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Found 65 results

  1. Plot

    Kao didn't know what to expect when he was asked to lead a team of all things. Despite being a Chuunin (and thus synonymous with the term: 'a capable leader'), he had little to no experience or interest in spearheading any operation whatsoever. It was mostly a fluke that he managed to pass the exams his first time through and, even then, his superiors were mostly aware that he shouldn't, under any circumstances, be the commander of a unit of any size of ninjas. He'd probably single-handedly FUBAR an entire D-Rank mission with a team full of experienced Jounin if it came down to it. The others must've had their hands full or something to do something this drastic; or maybe they had misplaced their hopes and believed he had matured the slightest in his decade-long tenure. He choked down a humorless laugh. That'd be a great joke to tell his roommates back at the barracks. It was nerve-wracking to walk down the familiar streets and alleys of Yamagakure with this in mind. So many scenarios ran through his head and he had forgotten to breathe on occasion. He guessed he was lucky not to stumble into any brick walls or vendors (although he did accidentally knock down a cart of apples and fresh fruit). He shook his head. This wasn't like him. When had he ever start worrying about these sorts of things? What could go wrong? He continued to reassure himself and, as he made distance towards the rendezvous point, he felt himself relax and feel the tension in his shoulders ease away. Ha. See? Nothing to worry about. Recent missions haven't been too bad at all; he'd been teamed up with a bunch of Genin and he's pretty sure that he'd be able to recognize whoever had been assigned to this information-gathering duty with him. That's a step in the right direction. Maybe it'll even be Saisaki who was really, really cool (like Yukie Fujikaze in the role of Agent 007 in her newest blockbuster ninja movie) and was, well, pure awesomeness in a human-shaped can! Or maybe it'll be the level-headed Rue who was, also by his standards, a sophisticated and hip (is that the term kids used these days?) person overall. And then he arrived. And he felt all his hopes dash away. "Oh god, did you still not get a haircut?!" WC: 397 / 1000 @Tenri @Katsu
  2. Jutsu Name | Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B Element(s) | Fire Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Chakra Cost | 50cp Handsigns | Ram → Horse → Rat → Tiger Range | 15 meters. Upon reaching impact, flames disperse outward in a 5-meter radius. Duration | 1 Post Description | After initiating the tiger hand seal, the user moulds their compressed chakra before releasing it in the form of a single dragon's head-shaped fireball, each boasting a diameter of 4.6 meters. With enough skill, the user is able to manipulate the head, moving it in any preferable direction (though limited to a single change in direction) for the duration of 1 post within a range of 15-meters. Other Effects | Having a high temperature, when shot in an upward direction, the resulting flames create a rising proliferation of warm air currents which eventually give way to thunderclouds (with the additional possibility of light rain) for 1 post extra after the technique has ended. Requirements | N/A Status | Public
  3. Mission Name [Entity] | Friends of the Mountain [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | No Mission Description | We've recently felt the need to ensure strong ties with some of the minor villages, one of those being the Wind Village. We don't have permission to send one of our diplomats to the Kazan Islands yet, but we'd like to send you to start opening that door. Sōhei Nijiro has agreed to let us meet with his closest adviser, Kazuchika Okada. Okada isn't as isolationist as Nijiro is but don't expect a comfortable visit with the somewhat flamboyant spiritualist. Get in, avoid incident, and try to assure them that we are only reaching out to build a strong alliance and help strengthen their own held territory. Mission NPCs | Kazuchika Okada, the close adviser to Sōhei Nijiro. He will be accompanied by his 3 A-Rank guards. There should be no combat with them unless things go very, very wrong. First A-Rank: Ino Urimeshi (Female/Blond) Element: Fire, Wind Specialty: Bukijutsu (Spear Fighter) Second A-Rank: Kazu Imei(Male/Sandy Blond) Element: Water Specialty: Ninjutsu Third A-Rank: Tara Isumei (Female/Brunette) Element: Water, Wind Specialty: Ninjutsu Word Count | 1000 WC Requirements | Must be in the Open Seas board since the Meeting must take place on ships outside of Kazan Islands.
  4. Mission Name [Entity] | Nosing Around: Bear Trap [Wanderer] Mission Type | Plot Ranking | B Repeatable? | No Mission Description | You've ejected the poison from your body, but now you've found the weakened shinobi all huddled together in a cell different from yours. Two guards are guarding the narrow hall of the dungeon, their specific actions can be determined ic. You need to make sure the guards don't notice your cell is unlocked, get to the cell of the shinobi, unlock their cell door, and find your way out of the dungeon before more guards show up. Mission NPCs | - Two guards, lethal, C-rank, both Bukijutsu. - Two back up guards, violent, B-rank, bukijutsu, lightning release. Word Count | 1000 Requirements | - Successful completion of Nosing Around: The Rabbit Hole. - Mission is successful if you rescue the shinobi before back up arrives. - Mission is failed if back up arrives before you can get yourself and everyone else out. - Mission is failed if the first two guards kill you. - The Back Up guards will knock you out upon arrival.
  5. Mission Name [Entity] | Walking the Edge [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | No, Must be assigned Mission Description | After clearing out the local bandits it's come to our attention that there is a much more pressing danger forming in the region. Missing-nin from the Akishi Valley are pushing North, this will undoubtedly upset our own interests in the area. Head towards the border of Gona'ku(Region 40) and eliminate the Missing Ninja supplying arms to the local bandits. It's likely they've taken prisoners, freeing them before harm can be done is important to our local image. We'd like for this not to turn into a bloodbath, our intelligence is telling us that the leader is prone to brutality, if you are seen coming he may kill hostages to make a statement. Do not let that happen, stealth is key here. Use the terrain to your advantage. Mission NPCs | Ghi Itoroki - B-Rank Missing Ninja Elements: Fire Threat Level/Background: Ghi is a reckless brute, more a threat to everyone around him than to a trained killer. He left the Flame Village during the last regime change as a low grade C-Rank, we now consider him more an equal to a B-Rank due to his increase in killing effectiveness since. He is known for using a number of large area flame techniques, more often than not catching his own men in his flames. You will be able to clearly identify him, his left side is scarred by old burn's, a memento from a previous encounter with a Lightning Shinobi. If he knows you are coming he is going to put hostages in the firing line to test you, the best option is to kill him without alerting anyone to your presence, if that isn't possible his death MUST take priority even over the lives of the hostages. Hideki Tojo - C-Rank Missing Ninja Element: Unknown Threat Level/Background: Hideki is a newer recruit from what are intelligence has given us and due to that we can't give you much information on him. What we did dig up is that he once called the Wind Country his home, was top of his class in their ninja training program. Shortly after attaining rank he left the village and has been hunted ever since. He is relatively young, appears to be early twenties. We aren't sure how he plays into the situation but we know that shortly after joining up with Ghi the small group began funneling weapons into the the Gona'ku Cliffs. If anyone is going to have good intelligence on where the weapons are being made and coming from it is likely to be him. Yoshijiro Umazu - C-Rank Missing Ninja Element: Earth Threat Level/Background: Yoshijiro is one of ours, a former Lightning Shinobi that managed to sneak out during the rebellions. He stayed underground for quite a while before resurfacing in the Akishi Valley, since then he's attached himself to a number of would be warlords on the rise. We view him as relatively low threat, however he does pose an interesting opportunity. Yoshijiro is a malleable piece to the puzzle, if we could get to him and convince him that we could put him in charge of the gang in return for helping us deal with their more volatile members then it's possible he could open the door for us. We know he likes to frequent drinking establishments outside of his gangs control, likely to avoid fighting for the same women and booze, strongly consider approaching him and flipping him to our side. 15 E-Rank and D-Rank level combatants are also in the base at all times, they are not truly trained as Shinobi and will be on the low end of their respective ranks. They will be armed with common weapons like spears, pull-arms, swords, and bows. Word Count | 1000 Per Participant Requirements | Must kill Ghi Itoroki, If attempting at C-Rank there must be 2 people, B-Rank and up can Solo. Must be done in 2 Posts, cannot be done in 1 post., Must have completed "Laying the Groundwork", this is the second in that mission line and will qualify for plot upon completion. Side Objectives: - Free the local prisoners to gain favor in the region - Capture Hideki Tojo so he can be interrogated later - Turn Yoshijiro Umazu against the gangs leadership, this will allow us to use him to keep further intrusions into the Gona'ku Cliffs to a minimum without assigning heavy resources. MUST BE ASSIGNED BY DRAK
  6. B-Rank

    Mission Name [Entity] | Pressing for Information [Water] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | No Mission Description | After the ANBU leader of the Water was ambushed by an unsavory group of men, he extracted crucial information from them. We have a lead on where we might be able to acquire more information on a wanted group of criminals. A man by the name of Otoko Rui will be your target. Your objective is to take out his entourage then acquire more information on the group known as 'Saisei' from Otoko. How you acquire this information is of no consequence, but take care not to finish him off until you've gathered all that you can. Leave no survivors, lest Saisei be forewarned of our investigation. Mission NPCs | x1 [C-Rank] Otoko Rui | Fuuinjutsu / Earth Release x3 [C-Rank] Thugs | Bukijutsu / No Release Word Count | 1000 Words Requirements | Must Have Participated in Topic Of Rats and Men Squad Must Comprise a Minimum of 2 Shinobi Ranked B or Higher
  7. Between the large fingers of his huge hands rested a small slice of paper, upon which the words of a rather routine mission had been penned. The current ruler of the village had a particular vendetta against the lawless insanity of the slums which plagued the village an marred its appearance in the eyes of surrounding nations and Chao could understand why; while he found himself in the slums on a rather frequent basis he did not particularly enjoy them as a whole and could appreciate that their removal or, at a minimum, their downsizing could serve to strengthen the power and stature of the nation as a whole. And so, in this odd little coffee shop he sat, reading over this simple set of instructions which essentially detailed a pair of people he was to locate and kill. Simple and to the point. He was to wait on a partner for the mission, someone dispensed from the office of the kage who he had not previously met, or at least not that he could recall. He sipped, periodically, from a cup of something; he did not know very much about coffee and so he just asked the baristas to make whatever they liked best. However, he never asked them what they had made and so never had a name for what he was drinking. This particular concoction was a touch bitter and had a small bit of white foam swimming on the top which had been shaped into a delicate swirling pattern. His bow hung from the back of the chair, too cumbersome to sit down with properly, but his quiver remained at his thigh and the twin kodachi at his back. Typical restaurants and cafes may find this distasteful or outright terrifying, but this particular shop seemed frequented by ninja and, as such, no one even blinked when the hulking, black-haired man strode in decked out in small collection of implements of death. However, they did unanimously perform a collection of double takes when taking in his choice of clothing, though he paid them no mind. He had a pair of simple gray joggers on, loose pants which gave him a free range of movement, but he wore upon his chest and arms a short-sleeved button up shirt, navy with an array of yellow pineapple decorating it. He had popped his collar and left the buttons open down to the middle of his chest, risking the occasional nip slip. Additionally, on his face rested a set of large, mirrored aviator style sunglasses, even though he sat inside and even outside the village was almost always provided with ample cloud cover. @Rei
  8. Name | Leonidas {レオニダス} Type | Broadsword - Sub-Type | Two Handed Ranking | B-Rank Material(s) | Blade - Chakra-Conductive Igneous Rock {Volcanic Rock}, Chakra-Conductive Damascus Steel Hilt - Red-Oak Wood, Gold-painted Steel Dimensions | Nature | Yōgan - Lava Release Doton - Earth Release Katon - Fire Release Appearance | Leonidas is a massive broadsword shaped like a giant butcher knife with an abstract motif on the blade. With a size and width close to that of a living being, Leonidas gives a heavy Impression. Forged with traces of Igneous Rock and Damascus Steel granting the blade an ash-black palette upon its surface and decorated with intricate designs upon its face. Leonidas' hilt is made up of Red-Oak Wood with Gold-painted steel to finish both the handles curved tip and the hilt's connection to the blade itself. Abilities | Yōgan kōto {溶岩コート} - Lava Coating Due to its chakra conductive steel and Igneous Rock (Volcanic Rock) quantities, when the user applies their chakra into Leonidas the Blade discharges a thick coating of Yogan - Lava enveloping its massive surface giving the users attacks an added B-Rank Lava addition which can cause second-degree scalding burns and capable of igniting sources upon contact. Description | Leonidas was once forged and owned by a savage man only known as Kazu. History states Kazu was an infamous member of a clan of Lava-mancers who possessed Lava like fighting styles that scattered many years ago. Since the death of its original wielder, Leonidas now resides with the young Kunoichi Tenri Terumi, a woman capable of utilizing its abilities. Availability | Personal - Tenri Terumi Requirements | Yōgan - Lava Release | Bukijutsu Ryo Cost |
  9. Mission Name [Entity] | Onyx Shoal Initiation [Water] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Crime Boss Taro has decided it is time to initiate the teenagers from the recruitment. Several of them have been chosen for a special engagement: a match to see who can make the most money in a single day. The top six will be welcomed into the fold of the Onyx Shoal. The way to make money is unregulated: murder, theft, drug sales, or anything else the teenagers can come up with is acceptable. You have two choices in this mission. 1) Stop as many of the teenagers as possible, without killing them, and thwart Taro's initiation job. 2) Infiltrate and join the Onyx Shoal by obtaining the most money possible, knowing that deeper undercover positions will further expose the Onyx Shoal to destruction from the inside and further benefit the Water Village. The mission fails if you allow the initiation to succeed and six or more teenagers return to the Onyx Shoal as members of the gang. Alternatively, the mission fails if you are not one of the six initiates welcomed into the Onyx Shoal. Mission NPCs | Taro's underlings: 5 B Rank nin The recruits: 8 D Rank teenagers Word Count | 1000 WC per person Requirements | Success in A Gathering of Men Mission, not a solo mission
  10. Name | Ion Deluge Type | Chemical - Sub-Type | Supplementary | Miscellaneous Ranking | S Material(s) | Liquid Super-conductor Dimensions | 1 use Nature | N/A Appearance | A shiny, bluish silver, pressurized fluid which readily aerosolizes into a thick mist of the same color. One use creates a cloud of five square meters. It attaches easily to bodily fluids and skin oils, returning to its liquid state and sticking to the target. Abilities | Amazingly conductive, this substance mixes with and clings powerfully to bodily oils and fluids. In its mist form it hardly obscures vision, making it a poor distraction but an excellent trap. Naturally hydrophobic, it requires a water technique of one rank higher to wash it off, but oil based abilities and the like can wash it away rather easily, requiring one rank lower. The chemical will begin to harden and crystallize after four posts, thus crumbling easily off of a body. While crystallized it retains its high conductivity. It cannot explode or cause damage of any sort on its own. However, its exceedingly conductive nature causes electricity and lightning based jutsu, upon contact, to flow all over the body of whatever it has adhered to. The chemical overrides any inherent protection a jutsu might have, disallowing it to discriminate friend from foe, user from stranger. Thus, were someone to find himself covered in this and attempt a lightning technique, that technique will backfire, causing damage equivalent to the technique to that person. However, the technique will not fail, as this does not in any way inhibit its performance. Description | This substance is said to have come to the Tataru through the arcane whispers of the murky spirits of deep lakes and seas. It is rather unknown in foreign lands, and even within the water nation most do no know of it after the destruction of the Tataru. It can be difficult to handle, though rarely dangerous to do so, and is commonly sold in large canisters which can spray the stuff out or in hermetically sealed glass containers, each containing one use each. Availability | Purchase from Tataru Requirements | N/A Ryo Cost | 900
  11. The Tataru have been an active bunch for a little while now. They have been going on about doing tons of C-rank missions and they were acknowledged for that. So now they got to do a B-rank mission. Even though, the three were still genin. To be fair, the mission didn't involve fighting super strong shinbo. It was more of a research oriented, resource collection mission. If they weren't too bad on their feet, this one would be an easy one for the trio. And in this mission, their barbaric ways wouldn't harm anyone. They were becoming notorious for crossing the line even for the simplest of tasks. So now, they had to go to a secluded location, cave dive into the earth and collect some steam. Try your barbaric ways now, Ha! Tataru. Someone sitting on a comfortable chair somewhere would be giggling their behinds off for this one. Regardless, it was the Tataru; you never know what they were truly capable of until they did it. So, the long coat wearing humming puppeteer was awaiting the arrival of his fellow Tataru. It was snowy and pretty cold but the feathery long coat helped keep him warm. Waking up early was awful though, it was bright and the birds were chirping; just awful awful stuff to endure. But he had to, they needed to make up some time by departing early. So even though he didn't want to, he had to. But that didn't keep him from being cranky, he was awfully cranky this morning. He was still however, humming a favorite tune. He couldn't help it, he was the humming puppeteer after all. He had already provided the necessary documentation to the shinobi guarding the gates. The orders of the kage that allowed him and his two brethren to depart from the village. They would still be within the territory but it was a bit away.The authenticity of the documents were verified and Jin and his fellow Tataru were good to go. All they had to do was get there, Jin had taken care of the rest. It was snowing today. The cold air being brutal as it was. He felt like getting some coffee so he decided why not drink it while he waited. He left the front gate, walked into a coffee shop and ordered a cofee. He would have ordered three but he did not know the taste preference of the other two. They can get their own coffee when they got their. A few moments of wait and the hot coffee was presented to him. He paid the bill and headed back to the village gates, sipping through the warm and excessively sweet coffee. Jin had quiet the sweet tooth so he made sure to add tons of sugar. "Hmmm hmm.. chandelierrrrrrrrr..." he let out a little lyric as he hummed. The sweet coffee was helping his mood. Word Count: 483
  12. Resources had been bustling in and Mizumura technology had begun to evolve. It was a new era, a new age; the new Mizukage was bringing about progress. This implied, the sudden increase in the demand of raw material and resources. So shinobi, who used to be instruments of terror and death; specifically the shinobi of Mizumura, were now reduced to resource collectors. Sure, the resources present in the Tundra weren't easier to get. But, specialists could have taken this job. It was simply the collection of resources. What was so amazing about it anyways for it to be a B-rank mission? Jin didn't know what to make of that. He had no comments about the progress because he cared little for it. In the name of progress, many unspoken deeds could be committed. Nations could rise and fall and all would be for the progress of a certain nation. May be his clan being murdered mercilessly was all part of progress? Who knew? Regardless, he did not care but the job paid and it was a B-rank mission. This would serve well for the acquisition of reputation for the Tataru. And for the Tataru, he would do anything. He had mixed feelings about this mission because of the company that tagged along. One was Jin's closest friend and fellow clan member: Rei Tataru. The other was a lady he had done a mission with, not so long ago. He didn't interact with her much because he didn't have to. She kept her distance as well. So his perception of her was not too bad but it was still as bad as everyone not-Tataru. The lady was named: Meiko? Was she Meiko? He recalled her name because the mission details had them when it was assigned to him. That was the only introduction he had with her. May be this time he would try words or not, he wasn't really a socially adept Tataru. The third thing adding to the whole two Tataru and one not-Tataru situation was the cold Tundra weather. It was snowy all around the place. Good thing for Jin though, his signature long coat with the feathery texture was actually pretty warm and helped cope with the cold. But what would happen during the night? They needed to stock up on supplies because they were supposed to be searching for crystals in the snowy tundra forest. A good thing for the Tataru was that they could speak to spirits, so the spirits; if they felt cooperative enough, would guide them towards crystals. This may turn out to be an easier mission for the trio but who actually knew the future? Regardless, for now, Jin stood at the gates with a warm excessively sweet coffee in his hands awaiting the arrival of @Rei and @Meiko. Word Count: 467
  13. Name | Powder Type | Chemical - Sub-Type | Supplementary | Miscellaneous Ranking | B Material(s) | Powdered plant material (?) Dimensions | 3 uses Nature | N/A Appearance | A white, chalky powder that easily disperses into a large, five square meter cloud of dark-gray smog. The powder clumps rather easily, becoming viscous, sticky globs. Abilities | The substance is extremely flammable and will easily explode when lit or hit by small sparks. Additionally, it clings quite stubbornly when whetted by oils, namely those on the flesh of most living creatures. While non-toxic save in absurd amounts and poor at serving as a smoke bomb or notable distraction, those exposed to it shall find themselves covered in globs of the stuff. Its composition is fairly hydrophobic, meaning that it requires a water jutsu of one rank higher to wash away, though oil-based and similar techniques can remove it quite easily. If nothing is done, the chemical will dry up and begin to fall off in crumbles after 4 posts. The dried chemical is still flammable but will no longer explode. The invidious power of this chemical is not so much its flammability, though that is the most notable feature, but instead that it will cause fire-based jutsu to go wild as they rapidly consume the powder as fuel. Thus, a fire technique used by someone covered in this can backfire easily and hurt them beyond the simple explosion the powder causes as they will no longer be protected from their own flames where applicable. Description | A curious compound not terribly difficult to make, some Tataru have claimed that woodland spirits told them of it in times long passed. It is not particularly common, due in part to the destruction of the clan, and is a rarity in other countries. It can be difficult to handle at times, as it so readily disperses into the air, but can generally be purchased in a large canister or, more commonly, packed into small cloth or glass bombs for easy dispersal or traps. (Buyers should track how they store it and when/if they pour it into some other container.) When ignited, the powder explodes, doing B rank damage, causing second degree burns, and catching clothing and fabrics ablaze. Blast radius is 5 meters. The damage caused by backfiring of jutsu depends, obviously, on the jutsu itself and can vary depending on how the jutsu is used and where it originates from. That said, if someone covered in this lights themselves on fire with their own fire jutsu, that damage will just be whatever that jutsu would originally have done. Availability | Purchase from Tataru Requirements | N/A Ryo Cost | 500
  14. Mission Name | Supply the Frontier Part 3 Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | B Repeatable? | Yes; Once per Character Mission NPCs | 2 B-Rank Shinobi Mission Description | The Village won't be able to send reinforcements to the frontier in time to stop the two new missing Shinobi vying for power over the gang from attacking. You are a Shinobi of the Water Village, protect it's civilians. Hold the two would-be leaders off until reinforcements arrive to help you! Word Count | 1000 Words Requirements | Complete Supply the Frontier Part 2
  15. Mission Name | Dagger in the dark Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | B Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | 2 C Rank bandits Mission Description | The slums have always been a place of lawlessness. Reports have come in that there are a couple of bandits who snatch unsuspecting visitors to the vllage and murder them in the back alleys of the slums after taking all of their belongings. Lure these two bandits into a trap and dispense justice. 1 bandit is C Rank skilled in Genjutsu. The 2nd bandit has C Rank skill in Fuinjutsu. Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | N/A Credited to Rei
  16. Mission Name | Bandit DuoMission Type | Water VillageRanking | BRepeatable? | YesMission NPCs | 2 C Rank banditsMission Description | There are two bandits who have camped out on the Mizumura Coast. One bandit is strong in Taijutsu, the other is strong in Bukijutsu. Locate them and defeat them before they can stage any more robberies.Word Count | 1000 WordsRequirements | N/A Credited to Rei
  17. Mission Name[Village] | Fist Fight at the Port [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Missions Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | Restricted: Village Dispatch Only Mission Description | We need you to head to the Raijin Bay to break up gang fight that’s been going on for three days. The local Shinobi will be able to give you more information on the situation, but what we know on our end is that it has something to do with the rival trading groups in the area. You need to stop the fights, end the riots, and get those fisherman back on the boats and out to sea. Mission NPCs | Local Shinobi, Violent Populace. Word Count | 1000 Words Requirements | Discover the source of conflict and come up with a suitable solution, otherwise force them onto the boats and kick them back to sea.
  18. Mission Name | Secure the Asset Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | We’ve got an informant crossing the border with incredibly valuable information. The information needs to reach the Kage’s desk by sundown, make sure you either get the asset to safety or get the information in writing. Failures here will set us back months, so don’t fail. Mission NPCs | Varies, the asset is a must but threats are up to the mission taker. Word Count | 1000 Words Requirements | Must return with the information
  19. Mission Name | Necessary Intervention Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | We’ve heard disturbing rumors that a foreign agent is interfering with a local election. We’ve got no reason to believe this agent is dangerous, that being said it is important that we identify them and put a stop to their meddling. Mission NPCs | Varies, dependent on the mission taker. Word Count | 1000 Words Requirements | Locate the foreign agent and prevent him from swaying the election.
  20. Jutsu Name | Summoning Technique: Runt Hit and Run Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B-Rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Summoning Energy Cost | 50 CP Handsigns | (Must mark two spots on the ground with blood) Dog -> Hare -> Dragon -> Ox -> Hands to Ground With Final Blood Payment Range | 15 Meters AoE Duration | 1 Posts Description | The user marks two spots within a 15 Meter Radius before completing the hand seals and making the last blood payment to temporarily have three Red Runt Salamanders pop out of the ground and rush the opponent. These Salamanders will be of C-Rank physical ability and will not be able to cast any jutsu. At the end of the post they will disappear. Other Effects | Each Red Runt has a thick, powerful tail they use to bash objects with C-Rank force. Requirements | Giant Salamander Summoning Contract Status | Open
  21. Jutsu Name | Summoning Technique: Salamander Water Canon Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B-Rank Element(s) | Suiton - Water Release Specialty(s) | Summoning Energy Cost | 50 CP Handsigns | Dog -> Rat -> Horse -> Dragon -> Hands to ground Range | 20 Meters Duration | 2 Posts Description | The user quickly cuts a finger and does handsigns before placing their hands on the ground to open a summon gate just wide enough for a powerful stream of water to erupt that is four feet in diameter that shoots with B-Rank force for 20 Meters. Once the gate is opened the stream will continue in a straight line from its origin point for 2 posts before closing. Other Effects | Acts as 1 Rank Higher against Fire Jutsu, 1 Rank weaker against Earth Jutsu. Requirements | Giant Salamander Summoning Contract Status | Open
  22. Name | Gehnar Nickname | N/A Rank | B-Rank Species | Giant Salamander Contract | Giant Salamander Summoning Appearance | Gehnar is a bit unusual for the Giant Salamanders in that his clan is very thin with unusually long legs. From tip to tail he is 32 feet long and stands nearly 9 feet tall. He has dark, navy blue skin covering his back and a soft pink underbelly. The other most notable feature he has is the very large, bulging yellow eyes that twitch from side to side. His back body consisting of hind quarters just behind the legs and the tail is incredibly light, so light in fact that it blows with the wind. It doesn’t have any bones and is instead light muscle, this allows Gehnar to use it as a lightweight rope when needed. Personality | One of the more intelligent of the Salamander species, Gehnar is a bit of a know it all. He is well into his adult years and has recently begun acting as if he is older than the King himself, a trait almost insufferably annoying. Other than that he is loyal and somewhat cowardly. When faced with an opponent he doesn’t think he can beat he will take quite a bit of convincing to take part in the fight, more often than not he will simply just run away and leave his summoner to whatever fate has in store. Background | Gehnar and his species come from the coastline at the base of a mountain where they evolved to almost skip across the water. Gehnar himself is an adult amongst his clan, although he is treated with less respect than the common whelp. He first made a name for himself when he abandoned his comrades fighting against the haired monsters, then he stole the fish from his neighbors and was banished for a time. Finally, the coward lucked into hero status when he returned to his home just in time to warn them of an impending attack. Now he’s been roped into serving a human summoner, but that doesn’t mean he’s a slave. Special Abilities | Salamander Regeneration: Upon losing a limb the salamanders body goes to immediately regenerating it, 4 posts after losing a limb it will regenerate. Gripping Tail: Gehnar is able to use the light muscle in his tail like a snake would to wrap around a target with C-Rank strength. A target wrapped by Gehnar will suffer +1 Rank damage from all lightning based attacks. Elements | Raiton - Lightning Release Specialty | Ninjutsu Other Notes | Gehnar and the Salamanders like him move their legs fast enough through water that only half their leg length ever actually sinks as long as they keep moving. Known Jutsu | (Will Add at a Later Date) Weapon(s) | N/A
  23. Name | Bladed Salamander Nickname | N/A Rank | B - Rank Species | Giant Salamander Contract | Giant Salamander Appearance | The bladed salamander gets it’s name from a large, sharp piece of bone that protrudes from the front if it’s face and tail. Unlike many salamanders the bladed salamanders have developed sharp claws that hook slightly allowing them to grip stone and trees. They don’t have any teeth, instead they swallow large nuts and mushrooms whole and digest with powerful stomach acid. From tip to tail these salamanders are generally about 9 meters long, their short legs only lift them about four feet off the ground giving them a solid height of 9 feet. Personality | The Bladed Salamanders are almost a step back in the evolutionary chain. While they can speak they do it immensely poorly and are more focused on survival than anything. They will follow orders that don’t obviously lead to their demise, but they are a stubborn bunch that will oftentimes chose themselves over the summoner. Background | The Bladed Salamanders have grown and evolved in the central mountains, having to adapt to survival while surrounded by predators. This has led them to be a bit more deadly than some of the other Salamander clans. They make the trees their homes, using their bladed tails and face to ward off predators. They move in small packs a bit like wolves, when one eats the others use their face and tail blades to protect the blindside. Special Abilities | Salamander Regeneration: Upon losing a limb the salamanders body goes to immediately regenerating it, 4 posts after losing a limb it will regenerate. Bladed Salamanders: The bladed Salamanders have B-Rank, sharpened and curved bone on the front of their face that is 6 feet wide, and another curved blade on the tail that is more arrow shaped and is 4 feet wide. Elements | Doton - Earth Release Specialty | Taijutsu Other Notes | These Salamanders are able to climb trees and rock faces. Known Jutsu | (Will Add at a Later Date.) Weapon(s) | N/A
  24. Jutsu Name | Water Release: Water Shark Bomb Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 CP Handsigns | Dragon Dog Dragon Dog Range | 20 meters Duration | 3 rounds Description | The user shapes water into the form of a large shark and thrusting their hand forward, sends it hurtling towards the opponent at high-speeds, resulting in a powerful impact from the weight of the water and/or lacerating cuts from the teeth of the great white. The sharks move one rank faster if moving underwater and the user can ride inside the shark if they so choose, adopting the same speed for as long as the remain inside it. Other Effects | Requirements | Status | Open
  25. Jutsu Name | Shadow Sewing Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C / B Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP / 50 CP Handsigns | Serpent -> Ram -> Boar (Rat) -> Rat (always ends with Rat) Range | 15 Meters / 20 Meters Duration | Instant Description | The Shadow Sewing Technique is performed by doing the necessary hand seals and then sending the user's shadow out. The user then transitions to the ram handseal and the shadow splits into 3 tendrils (5 at B-rank) and leaves the ground. The tendrils can then be used to batter a target as if they were whips or pierce it with a force equal to the Jutsu's rank. Other Effects | - The user's shadow can only be stretched to about double their actual height, after that they will need other shadows to link to. That means this technique isn’t very effective on wide open, sunlit plains. Requirements | Shadow Imitation Technique Status | Open - Nara Clan