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  1. The day would begin almost like any other, the sun rising alongside the man known as Ravana. It would seem he would be traveling into the mountains to attempt training his mind and just explore his new found home. It would most likely come in handy to have a mental map of the mountains and all that they offer and even the dangers that are present in them. Thus he would have slowly rolled from his mat and lift himself slowly stretching as he would begin to prepare for the new day. He would have thrown on his typical attire consisting of his monk robes, and he would have put his prayer beads around his neck with his families symbols carved into the wooden orbs. It would have been long traditions to seemingly keep adding onto the object as it was based on one member of the family to the next. Therefore, he would stretch his arms above his head one last time before jumping out of his window and landing within the village streets as some would look at him with curiosity others would only care about their business as if it was normal for that to happen every morning. However, as the man would have begun his climb toward the peak of the mountain, it would have seemed he would have lost track of time and the weather. For the next time he would have looked up taking in his surrounding it would appear that a storm would have started at the peak of the mountain as the storm clouds would have hung low it would all begin a crazy set of events that would spark something interesting happen even if it was simply the boy getting lost within the mountains. Torrential rains, Cracking lightning, Deafening Thunder it was clear that this day would be one for safe traveling and stay within the confines of somewhere safe. His mind would slowly drift back to his current situation however as he would be scaling down the mountain with every step he could feel the ground becoming softer and softer, his breathing calm yet his movements swift. There wouldn't be much time before the ridge he would have been on would collapse. With every fleeting second, it would become more apparent and with every step his journey becoming more dangerous. Thus he would attempt to move even more swiftly scaling down as if he was a rock climber not truly having time to think upon his actions but rather just react to the surrounding. Therefore, if anyone would have been able to see the man though very unlikely given the dense darkness that would only have been pierced by the crashing down of lightning through the cloud. He would have appeared to be some animal as he would swing his body from rock to rock until he would have found himself close enough to the tree lining below to have jumped down safely landing into the tree closest to the mountain.
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    Alrighty so seeing as this is oddly interesting I am going to post my reply which I should have done in the first place Lulz, so I regards to the ruling simply stating in range of the technique wouldn't make him swing after and even if he did I stated a clear dodge of the technique within my post and as to how I would have done so not controlling his character what so ever in actuality his post was vague with being in range of a technique being vague as well. In the technique it can be used as a blast or as a direct hit even in his post it described both and in the technique it described both therefore I assumed that it was the latter instead of the former. Rather simple that this fight should continue with itome attempting to dodge and if you want further proof I shall get on my computer and write out all the details but considering the ruling that should answer that
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    The fight would have seemingly ended before it would have started. The neck of Ravana's opponent would have been crushed by a large force; it would have been so swift the crowd would have no time to attack. Therefore it would be best to explain the events that would have transpired for those that wouldn't be able to keep up with their minds eye. It would have been the rushing at Ravana that would have caused the loss of the genin laying dead on the arena floor. It would have seemed it would have been best believed to rush toward someone he knew nothing about assumingly think his speed would beat out everyone and everything. However, that was his greatest weakness that and his lack of strength and endurance would have proved to been fatal. As the announcer would have screamed the words fight, it would have seemed that the shinobi in front of him standing across the arena would have begun running toward him attempting to cover the twenty-meter distance between the shinobi. It was a rather simple strategy, and it really wouldn't have worked out that well or at least not for the Shinobi using his speed as if it was a god given gift. Pathetic it would have ended as swiftly as it would have begun, the young monk would have taken a ready tiger stance with his right hand almost at his neck and his left slightly outward from his chin enough to give him space to cushion the blow of a punch if he would need to, however, this time around it would see that he wouldn't have needed it. Thus as the shinobi would have gotten within five meters, Ravan would have begun his sprint toward him closing the gap of the two meaning his fist still cocked back would be only a meter away from Ravana and as he would attempt to swing Ravana would have already tilted his head out of the way and closed the distance his right hand would have wrapped around the throat of the shinobi and crushed his windpipe and breaking his neck. However, it would have come to the fact the force that would have carried with his speed would have been what caused the damage plus the three hundred pounds of force that Ravan would be able to produce. At a rate of what seemed to be topping out at 175 mph if he would have attempted to dodge it would have thrown off not only his attack that would have released its burst of air a meter behind Ravana so that technique would have been a waste. This was the great thing about stepping into someone's technique and dodging it; it closed any chance of them taking back control. However, he wouldn't have finished there making sure he would have swept the shinobi's left leg as his right fist would have gone over his right shoulder causing no damage to the monk. This giving the Monk additional momentum to throw him deep into the dirt and would have shattered his skull if his endurance wasn't capable of taking the hit he would have gotten himself into no matter what his reflexes as it would have been impossible to stop his momentum or shift it without causing damage to his body at those types of speed it would be a dangerous gambit he would have put onto himself. it would be interesting to see if the boy would have been able to continue the fight or possible dodge the attacks that Ravana would have attempted for his little wind blast wouldn't have done anything to help the shinobi do any damage to the monk and would have seemingly put a slight bit of exhaustion upon him or at least that is how it would have seemed. Therefore, if things went as depicted the shinobi wouldn't have been able to throw another technique for he would have dead upon impact or this bones crushed if he would have attempted to block or change positions. It would have only gotten worse if this man couldn't find a reasonable way out of dodging the attacks set upon him they would have moved fluidly not one coming before the other and his movements swift enough that dodging would just put the shinobi in position for many other plausible dangers.
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  5. Ravana had no idea how he was going to beat the person in front of him but truly was that his goal? Nay seemed more he wanted to learn from the mistakes that he may make during their exchange to better himself for something else. Was it so easy to keep the pace of combat in his favor? This was ridiculous he was going to need for something of a miracle to happen for him to change the way things would be thus he needed to do something swiftly. Therefore, he wouldn't hesitate anymore he would have pushed forward at maximum speed and would have thrown a large right hook. It was a long shot, but it would have seemed to be his only option it was either attack the beast or slowly get picked apart by it, he had no time for thinking of what if or did it honestly hurt that bad? What if I get hit again is that the end? No, he had time only for actions. However, as he did this, it would leave his side open for a left counter punch. That was the bad thing about haymakers, but they did have the best results at the time to shock your opponent to change the pace of the game. He would have put all his strength into it and would just wait for a potential opening if they would ever become that way. Though he doubted it, it was this doubt that would have got him into this mess, to begin with, and it was going to change unless you pushed forth and changed it himself. So this would be what some may call his hero move a move seemingly so desperate that it just had to work for nothing could keep a star down.
  6. The inching toward one another would seem like an eternity before anything truly would happen as if a battle between to master waiting to throw the finishing blow. However, with these two it would seem things would just begin to have flourished. The ideas were running through Ravana's mind expanding farther and father making it difficult to come into a compulsive state honestly. Thus he would have let about a deep breath and would have filled his mind with nothingness was it the most accurate perhaps not but it would be what he would have done. The ideas fading and his passion for the spar fading, he would have gone cold his body language nulled and his eyes that of a dead individual. He would have put all his focus on the sheer thought of survival and conquering the beast in front of him. His stance slightly full yet his guard matching that of a turtle shell with his fist about one foot from his chin allowing for a cushion if the man would attempt any jabs or power strikes to break it holding them tight. His fingernails were begining to draw blood as he wouldn't be focused on the pain but rather the sheer thought of hitting the man before the day was done. His reflexes would have to be key, and nothing else would matter in the coming moments. His movements steady it would see they would get within striking distance of each other within moments to the outside world, however, to the boy it honestly would feel like a turtle crawling toward his target. His upper body locked in place while his lower body was loose and fluid, at least for the moment. It would have seemed they would have taken a rather similar stance allowing for an interesting exchange were it ever to happen. The shinobi in front of him would have shown no emotion since the battle would have begun one could have only wondered what truly was going through his head. What plan did he have? Was he going to strike with a jab or wait for a wide swing to counter? Or was he simply baiting the boy yet again it would have truly been a mystery that Ravana wouldn't have time to filter through. Thus it would seem that the man would need to throw the first jab however he would have had seconds thoughts, slightly bringing out his fist he would have sent a rather swift jab. However, the drawback equally as fast causing his jab to look as if a turtle would be throwing it to the outside spectators that would have seemingly been gathering. The early morning sun would have come to a full rise and the light beaming down would show the sweat that would have been beading on his body as he would have been getting his work out for the day that much would be certain. The what seemed mildly orange yellow monk robe would be shown for what it was, and that was a dulled yellow coloration. His fist was loosening slightly on the right side for he would have thrown the jab with his left hand aimed at the middle of his fist, but his back foot lifted for he would have did a back step when through the jab to create enough space for the gentleman to yet again look at a stand still. Was this truly all he could do against the man in front of him? A simple bait game to see if he would take it and rush at him? Of course, he wouldn't he seemed to be a person of patients and understand these small little tactics would have no effect on him. Though this was his hope, he would not waste his energy indeed wondering if it would have succeeded but braced himself for if it would have failed. Thus the ball would have been in the court of the other shinobi his reaction causing a fated ripple effect like that of a stone skipping across the smoothing waterfront of a lake. Their bodies the stone and at the end of the day, only one of them would fall into the deeps of defeat. [ Total Word count of Topic = 2,426 Reflexes started at 2 - >3 - > 4 - > 5 = 2,000 Taijutsu Novice = 325 remaining words - 101 ]
  7. It would have all seemed to have been moving in slow motion the once enthusiastic and hype monk had gone into a state of disbelief. How could this have happened? Or Rather what truly would have happened. Within moments his whole life would have seemingly been turned upside down almost quite literally. So it would have seemed that indeed the shinobi in front of him would truly be someone of a what some may say higher caliber ninja. Baffled as to how this could have turned so sour so swiftly, the wind in his chest would have been lost for a moment as he would have done all his actions within a swift motion it wouldn't honestly have mattered. For the shinobis, the technique wouldn't have required direct contact but rather simply the rotation of the man's palm. As it would have finished Ravana would have found himself hit with force unlike that he would have seen or even felt before. Was this the power of adding your chakra to your techniques? Could this be why the man was truly sent into this village to learn that he was indeed nowhere near the peak of his potential, but after just tapped into it? 'This is a lesson that I indeed shall not forget shortly, for I promise to the all-knowing Buddha that I shall attain my true potential.' Therefore, as this thought would have been one of the only left within his mind, he would have found himself getting blown to around five meters to the right of the Shinobi that was once to the front of him. His ankles would have been taken from his, causing him to lose his stability almost tilting in a complete ninety-degree angle his ass would have been pointed to his old position as he would have found himself flying through the air. However, the Shinobi wouldn't have capitalized on the moment the man would have started flying instead would have gotten into a stationary stance waiting until he would have landed and gathered himself. Though the monk would have been thankful, it would have hurt his pride to some degree but also made him feel respected at the same time. For if the man would have capitalized the fight would have more than likely been over. However, the fact he didn't simply rush the young man would have shown he had some respect for the teaching of at least the shinobi academy that the genin would have graduated from, therefore, as the man would have landed he would have a heavy breathing pattern it would have shown that the technique truly did have a toll on the boy. He would have taken the moments before the fight would most likely come back into action to get back into his tiger stance and would attempt to gather his breathing before making his position a little stronger tightening it up and taking a position more equivalent to that of an orthodox boxer than that of a traditional monk fighting style. He was going to keep coming at the shinobi until he honestly couldn't stand the pain any further thus his face showed resolve and his eyes beaming with passion. [ Word Count: 1,174 + 542 = 1,716 Endurance Training - Lvl 2 ~ 500 ~ Strength Training - lv 3 ~ 500 ~ & lvl 4 ~ 196 ~ Reflex Training - lvl 3 ~ 500 ~ & lvl 4 ~ 0 ~ Speed Training - lvl 2 ~ 0 ~ Taijutsu Training - Novice ~ 0 ~ ]
  8. The Sounds of Suijins corpse exlpoding as his hill would crumble would bring the man joy as he would stand on the mountain beside Suijins tiny little ant hill that was now in ruin I Own the hill
  9. It would have been like a fluid dance; the two sparring would exchange blows back and forth at the current pace that was set not getting trapped but baiting one another for the next set up. However, it would have seemed a little too easy for the shinobi to have shifted Ravana's punch out of the way for he wasn't the strongest running around, but he did know he had some power behind him. Thus he would have let a slight smirk come across his face as he would have had his hand gently moved from its original target. He would have attempted to swiftly move back his original left hand that was used for the jab and if not fully recovering at least getting it into a guard position to get a cross block onto his chest. Therefore, this would have served to cushion the blow that he was about to receive as he would have seen the shinobi throw with his left hand as his right would have swung out slightly moving his left jab out of the way. So this would have left his middle section open for a counter strike and indeed that is what Ravana would have done before the punch would have connected with the boy he would have done a slight side step and leaned his right shoulder more toward the man as he would have thrown a short uppercut. He would attempt to keep his balance as the first blow would slightly twist him after connect, however, not interfering with the boys strike as he would have planned for the added momentum. 'What is his actual capability? If his moves are this sharp and fluid was it truly a smart idea to have entered into this spar?' He would have had a brief moment of thought run past him before he would refocus himself for if he even took his eye of this man for a moment, it could spell danger for him. [ Word Count: 841 + 333 = Endurance Training - Lvl 2 Complete ~ 500 ~ Strength Training - lv 3 ~ 500 ~ & lvl 4 ~ 174 ~ Reflex Training - lvl 3 & lvl 4 Incomplete Taijutsu Training - Noviced Incomplete ]
  10. Ravana felt the slight excitement as the man in front of him standing about six feet away from the boy; it truly was one of his passions to have a rounding spar with someone it was the easiest way from him to communicate. For this was how the boy was raised, it wouldn't come to any surprise to the boy as he would see the shinobi get into a horse stance with his left side leading the way. Was he an orthodox fighter or rather a traditional fighter as he would have heard it from his teachers. This was going to be exciting for the boy hadn't had a good spar in quite some time so he wouldn't have wasted the ninja's time and would have quickly raised his head after hearing the idea for a fight. As his opponent would have taken the horse stance, Ravan would have taken the tiger stance. He would have slide his body sideways his right arm in the back toward his waist moved toward the front of his abdomen as his left hand would have been about two feet from his right with a relaxed, open hand at around a seventy-five-degree angle tilted forward. He would have slowly begun moving forward inching toward the man making sure never to break his stance as he would wonder how this exchanging for fist would go. Though if the ninja would have allowed him the first strike he would have used his front hand throwing a jab his shoulder not giving any hint of moving until his hand would have been half way extended and slightly turning his waist to add a bit of power and speed to see how the shinobi would react. His back foot firmly planted on the ground his hips now facing more toward the target as he would have aimed his jab toward his opponents right side. With the length of his body, he still would have had about three feet between them. [Word Count: 503 + 338 = 841 Endurance Training - Lvl 2 Complete ~ 500 ~ Strength Training - lv 3 ~ 341~ & lvl 4 Incomplete Reflex Training - lvl 3 & lvl 4 Incomplete Taijutsu Training - Noviced Incomplete ]
  11. Torrential rains, Cracking lightning, Deafening Thunder it was clear that this night would be one for sage traveling and stay within the confines of somewhere safe. However, the boy of this tale had no home to return to without success, all his possession upon his back and his mind geared toward achieving what so much time forgotten within this world was. But first, he would have to prove himself to those above him to spread his message and philosophy without the need for unnecessary violence and bastardized scare tactics. His mind would slowly drift back to his current situation however as he would be scaling down the mountain with every step he could feel the ground becoming softer and softer, his breathing calm yet his movements swift. There wouldn't be much time before the ridge he would have been on would collapse. With every fleeting second, it would become more apparent and with every step his journey becoming more dangerous. Thus he would attempt to move even more swiftly scaling down as if he was a rock climber not truly having time to think upon his actions but rather just react to the surrounding. Therefore, if anyone would have been able to see the man though very unlikely given the dense darkness that would only have been pierced by the crashing down of lightning through the cloud. He would have appeared to be some animal as he would swing his body from rock to rock until he would have found himself close enough to the tree lining below to have jumped down safely landing into the tree closest to the mountain. Thus he would slowly begin his decent within the forest and rushing toward the agreed meeting area for his squad, however, as he would have started. He would have felt his body heavily covered in mud thanks to his climb down from the mountain ridge and he would have been focused on dodging every possible tree as he would zoom through the forest. Though he would have seemingly stopped in his tracks as he would have seen a giant white snake zipping from the area they were supposed to meet. However, he wouldn't have been seen because of the way his body would have been concealed by the trees obscuring the view of those outside the tree line. With this, he would have thought to himself what truly was it he was meant to do. He had no idea if this was something set up by his sensei to have the team attempt to capture it or if it was simply a beast from within the wilderness retreating. So he would have moved silently yet swift and would move within the shadows with every crackle of lightning he would assure his body was covered by a tree as not to alert the beast. However, as it would have moved past him, he would have waited until it was half way past him and he would have reached out and grabbed it by the tail and swiftly in one motion threw it back toward the training ground with all his might. The head of the snake would have flung straight into the air, and the belly of the beast would have been skyward as it would be slung back toward where it came from coming down with a massive crash. Given that the snake would have had to react rather swiftly it was almost guaranteed that the grab would have landed and with the mud splattered upon his boy the snake's vision of him would have been null as it would have concealed his body temperature making him nearly invisible to the snake. However, just to ensure he would have hidden his presence as he would have landed in the tree for he had no idea what the meeting was going to be about or what it entailed so the young genin would have prepared for anything always focusing on keeping his mind and body ready for anything.
  12. It would have been the early morn of yet another day, the trees blowing slightly within the winds as they carried a smell of fresh water and the damp grass from the slight rain from the previous night. It was calming to only sit underneath the trees as they would rustle back and forth and meditate before one would begin their training. The Boy would have found himself looking down on the training ground from atop one of the trees farther back away from it at least Fifty meters away. As the morning sun would hit his back warming it, the almost clear skies allowing for the most light to pass through would warm his lightly chilled muscles. He would have had his eyes closed as he would have been wearing a rather worn in a yellow robe that he would wear with his right shoulder and arm completely exposed. His back was sitting nice and tall as he would have attempted to maintain perfect balance upon the tree branch as to not fall crashing losing his tranquillity. His meditation stance would have been one rather simplistic this time around his left foot would be underneath his right thigh, as his right foot would but place on his left shin bone. While his hands would rest gently together with his right hand being on his left hand with his palms facing toward the sky, he would attempt to attain mindfulness, concentration, supramundane powers, tranquility, and insight. Thus, as the morning would carry on, he would feel a need to honestly not only train his mind but his body as well. Thus he would slowly move his legs outward and while doing so would use his hands to hold on the branch and lower himself slowly with his body slightly flinging through the tree branches swinging down until he would have reached the last branch. Allowing himself to drop onto the ground bending his knees and rolling as to not receive any damage upon landing, he would have slowly got to his feet and would have looked around. It was time for him to begin his day so he would race toward the training ground at a steady pace attempting to increase his speed over time to get a little cardio exercise out of the way before he would reach the training grounds. However, upon his arrival, he would see a man doing spider sprawls and would slowly come to a halt he would have started walking slowly and would let his presence be known as to alert the person someone else was here. "Hello fellow Shinobi, if you wouldn't mind do you think we could train together? I am new around and would enjoy having a good training partner to welcome me to the village." He would have placed his two palms together and slightly bowed if the greeting had been heard and received. Then lifting his head as to look at the man that potentially would be helping him train today. [Word Count: 503 Endurance Training - Lvl 2 Complete ~ Strength Training - lv 3 & lvl 4 Incomplete Reflex Training - lvl 3 & lvl 4 Incomplete Taijutsu Training - Noviced Incomplete ]
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