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    "Don't let anyone lie to ya... Everything has it's price."


    1. Of the Currency System - What the currency system is and how to earn ryo.
    2. Of the Purchases & Ryo - A guide on how much weapons, jutsu and other things cost.
    3. Of the Currency Rules - The rules you should know about the currency system.


    [1]  Of the Currency System

    Here on Shinobi Generations we have several very simple and easy ways of acquiring the site currency known as "Ryo". Ryo is the currency used site-wide to purchase weapons, jutsu, compounds for clans or even entire villages. You can earn ryo through role-playing, completing missions or even earning rewards from events or from the festivities thereof. You can read more about all of these methods below, if you need to read more in order to fully understand.

    • Role-Playing
      In order to stimulate activity and provide a steady supply of ryo for all, we have implemented a payout system that automatically pays out a certain amount of ryo to those who post in the IC forums. For every role-playing topic you create, the system will automatically grant you 75 ryo. For every role-playing post that you make, however, you will be given 25 ryo. You are granted more ryo to start a topic than to simply post because too often people would rather not have to start the topic, so we have decided to provide an incentive for doing so.
    • Ryo Missions
      Overall, there are three different types of missions on Shinobi Generations. There are Promotion Missions (missions required to increase your village ranking), Journey Missions (missions where the reward is a rare item or weapon) and Service Missions (where you perform a job or task for a client to earn ryo). Since this section is all about ryo, we will focus only on the Service Missions. Naturally, the missions are ranked from D-SS, D being the easiest and SS being the most difficult. Each time you submit and complete a mission  you will receive a ryo payout. The amount received varies on the rank of the mission being completed. You may find a table explaining the payout ranges below; with the number given representing the maximum amount of ryo you can earn from that mission.
      SS-Ranked Missions are the highest level of mission and is given through PM. Often times this will come directly from one's Kage, Clan Leader or another person in position of authority.
        D-Rank   C-Rank   B-Rank   A-Rank   S-Rank   SS-Rank  
            200     500    750     1000    1500     2000+

    • Events
      Events can come in the form of site-wide festivals, Chunin or Jounin Exams, or even just regular tournaments. They are often tests of intelligence, willpower or might, and have a large audience of onlookers. There are often major payouts and rewards for participation in these events, even if only as a spectator, you can expect huge rewards just for joining in on the festivities with your comrades! If you're interested in getting a chunk of ryo, it's always a good idea to check the Announcement's board in order to read about current or upcoming events. Contests are another great way of earning ryo, but come in two forms. There are OOC contests created by the site staff, often having members compete with one another in some way (such as who can advertise the site the most) and will usually pay out a hefty amount. The other type of contests are created by Clan and Village leaders, who foot the rewards bill from their own ryo. These sorts of contests are usually done in the name of stimulating activity in the clan or village, test the strength of its members or various other reasons.


    [2]  Of the Purchasing of Items

    As stated previously, ryo is used to purchase all the things you would need to improve your character, clan, or villages; jutsu, weapons, armor, defenses, items, edibles, everything that isn't granted to your character by start or rank increase will cost ryo. Here you will find a complete list of all that can be purchased. You should keep in mind that the more elaborate or lethal an item, weapon, or jutsu is the higher the cost will be. If this is the case, you must type a certain amount of words describing your process in creating or discovering the technique, as well as training it, and you will not have to purchase it. Otherwise, if it is a technique created by another, you are essentially paying for the scroll by which you will learn the technique and thus only have to pay the ryo cost.

    • Jutsu Pricing
      Below you will find a chart showing the cost of ryo for each jutsu. They are priced according to rank, with higher ranking scrolls generally being far more rare and difficult to obtain. Likewise, if you wish to train the technique instead, higher ranked techniques will require more words to train. You are only required to purchase OR train a jutsu, you do not have to do both.

      Cost to Train a Technique:
        E-Rank   D-Rank   C-Rank   B-Rank   A-Rank   S-Rank   SS-Rank   X-Rank  
         200 W  400 W   600 W  800 W 1000 W 1200 W    1500 W 2000 W

      Cost to Purchase a Technique's Scroll:
        E-Rank   D-Rank   C-Rank   B-Rank   A-Rank   S-Rank   SS-Rank   X-Rank  
           50 R     100 R     200 R   400 R   750 R   1000 R    1200 R   1500 R

      Summons follow the same costs and requirements as jutsu.
    • Equipment Pricing
      Weapons on Shinobi Generations come in three forms: Basic (Weapons that has no special ability or properties), Special (Weapons that have unique abilities or properties), and Legendary (Weapons that are created from one-of-a-kind materials and possess incredible abilities). Only Basic and Special weapons can be bought with ryo, while Legendary weapons may only be earned through actual roleplaying, event participation or by starting as Odotai. This will be explained in greater detail in the Weaponry Guide. For now, lets stick to costs of Basic and Special Weapons. The table shows the cost of basic weapons alone, while the second set of numbers signify the cost to add an ability to that weapon according to rank.

      For example, if you were to purchase a B-Rank weapon and wanted to add a C-Rank ability, you would determine the total cost by adding the cost of the basic weapon, in this case 400, with the cost of the ability which would also be 400. Therefore, in order to purchase the weapon you would have to pay 800 ryo overall.
        Buying   E-Rank   D-Rank   C-Rank   B-Rank   A-Rank   S-Rank   SS-Rank   X-Rank  
        Weapon      100    200      300       400      500      800      1000 1600
        Ability      100     200       400      500      600       900     1200 1500

      Items that are expendable only cost 1/10 of the usual price.
    • Clan & Village Purchases
      Those who lead a Clan or Village may make special purchases (such as structures, defenses and research) using ryo. This ryo can come from the leader's pocket or from taxes on the members of their clan or village (should they choose to enforce one). More about these purchases can be found in the Village Management forum.


    [2]  Of the Currency Rules

    There are certain rules and regulations concerning the handling and transfer of ryo. Please read over all of the rules below before making any purchases.

    1. Ryo is exchangeable both IC as well as OOC. However, in both cases you must both update your character sheets to reflect the change in ryo.
    2. You may only steal ryo from someone if you first incapacitate them in battle. Even then, you may take no more than 1000 ryo off of their person.
    3. You are not limited to buying weapons and items from the site. You may also buy weapons and items created or earned by others, even Legendary weapons.
    4. You may also use ryo for other things not related to roleplaying, such as in a Graphics Shop.
    5. The amount of ryo you begin with is determined by the Shinobi Ranking you're starting out as, as demonstrated below:
      D-C Rank: 2500 Ryo
      B-Rank: 4000 Ryo
      A-Rank: 5000 Ryo
      S-Rank: 6000 Ryo
    6. Civilians start with 2500 Ryo.