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  1. Perhaps the intrusions were not as simple as Saisaki had thought. Smaller problems were often a sign of far larger ones and if ignored, the situation could go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye. That was why Saisaki was immediately on her feet when she saw one of the clinic workers enter the establishment in an obvious panic. "I'm sorry, Kabel. I need to take care of this. You know where I'll be if I'm needed." With that, the kunoichi was out the door with the other medic and headed back to their workplace. [exit]
  2. Fujin didn't have any questions for Saisaki, so the latter finished up the medical exam. The small talk continued as normal throughout. Once they were done, Saisaki filled out the last of the medical records for the visit then signed the discharge papers for the long time patient, freeing them both up for the time being. Goodbyes were brief because they'd surely see each other soon and then they went their separate ways for now. [exit/end]
  3. Saisaki never received an answer before there sounds of a commotion reached her ears. It appeared her dementia patient was giving the other medic a hard time. She looked over to where they had wandered off, but she couldn't see them past the trees and plants that stood between them. "I'm sorry, miss. I need to go take care of that. Feel free to stay awhile. I'm sure there are others here that can show you around." Saisaki bowed to the partially masked female then walked off to deal with the elderly man. [exit]
  4. Saisaki watched the other two exit. Knowing that she would be too weary from her travels to give Kabel a proper verbal debriefing, she had prepared a manila folder with the details of her mission the night before when she had stopped at the inn. She pulled it free from underneath the leather jerkin she wore along with the propaganda poster she had found and placed them on the kage's desk. "Please forgive me, but I'm going to take my leave. Hitomaro is waiting on me and there are things to do. This report should tell you what you need to know," she said in almost a whisper then bowed ever so slightly before taking her leave. [exit]
  5. Saisaki's gaze shifted away from Rysano for the moment after she had asked him the question, Sei appeared in the room. She opened her mouth to greet him, but the door immediately swung open and another medic wearing the scrubs of the Reizan no Kitoushi burst into the room. "Taichou-sama, there's been an emergency. Things are going to hell out there." Saisaki was immediately on her feet and headed out the door. "I'm sorry, gentleman, it seems that this will have to be put off. Please forgive me," she said hurriedly as she made her way out of the office. "I trust you can show yourselves out for now." [exit]
  6. It seemed that lesson was all that Saisaki would be able to help Kenta with for the mission. A messenger had been dispatched from someone higher up to fetch Saisaki. She heard the hasty steps behind her, turned, and saw who it was. "Oh dear. If they sent you, things must be really bad." She sighed and turned to Kenta. "I'm sorry for bringing you all the way out here only to have to leave you, but I really must go. Just remember what I said and you'll do fine completing the mission. I'm sure I'll see you later though. Good luck and goodbye." With that, Saisaki turned and left with the messenger. [exit] [Mission: 2124/700]
  7. They had not gotten far from the gates at all when one of the hospital's messenger pigeons caught up with the pair and delivered an urgent message to Saisaki. "Ah, I'm sorry, Nara-san. Please forgive me, but something tragic has happened and I need to leave to deal with it." Fortunately, the mission they were on was simple and Satomi would be able to handle it on their own. It was a small comfort, but nevertheless, it helped. "Until we meet again," Saisaki said then bowed out and left Satomi with the cart. [exit] [Mission: 1543/500]
  8. Saisaki returned Bastian's grin with a soft smile of her own and a nod. "As much as I love the mountain, I do think it's best to go." It had been an interesting journey to be sure. Certainly one she would remember for a long time to come and she mused over that as she descended from the peak amidst the awful storm that was now plaguing it. [exit]
  9. Bastian was off before Saisaki could say anything and the moment he left, she heard something coming from the opposite direction. There was a rumble indicative of stone shifting and her eyes flashed to the cracks and crevices of the mountain face. From the dark depths, five large snakes began to emerge. Their bodies were almost entirely muscle and their emergence from the narrow openings caused more cracks to appear along the rocky siding. Stones were flung loose and the situation became clear; the snakes had been causing the rocks slides by tunneling through the mountain. They were not native to the area by any means, but that was a problem for another day. The task at hand demanded the be dealt with and the lack of time and help meant she had one way in which she could currently accomplish the goal. She did a simple set of seals and the ground in front of the crevice the snakes were emerging from came alive. Several stone spikes erupted for and impaled the creatures, stopping them in their tracks. Someone else could come clean up the mess and start the investigation as to why these things were here to begin with. For now, Saisaki would focus on helping Bastian back up with his burden and escorting Lady Igram back to the village before parting ways with her fellow shinobi. [exit] [Mission: 3836/1800]
  10. I'll be wrapping up my open topics this weekend, but I am done here. The people that matter know why I'm leaving, so I won't go into detail. It was fun while it lasted and I thank everyone that contributed to my good memories of this place. I wish SG and its community the best of luck.
  11. Sorry guys, not enough people are actively participating, so I'm just going to end the game here. Thank you all for participating~ Role Reveal: Werewolves - Hannah // Yoshi Dreamwolf - Meiko Seer - Jinpachi False Seer - Reimei Bodyguard - Kao Underdog - Kenji Sasquatch - Daichi
  12. The aroma of the Reizan Byouin's garden permeated the air with scents ranging from soothing florals to those of bitter medicinal herbs. Fortunately, the former heavily outweighed the latter unless you purposefully inhaled one, which is, of course, exactly what an old man with long white hair and hazel eyes had just done. He coughed, sputtered, and wheezed. The young woman at his side wearing black scrubs that had the yellow Reizan no Kitoushi symbol on the left side pocket of the top gently placed her hand on the man's white robed back. "Be careful, Malik-san. Some of these plants are rather strong and your lungs aren't what they used to be." This started the elderly patient on a rant that included the words 'back in my day' and many similar sentiments before he started rambling incoherently as his dementia settled in. The woman tending to him was none other than Saisaki who shook her head so that her braid bound raven hair whipped slightly behind her back where it fell, reaching the back of her knees with its unusual length. She waved another medic over who took after the man as he wandered over to one of the koi ponds then was about to head back inside when her sapphire eyes fell upon another person that was clearly out of place. As always, the initial overview was one of a medical opinion. The physical appearance, even with half of the other's face obscured put the brunette female at an age close to Saisaki's own. She appeared to be fit and in good health, leaving few reasons for her to be there if not for treatment and no new patients had been admitted for care or study recently, so she wasn't there to visit someone in the care of the hospital. It was possible that someone had sent a runner to deliver a message, but the only person that usually did that was Kabel and he sent his via manila folders that seemed to appear on their own as if magic. It was likely that the oddly orange eyed girl was there for information of one sort or another, but of course, the best way to find out was to ask. Saisaki subconsciously ran her hands through the left side of her hair that fell over the scarred portion of her face to make sure it was in place before approaching the woman. "Hello and welcome to the Reizan Byouin. I'm Saisaki Naisho and please forgive me for being so forward here, but I haven't seen you around before. Is there something I can help you with?"
  13. Daichi - 1 Trepidation prevented most of the remaining Villagers from accusing another lest they bring their ranks down by one more yet again, but that didn't stop the village trashcan from giving her input. The Villagers stood around the acorn that had hatched a note for a few moments while they debated whether or not they should act on it, but no one seemed to have any better ideas. So they dragged DAICHI away from his gaggle of bitches. They cried and whined, but it didn't stop the Villagers. Perhaps they should have listened though because after a few moments of watching Daichi there was no noticeable change. Another one down and another night was just around the corner. The Werewolves were getting closer to their goal.
  14. Welcome to SG, Kaii! We're glad to have you in Lightning with the other lovely Australians we've managed to capture recruit. @Rue // @Kiroyashi // @mirato kizune
  15. The Villagers kept their doors firmly shut until daylight came over the island out of fear that they might be visited by the Werewolves in the dark of night. When morning did finally come, there was a collective sense of relief followed by one of impending dread. Who had been taken this time? The Villagers searched high and low and after a couple of hours, they finally found the body of the rather stealthy JINPACHI. The Villagers gathered at the center of town, fretful that they were down yet another person.