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  1. So as the title says it all I shall be giving a farewell to the site, however, I would like to say it has nothing to do with the member base but my other activities within the world that are causing my departure. Thus this site has a great staff for the most part, wonderful systems that are always being worked on for the Benefit of the members, and a great community with people always attempting to plot or pull others into the mix. So in conclusion, this place is great for new or veteran rp's alike but it just isn't the time for me to be active and truly enjoy what all is here that is offered so for everyone else enjoy and have fun with all the plot and different ideas the staff has going on and those to come. Sincerly, the site instigator Brink/Lotus
  2. Update Type | Jutsu & Weapon Update Name | Mist Sensory (C) , Water Gunshot (C), Water Cutter (B), Hidden Mist Technique (D), and Water Encampment Wall (C) & U~ōtākingu (B) x2 Update Training | N/a Update Cost/Pay | 2,900 Ryo Update Links | Water Encampment Wall , Hidden Mist Technique , Water Cutter , Water Gunshot, Mist Sensory , & U~ōtākingu
  3. Name | Takato Keita Nickname | Taka (Friends) Title Name | Will Earn IC Gender | Male Age | 25 (Twenty Five Years Old) Home Link | Takato Keita Village | Mizumura Clan | N/a Village Ranking: | Chuunin Shinobi Ranking | B - Rank Element(s) | Water & Lightning Specialties | Primary: Ninjutsu (Novice) Secondary: Bukijutsu (Beginner) Bloodline | N/a Chakra | 250 Stamina | 150 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | TBA Friends & Family | TBA Recent History | TBA
  4. Hey this topic is just for anyone that would like to have a topic with my character and or plot either way. Open to most ideas just spit it out and we can see what happens
  5. bumb
  6. Name | U~ōtākingu Type | Throwing Knives - Sub-Type | Thrown/Projectile Ranking | B Material(s) | Stainless Steel Dimensions | 5 1/4" blue 3Cr13 stainless steel blade, 3 3/4" Blue cord-wrapped stainless steel handle, 3" blade Width & 9" overall length Nature | Water Appearance | Abilities | B - Rank: Kajō suibun - Is an ability within the blade that allows for an amount of water to be pushed/injected within the target after it has made a cut, this ability has a natural progress that gives symptoms of drowning and or Overhydration/ Water intoxication. At Stage 1: This is went after the first cuts people have headaches, vomiting, and dizziness. This happens after the first cut injecting a fluid 8 fluid oz. of water within the body. Two cuts within three post to activate stage one. At Stage 2: This allows fatigue, neurological disorder, or pallor. This stage is caused once the user has 32 fluid oz. Therefore, this happens followed by having four cuts with a four post timeline. At Stage 3: This is when the user begins to feel the more severe signs of water intoxication and drowning. Thus they will start to feel an altered level of consciousness, Episodes of not breathing, and Respiratory distress. This stage comes after maintaining the first two stages, and this is only done by getting six cuts on the opponent with a four post timeline. At Stage 4: This is when someone has officially drowned and or becoming full afflicted with water intoxication cause death. However, this stage can only be achieved through maintaining the first three stages and giving a final blow from either all four or getting four cuts all within the same post. Description | These Throwing Knives are made from stainless steel material with a blue dye around the metal giving them the blue hue that you see in the image above, however, around the edging of the, it still maintains the black stainless steel material that the knife is made of. These knives come in a set of four meant to be in a Nylon sheath holster on the sides of the user just within finger range for a quick draw use. These also have a blue cord-wrapped stainless steel handle. In addition, this blade has a hidden compartment within the hilt of the blade holding a compartment of water that could either be pre- made or by a jutsu that can create a source of water/ other liquids within the hollowed hilt to use it's ability. This can be used by a slight hollowing edge around the blades allowing it to inject substance within the user through an injection mechanism within the blade itself. Availability | Private Requirements | Personal to Taka, Bukijutsu Ryo Cost | 900
  7. Oh, won't you tell me, please just tell me? How should this work? The rain was crashing against the bars dripping upon the face of Taka; it seemed to be the end of all of his dreams and his humanity. How could he have gotten into a mess like this? Yes, he was indeed somewhat of a mischievous individual, however, murder? Yea his jokes sometimes went a little too far, but this was just an extreme he would sit in his cell contemplating his decisions and actions. Nay, he was a man that once he sets his mind to what he desired he would damn well attempt to achieve it. He had to think there must have been something, anything that could have proved him at least at this moment he was indeed the innocent man that would have claimed to be. His mind racing and his brain growing tired he would have gone into overdrive thinking of all the different things that he indeed could have possibly done to escape this prison. It would have seemed pointless with the chakra restraining walls and material this place was built with he could only seem to push out just enough chakra to do the basic academy Jutsu he would have learned oh so long ago. However, if he indeed wanted to escape this hell hole, he would have to do something even if it was only with three Jutsu. "Transformation, Clone, and Surface Jutsu are those truly what I have been left with. That is now the pinnacle of my strength how pathetic..." The Boy would have let out a deep sigh, this time he was indeed up shits creek without a paddle, and his mind would have to get him out of this situation. As the days would go by he would start carving away at the wall every tally mark just another moments time passed while he rotted within these walls. Madness would slowly begin to consume him. "Are you serious in all moments I can't get any thoughts through my mind. " As his voice would have echoed through the empty halls, another voice would have returned his comment swiftly and with no mercy. "HEY SHUT THE FUCK UP IN THERE. ONLY FREE MEN GET TO SPEAK ON MY WATCH!" Every other time the man would have spoken he was greeted with nothing but silence or perhaps slight laughter. However, this was the first actual response he would have gotten seemingly in ages. Thus this would have been his chance even though he was on the brink of starvation and very dehydrated he would have had to attempt to get his escape on! "HEY IF YOU'RE SO DAMN TOUGH COME AND SHUT ME UP YOU LITTLE SECURITY GUARD!" With those words, it would have begun the guard would have swiftly pushed out of his seat and started quickly walking towards the man and arriving within mere seconds it would seem though taking a few minutes in reality. The prisoners around him would have begun rioting within their cells calling out for a brawl as if nothing else would be able to stop the man behind bars. It was working his months of planning and speaking with some of the worst scum on the planet would indeed begin to pay off in these moments. As the guard would have started jingling his keys around in search for the man's door key he would have spoken very stern before swinging the gate wide open. "Alright, bitch you have been asking for this for a long time coming, so it's finally time to get what you deserve." Though the man actually would have underestimated the man he was about to attack for as the guard would have swung open the door creating a loud roar through the very well acoustic halls. His head still down Taka would take that brief moment to kick the man square in the chest sending him back just far enough for him to bang his head and body against the cell behind him. Taka would have wasted no time for this moment would have been crucial. After all the noise it was sure to attract more attention. "Now!" Taka would have screamed the command, and the inmate would have grabbed the guard's katana and swiftly pulled it through and pushed it back into the guard's heart. However, he would have had no time to enjoy it he would have cast the blade back outside the bars, and Taka would have smiled his plan truly did work. He would have swiftly stripped the guard and used the Transformation technique picking up the katana and tilting his hat down slight walking toward the entrance. His transformation technique not quite perfect with his lack of nutrients he would have held a smirk the entire time as the commotion would have inside. He would have strolled out of jail with no problems the guards confused as he could hear the alarms from a distance going off he did it... He truly pulled off his escape. Now it was time to prove his name before he was once again caught and this time he would surely be killed on the spot. To Be Continued...
  8. Name | Takato Keita Nickname | Taka by Friends Title Name | Will obtain IC Gender | Male Age | 25 (Twenty Five Years Old) Birth Date | October twenty seventh (10/27) Hair Color | White Eye Color | Yellow Height | 6'2 ft. Weight | 210 lbs. Appearance | Dark pigment, tiger-like yellow eyes, and a smile that no one would expect. These are a few things that make up Taka. However, the things that entirely make up his regular appearance is his very lean body. As though he never truly ate well as an adult at all his high metabolism is something of a pleasing keeping him in a peak looking shape. Therefore, his very few identifying marks are the dragon tattoo that goes down his right arm. Other than this he doesn't have an excellent build or anything extraordinary about him other than his darker than natural complexion within the lands he resides. Thus he is simply your average Joe named Taka, and his body and his appearance consist of very standard ninja attire unless he wears the clothing within his image. A standard black leather jacket, a wide hanging white v neck shirt, and black jeans with basic black combat boots. Village | Water Territory Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Chuunin Shinobi Ranking | B - Rank Element(s) | Water (Primary), Lightning (Secondary) Specialties | Ninjutsu (Primary), Bukijutsu (Secondary) Bloodline | N/a Favorable | Freedom, Chaos, Adventure, Relaxing, & Mischief Unfavorable | Regulations, Followers, Introverts, & Cliches Personality | Taka is that of a rather simple man not truly seek anything greater than he honestly would need to achieve, however, this doesn’t mean he is a man without goals or ambition but rather that he is a man of practical and more relaxing nature. For to him the greatest pleasures in life aren't truly a renown ninja praised or feared throughout the lands and or perhaps even history but rather if he can leave his mark as someone that genuinely strove for the ideals he so greatly desired and honestly went after. Thus Taka could be described in few words such as a pacifist unless provoked for truly that is the only a means to an end at which he would like to avoid using. He would rather live peacefully in a relaxed state further connecting with nature as he was taught by his parents, he admires that of the panda seeing it as it does what it needs to survive only attacking when provoked. Leading a healthy diet lifestyle, and not striving to be anything they simply weren’t when at birth. Therefore, another word that could describe the man would be that of a philosopher for he does not just rush through life trying to get to his demise as soon as one has reached their pinnacle, thus he does nothing rushed or rash but makes calculated and well thought out mostly rational decisions. However, the thought of him being a philosopher comes not indeed from him attempting to spread his message of life and his way of thinking but rather for the way he talks. Plus the overall manner in which he does approach a conversation not indeed shutting out any possibilities and always attempting to see it from the other side of the coin even if it isn’t truly the kindest or perhaps even that of a malfeasance nature. Though he is a sincere – minded thinker and wished more people would perhaps adopt his lifestyle choice it just seems within the world he lives in it truly isn’t possible for the need for power and the hunger for not knowledge itself but merely greater abilities. Though to truly conclude his personality he is also that of an enigma, estranged from the world truly not taking on any of what people would call common beliefs and practices starting his own that truly is a mystery to him. Thus actually how could anyone else understand him when he is still on the path of enlightenment that shall shine the brightest toward the beginning and end of his journey through this life. So there you have it Taka is that of the purest nature striving to be the best of his abilities in the ways he knows how which consist of being Sarcastic, loving, goofy person that only wishes to understand himself and other around him alike to strive toward a better today for himself. Philosophy & Beliefs | "Live as if your demons will consume you!" History & Background | Life would have started quite generally for the boy at a young age; he would have come into the world upon the twenty-second day of the month that marked the beginning of fall, the smooth, fresh air would have been the thing that would have welcomed him into this world. The smile on his father would have been the first thing embracing within this world and the second point would have been that of the warmth of his mother’s arms thus he would have had a grand smile on his face to begin his life long journey and it would have lasted for quite some time as he would strive throughout the world. Thus as he would learn the basics of the world how to walk, talk, and simple things of that nature. Therefore, as he would reach the age of six or seven he would be enrolled in the Shinobi Academy he would have shown no greater promise than any other person, however, there would have been a sense of greater purpose for he had a great overall view and understanding of many things people would attempt to show him mainly in the area of actually having a charismatic attitude and being well liked within his age group and community. He would have been an individual that made friends rather quickly never show the class a dull moment always attempting to see the light within people and the brighter side through what some could call the darkest time of their life, so it would have come to no surprise that he would have graduated within six months of joining the academy at least not to the teachers or students for it seemed as though they saw more potential within the boy than he could see within himself. However, when he would reach genin level it would have been rather interesting to see his growth within the world for it would have only blossomed more rapidly as he would finally have shown his parents enough promise that they would begin training him within the ways of the his ancestors and also enlightening his mind upon a path of real peace, tranquility, and acceptance. So as he would continue upon the path that was shown to him he would become rather wise for someone that honestly hadn’t seen much in life at least within his own mind, thus as he would meet and adventure onward with new found friends he would give himself the nickname: “The great philosopher” for he took it upon himself to try and be just that for those around him, this way it wouldn’t show as the old books did he would have attempted to write a new a place without hatred and grief where actually you could only imagine and hear of tales full of laughter and tears of joy from happy experiences and memories. But life has a funny way of showing someone the light and path of an exciting endeavor for before he would even begin to attempt the chuunin exam’s he would have had to meet with the kage, this wouldn’t have been anything other than the start of another adventure however, this one would take him far away from his homeland at a very young age to most that often, while he was gone he would be traveling with a man going by the name of Kalypso. Though what no one would have told him two critical things one: the man that he would have been sent out to train with wouldn’t have been an average shinobi but rather a shinobi that would have trained and mastered the art of Senjutsu within the kingdom of the panda’s. Second: would have been that he was a gigantic pacifist of all the lands, things that would seemingly both get passed down to the boy within his training before he would be able to return to the village. However, it wouldn’t be as if the kid would have known what either of these two meant and Kalypso the Surgeon would take significant advantage of this starting the boy from a young age he would have been introduced into the world of the green dragon. a.k.a the realm of weed to begin his journey in both nina training and the art of what Kalypso would call real peace and tranquility. Just like most the first time, this would have been introduced into the boys’ lungs; it would show lots of strain onto his immature lungs causing him to have a grand cough attack with a feeling that it would have never ended. Though it would eventually have calmed down and his inner peace would have reached an all new level, and his ability to feel at peace within the world would have proved a great asset to him learning how to take in natural chakra naturally. However, honestly, the boy wouldn’t have remembered much of that day or the rest of his time gone for it would have seemingly all melded together within a drug-induced adventure. However, it would be clear he came out a man of drug-loving peace and truly being capable of things thought impossible, though with his loss of memory for the events would have equally come to the loss of time. Therefore, the man would have returned changed in not only appearance but ability, he would have quickly gone to see his parents to show them his new found philosophy and grand tales he would have experienced, however, upon his return it would have been met with a sense of loss for they would have seemingly moved on getting tired of waiting the long what seemed eight years to see their child once again as they would have had two new bundles of joy gracing their presence one looking to be no more than six and the other around the age of four. Though he would have been hesitant to walk back in with the fear of the loss of a warm welcome and the warm embrace of his mother that he had felt within his youth he would stride in a little closer pushing against the door when it would happen, he would have felt Kalypso grab him by his waist and sling him far from the home as he would soon follow, this would have enraged the boy, however, the events that would have followed brought out only one emotion and that would have been despair as he would have become witness. It truly wasn't his mother that would have been standing there but someone new, his mother would have died while the youth was traveling the world getting more culture underneath his belt. Thus it would set in this wasn't his family anymore. He would have only one instinct, and it would have been to run never stopping and always pushing forward he would leave his old life behind and the only thing remaining the same would be his mentor following him to ensure his safety. Therefore in the current state and age, he is now changed not actually for the worst as some would call him, but rather still looking for the brighter side of life and not taking drugs to meld away from the pain naturally. But rather to show yet another untold story within the world for every day he would awake anew and what would await him would be a New Found Story.
  9. 7/10 cool but the face claim seems meh
  10. This is me and my face and what not

    Lotus, miyamoto : Lotus topic & The Whistler (May be scrapping miyamoto)
  12. Lotus would have looked at the people that would have made up his squad and just looked; he was trying to find a positive with all the negativity that seemingly would float around. However, this wasn't his job nor was he about to make it his job. He would have looked at all of them and remained smiling for his day was going to be brought down solely because of the energy around him. "Hey and as for the team I suppose so I got a letter saying to meet here today. Therefore, I assume we are Teaem Junnosuke." He would have jumped up into the tree on the opposite side of the gir land would have leaned his back against it slowly taking a seat as his left leg would hang off and his right would be in a kneeled up position keeping his balance. "So what are we going to do today? Just a little meet and greet or is something actual going to go down?" He would have said all thids with a rather playful attitude, he could only take this so seriosuly with the nature of the people surronding him though it was going to make for an interesting day the genin knew that much.
  13. As Lotus would have seen the ninja pop out the ground and throw the kunai at him, he would have caught it with his right hand by the handle and swung it around his index finger. He would have jumped down and would have walked around the edge of the wall and got into a combat stance this time he wasn't playing around. He would have swiftly stopped swinging the kunai and would have thrown it with all his force directly at the red headed ninja. "If you wish to fight head on then let's go no more beating around the bush we can figure it out later." He wouldn't have moved; he was merely awaiting the response of his opponent ready for anything within moments notice they both were standing at the edge of the seal he had placed on the ground totaling for a ten-meter distance between them and in the middle of them the seal from the very beginning. If this was going to progress than it would have needed to quickly for the ninja was finally starting to come down from his high. [word count = 191 + 1,075 = 1,266
  14. 5/10 purple hair doesn't do it for me