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  1. He understood the words absolutely. Secrecy was part of being a Shinobi. It was the part of being a shinobi that had gotten their parents killed. He tightened his fist slightly as he knew exactly what Sai was doing. She wanted him riled up. She wanted a reaction. He wouldn't give her the sick satisfaction. Instead, he turned to Kabel and rather formally dropped onto one knee. "Consider me one of your many tools." He grabbed the envelope on his way down and tucked it away. "I will take leave immediately." With that, he turned heel and walked out. His orders had been given. Granted, this was not perhaps a reaction his sister would appreciate, he now had goals. He would protect his sister, this village, and all the people he cared for without any hesitation. As he swiftly went through the library and out the door he stopped just for a flicker of a second at the door. He was going to have to get his hands dirty like a good little errand boy. He took in a breath and held it a moment. That wouldn't be an issue. He would kill if necessary just to prove to this person his sister trusted that he could be valuable. He took off to go and complete his first assignment. /Exit
  2. Jutsu Name | Water Sealing Method - Mizu fū hōhō Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Fuinjutsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns | Inu - Tori - Inu Range | 10m Duration | Instant cast - Water thins over 3 Turns Description | This jutsu allows the user to suck water away from a source and seal it away for future use. It can seal up to 30 gallons of water away. This seal's effect once active is to simply create a small puddle. Water continuously flows out from the scroll over three turns at a rate of 5 gallons the first turn, 10 the second, and fifteen the third. At the fourth turn after this jutsu is cast, it has spread out too far and has been absorbed by the earth and is no longer usable for water jutsu. Water within 10 meters of the user may be effectively used. Other Effects | Requirements | Fuinjutsu Specialty Status | Public
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  4. "So you want someone who's willing to get their hands dirty?" He chuckled for a moment before his eyes flashed over to Saisaki. In all truth, he knew her feelings were hurt. He recognized the look in her eyes. He was her twin and this was part of his job. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. This was a chance for him to further himself as a shinobi and perhaps learn what it was that he truly wanted to accomplish in this world other than keeping his sister safe. His fingers lightly slid along the mask as though to memorize it's exact shape. "I accept." The reply was simple as he grabbed the mask in order to tuck it away. "But do me the favor of ensuring my sister knows absolutely nothing of what this entails. I have no wish for her to be constantly concerned about me even more than she already is." He looked to her as if to see how she would react to him being bold enough to state the demand directly in front of her. Full disclosure. That was his policy with her generally. Would she take this too personally? He knew she would forgive him eventually either way, but the idea of her being displeased for an extended amount of time stressed him out slightly. "If you can agree to that and she doesn't throw a fit over my decisions and condition, I am fine with getting my hands dirty for the sake of the village." Though when he said 'the village' it was clear by a small eye shift toward his sister what he truly meant. The village mattered to the both of them, but his first and only true concern was his sister's safety and satisfaction. Though perhaps the satisfaction part was currently a little.. debatable. "Tell me what you expect of me and I will deliver without hesitation." He tightened a fist for a moment. The truth was he was getting far too serious. He would have to unwind himself soon or else be stressed perhaps even the rest of the day.
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  7. He slid his left foot back and kept his hands up by his face and open. Palms faced one another and elbows kept tucked to cover his stomach. He shifted from one foot onto the other. His mind was made up. All his strikes would be open handed. The closest he would come to actually abusing his sister would be a slap. He shuffled forward, only to cover the distance between them and got nice and close. His face was almost right in hers and he chuckled. "Let's play." He quickly shot his left hand out to push against her stomach. In her stance, she could easily block, but would have to drop guard just slightly. This drop is what he planned on. He would follow the first palm toward her stomach with a small shuffle forward in order to make her uncomfortable about the space between them. This battle would be a challenge for her physically and mentally. This was his job. He was to push her to the very end of her limits and then push her even further. "You will grow! Don't feel hopeless!" He chuckled softly.
  8. The twin kept latched to his sister all the way until she had utilized his full name. At that point he knew he was in the shit. He had absorbed the entirety of the man's words. Congratulations on Jounin? The truth was, until right this moment, he himself had been unaware he was chosen. He had yet to see Raikagesama. He rubbed his chin slowly in thought. He was consumed in the idea of his successful promotion and it took him a moment to truly realize the effect it had on his twin. Surely she had also grown in rank? He tilted his head. He knew all too well how powerful she was. He had even better of an idea than her when it came to her strengths and weaknesses. This was a necessity. He had to know her to protect her and that was exactly how it was. His eyes looked at the contraptions and the calculations. He wasn't a man of numbers. That was his sister. His finger however did extend and his arm followed stopping just short of the backpack thinking perhaps it was something he should keep his grubby paws off of, though it did look amazing. "So.. Is this yours?" He was referring to the bag. His interest in the fact he had achieved Jounin was completely dulled out by the object immediately in front of him. He could tell what it's purpose would be. Quite an interesting device. This man was perhaps a user of shinobi tools as well. Saikechi himself thought of his own usage of the tools. He was alright, but utilizing his hands and feet was preferable. He thought about it, looking down to his monster hands and tightening them to fists for a moment. He thought about how he needed to continue training if the fact that he got jounin was true. Of course it was true. This man confirmed it even. He found himself sucked back to his promotion. He walked over to take a seat by his twin. His fingers rapped on the top of the table and he stared forward thinking exactly what it meant. It would soon be time for him to push himself further toward his goal. What exactly was his goal? At that point, his eyes slipped onto Saisaki and he didn't even have to really ask himself that question. "So.. Squad.. You're her sensei then?" He tilted his head slightly. That brought forward a million questions from him for the man, but he kept them tucked away for another time when there wasn't another set of ears. The curiosity in his eyes was burning.
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  12. "It isn't Kechi-Nii. My name is ..... Valerie." He did his best to utilize a feminine voice, but literally anyone could tell it was very awkward and forced. He gulped and kept hidden not quite ready to face the consequences of his little stalking spree. In the mean time he was trying to think of a way to get out safely. He thought about it. All the mean while, the librarian had managed to find the source of the curiously loud noise in his perfect library and flawlessly met it with an old book followed by a, "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Like any good librarian would. He was so focused his attempt to dodge the book led him into the book shelf immediately next to him and him getting hit in the face. The library has pushed his bifocals up his nose after making sure to give Saikechi a rough glare. He had fallen to the ground by now with a groan. "Okay okay." He crawled over to his sister and gripped her leg. "I just wanted to know your inner darkest secrets about your public library affair." He sniffled slightly and gave her puppy eyes in an attempt to keep himself out of trouble. "Kudos for the public place by the way." His eyes begun glistening with wonder at the bravery from his normally shy sister. "And here I thought you were mostly shy." He chuckled slightly covering his mouth with a hand.
  13. Little did his sister realize, his own morbid curiosity had led him to literally stalk her. Sapphire hues and onyx hair blurred with swift silent movement. He was close in on her, just enough to follow, but nowhere near close enough for her senses to pick up. Their twinlepathy should've given her some idea he would come up with a scheme to stalk her, but she was dulled by the excitement of whatever else was going on. He observed his sister from just outside the library chuckling softly at how awkward and difficult a time she was having just even so much as talking to the librarian. Kechi was the socialite in your face of the two. He slipped into the library while she was trying to communicate with the librarian. He made his way along the outer edge. It seemed she was headed toward a room in the back with light coming from it. A slight stroke of his chin and a devilish pull of his curiosity led him to advance toward this room being extra careful to ensure his twin wouldn't pick up that he had managed to sneak all this way. He kept crouched low moving as quickly as he could, footsteps nearly not making a noise as he tried hard to stay hidden. What would his sister really hide from him?! Did she have a boy friend?! This would be unacceptable! Was she having a library affair?! Kudos for the public place, but oh the indecency! He frowned slightly at the thought and huffed. He would have to give her secret lover a piece of his mind. A squad she had said. A squad. A squad of two. Her and some secret lover! That was clearly the answer. "Not if I can help it!" He shouted, breaking his own silence and slamming a hand to cover his mouth. He dashed quickly to hide himself in a corner praying to no avail that his sister hadn't heard him. He had been plenty loud enough to be heard. He could feel the sweat trickling down his brow. He knew how angry she would be, but he had to know! He had to protect her from this strange relationship of hers!
  14. He huffed as he came to a momentary stopping point, fingers softly pushing through his slightly wet hair. He sat down with a deep breath and a soft cough, though nothing too extreme. "Saki-Nee, When do you think we'll actually get to go on missions together?" He blew up his cheeks like balloons making a slight poubty face. "You know, maybe I should teach you more about fighting. I would feel better if I knew for sure you could defend yourself twinny." With that he turned to face her, sapphire hues beaming with something a tad unusual. Almost a sense of sibling rivalry. Not to say this was the first time she had seen it, but it was a rare sight indeed. This seemed to no doubt be caused by the amount, or rather lack of, opponents who actually wanted to spar with him. He enjoyed fighting to a fault much unlike his sister. By now, he had gotten up to face her and moved extremely close to her sticking his tongue out. "Pleeeeeeeeeeease Neechan?" He batted his eyelashes in an almost flirty child like manner. Definitely not something the girl had seen out of him before. They so rarely fought and he knew why. At times, it led to more arguing over the next few dys than it was worth. He was desperate though. He just wanted an opponent he knew would be a challenge.