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    "Those institutions under which shinobi gather, as well as what you need to know."


    1. Of the Clan & Village System - What Clans and Villages are and how they're handled.
    2. Of Regions & Managements - Everything concerning regions and managing them.
    3. Of the Clan & Village Rules The rules regarding clans and villages, and the leaders thereof.


    [1]  Of the Clan & Village System

    The Clan & Village System will explain the responsibilities, abilities and control that a leader has over their clan or village. We will go over how to start your own clan or village, as well as how to manage its territory and structures, among various other aspects regarding the aforementioned. If you are the leader of a clan, village or organization (or are looking to become one), it is imperative that you have a full understanding of this system if you wish to remain competitive with other factions and maintain your own effectively.


    About Clans & Clan Leaders
    Unlike villages, clans do not require territory in order to be established. You may simply fill out the template required and post it in the Clan Creation forum. They can most easily be described as 'families' of shinobi, with some allowing outsiders to join and others opting to accept those related by blood only. This is entirely up to the leader of the clan, although clans are discouraged strongly if you do not have any intention of allowing other members to join. Clans are expected to have a deep culture with rich traditions and ideals. If your application lacks substance, it is unlikely to be approved. Clans have many options for settlement. They may be migratory and move across the neutral territories, be permitted to settle near or within another village (on that village's territory) or they may lay claim to their own territory. Clans do not require a village in order to exist. The Clan Leader typically has full authority over those in the clan, although no one is technically forced to listen. The repercussions for disobeying your leader depends on the clan's own traditions and the will of that person in particular. Joining a clan requires either IC or OOC permission from the clan's leader. If you have already created your character, it must be IC.


    About Villages & Village Leaders
    Villages may only be established after you have already claimed a territory and converted it into a region in the Region Creation forum. Afterwards, you may go to the Village Creation forum and fill out the provided template to create your very own village. Villages may not be established unless you either have six people or three clans who wish to be a part of the establishment of that village. Villages may be customized to a very deep level, as the creator of the village has full control over how they wish the government to be structured and operate, as well as what kind of economy you wish the village to operate under (from communism to capitalism, although we ask that you go into detail in this area). Along with these aspects, you may also outline the traditions and philosophies that your village upholds and generally abides by. Although you are free to discern who is and isn't allowed to be a part of your village, you may not force their character to conform to your village customs.


    [2]  Of Regions & Management

    Conquering Regions

    If you wish to conquer a region, whether neutral or otherwise, you must simply post a topic somewhere in that region's forum with the 'Conquest' prefix and tag. Once it's been posted, if in a neutral territory, the entity of the first person to reply becomes your opponent in the war. So, for example, if Odotai tries to conquer a neutral territory but a Water shinobi replies to defy them. Everyone may then fight. If someone is attacked, the attacker must include a link at the bottom of their post to their fight topic, with his attack post being the first post. From there, the two can then fight it out. Other shinobi of either faction can choose to do the same. Fights are kept separate to avoid confusion. After you've defeated your opponent, you may join into someone else's topic if you choose to do so (but with the same chakra and stamina levels as in your last fight). The war ends when one side surrenders, retreats or is completely wiped out.

    Establishing & Managing Regions
    In order to establish a region, you must first have conquered one that is neutral. After doing so, you may head over to Region Creation forum and fill out the required template to convert it into a region. Afterwards, you may head to the Region Management forum to make any changes to it, such as adding structures or altering the terrain. Regions are required to match the climate and terrain of the territory in which it is established, however, you're free to make any minor tweaks and adjustments that you see fit during the creation and management process.

    Establishing & Managing Villages
    To establish a village, you must first possess at least one established region, as well as either six people or three clans who wish to take part in the establishment of the village (including you or your clan). After a village has been established in the Village Creation forum, it may be managed and adjusted in the Village Management forum.


    [3]  Of the Clan & Village Rules

    1. Clans are not permitted to own any territory unless they have a minimum of 5 members.
    2. Clans may only control a maximum of 2 territories.
    3. Organizations may only own a maximum of 1 territory.
    4. An individual is not permitted to control territory unless he intends to establish a village.
    5. Your village may not possess any functional structure or defense that has not been applied for and approved of.
    6. You must be a minimum of 18 years old in order to lead a Clan or Village.
    7. You must be at least A rank in order to establish a Clan, and at least S-rank to establish a village.
    8. You must be at least A rank in order to establish an organization of any type.