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Found 1 result

  1. In an attempt to expand our role playing areas and further flesh out the world our characters live in we are going to be holding our first ever location contest! Do you have creative ideas for wonderful parts of our world? well this is your time to shine. The contest is quite simple, create a location using the template below, of any wonderful and imaginative location in the world of Shinobi Generations. Like every contest there are a few simple rules and guidlines which will also be detailed below. This is your chance to let your creative juices flow and create something that will live forever on our website. At the end of the deadline we will create a poll for our members to vote for the location they like the most. Depending on the amount of entries we will be allowing 1-3 locations to win. Please post your entry for the contest down below, and good luck! The deadline for the contest will be June 30th. The Rules Your location must be a small to medium sized location, do not create whole continents. Your location can not be futuristic and must follow the setting of Shinobi Generations. Your location can not include any structure or establishment that is currently inhabited. It can include buildings or structures but they must be abandoned or ancient. You get one location per person, not account. When submitting the location please include which region it is located in, using our World Map as a guide. The location can not be in land owned by a village. The Rewards 2500 Ryo for the winners Your location becomes apart of the world and will have its own forum added to the website. The Template Name: (The name of the location) Region: (The region the location is in) Appearance: (Briefly describe the look of your location, please provide an image in a spoiler) Description: (Briefly describe the location, keep it simple, maybe add some rumors about the area) Name: Region: Appearance: Description: