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Found 60 results

  1. Jutsu Name | Sacred Sword Jutsu Type | Offensive, Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP initial, 5 CP upkeep Handsigns | Bird Ox Range | Touch | 1 meter Duration | 2 posts Description | Affixing the soul of a weapon the user holds with a magnificent prayer, the user funnels chakra and the spirit of the weapon into a different shape. This can be as simple as extending the cutting edge and thus increasing the range of the weapon, to creating a hammer-like attachment at the end of a blade, causing it to do blunt damage. The shape alterations can be a maximum of one meter beyond the dimensions of the weapon already present, but do not add any weight and produce no resistance, so the weapon can be swung about just as swiftly as if it did not have this augmentation cast upon it. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Chaohuan Status | Tataru
  2. Jutsu Name | Multi-Size Technique Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C-A Rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost | C Rank: 15CP Initial 5SP Upkeep B Rank: 25CP Initial 10SP Upkeep A Rank: 30CP Initial 15SP Upkeep Handsigns | Ram | Bird | Ram (Repeat for higher ranks) Range | N/A Duration | C Rank: 3 Turns B Rank: 4 Turns A Rank: 5 Turns Description | The Multi-Size Technique or Expansion Jutsu is a signature staple of he Akimichi clan, this jutsu is the base for all the jutsu in the Akimichi repertoire. This jutsu can be used in two ways: The first of the two ways of using this technique is to increase the size of abdominal section of the body which is incredibly useful in defending against oncoming Taijutsu attacks and attacks from blunt weapons equally to one rank lower than the rank it's used at, however, if there are added effects on an attack such as the attack being covered in flame, the User of this technique will still be burned. At A rank, this technique can block B rank Taijutsu and Bukijutsu. The second way of using the Multi-Size Technique is to increase the size of the entire body of the user, simply put making them a giant. Though not as defensive as the other use for the technique, this version is often used for more offensive attacks. While in the giant form, the user will deal damage equal to this jutsu's rank with their physical strikes and small projectiles will bounce off of them. When used at B rank the user will grow to 12 feet tall whereas if the technique is used at A rank the user will grow to 24 feet tall. Other Effects | -The user is unable to walk or use their hands whilst in the round form. Requirements | None Status | Open - Akimichi Clan
  3. Jutsu Name | Kouzui (Flood) Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | D-Rank Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost | 10 SP Handsigns | None Range | Close Quarter (Kicking Distance) Duration | Instantaneous Description | This technique is basically a counter-attack against an attack that comes directly forward, especially an airborne projectile. The user charges at the opponent, and may feint if allowed to come in close, so as to provoke the opponent into responding. Whether or not the opponent responds, anyway, the user drops into a crouch, their dominant leg outwards, and perform a 360 degrees spin with sufficient force to kick out the feet from under their opponent. Other Effects | None Requirements | Taijutsu Beginner Specialty Status | Open
  4. Jutsu Name | Wind Release: Vacuum Sword. Ranking | D-Rank. Element(s) | Futon. Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu. Energy Cost | 10 Cp. Handsigns | Tiger | Monkey. Range | 5 Meters Duration | 1 Post. Description | The user swings their weapon and a gust of wind is released in the arc that it was swung in. The technique is strong enough to stop projectiles that are thrown at the user. This technique can ne used without a weapon and use his fingers, It can also cancel equal rank Raiton techniques. Other Effects | - Requirements | - Status | Public.
  5. Jutsu Name | Waterbreathing Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | Water, Wind, or Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP, 5 CP upkeep Handsigns | Ox - Monkey Range | Self Duration | Until cancelled by user Description | The user pulls apart water molecules directly in front of the face while underwater, creating breathable oxygen. This is done either by pulling hydrogen molecules away from the oxygen (water release), extracting the oxygen from the hydrogen (wind release), or dividing both through electrolysis (lightning release). The leftover molecules become lost and cannot be manipulated or utilized further by the user or anyone else. In the case of electrolysis, the amount of electricity used is small and focused, and cannot harm anyone or anything. Other Effects | Can only be used while underwater. Requirements | N/A Status | Open
  6. Jutsu Name | Aurora Veil Jutsu Type | Supplementary | Offensive Ranking | D Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 15 CP Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | 1 post Description | The user channels a wave of electrical chakra through a held weapon which causes it to release an intense burst of light. At most this can cause discomfort in those who see it and temporary spotty vision (one post). However, the light is bright enough to blind people who gaze upon it so long as they keep staring and can effectively conceal the user's actions. Other Effects | The light is bright enough to effectively blind anyone who stares at it so long as they maintain their gaze and can thus conceal the user's actions. Requirements | N/A Status | Open
  7. Jutsu Name | The Puddle Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 Handsigns | Boar - Rat Range | 3 meter diameter Duration | Instant Description | By sending water based chakra through the body the user will secrete water from their body creating a small puddle beneath them. The puddle will have a three meter diameter with the user being at its center. It will be 200 gallons worth of water. Other Effects | The water can be used for other water based jutsu. Requirements | None Status | Open
  8. Jutsu Name | Piercing Gaze Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | None Specialty(s) | Genjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP Handsigns | N/A Range | 5 meters Duration | 1 user post and 1 victim post Description | To activate this jutsu, the user must fully close and open their eyes, making direct eye contact with the victim. Upon contact, the victim experiences a sudden wave of emotion, ranging from fear and anxiety to comfort and even reassurance. Naturally this depends on the user, who must have the desired emotion in mind upon eye contact. Simple eye contact will not trigger this jutsu; the user must establish focused eye contact as stated above, which can only be created while stationary and motionless. Depending on the emotion (such as fear), the victim can be temporarily stunned, and unable to take action during their post. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Established via focused eye contact Status | Open to any predatory mammal in the animal kingdom.
  9. Jutsu Name | Jinton Release: Iron Coat Ranking | D Element(s) | Jinton Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 5 Handsigns | Snake, Monkey Range | Self Duration | 2 Post Description | A technique wherein the user extract iron from his blood to form a coats the exterior of his body and hardening it. This allows the user the ability to with a jutsu of his own rank with minimal damage to be shown. Other Effects | - Requirements | Magnet Release Status | Personal
  10. Jutsu Name | Jiton Release: Magnetic Manipulation Ranking | D Element(s) | Jiton Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 Handsigns | Snake, Monkey Range | N/A Duration | 2 Post Description | A passive ability wherein the utilization of the manipulation of magnetic fields allows the user to attract and repulse of travel of anything that comes into physical contact with him and by extension anything in physical contact with an object that has been previously been in physical contact with him. Other Effects | - Requirements | Magnet Release Status | Clan
  11. Jutsu Name | Stall Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP + 5 SP Handsigns | N/A Range | 5 m Duration | 1-2 posts Description | The user takes a projectile weapon and, prior to throwing or firing it, stuns the soul of it, causing it to take a varying degree of pause. Thus, when thrown, the item will hang in the air, frozen, before moving once more when the spirit catches up with it. To an observer, this would appear as if the thrown item suddenly halted a few meters away to remain utterly stationary, only to resume its path at a later time. The item affected by this can hang in the air for either one or two posts, resuming trajectory at the beginning of the following post, or the post after that, respectively. Aside from the pause, this jutsu has no other effect, does not in any way alter the course of projectile, does not confer any bonuses, and does nothing to any augments already in place beyond stalling them for the duration of this technique. Items hanging in the air can be knocked aside by anything which would normally do so. Other Effects | While the user can select how long the projectile stalls for, he must select upon throwing and it cannot be altered. Requirements | Tataru Status | Clan Restricted
  12. Jutsu Name | Sticky Hold Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 5 CP + 5 per turn Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | 2 posts Description | The Tataru clansman takes a weapon or item he currently holds and partially transmutes its spirit, giving it adhesive properties. When striking another weapon, person, or object, the user can will the spirit to latch onto that of whatever is touched, fusing the two together. The strength of this adhesion is at the same power level as the user's rank, as if the user himself were simply gripping onto the thing in question. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Tataru Status | Clan Restricted
  13. Mission Name [Village] | Feed the Machine [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | D-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | The Badgers need more material! They are hard at work in the factory and need us to deliver a cart of raw material, get it there as soon as possible. The factory is built into the mountainside, try not to be late. Mission NPCs | N/A Word Count | 500 Words Requirements | N/A
  14. Mission Name | L Chupacabre Mission Village | - Mission Type | wanderer Ranking | D Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | A village's farmers have been plagued by a monster eating their goats. One farmer has hired you to get to the bottom of this mysterious beast and save their goats. Mission NPCs | farmer, monster, and goats. Word Count | 500 Requirements | Must save the goats from being eaten.
  15. Jutsu Name | Shadow Gathering Technique Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP Handsigns | Snake - Rat Range | 5 meters Duration | 2 posts Description | The user can create up to two small shadow tentacles that are capable of precise movements. The tentacles do not have much physical lifting strength and cannot lift anything heavier than a normal sized katana, but are usually used to lift ninja tools such as kunai or shuriken. They can arise from the users own shadow or any shadow the users is already connected to. Other Effects | Requirements | Status | Open
  16. Name | Sloth Poison Type | Offensive - Sub-Type | Poison Ranking | D-rank Material(s) | A bunch of flowers, dead animal extracts, root hair of the pine tree and a bunch of mushrooms. Dimensions | It's a liquid. What dimensions? Nature | Poisonous (Yes, it bites) Appearance | Odorless but white in color (resembles steam) and highly volatile liquid. In liquid form, it looks exactly like water. Abilities | A slow acting poison that initially slows down and eventually completely stops those who inhale it. Description | The poison is specifically designed for Hikari’s Poison pores mechanism. It is highly volatile, so the moment the lid opens it starts dispersing into the air. Shinobi within its effective range are susceptible to getting infected by it via breathing it in. Unless breathed in, the poison does not take effect via skin contact. The effective range of the gaseous poison is 5 meters (aoe). The gas persists for two posts after which it loses its potency. During the two posts of effectiveness, it cannot be vaguely manipulated to be swept away by wind (conveniently enough). Please do not attempt to utilize vague manipulation to void the effects of the jutsu. The jutsu is susceptible to wind based jutsus. They can simply blow away the poison gas before it is inhaled. Once you do breathe it in, it follows the following effect chart: Breathe it in once (in one post): Speed lowered by one rank (for the next one post) Breathe it in twice (in two consecutive posts): Speed lowered by two ranks (for the next post) Breathe it in thrice (in three consecutive posts): Speed lowered by two ranks (for the next two posts) Availability | Purchasable from Jin Tataru. Requirements | Money really. Ryo Cost | 200 (to fill up a D-rank container; for example the container mentioned in this device: Poison Pores) Note: Larger containers can contain more of it thus have more uses but will also cost more.
  17. Jutsu Name | Clean Eye Technique Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D-Rank Element(s) | Neutral Specialty(s) | Medical Energy Cost | 5 cp [Intial]; 5 cp [Upkeep] Handsigns | Ox -> Rat Range | 5 Meters Duration | 2 Turns Description | The user channels chakra into their eyes, coating them with a protective layer that slightly increases their performance. Within its range, and for the duration of the technique, the Shinobi can greatly reduce the effects of low level visual impediments, such as a the blinding effect caused by a sudden flash of light or the irritation caused by pepper spray. Visibility will not be a hundred percent effective in either case, but the ninja will get a chance to defend against surprise attacks more consistently than normal. This technique is more useful and cost-effective when used preemptively. Other Effects | Outside of combat, it can easy be used to protect the eyes if the user does not own a pair of goggles. If Clean Eye Technique is used in response to an opposing Technique, like the aforementioned flash of light, its initial cost becomes that of the Opposing Jutsu. Any technique above C-rank automatically breaks through the defense provided by this Technique. Requirements | N/A Status | Public
  18. Jutsu Name | Earth Release: Earth Sword Technique Jutsu Type | Suplementary Ranking | D-rank Element(s) | Earth Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 5 cp [Intial]; 5 cp [Upkeep] Handsigns | Horse -> Ram Range | 2 meters Duration | 2 posts Description | The user performs the necessary handseals before extending their open hand towards the ground. A small portion of earth, roughly shaped like an eastern or western sword (depending on user preference), will raise in order to be used as a makeshift weapon. It holds the same properties as a weapon of its rank for the duration of the technique, but can be broken prematurely in order to use it as a catalist for another suitable Earth Release Technique or by a Jutsu or Technique of the same rank that involves blunt physical force or the element of Lightning. In case of elemental weakness, the sword will break regardless of the opposing Jutsu's rank. Other Effects | Picking the eastern version of the weapon will provide a longer, thinner blade (Blade length: 70 cm / Blade width: 3 cm); while picking the more traditional western version will result in a shorter, thicker blade (Blade length: 60 cm / Blade width: 3,8 cm). A Bukijutsu user with proficiency Novice or above can safely turn the weapon into a reliable one-time projectile weapon. Requirements | Earth Release Status | Public
  19. Name | Spring Loaded Senbon Kit Type | Storage - Sub-Type | Portable Carry Case Ranking | D-Rank Material(s) | Leather with a small metallic spring kit in the bottom. Dimensions | 7 ⅓ Inches Long, 4 ⅛ Inches Wide with a strap that can be tightened to fit around a limb securely. Nature | N/A Appearance | A small, square leather kit that can be fastened around the leg, waist, or arm of the owner. In the center of the kit is a small metal bar that holds senbon needles with a switch protruding out one side. The mechanism holds 60 Senbon needles in two different metal holsters on the inside, allowing the user to grab them from 30 needle bundles that are pushed towards the top by the spring mechanism. This saves space and allows safer usage of the needles. Abilities | Can flip the metal switch to switch between bundles of 30 Senbon. Description | Strategically holds Senbon for easy usage. Availability | Open Requirements | N/A Ryo Cost | 200 Ryo
  20. Mission Name[Village] | Head Medic Needs a Test Dummy! [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | D-Rank Repeatable? | Restricted (Request from Saisaki) Mission Description | Our head medic has created a number of toxins and antidotes that she needs tested. Head over to the Hospital and get ready for a day of being a human guinea pig. Don’t worry it’s safe, we think. Mission NPCs | N/A Word Count | 500 Words Requirements | Test one of the new drugs/toxins, good luck.
  21. Jutsu Name | Spirit Possession. Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Puppetry Energy Cost | C-rank & Lower Puppets: 10 CP (Activation), 5 CP (Upkeep) B-rank & Higher Puppets: 15 CP (Activation), 10 CP (Upkeep) Handsigns | N/A Range | 35 meters Duration | Continues until deactivated. Description | The Tataru clan is capable of manipulating and using spirits. This is the very literal embodiment of that concept. A spirit possesses the body of a puppet and manipulates it according to the will of the Tataru using the jutsu. The spirit and the jutsu user communicate mentally so they know the will of one another. The spirit simply performs the actions as the puppet user dictates. Basically, the puppeteer manipulates the puppet without strings thanks to the spirit. Even with that being the case, the puppet (unless it's a human puppet) is not capable of using jutsus. It may have a spirit within it but it does not possess a working chakra network. Therefore, the one casting the jutsus is only the puppet user. The puppet is capable of using the mechanisms/gadgets and weapons stored within it. In addition to this, the puppet can also not be used to propagate jutsus from it . Simplified version: If your character can throw a fireball, it won't come out of the puppet. It'll be the character generating it. This jutsu follows the Tensogu bloodline limitations. With this jutsu, the puppeteer is able to control half the puppets in comparison to normal puppet users. Meaning: At Beginner level: One puppet At Novice Level: Two puppets At Adept Level: Three puppets At Advanced Level: Four puppets At Master Level: Five Puppets Note: Chakra strings can only be generated from puppet fingers if the puppet is being manipulated via Chakra strings or invisible chakra strings. If the puppet is being controlled via this jutsu, it will not be able to generate chakra strings because it does not have a working chakra network. Other Effects | The real difference between the chakra strings and Spirit possession is that Chakra strings are more versatile. You can use a chakra string to lift a rock and hurl it at someone. You cannot possess a rock though. For the possession to work, it has to be an actual puppet. Size doesn't matter, it can be a miniature chibi gaara puppet but it has to be a puppet. It cannot be a kunai, a shuriken or katana. Requirements | Tataru , Tensōgu Status | Open
  22. Mission Name | Dirty Money Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | D-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Some of the bankers are claiming to have encountered a large number of counterfeit coins entering from outside our territory. Track the origin within our borders and report back, try not to draw attention while you investigate. Mission NPCs | Varies Word Count | 500 Words Requirements | N/A
  23. Mission Name | Dangerous Wildlife Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | D-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | Lately there have been reports of bears and wolves in the forests near our village. Patrol the nearby forest and remove any dangerous wildlife. We’d prefer that you avoid killing as many as possible, however if you cannot chase them off then you removing them by force is an option. Mission NPCs | Wild Animals Word Count | 500 Words Requirements | N/A
  24. Mission Name | Search and Rescue: One Mission Type | Village Missions Ranking | D-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | You’ve been summoned suddenly for a time sensitive mission. A young man has gone missing in the nearby forest, set out immediately and find him. It’s unlikely he will make it through a night on his own, should anything happen to him it will have large repercussions on the Village. Mission NPCs | The young boy is eight years old, his father is a wealthy businessman in the village and has threatened to close shops and put people out of work if his son isn’t returned to him. Word Count | 500 Words Requirements | Return the child before nightfall or you’ve failed your Village.
  25. The Junmuzi Series Mission Name | Deliver The Meds |M1| Mission Type | Village Ranking | D Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | N/A Mission Description | Deliver the meds safely to Junmuzi he lives at Yugetsu Outpost. Word Count | 500 Words Requirements | N/A