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Found 4 results

  1. Darkness would descend upon the Village Hidden in Water, its embrace like a dominant shroud of never-ending jet-black silk, her presence commanding and unnatural. A sharpness would envelop the streets as a glacier breeze would travel from the icy shores of the countries Frozen Tundra region and lay its claim upon Mizumura Village, it's occupancy unforgiving to those unaccustomed to its bite. Few lurked the abandoned streets of Mizumura, the hour late, its residents would slumber in peaceful dreams. ''It is when darkness descends, corruption comes out to play'' ''In the shadows it Festers, growing like a plague, its touch infectious'' A beauty of long golden locks and skin of honey-dew tan would traverse the Village Hidden in Water, darkness shrouded her cloaked figure. Like a veil the shadows that submerged the woman kept her concealed from eye-sight as she prowled through the deserted streets. Few stragglers would linger like flies but their focus on their own doings during the late night hour, the woman unnoticed in the long hooded black cloak that shuffled in the light wind that cast across the Village. The woman, Tenri Terumi had her destination in mind, the bridge that connected Mizumura Village to the coast situated opposite to the Village itself, the only access was the bridge itself and was an excellent rendezvous point for the night's events. Hours prior Tenri had been given a mission of infiltration that required a certain set of abilities and skills: and if need be, the ability to kill. The young beauty had no issues with killing especially given the targets, the mission a little close to home for her liking. Taro, a well-known Crime Boss with a reputation for criminal activities and a corruptive nature had been stirring more trouble lately and Tenri was issued the current mission alongside another to infiltrate and dispose of the filth the littered the Village of Water. Like a statue of black sin, Tenri occupied herself at the head of the bridge that connected the Village to the Mizumura Coast. Silently she stood, awaiting the arrival of her comrade-to-be for the mission, her curiosity of the man peaked enough for her patience to remain long enough for their arrival. While she waited Tenri checked over her equipment being sure she was prepared for a night of everlasting... joy, for when dusk came the hunger that plagued her blade would be satiated, if only briefly. 412 WC @Kazuo Enomoto
  2. The mission Jin was handed over this time was a tricky one. He had to sneak into some place but couldn't bring along his precious weapons, items or puppets. Not even the scroll he sealed Hikari in. This was almost equivalent to committing suicide, at least from a puppeteer's perspective. He was completely naked, even with the clothes on his body. What could a puppeteer do without his puppets or weapons? This was also a mission that was not Jin's style. He was told to infiltrate a place and then inform the military police to take the people into custody. Why couldn't they just tell him to kill them? That would have been easier for Jin. Plant some explosive here and there and then use his puppet to launch explosives until everyone was dead. Simple enough right? But apparently, justice demanded that these people be captured and trialed. Thus, Jin was instructed not to get violent but instead pave way for.. "justice". The good part was that he had a Tataru with him, no not Rei, Duke had tagged along for this mission. Before they would depart on the mission, Jin would invite Duke to a coffee shop where the two would sit down and devise a plan. Jin would arrive first at the coffee shop. The same coffee shop where he and Rei had performed once and now Jin and Rei had free coffee for life. It was a fond memory, the two Tataru enjoyed that performance as much as the crowd did. He would wait until Duke would arrive and then greet the Tataru with a smile. Jin would be wearing a long coat, that had the feathery texture. His facial makeup would be there as well, as usual. "Hey Duke" he would say greeting the Tataru and gesturing him to the chair in front of him. Jin would already be having his coffee so the waiter would come to take Duke's order. Jin would wait for Duke to give the order and then he would begin to speak. "I have a way to sneak in a communication device with me. I'll use that to inform those annoying military police fellows. As for the diversion, I can cover that too. I have explosive tags, as long as we plant them; I can make them explode at the right moment. I say for the diversion, we use the explosions and cover some exits that way. After that, I'll rely on you to cover the one entrance that we have to leave intact while the military police comes in for the raid" Jin would continue explaining his strategy to Duke, while also sipping through his coffee from time to time. "I will sneak in as a gambler because I really can't fight without my puppets. So if things go bad, I'll be relying on you to keep me safe", he would conclude his side of the conversation with that statement. Obviously Jin had no trouble trusting @Duke, he was a Tataru after all. Once the two would end their strategy meeting, they would depart to the place that the battle royale was supposed to happen. Before departing, Jin would also give Duke 3 of his explosive tags for him to plant them at the entrances that Jin would explode later as a diversion. Word Count: 521
  3. Thought it'd be wise to put them together since they are related and share the same rank. Mission Name | Survival Horror Pt 1 Mission Village | Water Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | Rank B Repeatable? | Yes. Mission Description | A team of Medical Ninja were dispatched to a small village located within the Yugetsu Outpost in order to investigate mysterious happenings related to an unknown pathogen, which seemingly makes the host become very aggressive towards anyone who isn't infected, without reducing motor skills or brain performance. It's been two days since the team should have arrived at the designated location, but the Mizumura Village still has received no news on the matter. Your main objective is to find and ensure the Medical Team's safety, as they are important assets to the village. Unfortunately since you will find only one survivor, the best you can do is guide him back to Mizumura to report his findings. Please refrain from killing villagers, even if they might look like they are beyond salvation. Mission NPCs | 1 C-rank Water medic survivor [Chunin]; Multiple D-rank infected villagers [No abilities] Word Count | 1000 words Requirements | N/A, Squad recommended Mission Name | Survival Horror Pt 2 Mission Village | Water Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | Rank B Repeatable? | Yes. Mission Description | The Mizumura Village managed to develop a cure in order to counter the mysterious pathogen. However, due to a shortage in equipment, a team of Ninja are meant to transport a considerable amount of medicine to the infected village and distribute it. It is highly likely that they'll have to force patients to swallow their medicine if the infection stage is advanced. The Shinobi will not be provided with any special equipment for the mission besides the medicine and must find a way to efficiently make sure that the drug reaches everyone in a timely manner. If they take too much time, consequences to the victims might be permanent. Mission NPCs | Multiple D-rank infected villagers. Word Count | 1000 words Requirements | Complete Survival Horror Pt 1, Squad recommended
  4. Mission Name | No-knock Warrant Mission Village | Water Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | The Water Military Police has been tracking an individual of great reknown within the underworld, who has made a fortune out of organizing illegal competitions using a makeshift arena located somewhere in the Frost Forest. You are tasked with infiltrating a no-rules battle-royale type of tournament adopting the role of a either a participant or local gambler, and are expected to set everything up for the WMP to successfully raid the place some time later. Objectives include identifying targets of interest and their location, finding a way to establish contact with the Police in order to deliver a signal, prepare a suitable distraction for when the time comes and seal any exit routes the criminals could use to escape. It is mandatory to keep one's identity as a Ninja concealed at all times, so the use of Jutsu in the open is restricted. You'll also be searched at the entrance, so refrain from bringing ninja-exclusive gear that would blow your cover. The place is guarded by multiple corrupt C-rank Shinobi from the Water Village. They can identify Ninjutsu on sight. Do not engage in combat with them until the Water Police arrives. Mission NPCs | Multiple C-rank Shinobi [Varied specialties]; D-rank Tournament Participants [No special abilities]; Bandit boss [Non-combative] Word Count | 1000 Words Requirements | A squad is mandatory for this mission.