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Found 3 results

  1. Mission Name | Playing DetectiveMission Village | Water VillageMission Type | Village MissionRanking | B RankRepeatable? | NoMission Description | The stories have everyone scared. Two shinobi who roam the streets, who look and act like everyone else, have gone rogue and become serial killers. They seem to be killing other C Rank shinobi and the common assumption seems to be that they are out for revenge, that the targets are specific. Nobody knows who is next, but the past two victims were genin, found stabbed with needles. Traces of mice seem to be in each murder scene, despite the well kept apartments of the genin, and are likely related to the summoning skills of one of the shinobi. Paralytic poison is found, small bite or claw marks are found, but the cause of death seems to be a simple brutal stab wound through the chest. The mission is to find the group of killers and stop them. Apprehension through arrest is preferred, but killing them if necessary is allowed. The mission is failed if more victims are killed before you can catch them.Mission NPCs | 2 C Rank shinobi (one who specializes in medical, one who specializes in summoning) and 1 D Rank accomplice shinobiWord Count | 700 WC per person, or 1000 WC soloRequirements | ---- Rei whistled softly to himself a tune that he had made recently. It was a slow paced tune that he had practiced a bit with Jin and their little band. Their band was small, just the two of them and playing at an old coffee shop that was slowly starting to pick up in popularity. Whether it was from Jin and Rei's band, or the quality of coffee- he wasn't sure, but then again he didn't care too much if people liked his music or not. "I guess this should be the place." he told himself, stopping at the entrance to the park in the village and sat down on the nearest bench. He hadn't had his coffee yet today and he hadn't slept since last night either. He and Jin had spent the whole night practicing their music and performing a small concert at the coffee shop near the slums. Sometimes he wondered if other shinobi knew of his hobby. So far, no one had said anything at least. Though occasionally some fangirls would recognize him and ask for his autograph. He wasn't famous, no... he was new to this whole gig. He and Jin had started the band out of curiosity and just enjoyed making music together. It was that or killing people for whatever justified reason they could find. That was the difference between Rei and the two murderous shinobi in the mission that he was assigned to. Apparently these two had no reason to kill and they only targeted weak ninjas. Pathetic. he thought to himself, disappointing that two murderers with a very similar style to Rei and Jin, were so hung up on killing only people that they felt safe about killing. Personally, Rei's kills held principle behind them. Plus he loved a good challenge. The idea of limiting his killing to people he knew couldn't fight back, just bored him. "Soon, the predators will become the prey..." he would say out loud, believing no one was around him. He laughed to himself. One of the two murderous shinobi used a summoning contract of mice. As Rei himself was the summoner of serpents, it was only fitting that he was the one placed on this mission to hunt them down. Capture them alive? No. He was going to bite them to death. All he had to do now was wait for his partner, Taka to arrive so they could go into the park and investigate. While he waited, he watched everyone coming and going with his eyes, noting the color of their souls. Half a shinobi's work was gathering intelligence. WC-435
  2. Link to Involved Characters | Rei & Chaohuan Link to the Missions | Mission Brief Overview | Rei & @Duke Corner 2 bandits in an alley & kill them from a pincer attack
  3. Link to Involved Characters | Rei & Taka Link to the Missions | Mission Brief Overview | Rei & @Taka go on a mission in the tundra to find a bandit outpost & kill the thugs. The two have a disagreement that leads to both getting injured while still killing the thugs while tkaing 2 captives & reporting the supplies.