaking from the ground at tremendous speed on path to ensnare the deer. It’s cry for help could be heard throughout most the forest but none would come. “Well, I’m not one to watch a poor creature cry out in pain for too long. Let me end your suffering for you.” He quickly hopped off the snake’s head and walked over to the struggling deer. The more it fought the tighter the bind became. He made a shhhing sound towards the deer as he took aim with his trident. With all of his might he pushed the weapon into the skull of the buck. It was a bit tougher than the snakes but with the sharpness of the blade he was able to get it through. Watching the light fade from its eyes he knew he job was done. As he glanced over at Kazai he saw that the boy had taken care of the other three beast as well. Perhaps this kid was not so weak and innocent as he looked after all. Leon sighed as he pulled the trident out of the deer’s head. He made a quick spinning motion with it to chop off the antlers of the beast, he was not joking when he said he wanted to mount them in the Odotai’s compound. “Yo Kazai, can we go back now...I never did get any breakfast.” He said in an annoying tone of voice. -Exit- Word count 1030/500
  10. As Leon approached the silent figure he noticed that the man’s body seemed to be a bit tense. Was perhaps Leon’s presence not to his liking? He never really did understand the meaning of personal space, he often times found that people would get annoyed with him. The fact that he was the type that would talk one’s ear off as he was creeping closer and closer to them seemed to be a put off to some people. While he left plenty of room between the two, mainly for fear that the man would take a swing at Leon’s head with his flaming sword, he still steadily approached the swordsman. Finally as if Leon had been waiting for this sliver of information his whole life the man spoke his name, Zeda Hotaru. Hotaru...That last name did not ring any bells in Leon’s head. He knew a good chunk of the clans around the Earth Village and a decent amount in the Lightning Village but Hotaru never popped up from what he could remember. Perhaps this man was from a smaller village like Leon was, that or one of the other great villages. He opted not to dwell on the man’s last name, he had been given two other pieces of information that he chose to muddle over. The first of which was that this man seemed to like to refer to himself as The Lost Samurai. How was he Lost? Was he from some distant land and ended up here? Was he horrible with directions and often found himself in the wrong place? The title was a complete enigma. The second piece of information was that the man held the sign of Aries, which explained the flaming sword that he held in his hands. So now Leon knew that this man was a Hotaru, a clan he would have to look up for later, a Samurai, and the sign Aries. Heck based on the cold impression that the man gave just a few minutes earlier Leon felt that he was practically dating this man by obtaining these three pieces of information. He felt odd that the man kept staring at him so intensely, what was he try to learn? Perhaps the proposal of a friendly spar had the man curious to what Leon’s skills as a fighter were. If first impressions were anything, Leon already had the impression that this man was a skilled fighter, especially when it came to melee style combat. One does not just call themselves a Samurai for shits and giggles. His offer for the spar was accepted which brought a bit of joy to Leon’s mind, that was until the rude remark at the end of the man’s acceptance slightly pissed him off once again. Instead of acting on his rage he gave the man a rather large grin. “Excellent! He looked around the room to inspect if it was the proper size for the two to do anything in here. Judging that the flames on the wall were bad enough damage to this small room for now he would propose to possibly moved to a larger venue. “Hmmm… I think we may have better luck in one of the other training areas Zeda. I believe that there is a larger training room meant for combat training a little bit deeper into the compound. I’m not too sure where it is though, I’m not the best with directions.” He let out a small chuckle. He was openly admitting to a man that referred to himself as the Lost Samurai that he was bad with directions, perhaps this would give Leon a chance to see just how lost this guy could get them two in a labyrinth like the Odotai compound. “Would you by chance know how to get there? I’d rather not lead you aimlessly around this giant compound of ours if there is a better option.” Word Count: 2,738 + 662= 3,400 238 + 662= 900 words to use for training
  11. Jutsu Name | Blooming Orchid of the Swamp Jutsu Type | Hybrid Ranking | A Element(s) | Mokuton Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu + Medical Energy Cost | 75 Handsigns | Ox->Ram->Horse->Boar Range | 25 meters Duration | 5 Post Description | Leon will make the hand seals and then either spit a seed out through his mouth or through an appendage aimed at a person. If the seed hits the person they will be dealt very very minor damage, it will feel like a simple bug bite. The seed will borrow itself under the skin of a person for a post, spreading its roots throughout the veins around the area of impact. This causes a darkish tint to the skin. At the start of the second post and until the end of the fifth post this seed will slowly grow. At the start of the second post the person will notice a small bud appear in the region that they were dealt the damage. Each post the seed grows it drains the life force of the host drawing 10 CP and SP a post, this increases by 10 points every post after the post it starts this process. At the end of the 4th post the flower will fully bloom taking on the color of the person’s primary element (blue=water, red=fire, yellow=lightning, white=wind, purple=earth) A person that tries to rip off the flower will need to have strength equal to or greater than level 6 and will cause their body to take A rank damage by forcibly ripping the roots from the veins. This could potentially cause a person to bleed out depending on the location that the flower was implanted. At the end of the 5th post the flower will start to wilt and at the end of the post it will fully shrivel up and Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Mokuton, Medical Advance, Ninjutsu Advance Status | Personal
  12. Okay added duration and a weakened state at the end.
  13. By adding a more harsh/negative effect while being in this allow the upkeep to be lowered? Like even if I end it before it his zero strength I'll still go into a frail like state. Where my strength takes a while to recover and perhaps my endurance drops as well for a time equal to how long I was in this jutsu
  14. Jutsu Name | Wood Clone Jutsu Type | Hybrid Ranking | D-A Element(s) | Mokuton Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10/25/50/75 Handsigns | Ox Range | Self Duration | 3/4/5/6 Post Description | After making the handseals a number of clones equal to the rank of the jutsu(1/2/4/6) will sprout from the body of the user’s body. These clones are more sturdy than an average shadow clone, they will take up to their rank in damage before breaking. Of course fire based skills will deal 1 rank higher in damage. The clones’ attributes are the same as their master -1 in each field. They are able to use jutsus of their master, at their master’s expense. They cannot use skills that are above their rank though. Once a clone is killed, like a shadow clone, the master will become aware of everything that the clone had learned. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Mokuton Status | Public