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Found 1 result

  1. This is the Mission: Fist Fight at the Port @Sei@Aito ____________ Hitomaro pushed the sun from his eyes, he really wasn’t a fan of the sun. It wasn’t his normal light sensitivity, nope, he was one hundred percent sober this time around and it was a helluva drag. What made the whole thing worse was how hot and muggy the it was is the small room above the small outpost he’d been shuffled off too as soon as he’d entered the port city. The tight fitting black, long sleeved shirt he’d worn was already sticking to him, didn’t help he was still wearing the heavy green flak jacket. At least he’d had the good sense to leave it open at the chest. He walked over to the nearby window that was letting the light flood in and pulled the wooden shades closed with a slight tug. The others would enter the city soon, hopefully the riots and gang fighting wouldn’t sweep them up before the local Shinobi could get to them. Hitomaro fell to a knee and pulled the rolled manila folder out of the side pocket of his black cargo pants. The Kage was good about having these information packs sent before a mission began, not only that they were damn good sources of local information. Hitomaro had read his dozens of times since he got it. He didn’t need to, it was just something he was doing to calm his nerves at this point. He was going to be in charge of this team, not only that he was going to be in charge of some incredibly inexperienced shinobi. It was a lot of pressure being in charge of other people's lives, he could practically hear the old man in the back of his mind lecturing him, reminding him to have thought out every scenario. The others would enter the city like he had, the problem was that the two gangs, the Shakuheddo in the north of the city and the Marineros de Sangre in the south, had erupted again throwing the city into a state of chaos. When Hitomaro had entered gangs of ten to fifteen armed men swarmed him demanding allegiance, it didn’t take much to lose them but someone with less experience or talent then he had could struggle a bit. Had he not run into a local Chuunin he’d have struggled to navigate the maze of salt washed wooden housing and businesses to find a way into the local offices. The place was a complete mess. The local Shinobi were already out there looking for his team, but with his limited knowledge of the area he needed to finish memorizing the map they’d left with him and start unraveling the mess at hand. He needed to hope that the other two would find the Chuunin and make their way to his location, if they didn’t arrive soon he’d take matters into his own hands and find them himself. He didn’t care how big a mess it would create if the gangs found out Yamagakure had sent a team in, the team was going to come first. 509/1000