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Found 18 results

  1. A trap sprung, the familiar sound of a rope snapped in twain was all the warning that would be relayed as a small group of three objects streaked through the air. A pair of hands would quickly rise to form the first seal, Tiger, perhaps the most commonly used seal of all. Just as quickly the small nimble fingers shifted and reconfigured themselves into the Boar seal just in time for their owner to let out a shrill help as they were struck by the projectiles, the young genin turning just in time to allow them to strike them in the back—a cream, almost beige coat providing at least some protection from the attack. “Ooowww, dammit! That's smarts!” Though easily confused as a member of the opposite gender, the boy hissed through his teeth as his body wiggled and rolled like dancing snake without rhythm in a failed attempt to work out the sting from the multiple impacts. Eventually the pain settled on its own which allowed him to crouch more comfortably to pick up one of the projectiles that had peppered his back, the shinobi turned the small round stone over in his hand as he brushed his loose raven locks back over an ear as he inspected it with a small grimace. “Almost! One more time; I just have to be a little bit faster and I've got this!” Starting at the shoulders the genin would shake his body all the down to his narrow hips as his toes curled tightly in anticipation while the boy prepared himself. Taking a deep breath he gave a small wooden stake a slight nudge with his foot, attached to it was another rope to presumably another trap. Not that it bothered him, but Satomi wasn't a very popular kid at the academy. The only true downside was no one really liked to train with him so he only had himself to rely on when it came to advancing his jutsu. Today was no different as he was forced to painstakingly set up several traps to pelt him self with pebbles, all in an effort to better himself. Or at least that's what he told himself whenever he thought about how red and bruised his back was going to be, he would probably have to sleep on his stomach tonight. Satomi gave the stake a firm kick this time, putting enough tension on the rope to cause it to shred at an intentionally weakened point near a branch it was holding pinned back. Without the rope to keep it in place the tree's appendage snapped forth to sling another barrage of small stones towards the genin, his hands revealed themselves if by magic from the impossibly long sleeves of his coat to again raced to form the proper seals. Tiger, boar-- the shinobi mouthed as he spoke them aloud only in his head, his eyes would grow wide just as he caught sight of one of the stones as it struck the child directly between his piercing onyx gaze. The stone couldn't have been any larger than a cherry, but it's force was quite evident as the boy's head snapped back violently to give him an abrupt view of the sparsely clouded sky as the rest of his body followed through with the momentum to send him tumbling over backwards. Satomi's eyes dulling as they glossed over, his mouth could only gape in surprise as he fell to the earth behind him before... poof! In a dramatic display of theatrics the young teen disappeared in a cloud of smoke only to be displaced with an old section of tree trunk. The hunk of wood would appear to be suspended for a moment longer than gravity should have allowed as the remaining stone thudded and deflected off it's sturdier-than-flesh surface before it collapsed to the ground. Satomi's foot would poke the log after the boy emerged from behind a neighboring tree, just the widest grin stretched across his face. “See, it wasn't that hard.” Satomi chuckled and he spun on his heals, his coat sleeves and tail whipping around his body as he did an about-face and marched towards the village market to treat himself to something. A familiar sound suddenly reaching his ear as he stumbled forward, falling onto his knees as an angry buzz of stones passed over his head. His accomplished grin morphing to an sheepish smirk as his eyes darted around to make sure there wasn't anyone to witness his blunder. “Ahem... I, uh, meant to do that.” His laughter only masking his embarrassed state as he pulled up the already high collar of his jacket to cover his reddened cheeks as he shuffled on his way. Word Count: Post: 791 Total: 791 Jutsu: Substitution Jutsu 400/400
  2. Reimei pulled her head out of the barrel of liquid chemical with a gasp. Her soaked hair dripped wet, droplets of white liquid streamed down her bare skin and onto the floor, as she stepped over to a towel. She wrapped it around her hair and piled it onto her head as she looked into a small mirror on the front of a cabinet above a grimy white sink. Amethyst eyes, one clear and beautiful and the other crossed through by a thin red scar she had no recollection of earning, were the only color upon her alabaster face. The eyes moved to look at a small box upon the sink, and her hands followed, reaching for the box and opening it. She extracted a little circular film with the tip of her finger, and brought the film to place upon the iris of her eye, and did the same with the other. She blinked multiple times as she set the box down, then brought her focus back to the little mirror. Crystal blue eyes stared back at her. Her hands reached for another towel and wrapped it around her body like a dress. While her hair dried, she figured she could clean this place up a little. Her gaze skirted around the area as she took in the dirty appearance of a new ship. After the mess that she'd been involved in within the Mizumura capitol with masked men, and an encounter with a devilish family at a surprise fair, she had decided to sell the ship she originally had sailed to the shore in. Due to the fact it had been in a very well cared for condition, thanks to her love for it, someone had been very quick to buy it off of her. As soon as the transaction had been made, she had been quite speedy in the purchase of a new, smaller junk ship with a red sail and a different style of masting than she was acquainted. It was quite clear that this ship had not been as loved as her own, and she was going to make it clean again. She grabbed a mop from a small hidden closet, stuck it in the vat of white liquid she'd pulled her hair from, then splattered the liquid onto the floor. Using the mop and the chemical, she swished away the unsanitary grime upon the floor of the ship's insides, as well as the walls, ceiling, and everything she could physically get the mop onto. When she was done, she put the mop away and admired her handiwork. The interior of the ship was now squeaky clean and wreaked of chemicals. She stepped back over to the sink and released her hair from its cloth prison. Locks of stark white fell around her face, any evidence of her hair ever having once been blood red was gone. Instead of lingering on the loss of her red hair color, her hands picked up the scissors on the sink and got to work. She sheared long pieces of hair from her head, looking at their fallen remains as she went about the lonesome business. When she was done, she swept the pieces away, then got to dressing herself. She bound her decent sized breasts with wrappings, then went even further and tightened them beneath a western corset that crushed the air from her lungs. She gasped as she reeled from the tightness, and the effort it took to breathe. She could only take tiny breaths. However she did not untighten it, instead allowed herself to adjust to the sensation and new way of breathing. She then finished pulling on shorts and a tank, followed by a heavy man's sailing coat. She took one last look at her new face in the mirror. She didn't recognize herself anymore, and it was a lonely feeling. However she was sticking with her new appearance for a while. Disguises were her forte, and right now it was best for her to be disguised. She had to assume the possibility that at least one masked man had lived, or other masked men would recognize a boyish red headed girl that had felled a building. She had to assume that any one of the shinobi within the rally might eventually discover that a red headed woman that had been in their presence didn't belong there, or the blond man from the harbor of Noumu might find her, or even the stupid bane of her existence blond she'd encountered within her home country of Earth might somehow figure out that the Earth Shinobi I.D. card in her possession was fake. So far she'd never actually had someone ask her too many questions, and therefore never had to present the fake I.D. as of yet. Either way a complete change of disguise had become necessary. She was about to travel once more through the wilds of Earth country. She had to go check on the people she'd been living with, caring for. She worried the worst of their fates. Reimei violently shook her head, removing those dark thoughts. She could worry later, right now she needed to leave. She tied a mesh black blindfold across her eyes, something that further hid them from view but still allowed her enough visibility to see. Reimei then ascended the ladder to the top deck and got to work. She'd never sailed a junk before, so returning to Aorie and Osaka who waited for her to retrieve them from the North of Water country was going to be an interesting trip.
  3. Name | Kiroyashi Nickname | Kiro Title Name | Mad Hatter Gender | Male Age | 16 Birth Date | 14/07 Hair Color | White Eye Color | Silver/Gray Height | 174 cm (5'8) Weight | 56kg (123 lbs) Appearance | He has medium-Length Gray/white hair that has now grown to shoulder-length. He has Silver/Gray eyes and his skin is somewhat pale. Kiroyashi has an unusual scar on the left side of his face that starts as a pentagram on his forehead, trailing down in a line that severs his eyebrow and mars his eyelid, and hooks slightly at his cheekbone and follows down his cheek down close to his chin. It also has an extra line of scar tissue that runs parallel to his lower eyelid, Kiroyashi often wears concealing jackets and gloves, as well as pants and heavy duty boots, Kiroyashi is of Muscular build that is Lean. The colours of his clothing he wears are normally black and red because he likes those colours the most. His belt is also black so are his pants and Shoes that he wears. When he is off duty he is normally wearing just his black clothing minus his Jacket to show his white/Gray hair. Village | Lightning Clan | N/A Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Earth, Bakuton Specialties | Ninjutsu [Beginner] Bloodline | Bakuton: Favorable | Cards,Explosions,Laughter,Fear,Money,Jokes Unfavorable | Vegetables, none funny jokes, waste of money Personality | Kiroyashi is a man of Laughter Kindness and good wishes, ha who am i kidding Kiroyashi is a man that likes to make others laugh but in bad humour ways like using explosives on Kittens and causing groups of people to run in fear because he has set off some fire crackers, So you can say he is the type of person that will do things just for a laugh or for a bang. He likes to see himself as a joker and a prankster but because of his bloodline Bakuton he takes it to a whole new level with his pranks and jokes. When he is alone he likes to make up plans on his next pranks and other ideas on jutsus he can use his bloodline on to make himself more into a street performer then an actual ninja. Using Decks of Cards and other little gadgets to help him have some fun is also another way he also likes to fight. Philosophy & Beliefs | To bring Love and Joy into peoples hearts with nothing but explosives. History & Background | Kiroyashi was born in a Travelling Circus's Wagon during a cold winters Night, he was a small baby with unusual Gray/white hair with Gray/silvery eyes. His mother and Father were both performers in the Circus but they were also adapt in Ninjutsu to help them with their acts, Around the age of three Kiroyashi was already trying to explore every area he could find. But that sadly landed himself in a bit of hot water causing himself to get attacked by a Bear Cutting his eye giving himself a Scar he now has on his left side of his face, He already had a Pentagram type Birthmark on his forehead so the Scar just continues off that down his face. By the age of 5 Kiroyashi's Parents Got into an accident during their performance and passed away leaving him all by himself with the Circus as his only family. But because the Circus was always moving from town to town they couldn't help him forever so they sent him to the Lightning Village to get him to try and become a Shinobi. By the time Kiroyashi started at the Academy he got attacked by a pack of wild dogs and freaking out he threw his hand out towards them to try and cover himself only to throw chakra at the Dogs, the Chakra that was thrown at the dogs was actually a mutated chakra that did Explosives. Not knowing what he did Kiroyashi ran for his life and hid while he tried to recall what had happened, Once he had calmed down he thought back to it and remembered what he did. Throwing his hands out again he accidentally blew up a boulder that was near him and that just made him start laughing maniacally because he now had a power that he found entertaining and that just started him off on his now Joker type life. Once Kiroyashi had gotten himself Familiar with the village he started at the academy where he would later Graduate and become a Genin.
  4. Complete

    Name | Sennin Amai Nickname | Kotaro (lit. Happy Boy) Title Name | Powerkid Gender | M Age | 11 Birth Date | November 12th Hair Color | Black Eye Color | Black Height | 5'2" Weight | 135 lbs Appearance | Kotaro sports a dark purple gi set that is sleeveless and has the chest area cut in a v-neck design. A dark blue belt seperates his upper and lower body, as his wrists have matching bands on them. Completing the outfit he has brown combat boots that seem to be in good condition. Underneath all of his apparel he has a well-toned and lean frame. For someone his age he is well conditioned like that an adult. He has black spikey hair that stands on end with one bang that extends downwards. Matching eyebrows compliment his hair although they are somewhat thin. His tan complexion completes him enhancing his smooth and hairless skin. Village | Flame Clan | Sennin Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Earth Specialties | Ninjutsu [Beginner] Bloodline | Sennin Favorable | Fighting, Training, Amphibians, Reptiles, Girls, Ramen, & Teaching Unfavorable | Those who look down on the Sennin, Water Village, Bullies, Arrogant & Cocky Shinobi, All Negativity. Personality | Kotaro is a calm and confident individual. With his analytic and tactical talents he can be one deadly shinobi. Although he has such exclusive and rare traits he is as gentle as they come. Although everyone looks at the savage nature of the Sennin, seeing Kotaro makes them think otherwise with his sociable and happy-go-lucky nature. It tends to take alot to get him mad but when he does it seems as if a sadistic murderer had taken his body over. His will of fire and determination are rival of those more mature than him as it seems that unless he is dead he won't stop. Philosophy & Beliefs | Kotaro believes that everyone is equal and no matter what harsh life they have had that with enough determination, willpower, and desire they can achieve anything. Although he hasn't any family members he shares the belief that all villages and clans should unite as one and be a giant family that learns and grows together so that all prosper and thrive. History & Background | Born into the Sennin clan Kotaro wad naturally a wanderer due to the violent nature of those that could of achieve Sage Form. His parents were said to have been killed by Water Village Shinobi due to them going berserk during their transformation. This hurt the young boy forming a passion of hate of those from that village. He could never understand why they had to be murdered when their chakra could if easily been sealed. Afterall being of the Sennin bloodline does have its pros and cons. As he grew older he was an outstanding Academy Student excelling in all classes and passing his tests with ease. This allowed him to be reach the rank of Genin at the age of 6. After obtaining the rank of Genin he has pushed himself beyond his limits to one day avenge his parents and show that there are other means of stopping his clan when they are in their Sage Form. He hopes one day he can resolve and forgive the village so that his beliefs are made a reality. Currently Kotaro is in search of a mentor so that he may hone his skills to almost perfection so that when it comes time for him to be promoted he won't have any issues passing with ease. Although self taught he knows he can always improve in all areas of combat. Especially with his ninjutsu training something he feels would prove that he is indeed a prodigy and the ultimate ninja.
  5. Complete

    Name | Monkey Summoning Contract Species | Simian Appearance | Common Characteristics | Monkeys usually take on a humanoid but with notably longer limbs. They are typically covered in hair all over and can be bigger or smaller than humans. Their size depends on the specific breed of monkey varying from larger than the normal human and as small as a house cat. Natural Abilities | Monkeys are very agile and flexible. They can match an athletic human in turns of speed while running depending on the breed. Due to longer limbs they are very acrobatic while swinging from objects in the air. Depending on the breed of monkey they can be stronger than the typical human. Availability | Open Requirements | Signed Contract, Must be given by Current Owner.
  6. Complete

    Name | Jurojin Kobura Nickname | Soulsifter Title Name | Battlefield Surgeon Gender | F Age | 35 Birth Date | August 12th Hair Color | White Eye Color | Black Height | 5'5" Weight | 130 lbs. Appearance | Kobura is a very fit and toned female ninja that takes great care of her body. She has long snow white hair that extends all the way down to the middle of her back. Normally when wearing a forehead protector, (which is black with a silver plate), she has long bangs on each side that reach down to right above her breast. She dons a blue vest like jacket that has two 3" inch pockets on each side of the jacket located right on top of her breast. Underneath the jacket she dons a long black sleeve shirt that sometimes she rolls up to her elbows. On her hands she sports black gloves that expose her fingers and have a metal plate that is about 2" inches on the backside of the gloves. Kobura rocks black pants that extend all the way down to her matching black boots that start right below her knee. On her right leg she has a blue pouch about 8" inches in length that wraps around her leg between the thigh and knee. Underneath the pouch a white bandage is there so that it doesn't slide when actively performing tasks. On the opposite leg she has a black sheath that she uses to hold her tanto. She has standard issue ninja boots that are black and expose the tips of her toes. Village | Flame Clan | n/a Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C Element(s) | Raiton Specialties | Summoning [Beginner] Bloodline | n/a Favorable | FOOD, Fighting, Animals, Training, Performing Surgery, Helping People Unfavorable | Death Personality | Blunt and aggressive is the best way to describe Kobura. She isn't one to bite her tongue when things come to mind. She's never been scared to anything to anyone even if that person was a village elder or Kage. She's never been one to hide her emotions about someone and will quickly let them know how she feels unless it's a love interest of hers. Kobura is also a very aggressive person to be someone that has been a lone wolf for a majority of her younger years. A majority of the aggressiveness comes from the abuse from her father when she was young. She has a tendency to bark out orders and attempt to control people and tell them what to do. She has been working on this over the years but she still tends to do it regularly when she isn't thinking about what comes out of her mouth. Due to the abusive nature of her father when she was younger she has always been a loner. Although she is a loner doesn't mean she isn't sociable as she is a very likable and approachable person at first glance. She is very knowledgeable and can hold a very intelligent conversation if she wants to. At times it seems she has control of her on and off switch making it seem like she is a different person depending on when and why you approach her. Philosophy & Beliefs | She believes in helping others no matter how bad the outcome could be. She is the type to better herself for the benefit of the village. Her will is unlike any other having her own will of fire. Those that respect and do whatever it takes, she gives them all 200% of her which she think all should do for the sake of the Flame Village. History & Background | Born into a family of nurses and doctors Kobura started her medical studies at the age of four. It started with basic things such as checking blood pressure, a persons temperature, and other various things that were easy to learn for a young child. Her and her parents were close up until she seen her dad abuse her mom. She vow to her mom that she would one day gain enough skill to make her dad regret putting his hands on her. As she grew older this became less of a motivation as her dad had died at the age of 7. This would allow her to focus more on her studies first during her early years and pursue fighting skills later in her life. Due to her intelligence at the age of 12 she was taking several health courses that those around the age of 18 would be taking, she was a natural. While she was an Academy Student she excelled above all of her class, she was the villages book worm up until she became a Genin adding combat skills to her profile. With her intelligent mind and wanting to be the best shinobi she outshined a majority of her comrades causing them to dislike her. This in turned caused Kobura to become a loner and wanting to excel even more. During her time as a Genin she rarely spoke to her other teammates but they knew she would not let them down. She would remain the silent one until they became chuunins. On her on she learned to incorporate her medical practice with her fighting style. It was something she had seen another shinobi attempt to do, but their methods didn't match. This advancement in skill allowed her to complete her Genin exams with ease as her team completely outclassed the others. After reaching the rank of chuunin at the age of 15 she was invited to be apart of the ANBU Special Forces due to her intellect and skill. During her tenure as a chuunin she learned several lessons a lot in which saved fellow ANBU members lives. Being an ANBU Member taught her how to heal her team whlle under fire. This allowed her to obtain a immeasurable focus and concentration while she operated on them during missions. Her medic skills led her to be promoted to the special jounin rank, but rather than be apart of the ANBU special forces they sent her to the medical corps for her skills on missions that were highly spoke of between the ANBU. While apart of the Medical Corps her skills in surgery and healing increased as she learned several new techniques that a lot of medical shinobi's did not even know. She learned that she could fuse different elemental chakra to get various results and she would learn how to use her medical knowledge for more deadly purposes.. Such as killing someone easily with a senbon. She would remain in the Medical Corps assiting them in wars and battles uptil she was promoted to Jounin at the age of 30. Along with this promotion came the title of Head Medic as her medicine practice was noticed, but Kobura had another plans. She had heard about sages and the possible power they could possess. In her head this would not only boost her fighting skills but she could also apply it to her medical skills creating new jutsu's that where new and never before seen. What she didn't hear about was about how difficult it was to master the Sage Arts and that she could become petrified stone if she failed. Recently she was involved in a conflict that left her with amnesia causing her to have to relearn as if she was brand new ninja. She has accepted the fact that she will look at as a Genin and have to work her way back up through the ranks to return to her previous self.
  7. Training

    The young woman stood in a an open field, amethyst eyes staring hard at the broken sword on the ground. She had left the small mountain village a week ago, with weapons she'd been told were hers, and a another sword, of which laid beside the broken one, that the fisherman had bequeathed to her upon her departure. She had been walking too much, a desperate attempt, a pathetic hope, that she would suddenly remember who she was or why she had a broken sword anyway. But as she stared at the metal objects, she came to realise that she may never remember. She bent down and her hands circled around the well aged sword the fisherman had given her. The piece wasn't outrageously heavy, but it certainly wasn't light, and yet it was extremely easy for her to hold in one hand. She was right handed, but the hilt of the sword felt wrong in her right hand. She switched it to her left, and while it felt like a better fit there, something that told her her sword hand might be the left, her right hand now felt horribly alone. It'd be nice to have two swords, she thought. She looked around at the clearing, there was nothing for her to cut, but she figured she could try swinging the sword. She'd had one, hadn't she? Perhaps she remembered how to use it. Standing with her feet apart, both hands on the hilt, she would swing the sword from her left shoulder to her right like a baseball bat. She was surprised at how fast she swung the weapon, and stumbled on her feet in response a bit. Her actions still felt wrong, but she didn't know how. So she tried swinging again and again, changing her grip and her stance each time, but still none of her actions felt quite right. After about an hour of attempted swings, she dropped the sword to the ground and crouched on her haunches. Her hands slipped into her hair and she released a frustrated noise. Why couldn't she get it right?She dropped further to her knees as a white, hot, cloud misted over her senses. The air felt hot as she inhaled, her sight fogged over as sweaty fingers dipped deep into damp earth. She ripped handfuls of dirt from its earthen abode, grains of soil and grass flung into the air. She did it again and again, as if possessed to disturb the dirt, and ignored the slight grit in her mouth. She didn't stop until a hole was bared. At the sight of it, she came back to herself, a single tear streaking down her cheek. How ridiculous she felt. Here the ground was, now it was missing something, the pieces of which were scattered about to who knows where. Just like her, but the dirt didn't go around lashing out at stupid things. She quietly smoothed what dirt she could back into place, and rose to her feet. She knew the damaged part was never going to be the same as it was; the best she could do was smooth things over and move forward. She picked both of the swords up, the broken in her left and the full one in her right. She was left handed, but the broken one fit there better. Her strong hand should hold the weaker, smaller, weapon, and the weaker hand the stronger. It was odd, but she was odd. If she was unbalanced, perhaps she should relearn by being unbalanced. She spread her feet apart and breathed in slowly as she raised her arms out, the swords angled inwards in front of her. She exhaled and closed her eyes, allowing herself to listen to the echo of the fisherman's flute in her mind. She flowed into a stance where she raised the whole sword over her head before bringing it down in a vertical cut. Just like with the Tai Chi, she flowed into the next form, twisting her body one hundred and eighty degrees and angling the sword over her right shoulder like a bat and sliced it through the air with a horizontal cut, the broken sword held behind her back. From there she swung the long sword over the opposite shoulder just as she did the first time, and brought it down diagonally to be parallel with her right leg, and slashed the broken sword outwards behind her. Then she raised the sword up straight, her hands against her right shoulder, spun one hundred and eighty degrees, and swung the sword to the left in another horizontal cut. She raised the sword over her left shoulder and brought it down diagonally so that it was parallel to her right leg, then raised it over her right shoulder and brought it down diagonally to a parallel with her left leg, from there she twirled the two swords and flipped them to the opposite hand. From there she flowed into the next position, raised the sword back over her left shoulder and sliced it to the right in a horizontal cut. She repeated this pattern twenty times, until her arms ached and, more importantly, the swords felt comfortable in her hands. It occurred to her, an idea, to have some fun with what she was doing. It wasn’t necessary to remaind so structured in her practice, in fact, she figured it was likely better for it to be fun. She was a decent brawler, so she knew that fights were never ever structured. No, one could never quite predict what a fight would be like, and neither should her form be predictable. Her amethyst gaze ook in her surroundings, trees everywhere, an open opportunity fulls of potential for her training. She screamed into the empty forest, a cry of ferocity, as she sprang into a run. Her feet carried her up the side of a tree, and to one of its uppermost branches, where in which once she reached it and twirled off of it, upside down, to land feet first on the ground with her knees bent against the impact. She grinned to no one, and didn’t let herself stop. She jolted across towards another tree, ran up its side, leapt upwards so that her hand firmly grasped a flexible branch, and used the branch to swing herself around and out. She descended towards an invisible foe with her body angled downwards, left shoulder first, and slashed the long sword in her right hand down where an enemy would have been. Her elbows bent and connected with the ground first, and she used her momentum to continue and roll forward to her feet. Laughter bubbled forth from her, absolute exhilaration, as the girl continued to run around performing her own sort of practice, a rather gymnastic version of the tai chi she had done earlier. Not at all a standard form, but to her this way of moving, as if the winds of a storm were blowing her like flame into a conflagration across an ever flowing sea of waves, felt right. Her heart raced as she skidded to a stop on the ground. The frustration from before towards herself has dissipated, exchanged by a childlike glee that something, at least one aspect of herself, had clicked into place. The day was looking up, and she slid the two swords, one old and one broken, into sheaths. Head held high, she made her way through the trees, a skip to her step. She may not know who she was, but she could figure it out. There was hope. wc: 1255
  8. Name | Genma edge Type | Chakram (melee) - Sub-Type | projectile Ranking | c Material(s) | Leather, Steel Dimensions | Central ring 45cm diameter, outer circles 15 cm diameter spikes 10cm length by 8cm at largest width Nature | Wind Appearance | Abilities | howling Gale - C rank The user Imbibes the chakrams with chakra then launches them forward creating a gust of wind in a cone infront of the user (6m long 5m width capable of knocking opponents over Description | Forged high in Windswept mountains by a Smith using ores mined deep within the mountain. Comprised of one central circle and 4 outer circles Laden with 8 spikes surrounding them The Red on the interiour edges of the the chakrams is purely cosmetic Availability | Closed. Requirements | BukiJutsu Ryo Cost | 700
  9. Name | Uchiha, Mikoto Nickname | Miko [Short for Mikoto ofc.] Title Name | Gender | Male Age | 12 Birth Date | July 8th Hair Color | Charcoal Eye Color | Pitch-black Height | 5'2" Weight | 110 lbs Appearance | Starting from head to toe! His raven hair perfectly displays the result of his Uchiha lineage along with his peculiar light skin tone. His eyebrows without any type of expression plastered onto his face are somewhat furrowed, giving him a angry look when in reality he could just be pondering about various happy things. He has been raised to always remain friendly, but judging from his usual facial expressions, one might find him to look overly serious. His forehead protector lays perfectly between the shoots of spiky hair heading downwards and always carries a beige vest that holds two pockets on the straps at shoulder-position and one more pouch right above his butt. A strap can be found above the butt pouch for Katanas to be sheathed with it's holster. Underneath lays his long-sleeved black jacket with the very breathable collar. The jacket is quite baggy due to the fact that it is one size larger than himself. And lastly, Mikoto always wears his beige cargo shorts on his lower body along with his basic black ninja boots that are open at the toe and heel areas to keep dem' feet fresh. He never really wears anything other than his usual attire, even when the seasons change. Village | Water Village Clan | Uchiha Clan Village Ranking: | Genin Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank Element(s) | Fire Release Specialties | Ninjutsu [Beginner] Bloodline | Sharingan [ 写輪眼 ] Favorable | Fighting • Weapons • Ninjūtsu • Sweet Foods • Winter • Solitude • Girls • Shurikenjūtsu • Novels • Animals • Tomatoes • Dried Berries • Onigiri • Music Unfavorable | Sours • Miso Ramen • Tea • Silence • Heat & Humidity • His Father Personality | Reserved • Discreet • Disciplined • Incorruptible • Hesitant • Focused • Protective • Studious • Repentant Philosophy & Beliefs | "I'll do whatever it takes in this world full of hatred to bring back the times where we could have fun." - Towards his youngest brother History & Background | Thunder rumbled across the lands while lightning crackled through the dark clouds. Rain striking against the windows of the Uchiha residence as the wind screamed and whistled through the estate. Several handmaidens and servants rushed to gather materials needed for a birth. During the night, Uchiha Mikoto was born. "I hereby bestow upon my son the name of Uchiha Mikoto. May he carry the family name with honor," Uchiha Hideshi said, taking his newborn into his arms. The child was taken care of like royalty until the age of seven when he was old enough to be enrolled into the shinobi academy stationed in the Water Village. Almost immediately from the start of the child's education, the instructors noticed a rare and interesting latent talent perhaps credited to the boy's heritage. Mikoto showed excellent talent in ninjutsu and taijutsu, and slightly above average skills in genjutsu. Early on in the education process, Mikoto ostracized himself from the rest of the class with his superior attitude and smug demeanor as he thought the others were dead weight dragging him down. One year and two months later, Mikoto graduated the Water Village's shinobi academy at the top of his class. Unfortunately, the celebration would be short-lived. Two boys who scored relatively low in Mikoto's class plotted to ambush the young Uchiha and assault him for his smug successes. The two boys waited until dusk when Mikoto was walking home from his class's graduation celebration. The bigger and stronger of the two boy's jumped out at Mikoto and grabbed him in a hold and pulled him into a side alley where it was darker and more private. There the other boy, who was strong but a little smaller than the other boy, proceeded to pummel Mikoto with his fists, elbows, knees, and feet. Fifteen minutes pass and the boys release Mikoto who falls to his hands and knees gasping for air. Although strong, the young Uchiha is still affected by the repeated beating. "It's time we show everybody that the almight Uchiha aren't as great as they think they are." One of the boys said as he pulled a kunai from a pocket. The other boy merely nodded and formed some hand seals for what appeared to be a Katon jutsu. The boy with the kunai rushed Mikoto and tried to stab him in the abdomen, but it was at this moment when Mikoto's life was in danger that his eyes blazed with a burning crimson. This was the first awakening of the Sharingan. With this Mikoto was able to unnerve the boy with the kunai enough for Mikoto to retaliate with a well placed knee to the abdomen. That boy doubled over and Mikoto knocked him into the ground with a double-handed elbow to the spine. "Goukak--." the other boy began to say, but is cut short by Mikoto using the shunshin no jutsu to confront him directly with a hard roundhouse to the side of the skull. Due to the inertia of the shunshin no jutsu, the kick had additional power that Mikoto wasn't completely aware of and resulted in crushing a portion of the boy's skull, consequently causing him to die upon hitting the ground. This was Mikoto's first confirmed kill.
  10. Name | Razor Trap Needles Type | Projectile - Sub-Type | Thrown Ranking | B Material(s) | Steel Dimensions | 4 inch long cylinder, thick around as a human finger. 10 meters of razor wire within. Nature | N/A Appearance | Abilities | Once fired and embedded into a surface the needle will split in half and fire its opposing end outward, unreeling razor-thin wire behind it as it goes. If the second end successfully embeds itself as well it will leave a taut razor-thin wire hanging between them, effective at slicing through enemies as any sword. A reel-like mechanism that unfurls the wire ensures the wire is always taut regardless of whether or not it has reach its maximum range. Due to the extreme thinness of the wires they can be difficult to spot, but the glinting of light off them can give them away. Description | Availability | Can be purchased from Jinpachi for the ryo cost Requirements | Puppetry Ryo Cost | 400 ryo
  11. Name | Serpentera's Mouth Launcher Ranking | A Type | Offensive Appearance | Material | Wood and metal Crafter | Jinpachi Madarame Description | A launching mechanism stored within the body of Serpentera. Projectiles stored within the body are drawn up and fired from Serpentera's mouth over long ranges. Up to two types of projectile can be loaded into the mechanism and switched on the fly via chakra thread manipulation. It is capable of firing three-shot bursts of small to medium projectiles, such as Jinpachi's razor wire traps, or one shot of a large projectile like an exploding tag ball. It has to reload after each shot. The projectiles are launched at A-rank speed. Jutsu | N/A Status | Restricted
  12. Name | Razor Wire Traps Ranking | B Type | Offensive Appearance | Material | Steel Crafter | Jinpachi Madarame Description | A steel needle-shaped casing about 4 inches long and as wide around as a human finger that contains a spool of razor sharp wire. When launched they will fly forward and embed themselves in a surface at which point the opposite end of the needle will launch out and attempt to embed in a surface as well. If both are successful a razor sharp wire will be anchored between the two points, capable of slicing into someone as effectively as any sword. Due to the thinness of the wires they can be difficult to see, especially with the distraction of needles flying this way and that, though they can be noticed more easily if light glints off of them. Jutsu | N/A Status | Purchase 250 ryo
  13. Puppet Creation Name | Serpentera Ranking | A-rank Type | Beast Appearance | Material | Wood Crafter | Jinpachi Madarame Background | A puppet constructed for defensive and battlefield control purposes. Status | Restricted
  14. Name | Matsumoto Chinatsu. Nickname | Reimei. Title Name | Water's Wayward | The Stray Shinobi Gender | Female. Age | 22. Birth Date | July 3. Hair Color | Red. Eye Color | Purple. Height | 5'3" or 160 cm Weight | 110 lbs or 49 Kg Appearance | Reimei just classifies as petite at five feet and three inches tall. However she does not look like a child, with her ample shape, she is unmistakably an adult. With her long crimson hair, amethyst eyes, and porcelain skin her image is quite feminine. A black twisted tattoo symbolizing thorns winds along the left side of her stomach, beginning just below her left breast and ending just above her hip. A thin vertical scar decorates the soft skin around her left eye, the most notable imperfection upon her delicate features. Her favourite clothes to wear are tight black, leather pants, a strapless and cropped top that shows quite a lot of skin, a leather cropped jacket lightly decorated in pieces of armor that straps across the upper part of her chest, and black gloves encased in armored gauntlets. However in lieu of being considered dead and living as a wanderer, her appearance has changed in favor of disguising herself as a man when traveling through heavily populated areas. Her long hair will sit tied up beneath a checkered hat, her chest bound flat beneath a vest and an oversized black sweater, pants worn loose, with her neck and face able to hide within a large blue scarf, and even green colored contacts in her eyes. Village | Ex-Water Clan | NA Village Ranking: | Ex-Jounin Shinobi Ranking | A Element(s) | Fire Release, Lava Release Specialties | 1. Ninjutsu - Primary (Adept) 2. Bukijutsu - Secondary (Novice) Bloodline | Yōgan Favorable | Sake (frequently), Festivals, Hot Baths, Fruits, Books, As little clothing as she can get away with, Strategy Games, Flowers, Naps, Stray Animals, Sports. Unfavorable | Winter, Nuts, Water Village. Personality | Chinatsu's personality is a recalcitrant and contradictory one. Whimsical and headstrong with an audacious mouth, she prefers to do as she pleases, and often ignores most social norms. Though not a hateful person, she isn't necessarily nice either. She has a soft spot for the weak, sick, and elderly, but intentionally acts as if she doesn't. Among her peers she portrays herself with a tough as nails persona, one that vanishes into peaceful solitude once alone. She is reluctant to let people get close, preferring to prevent connections before they have the opportunity to hurt her. Those that take the time to put up with her shit will find her to be fun-loving and, deep, deep, deep down an earnest, well-intentioned, and even somewhat a romantic. She doesn't usually bother with emotion on the battle field, though a sly comment or two may slip out, instead she opts to focus more on defeating her opponent with as few casualties as possible. She can be seen as unforgiving when it comes to protecting the what she cares about - usually herself. Philosophy & Beliefs | To each his own; all are human; condemned to groan; the kind for another's pain, the unfeeling for their own. But! why should thy know their fate, since sorrow never comes too late, and happiness leaves too soon? Thought would destroy their peace. History & Background | Timeline - 80 - Parents first encounter. - 82 - Parents second encounter. - 82/83 - Father dies on New Year's Eve. - 83 - Born. - 86 - Shinobi War Ends. - 90 - Chinatsu joins academy (age 7). - 93 - Chinatsu becomes Genin (age 10). - 93 - Mother dies. - 96 - Chinatsu passes Chuunin exam (age 13). - 98 - Chinatsu appointed as Jounin (age 15). - 99 - She proctors Chuunin exam. - 101 - Chinatsu is sent on mission, which ends in her assumed death (age 18). - 105 - A report sites Chinatsu spotted in the neutral mountainous terrain southeast of Lightning. Matsumoto Chinatsu's parents were not from the same village. Her mother, a devoted medic-nin of the water village, encountered Chinatsu's father, an Earth Shinobi, on three occasions. The first time was on opposite sides of battle during the first year of the six-year Shinobi war, where he fell in love with the sight of a petite medic running like a fearless fool through the fray to retrieve a fallen comrade, and her mother didn't even notice the red headed shinobi staring like an idiot. The second time was during the second year of the six-year Shinobi war, where the two ran into each other away from the battle, and ended with the two in the same bed. The third time was six months later, during the third year of the war, as her pregnant mother watched his funeral from afar. Her mother returned to the water village to finish out her pregnancy. Born with her father's red hair and amethyst eyes, her mother named her after the Summer. Chinatsu's mother raised her daughter with enough love for two parents along as she could. Four years after the six-year Shinobi war, when Chinatsu was seven, she began her education at the shinobi academy. Three years later, shortly after Chinatsu became a Genin, her mother succumbed to a heart disease and left a ten year old Chinatsu to fend for herself. Sad and bitter towards her mother's death, Chinatsu started acting out and rebelling against her elders. Often her hot headed temper getting her into physical fights with her peers and nearly killing a few of them. At first it wasn't too much of a problem, but after one instance in which the young shinobi bit off a good chunk of another kunoichi's cheek in a cat fight, Chinatsu became a regular visitor with the police. Rather than hindering her however, this frequent problem behavior assisted in her passing the Chuunin exams at thirteen with bloody colors. Many thought that the girl would grow out of this rebellious phase, and some even tried to dismiss her - something that only ended up in violent confrontations. However, the number of police visits died down after a while, mainly due to more frequent missions for the girl. Though known to be a wayward soul in the Water Village, after a while of successful mission after successful mission, her fellow shinobi began to acknowledge her apparent loyalty shown to the village and at fifteen she was appointed as a Jounin. Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, she helped proctor the Chuunin Exams. At the age of eighteen, Chinatsu was sent on a mission in the neutral mountainous land southeast of Lightning. Unbeknownst to her, this mission would change her life forever. Hired with three other shinobi in her squad to protect some rich shit head outside as he traveled through unallied territory, the group wasn't surprised when they encountered three Lightning shinobi along the way. What they were unprepared for, however, was an ambush involving eight more Lightning shinobi and their own inability to prevent the sudden assassination of their employer. Exhausted, outnumbered, soaked in icy rain, and having already failed their mission, Chinatsu and her fellow water shinobi were at a great disadvantage. Just as the leader of their group ordered them to retreat, one of her injured comrades and her only friend in the water village, Rei, slipped off the ledge of the steep cliff in which their battle took place. For her, it happened in slow motion at first as she met his eyes and they both knew for that split second that he was a goner. Chinatsu lunged for him, and it felt like it took forever for her hand to reach towards him. However time sped up and shot out from her like a rocket as she, too, went over the sleek cliff. Her other two comrades, unable to rescue them in the midst of battle, watched them fall from such a height they believed it was surely impossible for anyone to survive. Especially since both Chiantsu and Rei didn't know medical ninjutsu, and even if the did, they knew the two had been out of chakra. They returned to the Water village, and so it was that the mission was a failure, and in the year 101 A.S. both Chinatsu and Rei were assumed deceased. Now it is the year 105 A.S. and a woman, bitter from her rejection from a certain red haired boy, has sent an anonymous report to the Mizukage declaring to have encountered Matsumoto Chinatsu disguised as a boy drifting between small villages in the neutral land south and southeast of Lightning - close to where she was last seen alive. Fun Stuff: Voice: Ash Costello Theme Song: Can't Find My Way Home
  15. Jutsu Name | Emergency Aid Jutsu Type | Medical Ranking | D/C/B/A/S Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Medical Energy Cost | 10/25/50/75/100 Handsigns | Ox ->Rabbit ->Dog Range | Self/Touching Duration | 1/2/3/4/5 Post Description | A skill that administers emergency first aid. Of course the more sever of an operation they are performing the longer it will take to fully complete. D Rank: Can heal minor cuts, bruises, punctures, and 1st degree burns. C Rank: Can fully heal flesh wounds, treats minor poisons, mends smaller bones, and 2nd degree burns B Rank: Can close major gashes, puncture/stab wounds, simple poisons/toxins, mends most bones minus larger ones, 2nd degree and lessens the severity of 3rd degree burns. A rank: Can close all wounds minus large scale ones, mends all broken bones, heals most damaged organs, heals 3rd degree burns, restores lost or damaged senses, and most poisons/toxins S rank: Can close and treat all wounds, mends any and all bones, heals the organs, can reattach limbs, bring people out of near death/critical condition and place them in stable one, treats all toxins/poisons S rank and below. Each rank will have their own cooldown equal the the duration that the rank uses with an additional posted added. So far S rank it would have a cooldown of 6 post before the S rank version can be used again. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Medical Spec as primary can use all ranks. Those that have it as a secondary spec can only use up to B rank. Status | Public
  16. Kouga Nuitari, The Sagacious Savage Name | Nuitari Kouga Nickname | NuKo Title Name | Denkikage/Sagacious Savage/Black Lion Gender | Male Age | 30 Home Link | Shinobi Profile Link Village | Lightning (Yamagakure) Clan | Kouga Manjidani Clan Village Ranking: | Denkikage Shinobi Ranking | S Element(s) | Lightning Specialties | Bukijutsu (Mastery) Ninjutsu (Adept) Genjutsu (Novice) Bloodline | Kouga Bloodline Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Mentors & Pupils | N/A Friends & Family | Raistlin Kouga, Son ~ 13 Nuilin Kouga, Daughter ~ 13 Recent History |
  17. Weapon Name | Taidohantā タイドハンター (Tide Hunter) Weapon Type | Trident - Sub-Type | N/A Ranking | Legendary Material(s) | Carbyne (strongest material known to man) with a strong affinity towards water based chakra Dimensions | Shaft of the spear to the tip of the main spear is roughly 5 and a half feet while the two prongs that make up the trident are each roughly a foot long coming below the main tip by about 4 inches. Nature | Water Appearance |[/img] Abilities | Sea King: The user of the trident naturally seems to have some resistance to water based jutsus, though the trident must be in their possession for this to work. They will naturally take half rank in damage against water based attacks because of this ability. By paying 50 CP they can completely nullify offensive water based jutsus of their rank or lower though this skill can only be used once every 5 post. This works only on skills S rank or lower. S rank ability Hydro Affinity: The trident seems to naturally give off an aura of chakra that causes water based skills and abilities to have their cost in CP reduced by a single rank. This will not target skills that are tied with this trident nor will it target skills that are advanced elements that have water as a component. This skill will not work on abilities/jutsu that are over S rank. S rank passive ability Crustacean's Longevity: An odd skill but useful one, the trident, when in its master's possession seems to cause the cells in the master's body to mutate. This causes their skin to gain a tint of redness almost as if it has sunburn. This causes the cells though to naturally repair themselves like the lobster's. They will heal damage that is considered C rank every post naturally. If the user wishes they can speed this process up to cure B rank damage a post by paying 60 CP a post, though this can only be utilized for 5 post before it will "overheat" the cells and cause this skill to be halted for 5 post. SS rank passive ability Water Explosion: By paying 100 CP per post into the trident the user can cause it to turn into a black trident with the tips being red. Whenever the user wishes once a post the trident will forcibly inject contaminated water into an object or person. When placed into objects the water will quickly expand causing an explosion of sorts, this can target an area of 1 meter when into an object and will occur instantly upon contact. When placing inside a living being/creature this effect takes a bit longer. The water will start to expand causing the area that the trident dealt damage to, to double in size the first post and became quite sore. By the second post this water will have overtaken the entire limb, the third post it will start to expand beyond the primary limb and go towards the next closest limb. The original area struck and limb struck by the third post will no longer function at all. By the fourth post the second region will have swelled up to a size matching the first and also no longer function properly. By the fifth post this will have traveled to nearly every region of the body causing it all to swell and double in size. By the sixth post the entire body will be unable to move or do anything, all the while the pressure from the water will increase even more, this causes the eyes to start to pop out of the sockets from the pressure and blood to bleed in excess from any and all open wounds. By the sixth post if a person has not be treated by a medical skill/ability SS rank or above they will have their entire body explode from the massive buildup of water. A target cannot be struck by this multiple times to speed up the process though once treated they can be struck again to start it all over again. X Rank ability Crab Boil: The owner of the trident will slam it into the ground and pay 100 CP + 25 per geyser, at most 5 additional geysers. The user can cause a 4 meter wide 20 meter tall geyser to burst from the ground, at X rank speed, anywhere within a 30 meter radius. The geyser will be concentrated hot water causing 4th degree burns upon touch. A person that is unlucky enough to be underneath the geyser as it erupts will be be boiled upon impact due to not only the heat but also the crushing force of the geyser. Those that are struck by the the geyser will have the areas of their body that are touched by the crushing water to have those regions of the body to have their bones completely crushed, areas that have organs will have them damaged greatly and to a point that they no longer function properly. The force of the water pressure will also cause a person to be blasted in said direction at X rank speed due to the pressure of the water. The geysers will cause the ground to rumble for a brief second before erupting. The geysers will stay there for a single post before calming down leaving a massive hole from where they once sprung. Said geysers do not all have to be pointed in a perfect linear vertical angle, they can come out of the ground at any sort of angle the user wishes them to. They can come from any sort of mineral structure that is around, be it a mountain, cave ceiling, or the ground itself, even if it was created through means of a jutsu. If the user wishes they could utilize this skill from the tip of the trident itself, though this will cost 200 CP and can only produce a single geyser, the geyser dimensions and speed will remain the same. The access of the geysers through the tip lacks the raw heat due to no longer pulling said heat from geothermal environments. X Rank ability Description | A simple looking trident like weapon that has been given to Leon by the leader of the Odotai, Dimi. The weapon bears the symbol of a crab on its hilt, hence why it belongs to the member of Odotai that bears the title Cancer. The trident is an interesting weapon of choice in combat but a deadly one none the less. Due to the unique style of the weapon Leon often times travels with it covered in cloth. Many times he leaves it at the Odotai base for fear that the sight of it would give away his cover as a member of the organization. Availability | Personal Requirements | Must hold the title of Cancer of Odotai. Ryo Cost | Free
  18. Name| Leon Miama Nickname |The Black Crab; The Tactician, The Black Rose Title Name |The Crab Gender| Male Age | 24 Birth Date |June 30th Hair Color |Black Eye Color | Emerald Green Height | 6 Foot 4 Inches Weight | 190 pounds Appearance | Leon is a rather sleek young man. While he may not be the tallest out there, his height is rather impressive to some. His body is mainly pure muscles like most shinobi of his caliber. His skin tone seems to be rather average, becoming paler during the winter months while more darker during the summer ones. His hair and bright green eyes are the most notable things about his looks. His hair is very long, so long that it goes beyond his back and waist, ending near his knees. Most of the time it is left in a ponytail but sometimes he will fashion it so it is not so long. The reason that Leon has been given the nickname is partially due to his black hair, the other part is due to the large tattoo of roses that line the left side and front of his chest. The tattoo is from a ritual in his clan that signals one that is competent in the mokuton jutsu of the clan. One as large as his signals that he is very competent and nearing master level of the skill. Leon is normally seen wearing a loose fitting, silk like, material that are puffy and allow for easy flexibility. If he wears a shirt, it is made from similar material. When he is fighting seriously though he normally wears only a top that covers his shoulders, arms, and hands, leaving his chest and back fully exposed. Village Odotai | Former Village Hidden in the Swamps (Absorbed by Earth Village after War) | Clan Miama| Village Ranking: Cancer | Shinobi Ranking A rank | Element(s) Water, Earth , Wood Release | Specialties Medical (Adept) and Ninjutsu (Novice) | Bloodline Mokuton: Wood Release | Favorable Bodies of water, children animals, cooking, warm weather, chess, books, classical music, and hot springs. | Unfavorable Earth Village, Fire Village, Water Village, Lightning Village, adults, winter, capitalism, nobility, arrogance, dry places (like deserts), and heights. | Personality | Perhaps the most laid back of the Odotai, Leon, is a rather pleasant person to be around most of the time. This may be why he was given the title of Cancer among the Odotai, the zodiac sign known for their level headed nature and logical approach to the world. This type of personality stems from his history and his clan. The Mimao Clan are known around the world for their vast knowledge of plants and other living beings. They’ve grown in an area of the world near the edge of the Earth Village and the Lightning Village. This area is rich in wildlife and fauna, many of which is poisonous. The children are taught from a young age the art of distinguishing what is dangerous and should be avoided and what is dangerous and should be exploited. Due to both his parents as well as most of his extended family being dragged into the war Leon was left alone at a very young age. This caused him to develop a bit of separation anxiety though this does not show itself too often since he is not often around people to build up relationships with them, once his parents had died in the war as well as the older woman from his village that took him in he stopped getting attached to people. He did grow to become jaded of the Earth and Lightning Village since they were the ones that left him an orphan and vowed revenge on them. Because of this overtime Leon become a spiteful person in some regards. While his actions may not always appear to be spiteful or malicious, they are cold calculated actions that he has chose to take for one reason or another. Philosophy & Beliefs | While Leon would love to say do unto others as they would do upon themselves, this philosophy’s merit has crumbled away in the years since the war. Since growing up in the war of the nation's Leon’s outlook on not only the world but mankind have drastically changed. Humans were not meant to wage war with each other, groups of small men wage war against other small men in order to prove who is the biggest. It is because of these multiple groups of petty men that the world has been thrown into war. Man should stand in a united front in order to bring peace and prosperity. It is because of Diti’s views of a united world ruled by the strong that Leon has not only been attracted to Odotai but has stuck around as long as he has. Leon’s main philosophy though is that he will refrain from harming children at all cost up until a certain point. Children are generally pure and innocent beings. It is not until they are corrupted by the government that teaches them do they become hateful and evil. It is because governments pit children against each other for the pride of their nation that kids grow resentful of the other nations. Leon hopes that with a united government that has not been tainted by the past nations that this may be possible. Leon is not an outwardly violent person and not one that seeks the thrill of battle. Even among the Odotai he has been given a reputation of being the softest and thought of to be the weakest among the group. It is not that he is weak it is that he rather achieve resolutions through words than fist. He has proven on several occasions why he is privileged with a spot in the organization, laying waste to entire clans that threaten the balance of the world without hesitation. History & Background | Leon’s clan was situated right beyond the territory of the Earth Village and not far from the Lightning Village, in a smaller village called The Village Hidden in the Swamps. It was here that the first seven years of Leon’s life would take place. His father and mother were both practitioners of the Miama Clan’s powerful poison jutsus. It was because of this that they we sought to help aid the village and clan when the two great nations on either side went to war. While the Village Hidden in the Swamps was rich on resources they were poor in military power. The few clans in that region made it hard to ward off the two major powers when the war grew to its peak. Many of the clans in the region fled for fear of death, Leon was left behind due to his parents being away in the war, he was left in the care of an elderly woman who was a distant relative of his. He would never see his parents again after the age of four years old. For three years he stayed with this woman, she taught him the ways of the swamp, how to catch fish, crawdads, and frogs in the streams and pools around the area. More importantly she taught him of the plants that grew there and which ones were poisonous and which could be use for medicine. Starting at a young age she would feed him these plants, while they would upset his stomach for the most part he did not mind, unbeknown to him she was slowly building up his tolerance to the poisons found in the plants. This was a common practice among members of his clan. Around his seventh birthday the war had been over for a year and still no word from either of his parents. He had grown to accept that they must have perished somewhere out there on the battlefield. The village that he had grown up in was in squalor, most of the adults were killed in the war leaving a multitude of children and elderly there. While the old woman that raised Leon was very helpful due to her medical knowledge she decided it was best for the two of them to leave and find a new home far from the Earth and Lightning Villages. Leon was unaware why this was but would soon find out. The two mainly traveled in the veil of night, staying away from major roads and villages until they reached one of the more southern tips of the continent. This journey took the two nearly five months to complete, every day the elderly woman watched her back and made sure to keep both her and Leon’s hair hidden. Once the two were on a boat towards a new land that they could be safe did she tell Leon the reason why they feld. It was due to the two’s bloodline that they had to leave. Word had gotten to her that many members of their clan were not just killed in the war but kidnapped and used for experiments. The elderly woman wanted to protect Leon because he had started showing signs of being a practitioner of mokuton release. The two settled in a rather tropical region of the world and laid low for the next five years. During this time Leon practiced his budding abilities and cared for the elderly woman. One fateful evening as he was returning home from visiting a friend in the nearby town he came back to his home to find the remains of a skirmish. Several bodies laid on the ground. Their uniforms suggested ninja of the Earth Village. Among the dead bodies there was the elderly woman, she had been stabbed several times in her gut, her clothes had been partially ripped from her revealing a rather large tattoo of a rose covering her stomach, the mark of the Mimama family. Leon gathered his things and quickly fled the abode, setting fire to the building as he left to burn the corpse and any evidence of them living there. He fled deeper into the countryside and would stay there for years to come, practicing his jutsus and weapon skills. When he was roughly nineteen years old he would return from this stint of training and try to learn more about the world and particularly those that killed the only family he had ever known. This search lead him back to the site where the Village Hidden in the Swamps once was located. He learned of the major clans that had been the cause of the destructions and annihilation for not only his clan but also the village as a whole. Three in particular stood out, the Earth Village Clans, Knori and Soren as well as the Lightning Village’s Jonin Clan. Leon sought out these clans to obtain the vengeance he so longed for. It seemed to him that all the members of his once proud clan were all dead or long gone, he was the sole person left. This gave Leon the advantage, none would be suspecting his poisonous skills to strike. Waiting until the sun had sent he would go to each of these clans the same way. Using his jutsu he would cause toxic spores to fill the area that the clan’s compounds were located and in a single night eradicated these clans. He would leave a single black rose with each dead head of the clan earning him the nickname The Black Rose. While he had killed three clans, they had all lowered in status since war, it was still major news that three whole clans had been killed in such a short time. Leon’s identity was left unknown for the most part allowing him to move freely throughout the world. Though it seemed that somebody had noticed him due him being approached by Dimi of the group Odotai. Leon was offered a role with the group as the member codenamed Cancer. Since joining the group he has followed the guidance and rules that Dimi has asked of him. His interactions with the other members was little to known. He has been focusing on perfecting his poison and medical skills for the day that he may need them.