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  1. Easter was thought to be a particular strange celebration in the girl’s books. While understanding the concept of the whole thing, what she never had understood was hunting for an egg. Was it meant to simulate the fact that some animals such as lizards would often snatch up a baby hatchling before their parents had noticed it? As this had been her second time participating in this celebration, with her last time amount more or less spent on the side lines, Fuyu wanted to take a chance in experiencing what the villages called a joy of egg hunting. Snatching up brilliantly decorated eggs and giving them a new home. She even made sure to make a few of her own and hide them in some not so difficult spots, merely because she wanted an excuse to get artistic and wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t be in a place where her pride and joy wouldn’t be found. Then again, if that happened to be the case she wouldn’t mind taking it back home with her to show to the other orphans. Amongst other kids, she was following a crowd of them whom were within her classes, appearing to have a group plan of getting the most eggs and getting monopoly over the whole event. “Interesting.” It definitely was something she was willing to attempt, despite knowing that the plan they had described wasn’t going to work out. And before she knew it, she along with others were gathered at a tree, upon someone’s shoulders attempting to reach up to a branch to procure some eggs an adult had probably placed there prior. Sure, she was capable of jumping or climbing up there, but that wasn’t fun at all.
  2. First of all, sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. Not sure where to put a post like this but looking at the other topic around here this seemed like the spot. Fuyu is currently a young academy student from the water village which i'm going to have being stuck at the rank for a while, so for interested to have a tutor role she's up for grabs since I don't believe there's currently people designated for teaching. While this is not restricted to a lone individual, I am more interested in the long term development between teacher and student which would involve a chunk of casual/training threading. This does not have to be an high ranked shinobi. A jōnin, chūnin, or an experienced genin could work while the latter being recommended. If you do however have any other ideas, don't hesitate to throw them out, if you were also interested in a role that Fuyu could fit in, don't hesitate to suggest.
  3. Name | Fuyu / 冬. Nickname | Fū / フー. Title Name | Yuki-onna / 雪女. Gender | Female. Age | Eleven. Home Link | None. Village | The Water Village. Clan | None. Village Ranking: | Academy Student. Shinobi Ranking | C. Element(s) | Suiton / 水遁. Hyōton / 氷遁. Specialties | Ninjutsu ( Beginner ). Bloodline | Hyōton / 氷遁. Strength | 1 Speed | 2 Reflexes | 1 Endurance | 2 Stamina | 1 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | None. Friends & Family | None. Recent History | None.
  4. Name | Fuyu / 冬. Nickname | Fū / フー. Title Name | Yuki-onna / 雪女. Gender | Female. Age | Eleven. Birth Date | December, Twenty-First. Hair Color | Snow White. Eye Color | Navy Blue. Height | 133cm / 4'4''. Weight | 34kg / 74lbs. Appearance | Possessor of a physique of a young child, bearing athletic qualities brought upon her activities in the academy to become a shinobi. Skin of a pale tone is marred by scars of both burns and lacerations developed by punishments or a means of giving her endurance in the past, none of which appear to be recent and be on the most visible portions of skin. While not personally seeing herself as a feminine individual, she has grown out her white hair to a long length in order to fit in with her peers while has taken a tendency to wear clothing which matches with her worn clothes. Otherwise, she’s not a fan of anything that may be seen as flashy to others, but did once think about developing and creating her own article of clothing herself. If anything she tends to be centred towards wearing dresses and what not but isn’t truly against wearing anything else if she has to fit a certain critera. Village | The Water Village. Clan | None. Village Ranking: | Academy Student. Shinobi Ranking | C. Element(s) | Suiton / 水遁, Hyōton / 氷遁. Specialties | Ninjutsu ( Beginner ). Bloodline | Hyōton / 氷遁. Favorable | Sculpting artworks from material / snow, Examining the quirks / kinks that other individuals have, Individualism - freedom of movement and thought, Unconventional matches of shōgi, The historical background on what cause an object / person to be what it is today. Unfavorable | Developing a runny nose from a cold, The sound of air being released from bone cracking, Leaving a canvas / page blank, Having an negative outlook even if a situation seems bleak, To be seen as a product. Personality | Once lacking in an independent mind, a contrast of being one that excels in individuality and holds a curiosity to what to explore the essence of that word. Unlike a child, Fuyu holds knowledge of the fact that everyone is different in some kind of way which results in them walking in a unique pathway throughout their life, this concept may seem mundane in other’s eyes but in her own she values the infinite possibilities that this can hold and seeks to understand more about it. This unconventional way of thinking for her age prompts her creativity with developing something from nothing and what can classify her as a genius in understanding the inner workings of people’s mind. When she’s not observing others or brandishing her artistic qualities, she’s shown to be a little talkative but slippery when it comes to pronouncing words. Sentences may slip out of her mouth that she didn’t mean to say, but ultimately she’s a relatively humble and polite person. Her solitude from the outside world for majority of her life has left her inexperienced with a number of things which would otherwise be commonplace knowledge, still bearing some childish naivety with her. While she can discern that each life has its own beauty, her past has brought her up to have no qualms with the act of killing. While she may necessary be seen as having no morals, this is essentially wrong as she understand that doing something that is seen as bad will generally make society look down upon a person, just that she isn’t against the fact of partaking in the actions knowing fully well of the consequences that come with it. This can result in her sometimes stating out truths that may emotionally hurt another with an ulterior motive of seeing whether that changes them in a way, which in a way is a warped side of her wanting to understand more about others. Philosophy & Beliefs | Ambitions had been something that she had once lacked, but once beginning to understand what was purpose in life she started to crave something else. Objects / people that lacked a future, objects / people that had a long history. She wants to discover both and learn about them, with an urge nurture those that wouldn’t amount to much and give them a purpose, similar to how she eventually came to develop one. This is what lulls her to exploring her creativity when it comes to sculpting and what makes her long to draw a picture onto an empty spot. History & Background | In the village of water, crime lurked amongst its shadows and all of its associates were well aware of that. Arguably the most notorious business was the smuggling trade, an option of bringing in and out illegal items or ultimately people. With the recent Mizukage’s influence causing the military to start cracking down on the criminal clans, within a raid there was a child that had been saved from what was possibly a harsh life. Her name was "Fuyu", a young female at the age of eight. The knowledge known about her parents was an enigma, as there were no records of her existence. This had likely meant that she one of one the many children that was born into the trade and as one could assume by the scars littered around her body and her temperament; it was quite likely she was being raised to be a child soldier. Silent, observant and lacking any remorse to death or a morality. Once taken out of the trade and thrown into an orphanage full of children in similar situations or merely just war orphans, Fuyu started to develop thoughts and a personality of her own that wasn’t forced. Her past hadn’t been etched away, still remaining an individual that was bred to kill, which was to why she had been enrolled within the academy. Her talents would likely to come useful to the village as she owed the lands a debt from saving her from her captors, within a short time of being taught one could see that she was a smart and skilled individual, only lacking knowledge about the world in general and a devotion to her village. It was within one of the many classes that she accidentally exhibited signs that showed others her unique bloodline heritage and what allowed the teachers to understand more about why exactly a girl like herself was prior within the trade.