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Found 1 result

  1. About: Werewolf is a social hidden role game. At its core, you pit two informed players, the Werewolves, against the uniformed majority of the players, the Villagers. The game has two phases, each lasting 24 hours. The Day Phase is where the Villagers try to find out who the Werewolves are and remove them via lynching based on majority voting done by making accusations, either randomly or based on clues gained through other people's posts during the Day Phase and by the events that take place during the Night Phase which is where the Werewolves pick off Villagers one by one. All communications to other characters with the exception of Werewolves must take place in this thread and done as in game roleplay; you can choose whatever kind of character and personality for this that you want, including your actual RP characters. Werewolves, and anyone else with a special role, communicate via PM with the Gamemaster during the Night Phase to pick a target. Ye Olde Rules & Guidelines: Signup by posting below. Once full, roles will be assigned using a random number generator. Your role will then be messaged to you. Do not, under any circumstances, tell anyone your role. After the roles have been messaged to you, the first Day Phase will start. You have 24 hours after each Day Phase to vote on the Werewolf. After 24 hours of the Day Phase, the person with the most votes is lynched and the Night Phase starts. Make sure to bold and CAPS the name of the person you are voting for in your post. Roles will not be revealed after the lynching unless the person lynched is a Werewolf. Those with special roles have 24 hours to PM me their actions during the Night Phase. Actions from the Night Phase will be carried out during the next Day Phase. Phases continue until the Villagers have lynched the all Werewolves or until the Villager to Werewolf ratio is 2:1, in which case, the Werewolves win. We need at least 10 players per game. The more people who join, the more roles that become available. Right now there will be two Werewolves. Message me if you have any questions. Roles: Villager - The majority of players. They have no special function aside from voting to lynch people during the Day Phase. Werewolf - The bad guys. They pick one person per Night Phase to hunt and tell the Gamemaster via PM. Dreamwolf - A sleeper agent that only joins the Werewolves when one dies. They don't know of each other's existence until then. Seer - A Villager that can ask the Gamemaster once per Night Phase via PM if a certain person is a Werewolf. False Seer - Thinks they are a Seer and can ask if certain person is a Werewolf, but receives the wrong answer. Bodyguard - A Villager that can protect one person except themselves during each Night Phase by informing the Gamemaster via PM. Underdog - Converts to a Werewolf when the last one dies or to a Villager when there are an equal number of Werewolves to Villagers. Sasquatch - A normal Villager unless there is a Day Phase where no one is lynched then they turn into a Werewolf for Night Phase. Signups: @Jinpachi - Killed [N3] @Akane - Lynched [D2] @Daichi Uzumaki - Lynched [D4] @Hannah Uzumaki @Rei - Lynched [D1] @Yoshinori @Magatsu @Lindow @Kao Masayoshi @Drak - Killed [N1] @Rue - Lynched [D3] @Shimo @Kenji Haruka @Kamatari - Killed [N2] @Meiko @Reimei