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Found 31 results

  1. Jutsu Name | Sacred Sword Jutsu Type | Offensive, Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP initial, 5 CP upkeep Handsigns | Bird Ox Range | Touch | 1 meter Duration | 2 posts Description | Affixing the soul of a weapon the user holds with a magnificent prayer, the user funnels chakra and the spirit of the weapon into a different shape. This can be as simple as extending the cutting edge and thus increasing the range of the weapon, to creating a hammer-like attachment at the end of a blade, causing it to do blunt damage. The shape alterations can be a maximum of one meter beyond the dimensions of the weapon already present, but do not add any weight and produce no resistance, so the weapon can be swung about just as swiftly as if it did not have this augmentation cast upon it. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Chaohuan Status | Tataru
  2. Jutsu Name | Smart Strike Jutsu Type | Bukijutsu Ranking | B Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 25 SP + 25 CP Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | Instant Description | The user manually stimulates the spirit of a held weapon or object, enlivening it for a brief moment. Then, with an astounding display of dexterity and strength, the user launches the item with immense power. The trick to this is that it arises from a resting pose or otherwise seemingly impossible to execute hold on the weapon due to the added help of the weapon spirit doing much of the lifting, resulting in no tells prior to the attack. For instance, the user could launch a kunai that he held in his fingers as powerfully as if he had wound up with an entire arm, making this technique very tricky as one would not expect such force from such a compact position. Weapons used with this gain one rank in speed/range and are considered to have power equivalent to that of a B rank jutsu. Other Effects | For certain weapons and situations, the user can re-catch the weapon before it flies fully away instead of flinging it as a projectile. For example, a spear, which has a very long shaft, could be launched forward with the hand near the tip and caught near the end of the hilt, meaning the user would not need to lose control of the weapon. This can be done for projectiles which have handles (not shuriken or anything like that), so long as they do not exceed one meter of the user. Requirements | Tataru bloodline Status | Clan Restricted
  3. Jutsu Name | Quickening Jutsu Type | Bukijutsu Ranking | C Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 15 CP, 5 per post after Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | 3 Description | Using the Tataru bloodline and a belief in the spirit of all things, the practitioner quickens any singular item he grasps, conceptualizing it as a "weapon" and enlivening the spirit therein to behave as such. Emboldened by this new purpose, the spirit - and by extension the object in question - becomes reinforced and empowered, gaining characteristics equivalent to the user's rank. Thus, a simple pole could become a powerful bludgeoning weapon capable of deflecting sword blows. This skill is particularly useful in foreign environments in which one may not have access to an entire slew of weaponry and must instead rely upon random items in his surroundings. While versatile, this does have a number of limitation, namely that it cannot fundamentally change the nature of the thing in question. A user could not pick up a handful of sand and suddenly will it to take a particular shape, nor could he force something without an edge to suddenly begin slicing as well as a sword. This may not be used on intangible objects either, such as the air pure lightning or anything of that sort. Other Effects | If the item is thrown, it shall retain these powers for that single post before the spirit settles down and returns to its former state. Requirements | Bukijutsu specialty, Tataru born Status | Tataru clansmen, taught by Chaohuan
  4. Jutsu Name | Aurora Veil Jutsu Type | Supplementary | Offensive Ranking | D Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 15 CP Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | 1 post Description | The user channels a wave of electrical chakra through a held weapon which causes it to release an intense burst of light. At most this can cause discomfort in those who see it and temporary spotty vision (one post). However, the light is bright enough to blind people who gaze upon it so long as they keep staring and can effectively conceal the user's actions. Other Effects | The light is bright enough to effectively blind anyone who stares at it so long as they maintain their gaze and can thus conceal the user's actions. Requirements | N/A Status | Open
  5. Jutsu Name | Stall Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP + 5 SP Handsigns | N/A Range | 5 m Duration | 1-2 posts Description | The user takes a projectile weapon and, prior to throwing or firing it, stuns the soul of it, causing it to take a varying degree of pause. Thus, when thrown, the item will hang in the air, frozen, before moving once more when the spirit catches up with it. To an observer, this would appear as if the thrown item suddenly halted a few meters away to remain utterly stationary, only to resume its path at a later time. The item affected by this can hang in the air for either one or two posts, resuming trajectory at the beginning of the following post, or the post after that, respectively. Aside from the pause, this jutsu has no other effect, does not in any way alter the course of projectile, does not confer any bonuses, and does nothing to any augments already in place beyond stalling them for the duration of this technique. Items hanging in the air can be knocked aside by anything which would normally do so. Other Effects | While the user can select how long the projectile stalls for, he must select upon throwing and it cannot be altered. Requirements | Tataru Status | Clan Restricted
  6. Jutsu Name | Sticky Hold Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP + 5 per turn Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | 2 posts Description | The Tataru clansman takes a weapon or item he currently holds and partially transmutes its spirit, giving it adhesive properties. When striking another weapon, person, or object, the user can will the spirit to latch onto that of whatever is touched, fusing the two together. The strength of this adhesion is at the same power level as the user's rank, as if the user himself were simply gripping onto the thing in question. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Tataru Status | Clan Restricted
  7. TENRI TERUMI "WHAT GOOD IS BEAUTY IF YOU DON'T EVEN USE IT?" ➟ CURRENT MISSION: ➟ Currently Training: Beginner>Novice ➟ wordcount: 1124 / 750 | The Morning Sun had recently risen from his slumber his glow radiating slowly across The Land of Water, a reflective gleam glittering upon her oceans, lakes, and streams that comprise the damp country, a picture of harmony and grace. Assuming the reins from his Twin-Sister the Moon, her time of luminous brilliance stored for twilights eventual return, the sun sailed it's warmth leisurely across the countryside his desire insatiable, his influence erasing the ignorance of dusk. With the arrival of dawn, the dreaming residents of Mizumura Village-Located in the countries central province and known as the more populated and successful region-would shortly arise from their dormant slumbers eager to commence their recurrent cycles of monotonous habits, lives of repetitive routine. A dame of golden blonde hair would rouse from fantasies of dominance and strength, her anticipation for the day's events calling her from her rest before dawnings early arrival. With eye's of crimson scarlet the young female would ascend from her mattress of silk and cotton a groan of defiance would escape her full rounded lips ❝As much as I find satisfaction in refining my skills, Six in the Morning for training is laughable.❞ the woman would explain to herself. Thirty minutes would pass before Tenri would vacate her residence within the Residential District. Making the necessary arrangements had taken longer than anticipated especially with the delay made by the woman's Mother; a woman well past her expiry date hitting her late fifties. Even at her age the mistress still looked in her forties and with her astonishing sense of style and calculative eyes, the lady seemed more modern than ancient. ❝My Little-Cub, I need you to purchase more of my Yougan Tochi smoking Tobacco from my buyer Today. I'm running low and you know how Mother gets when she doesn't get her necessities.❞ with a begrudged irritation the young blonde would indeed obtain her Mother's order or she'd never catch the end of it in the weeks to come. ❝Of course Mother ~ I'll get it done once I complete my tasks for the day.❞ the snideness within the young girl's statement hidden by a honeyed tone and an expression of appeasement. ❝Tenri Terumi! Do not use those honeyed words on me, child, you forget who taught you how to manipulate a situation in the first place. Just get it done.❞ With the conversation concluded in Tenri's defeat, the young blonde had left her Mother to her own devices, enthusiastic to begin the trek to the Training Fields located within Mizumura's Private District. Situated upon the blonde woman's spine a large bag weighed heavily upon her, it's dense mass just another form of exercise and discipline for the woman. For the day's proceedings, Tenri had prepared with a long day ahead in intent, leaving no room for defeat, being unprepared would not anchor her back. Due to her early appearance, the Training Fields stood abandoned of human presence granting the blonde her pick of where to establish her settings ❝The field to the southeast already has Wooden dummies prepared so that'd be the likely choice. Though I wouldn't mind trying my fate on the obstacle course in the northern field.❞ the woman would recall to herself. After reaching a definite decision, the Kunoichi in training approached the southeast field, after all, she had come to exercise her Bukijutsu skills for they currently required the utmost commitment and attention. After time spent hunting through her pack, Tenri produced a wooden short sword, a weapon smaller in size to that of a longsword possessing a generally double-edged blade, a cross guard grip, and pommel, measuring at 30 to 50 cm long with a sharpened point of wood at its point. The blade appeared simple and to some, it would resemble nothing more than a chunk of wood but in the hands of a Kunoichi, even a wooden sword can be deadly. Inhaling and exhaling in even breathes Tenri would approach one of the many wooden dummies with the focused into to harm ❝Okay, steady breaths and an even posture and then strikes.❞ the blonde would tell herself. In quick graceful flourishes, Tenri would strike the wooden representation of a human at concentrated points, the head, shoulder, chest, and groin repeatedly and consistently until the reverberations caused an uncomfortable ache to lace her muscles. Observing the results of her blows tiny indents were evident within the wood where she had struck, their lines barely noticeable. With an exasperated sigh, the adolescent girl would continue her strikes, distributing further power following each stroke of her sword seeking the added striking power. After continuing these motions for extended periods of time the Dame would find herself immersed in perspiration, soon she would stop for a meal in order to regain her energy. A brief lunch break would rejuvenate the young Kunoichi before she continued, she would have to train her body and further refine her stamina and muscles if she were to improve. Unfortunately training solo one could only learn so much. For now, Tenri would settle with honing her skills in an independent manner, enabling her body to become attuned to the fluid yet robust movements; muscle memory would eventually take effect and the movements with a blade would appear like second nature. Returning to her original position before the wooden dummy Tenri would enter again into her post, blade in hand. With the swing of her arm, Tenri would focus on increasing the strength of her attacks further this time using less energy to do. After reviewing her previous session Tenri had come to the realization that sacrificing her energy for power would be useless in a real battle, tiring herself out early in a fight would only lead to her getting killed. Tenri had spent the remainder of the day striking the wooden dummies with her wooden sword pausing only momentarily to rehydrate her body by downing water and to review her strikes upon her targets. The first few hours Tenri had become accustomed to the movements with her blade, in time she would have to replace the wooden blade for something heavier and more refined. After another three hours, Tenri has discovered her strikes were indeed deepening with each stroke and in one instance she had almost shattered her blade into a spray of splinters. In the last few remaining hours till dawn made its presence evident Tenri had started integrating more mobility into her attacks, remaining in one spot with each strike had become tedious. With Twilights arrival Tenri had finally felt satisfied with her day of training and left the training field battered and bruised ready for a hot bath to relax her muscles. Unfortunately, she had forgotten her Mothers Tobacco...
  8. When you're a shinobi preparation is an essential part of your daily life but when you're a puppeteer it's the kind of essential that dictates life and death. One unprepared moment and it'll be too late to cover for. Jin's art was puppetry. He had yet to actually use a single puppet in his battles. For now, he had been relying on chakra strings in combination with kunais and shurikens. And so far, that had been getting the job done. However, it wouldn't be enough. The path of the shinobi was never so simple. If he stayed at this level, it'll be okay but it wouldn't be what he needed to reach his goals. No, this kind of strength and skill wasn't even close. He needed more. So he had asked a fellow Tataru to train with him because he was only comfortable with other Tataru. He had made a puppet and wanted to test it out. Only by testing could he learn what he needed to add more and what was lacking. By simply running battle situations in his mind, he couldn't possibly predict every battle requirement needed. And since the person training was him was another Tataru, he knew he didn't have to hold back. Tataru were a tough bunch. They had seen a variety of horrors growing up. Each had their own demon in their past. None would probably disclose the details to the other but each knew it, felt it. As was his signature attire, today too he was wearing his long coat with the feathery texture and his makeup was skillfully in place. The only thing different about him was the six feet tall and four feet long puppet with him. He had brought Hikari with him today; his first ever puppet. The puppet he had made from the body of a white tiger. He hoped that the puppet would be interesting and should probably yield favorable results. Only one way to find out though. Before the other Tataru prepared himself, he had decided to make some last minute adjustments. He wasn't going to use the Tataru way of using a puppet just yet. That would come later. For now, he wanted to learn more about puppet control using chakra strings. Concluding his adjustments he stood up and turned to face the Tataru who would've arrived by now. He placed his hand on the giant puppet by his side. All he needed to do was use a jutsu and attach the strings to the puppet. "Ready, Alaude?" he would inquire, it was only honorable to make sure his dear cousin was prepared to begin the training. Word Count: 437
  9. Jutsu Name | Cloak of Invisibility Technique Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | E Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP Handsigns | Dog - Dog Range | Self Duration | 2 posts Description | After covering their body with something like a large piece of cloth the user will use chakra to blend in perfectly with their surroundings, effectively becoming invisible. The jutsu is chameleon-like in its effect. The user can move or attack while under the effect of this technique but since the illusion will be disrupted, either by parts of the user becoming visible or by the cloak no longer matching its surroundings. If the user stops moving and covers themselves again they can reactivate the jutsu and become completely invisible again. Other Effects | Requirements | Status | Open
  10. Jutsu Name | Curved Throwing Technique (湾曲投げ - Wankyoku Nage) Jutsu Type | Bukijutsu Ranking | E Element(s) | - Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP Handsigns | - Range | Throwing Range Duration | 1 Post Description | The Wankyoku Nage is a fairly fundamental technique for those who wish to get tricky with their thrown projectile use. It was developed by a highly resourceful projectile specialist from the Water Village, just before the Great Shinobi War. The user will begin the technique by simply channeling chakra into the projectile in their hand, before throwing it in any direction. By using the chakra within the weapon to suddenly 'launch' it in a different direction, the user can force it to abruptly turn off course to strike a different target. This technique is also useful if the user needs to attack their opponent from around corners or other obstructive objects. The user is only able to change the direction of the projectile once, however. Contrary to its name, it involves no actual curvature but, instead, an abrupt diversion from its course that can be initiated at any point that the projectile remains in the air after the initial throw. Other Effects | - Requirements | - Status | Public
  11. Jutsu Name | Lightning Release: Positively Charged Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | E-Rank - C-Rank Element(s) | Raiton - Lightning Release Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | E-Rank: 5 CP D-Rank: 10 CP C-Rank 25 CP Handsigns | Boar ->(Dog ->) Rat Range | Touch Duration | E-Rank and D-Rank: 2 Posts C-Rank: 3 Posts Description | After performing the handseals the user positively charges a held weapon with their lightning affinity that can then be thrown. The weapon will hold the charge for 2 Posts(3 Posts at C-Rank). The user can use this skill to charge multiple conductive weapons at a time as long as they are touching for an additional 1 CP(3 CP at C-Rank) per item. Other Effects | - The user can increase the duration of the Positive Charge by 1 posts by paying 10 CP and an additional 3 CP for each touching item. - Once Positively Charged the items attract Negative Electrical charges within 3 Meters Requirements | N/A Status | Restricted
  12. Jutsu Name | Lightning Release: Negative Charge Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D-Rank - C-Rank Element(s) | Raiton - Lightning Release Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | D-Rank: 10 CP C-Rank 25 CP Handsigns | Dog ->(Boar ->) Rat Range | Touch Duration | D-Rank: 2 Posts C-Rank: 3 Posts Description | After performing the handseals the user Negatively Charges a held weapon with their lightning affinity that can then be thrown. The weapon will hold the charge for 2 Posts(3 Posts at C-Rank). The user can use this skill to charge multiple conductive weapons at a time as long as they are touching for an additional 2 CP(5 CP at C-Rank) per item. Other Effects | - The Negative Charge will arc to any object within 5 Meters that has a Positive Charge creating an Electrical Explosion that covers a 3 Meter Area around the Positively Charged Item. The Damage of the Electrical Explosion will be the Positive Charge + Negative Charge.(ex: E-Rank Positive Charge + D-Rank Negative Charge = C-Rank Electrical Explosion) Electrical Explosion can never exceed B-Rank Strength. - Items used in an Electrical Explosion are damaged and become unusable for the remaining thread Requirements | N/A Status | Restricted
  13. Jutsu Name | Wind Style: Vacuum Blade Shuriken Kunai Jutsu Type | Offensive, Supplementary Ranking | S-Rank Element(s) | Wind Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 100 Handsigns | Bird, Monkey, Dog, Monkey, Bird Monkey Range | Self Duration | 4-Posts Description | With this jutsu the user breaths wind chakra onto their shuriken. The Shuriken acts like the core for a blade of wind which surrounds it in a 1-meter radius. The Wind has an S-ranked sharpness, and severely increases the killing capacity of the shuriken. Not only does it increase the range and cutting power of the shuriken, but the high speed the wind rotates at also increases the rate at which the shuriken Travels by 1 full rank. Other Effects | - Up to five objects can be effected by this jutsu. It doesn't have to be used on all objects on the same post, as long as all five are used within the 4 posts this jutsu is active. -All weapons effected are effected for the full length of the jutsu, regardless of when they had the jutsu cast on them. So a shuriken enchanted on round 1 will be active for 4 rounds, while a shuriken enchanted on round 4 will only be enchanted for 1 round. -Kunai can be effected increasing their length by a meter, making them like swords. -Senbon can be effected increasing their length by 2 meters, and thickness by a centimeter, making them like javelins -Large Weapons are too large to effectively, mold the chakra around. Rather than gaining any size they are simply coated with a thin layer of chakra increasing their sharpness to S-Ranks. Even this only applies to weapons no longer than 2 meters in length. Requirements | Status | Open
  14. Jutsu Name | Fire Inundation Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | A-X Element(s) | Fire Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 75-100-150-200 Handsigns | None Range | Contact Duration | Instant (Until expended) Description | The user channels chakra into an item, infusing it with fire chakra. Upon contact with a creature, the user can choose to expend the chakra, injecting it into the target through the weapon. The target is then burned from the inside out. The rank of the jutsu determines damage done, with the target's Shinobi ranking being the only resistance applied, as the target's chakra must be overwhelmed to deal damage. Whether it be a slight pierce to the upper layers of skin, or a bruise, the target's body must be damaged in at least a small way for the chakra to enter, as the energy needs a way of entrance, this does not necessarily need to come from the item itself, as long as there is an entrance, the technique works. There is no visual change to the item infused. Equal rank to Jutsu: 1st degree burns all over target's body, spreading from point of contact. One rank lower than Jutsu: 2nd degree burns all over target's body, spreading from point of contact. Two ranks lower than Jutsu: Catastrophic damage to target's body, flesh is blackened and charred as 3rd degree burns spread from the point of contact. Three ranks lower than Jutsu: Death occurs as the target's body is entirely crisped, becoming a husk of charred meat. Four ranks lower than Jutsu: Target is incinerated in a blast of fire that scatters flames across a five meter radius, these do not burn the user. Other Effects | Requirements | Bukijutsu Advanced, taught by Tsunagari Setsu Status | Private (created by Tsunagari Setsu)
  15. Jutsu Name | Demon Hunt: Maim Jutsu Type | Bukijutsu Ranking | B Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP 25 SP Handsigns | None Range | Length of Weapon Duration | 4 Posts (Chakra remains for 3 posts after contact) Description | The user coats their weapon in jagged chakra. This chakra grips into wounds left by the weapon, and remains there, widening the wounds and increasing their severity over time. The chakra affected wound cannot be healed by medical jutsu of a lower rank than this technique. Other Effects | To accompany this ability, the user rolls their wrist into a strike they connect with, empowering the hit into a more lethal one, and depositing the chakra deeper. This puts strain on the arm, causing slight muscle spasms after such a blow, these are not serious enough to cause stat deficiency, but it may have a negative effect on the user's next attack or block with that arm (must be RP'd out). Requirements | Bukijutsu Adept Status | Restricted (must be taught by Tsunagari Setsu or someone else who already knows it)
  16. Jutsu Name | Witch Hunt: Trial Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | X Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 200 CP Handsigns | None Range | 30 Meter Diameter Duration | 4 Description | The user holds a weapon over their head, and a bright light blasts forth, having no effect other than visually very bright light. All Jutsu and other chakra based effects within the blast are cancelled, losing all effects immediately and ending. Forms, items and people are unaffected, as well as jutsu that only use Stamina. Other Effects | For the rest of the duration, anything that uses CP cannot be used within the blast radius. And any that enter the radius are cancelled. If a creature tries to use CP while in the radius, they suffer immense pain (though not enough to cause damage) and the caster immediately knows exactly where they are. Requirements | Bukijutsu Master Status | Private (by request from Tsunagari Setsu OOC or trained by him or another who knows the Jutsu IC)
  17. Jutsu Name | Witch Hunt: Quelling Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | A-X Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP Upkeep A : 50 CP S: 75 CP SS: 100 CP X: 150 CP Handsigns | None Range | Self Duration | Upkeep Description | The user channels their chakra into a weapon they are holding, infusing it with bright white energy. The energy destroys any other chakra it comes into contact with, breaking them with a flash of white light. This only affects Jutsu of this technique's rank or lower. Forms, items and people are unaffected, as well as jutsu that only use Stamina. It cuts apart anything created from chakra, this only works in an AOE around the weapon of a single meter, making it essentially an eraser for chakra. If a chakra effect has no rank, then the rank of the caster is used. A technique of one rank higher is only damaged by the blade, and wholly unaffected if it's two or more higher. Other Effects | A chakra possessing creature that is hit by the weapon loses CP equal to half the Chakra used to initially activate the technique (rounded up). A larger technique such as Hidden Mist Jutsu or Tailed Beast Bomb are not erased completely by the jutsu, rather losing area equal to the length of the weapon and one meter width (a meter long weapon would cause the mentioned techniques to lose one square meter) when coming into contact with the jutsu, erasing PART of the jutsu, but not all in spite of Rank. This technique affects ALL chakra in the vicinity, including the user's own. Requirements | Bukijutsu Adept or higher Status | Private (by request from Tsunagari Setsu OOC or trained by him or another who knows the Jutsu IC)
  18. Jutsu Name | Misdirection Blade Jutsu Type | Hybrid Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Yin Release Specialty(s) | Genjutsu/Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 20 CP for activation, 5 CP per post, another 10 CP every misdirection Handsigns | None Range | 5 Meter Radius Duration | Until Cancelled Description | The art of misdirection was what being a succubus was about. Shinrai thought 'Why shouldn't I bring that into a sword style?' so she did. Anyone who sees the user un-sheath their blade/any kind of weapon will be put under this genjutsu (User must pay 10 CP if they actually want this jutsu to start). Then, the user must pay 5 CP per post they have the victim under this genjutsu. Once the victim is under the genjutsu, the user can make the victim see the direction of their swings differently. E.G: The user does an overhead swing, but pays 10 CP and makes the victim see it as a sideways swing instead. This can only affect the same person once per topic. Lasts until canceled, unlimited 'misdirections' may be used while still paying the 5 CP per post. Other Effects | None Requirements | Be Shinrai Status | Personal
  19. Jutsu Name | Arc Blade Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C-S Element(s) | Fire // Lightning // N/A Specialty(s) | Buki Energy Cost | C: 25CP | B: 50CP | A:75CP | S:100CP Handsigns | N/A Range | C: 10M | B: 15M | A: 25M | S: 30M Duration | Instant Description | The Arc blade jutsu is a persona jutsu created by the likes of Zeda Hotaru that works quite simple but can be very deadly if used proper. Once the user makes a slash a wave of chakra 3ft long will move towards the direction of the slash. [ Maximum distance slash can go depends on rank.][ Speed of slash depends on rank used as well] Now if used basically the slash will just be basic pure chakra and move just as an extension of the blade, hitting the target as though they were still getting hit by the actual sword. Now threw practice and work Zeda has managed to be able also mend his elemental chakra into the Jutsu changing up the effects slightly. Other Effects | Fire: If fire chakra Is used, the arc will not change as in like flames but will actually just take on a red color from the fire nature chakra until hitting whatever it makes contact causing it to ignite and cover the are in fiery explosion. [The explosion area depends on rank used C: 3MAOE | B: 5MAOE | A: 10MAOE | S: 15MAOE. ] Now the fire Arc will move until its max destination or until it comes in contact with another force [IE: Something solid like a person or object, or Jutsu ] Lightning: Now if Zeda decided to use lightning chakra in the process of the jutsu it changes the effects slightly. Now with the lightning Arc it resembles the regular chakra arc with the slightly difference of the fact that on the lightning arc you can see the spark of lightning around the arc. Now once the Lightning arc hits it target its sends surges of electricity threw the body capable of paralyzing enemies. [ C: 1 Post | B: 2 Post | A: 3 Post | S: 4 Post] The parallelization can be stopped by using a counter current of electricity threw the body [Not any regular lightning jutsu will work ] Or by having any jutsu capable of channeling chakra threw the body stronger then or equal to the current of the jutsu [Meaning if the current is C rank you must pay C rank or higher to break it] Requirements | N/A Status | Restricted
  20. Jutsu Name | Weaponry Manipulation Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns | Ox-> Bird Range | 30 meters Duration | 4 posts Description | This particular technique imbues chakra into up to five different objects of the user’s choice and allows the user to manipulate and move those objects at C-rank speed in a thirty meter area as they hold the Bird handsign. Once the Bird handisgn is performed the released chakra can shift the direction of the imbued weapons. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Bukijutsu Status |Personal
  21. Jutsu Name | Lightning Release: Black Lightning Vortex Shuriken Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | A Rank Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 45 CP Handsigns | Snake- Dog- Dragon- Bird Range | Short- Midrange (when detonated the range of the blast is 35 Meters long, while its range to paralyze is only within 15 meters of the center of the blast radius.) Duration | Can be maintained as weapon (Bukijutsu Spec), otherwise until destroyed Description | The user concentrates his black lightning chakra forming a large fuma shuriken like spinning vortex in his hand made of condensed heated electricity like chakra (similar to the chidori). The chakra solidifies and its sharp blades rotate in a circular motion rapidly giving off screeching air cutting noise (the blades 3 feet long each, 4 inches in thickness, and 2 inches wide) . Its points become extremely sharp able to cut through even rock. This can be used as a secondary weapon or as a projectile (travels at A rank speed). Other Effects | The shuriken can be detonated by the user by forming the appropriate handsign (dragon) the blast radius (A rank power Blast) is about 35 meters wide while the eye of the blast (center point) gives off a paralyzing current (15 meters) (A rank Paralysis for 3 post, 6 for B, 9 for C) Endurance of greater level (8) can endure the paralyzing effects while those equal lvl (7) have the effects (post count) halved. Requirements | Lightning Village, must be taught by Kensei Status | Permission
  22. Jutsu Name | Inazuma Nukitsuke/Nukiuchi Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | A rank Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Ninjutsusu Energy Cost | 15CP Handsigns | Sheath weapon no handsigns Range | Short-midrange Duration | Instant Description | The user simultaneously draws their sword from it’s scabbard and cuts at an incredible speed (A-rank speed). The cutting arch may be horizontal, rising or any variations of these. The blade itself immersed in white lightning releases a large electrical wave of energy once unsheathed (this wave is a follow through of the initial slash, thus it moves at a slower pace (B-Rank Speed) causes massive arc damage in the given direction about 10 meters. Other Effects | The sword itself moves at an enhanced speed that can be described as lightning quick. Requirements | Bukijutsu spec . sword Status | Permission
  23. Jutsu Name | Light as a Feather Jutsu Type |Utility Ranking | E Element(s) | Wind Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 Handsigns | Bird Range | Touch Duration | 5 Description | After one handsign, wind base chakra coats the items that are being worn on the person and cuts their weight by half. Reducing the noise level as they are not as affected by gravity. Other Effects |N/A Requirements | N/A Status | Personal
  24. Jutsu Name | Kouga Bukijutsu Art Form I: Leviathan's Limb Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | B Element(s) | Force Release Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu ~ Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 CP Handsigns | 4 Range | 20m Duration | 50 CP to Activate. 25 CP to Sustain. Description | A deadly fighting style created by Kouga Nuitari. This jutsu revolves meditative breathing technique that causes the user to focus entirely on the force (chakra). Through this they are able to heighten their reaction time to the world around them, and counter just as swiftly. Eyes always closed and chanting "Ton-tah-tah" under their breathe, the user gracefully moves throughout a battlefield. With movement ranging from acrobatic flips to agile dodging and rolling, the technique is created to fight an opponent up close and counter from any angle. Using the force as a sixth sense, their able to perform this technique even in complete darkness; using the force like echo location to map out the world around them. In regards to reflexes this technique raises it by 2 Levels. The signs of this jutsu's activation are mostly seen in the users face. They become so focused that they seem to be void of any emotion whatsoever. Every time the user stands still they will mutter under their breath a sort of chant, which is "Ton-Ta-ta". The stance of the user will become much more relaxed and movement is comparable to a leaf dancing in the wind. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Kouga Bloodline Status | Kouga Bloodline Only
  25. Jutsu Name | Big Hand Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns | None Range | Instantaneous Duration | 2 Post Description | Essien poor's chakra into Zhua and makes the hand grow to 10 ft height wise and 5 ft across with fingers that at 15 inches long. Other Effects | None Requirements | Bukijutsu user Status | Personal