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Found 107 results

  1. Mission Name | Doppelganger Part 1 [Water] Mission Type | Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | There have been reports of several ninja causing michief within the village. Investigation has proven this has been the work of a group of ninja posing as others with the transformation technique. Your goal is to find and apprehend the unidentified ninja in order to teach him or her a lesson. However, as you perform your patrolling duties in search for this person, a fellow shinobi suddenly demands you to be brought for questioning! It appears he's confused for you the doppelganger... Actually, hold on a second! He looks like one of the many faces of the one you are looking for, too! Neither of you are guilty, but you are given no choice... Either subdue him, or find a way to prove your innocence or run for it, but try not to injure him. The mission is failed if you are captured, but the second part can still be taken. Mission NPCs | 1 C rank Ninja [Ninjutsu - Suiton] (violent) Word Count | 700 words Requirements | Water Village ------- Mission Name | Doppelganger Part 2 [Water] Mission Type | Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | In order to fully clean your name, you must find and capture your doppelganger! Find a way to force them to come out of hiding and show them exactly why there is no one like you. The mission is failed if you don't turn in the prankster to the authorities. Mission NPCs | # of C-rank Shinobi equal to ninjas participating in the mission. They share the same specialties, rank and element as the original. (violent) Word Count | 700 words Requirements | Water Village - Complete Doppelganger Part 1
  2. Mission Name | One Step Behind Mission Type | Wanderer Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Recently a village has been plagued by multiple disappearances of girls from the village. A distraught father has hired you to gather intel about the whereabouts of these girls. You ask around and figure out that the girls are all disappearing after asking a certain temple just on the outskirts of the village, near the harbor, for work. The girls come in, ask for work, are taken to a back room if deemed pretty enough, and then dropped below a trap door in the floor where there is no exit. Mission NPCs | Two men in monk attire. Both potentially violent C ranks (no abilities.) Word Count | 700 Requirements | - Must be done in neutral territory close to Water Country (Area 26). - The mission is failed if you don't get to the girls or are discovered as a shinobi. - The mission is a success upon getting to the girls.
  3. Jutsu Name | Suirou no Jutsu (Water Prison Technique) Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | None Energy Cost | 15 CP; 5 CP upkeep Handsigns | Horse -> Ram -> Tiger Range | Close (0m ~ 5m) Duration | Three Posts Description | Suirou no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu that utilizes water to imprison an opponent. The ninja forms the necessary hand seals which causes the water to form around the target into a spherical prison which only allows for limited movement. This does not count as full body paralysis and victims can break free with a suitable jutsu. The ninja must keep their body touching the water prison to maintain its existence. If the contact is broken, the water falls away and their target is released. When combined with physical clone techniques, the ninja can imprison their target but still allow for a clone to attack others nearby. Other Effects | None Requirements | None Status | Open Taken from
  4. Mission Name | Criminal Intentions Mission Village | Water Village Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | There is news that one of the crime bosses of the Water Village has secret hide outs and headquarters outside of the center village squares through which he conducts a network of black market sales. The Crime Boss, Taro, is highly protected and unlikely to be personally at the hideouts. The best way to thwart his black market trade and diminish his in city power, is to destroy these nests of criminals. The mission is to first find a hideout in the far tundra, local caves, rocky beaches, or wild forests, or even underground. Then develop a plan for sneaking into the hideout or luring the criminals out of the hideout. Finally, attacking and killing or apprehending all of the shinobi in the hideout. Giving information to the higher ups in order to have others collect the stolen goods is part of the mission, and showing some sort of proof of the death or capture of the criminals is required. The mission fails if do not locate the hideout, or if you do not apprehend or kill the criminals inside. Mission NPCs | 1 D Rank criminal nin, 1 C Rank criminal nin with bukijutsu Word Count | 700 WC per person Requirements | May not be a solo mission --- Players Kazuo Enomoto @Banshi --- Finding the entrance of the secret -if you could even call it that- base was easy. All they had to do was follow one of suspected criminal ninjas as he scrolled down the harbor. He didn't even seem to worry whether or not he was being followed. Not once did he look over his shoulder during the whole trek. It made it easy for them to follow him out of the harbor. Even when he went down onto the nearby beach, where the only form of cover was a giant piece of driftwood that was big enough to hide behind, there wasn't any concern about trailing the ninja. He was so clueless about leading the two Water shinobi to the entrance, which happened to be cloaked as part of a giant rocked sticking out of the beach that stuck out like a sore thumb. It looked like it would be the easiest infiltration in history. That's when the criminal ninja made a series of quick handsigns and whispered something. The section of rock in front of him faded away, revealing a gate leading down to a staircase that went on into a dimly lit bunker. The trouble was where the lock would normally be was replaced with a complicated-looking seal. The criminal ninja placed his hand on the seal and pushed the gate open, letting himself in. Kazuo cursed under his breath. No wonder he was so smug walking over here. The door was trapped and Kazuo had no idea how to get past it. For all he knew the seal could trigger something as mild as an explosion or even be as extreme to cause all his internal organ to hemorrhage simultaneously. Lucky for him, his teammate Shiori was much, much better at seals than him. If she couldn't figure out a way to crack the seal then she would at least know how bad the seal is. When the illusion faded back into existence, hiding the gate, Kazuo looked away and set his back against the driftwood. He leaned over to Shiori and whispered, "How do you want to handle this?" --- Word Count: 353
  5. By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. | The weather within The Land of Lightning laid calm, not a single stir of wind would interrupt the blonde dame as she approached her destination. Like a chaotic symphony, the noise created from Yamagakure's Market district would reach the woman's eardrums before her eventual arrival at its compact entrance. With the sun looming high in the sky, the peaceful climate within Yamagakure was an irregularity and almost all of the Village's citizens took advantage of the rare weather forecast. Today the Marketplace bustled with an unusually heavy flow of bodies, the ferocity of chatter that embraced the shopping district was almost deafening, though its absence would have made for a more challenging mission for the young blonde who traipsed the overly congested streets alone. With the multitudes of people present the Kunoichi used the substantial traffic to her advantage allowing herself to better blend into the current the market appeared to follow. Like ants customers and tradesmen alike milled about several lanes of stalls, each packed by ravenous salesman eager to sell their wares and shoppers keen to lighten their purses with un-needed knickknacks. Several times the young Kunoichi had halted momentarily to rid herself of an indigent salesman or two trying to con their wares into the girl's possession, perhaps due to her youthful appearance and gentle features causing her to look weak-willed enough to fall for their skillful charms. ''I'm honored to see your wares but I must politely decline, I have no need for a horse saddle for I have no horse, and I must also decline your tobacco as I do not smoke.'' The responses from Rue would gradually persist the further she ventured into the market, her patience of the endless bartering agitating her. She knew she could put an end it entirely with a simple sentence but the blonde dame knew if she said she held no coin, the salesman would no longer approach her and consequently she would look out of place in the market. Not to mention the next phase of her plan would be regarded as void. Maintaining her journey Rue would allow her eyes to scour the market for unusual activity, it was a necessity she found evidence of the men outlined within the mission brief she had been given, their description clearly described inside the folder she'd spent the previous night mentally recording. She knew their character down to the very shades of color their hair displayed but ascertaining such factors in person was another tale entirely. Every feature mattered, even the gait of one's walk differentiates for each person and so Rue would need to be extra perceptive if she were to ascertain her marks. While endlessly loitering the marketplace was one such way to do such Rue knew a more accessible way to achieve her simple goal. Bartering. Many were unaware of the information and gossip merchants eavesdropped throughout their day and even less knew that merchants were more than willing to part ways with important information... for the right price. ''Ladies and gentle, please take the time to browse my wares! I have on display what your heart desires most, you want it I have it.'' the voice of a man would travel above the crowd, a tone of invitation coated his voice. Like flies people flocked to the man, their peaked interest apparent as the rush of customers cluttered the man's stall. Rue watched with an indignant expression on her face as she witnessed the stall empty of wares right down to a tiny bottle of fish oil ''-a youthful appearance? Of course ma'am! Apply this oil to your face every night and rinse with warm water and your skin will feel like babies'' the man would retort gleefully; The man had a way with words and his skills as a merchant was well known within the Marketplace. Rue watched as the man sold an elderly woman a small bottle of fish oil for one-hundred ryo claiming it had special properties that would grant her youth. Indeed the fish oil would soften her skin but cosmetically her skin would remain the same and unfortunately, the woman appeared half-blind and would only find evidence of its success by touch leading her to eventually believe it worked. Poor woman... While being a merchant accumulated the man more than enough revenue, few knew that the man's real profession was in intelligence, his stall no more than a front for his job as an Information Broker. With the last of the bartering customers dispersed Rue freely approached the stall ''Sukanku, a pleasure as always. Falsely selling to the elderly now I see. Have you no conscience? That aside I require information, what heinous price will you try to stifle from me this time?'' Rue would say, her annoyance with the man clear. An exaggerated look of shock would cover itself on the man's face, his hand would stretch toward his body landing mildly upon his chest ''Why Rue I am appalled. Whatever could you mean? My wares work wonders for the elderly, that woman will feel youthful once she follows my directions. Why it is a service I provide her. If I had no morals I would charge her for the directions I yield her as well as the oil.'' The man's reply would be coated with such sincerity that even Rue found herself waver slightly ''As for your inquiry, to what end is the information that you seek? I shall price it accordingly and because you are such a consistent and loyal customer I will even give you a discount''. Aware of the man's version of a discount Rue would detail the men she was currently searching for. ''I see... I have not seen these men you have described as of yet but if you grant me some time I'll send my little helpers to collect information.'' Rue was aware of what came next, she had met Sukunku's little helpers before, orphaned children eager to earn coin where possible. Rue had met numerous of them and each one was different from the last. She had lost count how many the man kept in his charge yet unlike most orphans these seemed well cared for. The man had his flaws but when it came to these kids they seemed well taken care of and even educated. Located three stalls away from Sukunku's stall Rue sat inside a small burger-steak restaurant, a burger before her. Eating seemed the most likely thing to do while she awaited word from Sukanku and so she did just that, enjoying her meal. An hour would pass before a small child would approach Rue's booth, a small empty pouch in hand and a small piece of paper ''Master Sukanku say's the men you seek will arrive at this address Tomorrow before noon, a small abandoned warehouse in the Markets fishery section. Master also mentions this information will cost you 70 Ryo.'' The child would hold out the small brown pouch awaiting Rue to fill it before handing over the note with the address on it. As she left Rue watched the child take 20 Ryo from the bag and place it in her pocket, the remaining 50 ryo remained in the bag. With a wink, the child left a very shocked Rue ''You little cheat'' was all the woman had to say about the matter causing laughter to erupt from her. OOC | Mission is done in two separate posts, Thank you. Wordcount: 1257 - Day One
  6. Mission Name [Entity] | Laying the Groundwork [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Once Per Character (Until Removed) Mission Description | We need some of our Shinobi to head Southeast to a given location in secret. You'll have to travel out of the Lightning Country to reach the location so be on guard. Once you've reached the small town report to the man running it, his name is Daud Ishikawa, he's asked for our help in rooting out a growing bandit problem. Eliminate the bandits quickly and send word via messenger, we will relay further orders after that. Mission NPCs | 12 Bandits in a small enclave, the bandits are little more than armed populace. They will be armed with common weapons such as spears, bows, swords, of low quality. They are holding up in a mountain hideout, their position, base layout, and readiness is up to you. Word Count | 700 Words per person Requirements | Must travel to Region 40, travel topic must also be linked and does not count towards the 700 WC. Will require more than 1 C-Rank, 1 B-Rank and up can complete alone.
  7. C-Rank

    Mission Name [Entity] | Cat Chase [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | The client needs you to track down their run-away pet and capture it without hurting it. The cat can be a bit feisty and is not keen on being captured. If you're expecting to catch it with speed alone, you should consider alternative tactics. However, you will not be paid if the cat is injured in any way. The mission will be considered complete once you have acquired the cat and returned him to his owner. Mission NPCs | x1 [D-Rank] Cat | No Special Abilities / Claws & Bites / C-Rank Speed Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | -
  8. Jutsu Name | Jinton Release: Iron Dust Vision Ranking | C Element(s) | Jinton Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns | Boar, Bear, Tiger Range | 15m Duration | 1 Post Description | This technique unleashes a small wave of iron sand in a straight line 2x2m wide that slows the brainwaves of anyone who is caught in its vicinity. By disrupting the electrical waves in the brain through the particles of iron, the opponent is rendered unable to make rational decisions of their rank as quickly, thus decreasing speed, reaction time, reflex, and strength 1 rank below their current rank. Other Effects | - Requirements | Magnet Release Status | Clan
  9. When the elders pass on missions, they really should rethink their decisions. Telling Jin to teach one of the misbehaving C-ranks some manners should've been once in a life time deal. But now, somehow when another misbehaving and bragging fellow appeared, they send Jin in again. Last time, Jin was accompanied by two other Tataru: Alaude and Rei. Alaude started by throwing some dirt on the boy and picking the fight, Jin cut the boy's cheek leaving a permanent scar and finally Rei squeezed the boy's throat and threatened his life. Basically, they left physical and mental scars. However, they boy became a more 'disciplined' shinobi after that. So it was appreciated. Apparently, it was appreciated so much so that Jin was assigned the mission once again. This time however, not with other tataru. Oh how much he hated when it wasn't with other Tataru. This time, it was Kenji named fellow. Jin hadn't met him before, nor had been introduced to him before. The mission was going to take place the training grounds, so he decided to rendezvous with Kenji there. He would arrive at the training ground, find the boy they needed to teach a lesson to and then wait for Kenji. Jin didn't approach the boy just yet. The last time he was with Rei and Alaude, so he didn't care much about messing up. Because, if things went bad; he knew the other two had his back. This new fellow though, Jin wasn't going to trust him right off the bat. He didn't know him. Even if he did, he would remain skeptical of him just because this fellow wasn't a Tataru. Jin was wearing his long coat, withe the feathery texture. As usual, he had his facial makeup on as well. The one that didn't wash off even due to water or sweat or any other liquids. He had a specific way to remove it, if he wanted to; which he normally didn't. "I wonder what I should do with this boy that's full of himself, perhaps cut him more than I did the last time? This time, we don't have Rei's intimidation with us. Perhaps, I should cut him with Hikari this time" before Kenji arrived, he would continue to think of ways to teach a life lesson. These 'ways' would probably be frowned upon in any society but would definitely be illegal in a more civilized setting. However, this was the bloody mist. Sure, the kage was trying to change the ways of the bloodthirsty shinobi of the village but a revolution like that would take its time. Finally, Jin came up with a way to keep the boy from casting jutsu and teaching him a lesson he would never forget. All that was needed to do, was wait for @Kenji Haruka. So he stood there, leaning on a wall and humming. Word Count: 479
  10. Mission Name [Entity] | Bone Torch Hideout [Flame] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | There is news that one of the crime bosses, Megu of the Bone Torches, has secret hide outs and headquarters outside of the center village squares through which he conducts a network of black market sales. The Crime Boss, Megu, is highly protected and unlikely to be personally at the hideouts. The best way to thwart her black market trade and diminish her in city power, is to destroy these nests of criminals. The mission is to first find a hideout in the far volcanic region, local slums, rocky beaches, wild forests, on the small island, or even underground. Then develop a plan for sneaking into the hideout or luring the criminals out of the hideout. Finally, attacking and killing or apprehending all of the shinobi in the hideout. Giving information to the higher ups in order to have others collect the stolen goods is part of the mission, and showing some sort of proof of the death or capture of the criminals is required. The mission fails if do not locate the hideout, or if you do not apprehend or kill the criminals inside. Mission NPCs | 1 D Rank criminal nin, 1 C Rank criminal nin with summoning Word Count | 700 WC Requirements |
  11. Mission Name [Entity] | A Gathering of Men [Water] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Crime Boss Taro is gathering some of his men and some young teens in the local areas. Rumors suggest that this gathering is to act as recruitment tool for Taro and his group of drug dealing, people selling, murderous endeavors. During this gathering, it is likely Taro will show off some new weapons, equipment, or future plans to entice the young teens to join. The mission is to find out where this meeting will take place, stay undercover, to infiltrate the meeting. As much as hindering the process of recruitment is a benefit to the Water Village, it is the future plans of Taro's group, Onyx Shoal, which interest the Village. The Onyx Shoal have plagued the village in many ways for many years and this is a singular opportunity to gain access to future plans. The mission fails if you are caught or the meeting ends early and you do not leave with information of Onyx Shoal's future plans. There should be no combat. Mission NPCs | Taro's underlings: 5 B Rank nin The recruits: 12 D Rank teenagers Word Count | 700 WC per person Requirements | Cannot be done solo
  12. Jutsu Name | Lava Release: Quicklime Congealing Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Fire Release, Earth Release (Lava Release) Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Chakra Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | Rabbit → Ox → Dog → Snake Range | 8 meters when expelled (after impact, any settling residue spreads outward with a 5 meter radius) Duration | 1 Post Description | This technique makes use of the Lava Release kekkei genkai where the user releases a large quantity of quicklime from their mouth, capable of inflicting damage to an opponent. Being quicklime (Calcium Oxide), resulting symptoms can include excessive coughing and severe eye irritation, causing those affected to be slowed 1 rank below their current rank along with limited sight in order to create a slight obstacle for the duration of 1 post. Whilst in this form, it can be dispelled instantly with C-Rank or higher wind techniques. Other Effects | If the residual quicklime in the area is mixed with any source of water, a reaction can then be triggered in order to create concrete in its liquid form. To further expand upon this, when heated with a C-rank or B-rank fire-based technique (any higher could cause the concrete mixture to become brittle), the concrete is solidified indefinitely, only being broken effectively by a technique, C-rank in strength or above. In order to preemptively counter the effects of the concrete, in its liquid state an additional water-based technique of C-rank origin or higher can be employed to dilute the mixture or wash it away. Requirements | Must have access to Yōton (Lava Release) Status | Public For Reference:
  13. Rei

    The slums, the only place left with the fleeting essence of the bloody mist still intact. The strong survive, the weak fall victim and die helplessly. Jin could understand that kind of a life, he was used to it. He had survived it. Now, murderers were on the loose; taking belongings and killing people. So Jin and Rei, considering their violent nature, were given the mission to 'dispense' these killers. It was probably a no-brainer for the man pulling the strings. Take the violent Tataru and send them to take care of some killers. Regardless of the result, the village would be better off for it. But if you take into consideration the Tataru will to survive, the odds of the murderers surviving would fall drastically. It was cold, the air would seep into your bones and make you shiver. Not Jin though, he was always wearing a ton of stuff. Specially that long coat with the feathery texture, it was quite warm and resistant to the cold weather of Mizumura. The mist was floating on about, it was dark now. The kind of dark that Jin preferred. Only when the light fades away and the dark reigns, do the villainous truly display their colors. Ironic, since the dark is the composition of all colors; thus any displayed color would simply lose itself in the darkness. They showed their true self only to be consumed by the darkness. Jin was standing a top a tall building in the slums, this was the meeting point for the two Tataru. He had a little plan.Louring these killers wasn't a difficult task. Simply use the transformation jutsu, exhibit some jewelry and they would probably come running for you. And then lure them into a dark alley way. After that, Jin didn't even have to do anything. He had Rei with him. Snakes in a dark, narrow alley way. Who could survive that? Even with Jin, his puppets and strings could easily kill in a narrow alley way. Not much room to run away from the poison. And then add to that explosives and it would all end with a boom. He was waiting on the rooftop, patiently and silently. As much as he wanted to hum, that would be counterproductive. So he had to focus on not humming. Not until this mission was over. Word Count: 390
  14. Mission Name | Supply the Frontier Part 2 Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes; Once per Character Mission NPCs | Should be no enemies. Mission Description | You've had to deal with a bandit group and their leader in the process of getting to the frontier supply drop, unfortunately the locals tell you that all you've done is create a power struggle with the local gangs. Locate the local gang hideout so that you can pass the information on to the village. Note: This will carry on to Supply the Frontier Part 3 with two would be leaders of the gang attacking the small town you supplied in part 1. Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | Completed Supply the Frontier Part 1
  15. Mission Name | Pecking order Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | 1 C Rank shinobi Mission Description | A wealthy family in the village has a rebellious shinobi son of C Rank. The parents want you to put the son in his place by teaching his a bit of humility. He has C Rank skill in Earth ninjutsu. Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | N/A Credited to Rei
  16. Mission Name | Helping at the Academy Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | 1 D Rank student Mission Description | You are tasked with teaching an academy student the basic techniques requred to pass the shinobi academy. Teach them the following three jutsu to prepare them for their exam. Transformation Technique Clone Technique Surface Walking Technique Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | N/A Credited to Rei
  17. Mission Name | Emissary Mission Type | Water Village Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | 4 D Rank thugs Mission Description | An emissary of another village is visiting and wishes to experience the Outer rim of Mizumura. Your assigned as his bodyguard and you are to protect him from four D Rank thugs who specialize in Taijutsu. Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | N/A Credited to Rei
  18. Mission Name | Wild BoarMission Type | Water VillageRanking | CRepeatable? | YesMission NPCs | C Rank BoarMission Description | A wild boar has been reported breaching the gate of the village. Stop it before it destroys the outer rim buildings.Word Count | 700 WordsRequirements | N/A Credited to Rei
  19. Name | Toru Nickname | Toru-san Rank | C-rank Species | Dogs Contract | Ninken Appearance | Personality | Toru is a fearless and ambitious dog that never takes its eyes off its prey. It does it best at all times to remain cold and professional, but truth is it desires attention and treats, even should they come from a stranger. It cares for others more than it lets it show and is quick to make attachments. It has been trained to operate solo, but his true talent shows when operating as a pack alongside other Ninken. As such, it is a capable and calculating individual who is ready to attack or make sacrifices with decisiveness. Though it often speaks the human language, sometimes it uses animal cries in order to convey or hide certain feelings as an involuntary reflex. Background | Toru is a dog bred inside the Water Village for the sole purpose of becoming a Ninken. Its possessive behavior set it apart from its peers at an early age, making it a natural born leader. As it was acknowledged as such by the pack it belonged to, it began to develop a sense of duty, becoming protective and slightly stubborn. Once it reached a suitable age, it was separated from the group in order to be given a task in which to specialize in. Average by canine standards, its tracking skills were not extraordinary. On the other hand, it displayed a surprising amount of tenacity in combat and loyalty to any temporary owner it came across. As such, it was given the title of 'Guardian'. Special Abilities | Designated Area Defense: Toru's specialty allows it to effectively secure locations and individual of interest by establishing dominance and assuming a defensive approach towards possible attackers. By remaining in a certain area determined by the rank of the summon [C= 10 meter AoE], Toru can effectively locate the presence of enemies through smell and anticipate attacks through acute hearing. It can then move or act in order to intercept them, greatly reducing the chance of an ambush or surprise attack. Once Toru leaves the area, the effects end. Element | Water Known Jutsu | Water Release - Water Gunshot, Water Release - Water Encampment Wall, Surface Walking Technique, Water Breathing Weapon(s) | Kunai Specialty | Ninjutsu
  20. Mission Name[Village] | Pirates in the Port [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Restricted: Village Dispatch Only Mission Description | We’ve had a lot of pirates in the Raijin bay recently, none of them seem to be anything more than rabble holding fisherman hostage. We need to get our port back under control, talk to one of our naval coordinators in the area and find out what you can do to help with the problem. Mission NPCs | Naval Coordinator, name will be provided. Two dozen common soldiers turned pirates. Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | N/A
  21. Mission Name[Village] | Building Bridges [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | The village has received a request from friendly nobles in a Foreign Country, they are looking for a little added protection during a local tour. They are willing to hire our Shinobi out and clear their presence in the area. Our informants are telling us that it should be relatively uneventful, that being said stay on your guard, you are representing Yamagakure out there. Mission NPCs | minimum of 1 political ally, could be enemies as well. Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | The Politician must survive.
  22. Mission Name | Investigate the Suspicious Travelers Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | A group of three have been traveling around the border towns, they are neither merchants nor looking to relocate. Given our lack of information we’d like you to tail them and report back. Under no circumstances should you engage any of the targets, I don’t care if they are slaughtering innocents in the street under no circumstances are you to intervene. Mission NPCs | 3 Targets, their skills and abilities appear to be that of an average civilian. Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | If you are noticed you will have failed the mission.
  23. An annoying bandit due had been active in the vicinity lately. Jin and his fellow Tataru had been tasked to find them and make them stop banditing. Since the mission was passed on to three Tataru, it was obvious the higher ups wanted the bandits dead and then their dead bodies cut up and tore apart. Why else would they send three Tataru to do it? So now Jin having traced the hidden camp of these bandits was hidden among some Ferns. He was accompanied by his trust worthy Tataru. Not so long ago, they were tasked to take out a boar and two of them managed to do all of it. This time, Jin was hoping he could throw a punch or two. He wouldn't mind taking the spoils by not doing anything though. If it came easier, then why not? He whispered into the wireless radio that he was wearing, hopefully Rei would be wearing one too. Otherwise, Jin would be wasting his breath and speaking into the air for no reason. "In position, can't see anything inside" he reported. The bandits were living out luxuriously in a convenient dark cave. The outside was covered with ferns so finding it wasn't easy. However, if you can communicate with the spirits of the forest then it's pretty easy. The plan was simply, how do you get bees away from their nest? You use smoke to send them away. The outside of the hideout was filled with ferns, so the obvious thing to do would be to light a fire, right? Jin had no way of doing that though. He was hoping Rei would have a way of doing it. Because if he didn't then there was always the option of jumping in there and going guns blazing. Hopefully, they wouldn't need to do that though. Word Count: 308
  24. Mizumura was a bloody village or so it was thought to be. The district that Jin was standing in was the exact opposite of this theme. It was bright, it was shiny, it was buzzing with people; not the usual kind of people though. It was just too pleasant to be in a village that was infamous for its thirst for blood. This was probably all thanks to the Mizukage. He was hell bent on changing the image of the village. He was focusing on promoting tourism and strengthening inter village relationship. Jin could care less though, as long as he didn't have to be an ambassador of peace or something; all was good. Besides the troublesome Mizukage, trouble was brewing in the village. It was the very oddest of sorts. A call for a revolution. What sort of genius was cooking this mess up? Revolution? Really? For what? Against who? Nothing was clear, there was no agenda. There was no sign of the people responsible for all of the noise. Wearing his signature long coat with the feathery texture, and his flak jacket on the inside; Jin stood next to a wall with tons of those annoying revolutionary flyers displayed on it. "Something like this is effective enough to get people protesting and demanding a revolution?" , he said out loud so the Tataru beside him could hear him well enough. It was baffling how the masses absorbed this sort of stuff. If they were so easy to manipulate, what fun was it to manipulate them? Even as a puppeteer, he couldn't fathom the reason behind it. Regardless of the reason, his task, was to take off these flyers and attempt to find some information. As weird and scary as he was, he would probably leave the interrogation bit to the older fellow with him. The mission required two man cells to operate together and Jin had tagged along with an older Tataru. He knew little of him, hadn't worked with him before or did any missions with him before. His only credibility for Jin was that he was a Tataru and that was good enough for him. He trusted those of his clan, it was a built in homing feature that pulled Jin towards him. The streets were bustling with people but the unrest was visible. People who weren't involved were simply confused. While those who agreed with the demand for revolution were already planning protests and probably riots too; violent ones. Who knew what would happen in the next moment? Things were getting sensitive, it was a volatile situation. Awaiting the smallest spark to result in a forest fire. The wall filled with revolutionary posters were a blot on the face of this district. Even though he didn't care, it was his mission to take care of them. So he began, humming to himself, as he ripped one flyer after the other from the wall. It was a tedious, sticky and annoying thing to do but unless he did it, it wasn't going to end. He would first deal with this wall and then move on. Probably let the other Tataru get a feel of things and establish his bearings too before setting off to the more serious nature of this mission. Word Count: 550 Mission: Equipment:
  25. Jutsu Name | Fire Style: Phoenix Zumi Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Fire Release Speciality(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns | Snake → Monkey → Horse Range | 10 Meter AOE directly in front of the user Duration | 3 turns Description | A strategy where just the individuals who have discharge component as their tendency may utilise this Jutsu.The individual breathes in for around 3-4 seconds at that point all of a sudden discharging 10 projectiles colossal circle that comes ousted from the mouth inevitably develops to cover the entire zone and space. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | N/A Status | Open for all