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    "There are nine beasts in total... All with immense power."


    1. Of the Bijuu System - How basic and advanced elements are handled on here.
    2. Of the Bijuu Available - A full list of each element as well as their properties.
    3. Of the Bijuu Rules The rules regarding basic and advanced elements.


    [1]  Of the Bijuu System

    The Bijuu System is one of the few systems on the site that incorporate cannon elements from the show. In order to possess a bijuu you must first defeat a tailed beast and have it sealed within you by an S-rank or higher sealing technique. Bijuu may only be obtained through IC events initiated and hosted by staff.

    Each bijuu passively grants certain perks and increases your chakra pool to varying degrees. Although each bijuu has certain characteristics that are set in stone, how you choose to go about the creation of your cloaks and transformations are entirely up to you; as you may want to merge them with your character's attributes and characteristics.

    In total, there are four different forms in which your bijuu may manifest. In the order that you will receive them, they are the First Cloak, Second Cloak, Partial Transformation and Bijuu Transformation. The Nine-Tailed Fox grants a unique form known as the 'Nine-Tails Chakra Mode' in which Kurama's chakra surrounds the user and emanates from every part of their body. The form's design and effects differs between users and can even change over time. If you start with a bijuu, or have first acquired one, you will start with none of the forms. In order to achieve subsequent forms, you must role-play in a certain number of topics in order to gain experience with your bijuu and then train the cloak. In these topics, you must either be involved in a battle with another role-player or in an inner battle with your bijuu. The topic must be a minimum of 10 posts or more. Although the over-all topic may be about anything, there must be a moment somehow relevant to your tailed beast and must include at least one other role-player.

    Below you will find how many topics each form requires before being unlocked.

    1. First Cloak | 5 Topics + 250 Word Training Topic
    2. Second Cloak | 10 Topics + 500 Word Training Topic
    3. Partial Transformation | 20 Topics + 750 Word Training Topic
    4. Bijuu Transformation | 30 Topics + 1000 Word Training Topic
    5. Nine-Tails Chakra Mode | 35 Topics + 1250 Word Training Topic

    [2]  Of the Bijuu Available



    l8etgav.png Name: Shukaku
    Tails: 1
    Element(s): Wind, Earth (Magnet)
    Chakra Boost: 100
    Unique Traits:

    • The ability to manipulate sand through jutsu, but without handsigns.
    • Grants the user the ability to use the Magnet Release element.
    • The user receives a passive speed boost by one rank higher.

    Name: Matatabi
    Tails: 2
    Element(s): Fire
    Chakra Boost: 100
    Unique Traits:

    • The user can utilize blue flames, which are one rank higher in power than standard flames.
    • All damage sustained from fire-based jutsu is reduced by one ranking.
    • The user receives a passive speed boost by one rank higher.

    Name: Isobu
    Tails: 3
    Element(s): Water
    Chakra Boost: 105
    Unique Traits:

    • The chakra cost of all water-based jutsu is reduced by half for the user.
    • The user is able to remain underwater for up to 3 hours without air.
    • The user receives a one rank speed boost when they are underwater.

    Name: Son Goku
    Tails: 4
    Element(s): Fire, Earth (Lava)
    Chakra Boost: 105
    Unique Traits:

    • Grants the user the ability to wield the element of Lava Release.
    • The user receives a passive strength boost by one rank higher.
    • The chakra cost of all Taijutsu techniques is reduced by half.

    Name: Kokuo
    Tails: 5
    Element(s): Water, Fire (Boil)
    Chakra Boost: 110
    Unique Traits:

    • Grants the user the ability to wield the element of Boil Release.
    • The user receives a speed boost of one rank when moving on water.
    • The chakra cost of all Water Release techniques is reduced by half.

    Name: Saiken
    Tails: 6
    Element(s): Water
    Chakra Boost: 110
    Unique Traits:

    • The user is able to make their Water Release techniques sticky or corrosive.
    • Grants the user the ability to move across sticky surfaces unimpeded.
    • All damage taken from Taijutsu techniques is reduced by one rank.

    Name: Chomei
    Tails: 7
    Element(s): Wind
    Chakra Boost: 115
    Unique Traits:

    • The user is able to produce strings of chakra that can form solid weapons and defenses.
    • Grants the user the limited ability of flight through the use of jutsu, with restrictions.
      - May last no longer than one post and can ascend no higher than twenty feet in the air.
    • The user is able to grow four additional arms, one above and below each of their own.

    Name: Gyuki
    Tails: 8
    Element(s): None
    Chakra Boost: 115
    Unique Traits:

    • The user is able to expel ink from their hands and mouth for use in jutsu.
    • Gyuki can nullify Genjutsu afflicting his host by disturbing his host's chakra with his own.
    • The user receives a passive strength boost by one rank.

    Name: Kurama
    Tails: 9
    Element(s): None
    Chakra Boost: 120
    Unique Traits:

    • Injuries that the user sustains can be passively healed by a created 'technique'.
      - Jutsu must be created by the user and will require restrictions.
    • Allows the user to take in natural energy from around them without using Senjutsu.
    • The user is granted a unique form called the 'Nine-Tails Chakra Mode'.




    [3]  Of the Bijuu Rules

    There are certain rules concerning the bijuu, obtaining them and so on. Please keep in mind, we require a certain level of activity from all jinchuriki.

    1. You may only become a jinchuriki by defeating or subduing a bijuu through an IC event, then having it sealed by a Fuuinjutsu technique of no lower rank than S.
    2. You may not be in direct control or possession of more than one tailed beast at a time.
    3. The power granted to you by your tailed beast is expected to be relative to your shinobi ranking. If you are a C-rank shinobi, you may achieve up to B-rank power as it pertains to your tailed beast forms, as all other ranks can also achieve a one rank increase in power in the same regard.
    4. You may not possess a Bijuu if you have a bloodline, even if you defeat a tailed beast in combat. If you have the intention of getting a tailed beast, you must start without a bloodline.
    5. If at least three members of staff believe a member is unfit of bearing a bijuu due to inactivity, they will have it taken from them.
    6. Bijuu, when outside of a host, are regarded generally as SS-rank beasts, with their attributes reflecting such.