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Found 19 results

  1. Hannah studied the paved path that was encompassed with various bright flowers as they made their way closer to the manor's gates. At first glance one could tell it was cliche by all means. It was a horrid pure white with other parts being made out of stone. The solid wall that surrounded the grounds of it seemed to made out of a cobblestone combination, that despite being too rich for her own tastes, only helped bring all the materials together. They would be stopped momentarily at the iron gates to be checked in by the personal guards there then allowed through. In front of the manor was stationed white carriage with horses pulled slightly to the side until it was time to leave. There were a few other people running around that seemed to be frantically trying to finish certain tasks. Sitting inside of the carriage was a young boy who couldn't have been any older than 12. He was visibly bored as he hung his head and arm outside the window and sighed. Next to him, sat an older man in a black tux that matched the boys'. His father more than likely. The other two people they had been hired to protect were still inside the manor, waiting until the last minute. Now nearing the covered porch of the manner an elderly woman hurriedly walked towards the trio informing them that it would only be a few more minutes before the daughter and mother was ready to leave. As quick as she came she left once more into the house. Must've been the head maid Hannah thought. She turned around to face her brothers assuming they hadn't wandered off for some reason. it was an important day. Not for Hannah herself, but for the people they had to protect. Two rival families were finally coming together after generations of strife between them. Despite this showing of peace it seemed that not everyone involved shouted for joy. Rumors spread that an assassination attempt was to happen. Murder on the day of a wedding. Mission overview: The two families being united today are the Hashimotos and Bandos. Your mission is to escort the Bandos safely to and from the wedding. Ensuring that they are protected against any would be assassins. Family Information: Hayato Bando - Father in his late 40's. Short graying black hair with dulling blue eyes and a scruffy beard. About 5'11" Kimi Bando - Mother in her early 40's. Long black hair and bright green eyes. Fair toned skin. About 5'5" Kenta Bando - Son of Bando and Kimi. Short black hair and green eyes. 12 years of age and about 5'7" Hatsu Bando - Daughter of Bando and Kimi. Long black hair and blue eyes. Early 20's and about 5'5" --- [345]
  2. Mission - -- Akane and Hannah -- The scroll in the girl's hands had been rolled close once more and stowed back into the ninja pouch. With that she clapped her hands together and made way into the complex building via the main doors. Through the lobby and up the flight of stairs would she traverse before coming to the residential floor for the orphan family. The mission that the scroll contained while not inherently hard could prove difficult easily if she got too cocky and their numbers too great. As per the usual her choice of partner were family members first before she even teased at doing it with a village ninja she wasn't close to. Moving through the entirety of the floor however it seemed that no one was there. It didn't strike her as odd, but she hadn't remembered anyone saying they were going to be busy today. "Meh." With a sigh she decided to make her way back down to the lobby and wait for one of them to return. "I wonder if they're out training together again...." She thought to herself while bringing a hand to her cheek. "I guess I should at least check the other areas too. One of them is bound to be around." She exited through the door she had entered with hope that she ran into someone.
  3. Daichi had spent years in the village of Hikaen and while there had been things that happened in that time, he had never found himself riled up enough to do something about it. But in the last few months, there was a series of events that had broken the usually casual way of thinking Daichi favored and had caused his mind to swirl into a concoction of almost madness. If it hadn't been for the rising rebellion that was starting to put people on edge, then he would have continued living his days thinking that he was descending into madness. But he wasn't crazy, there was something going on in the ranks above him that he knew wouldn't bode well for the village, he was sure of it. But what had done it was the fact that throughout all of this, there had been no sight of their Kage. No missions directly put out by her, no meetings or speeches to try and calm the people or even reassure them that things were going to be alright. Through the village's time of need, she had been no where to be seen and if things were only going to get worse for the village, then something had to change. The six foot, two inch tall figure that was Daichi Uzumaki was dressed within his Jounin outfit, black shirt underneath and pants to match. Even if the people were currently having doubts as a Shinobi, his confidence in his skills and the skills of those around him was enough to where he could proudly where the attire that had been given to him, with the headband for his village across his forehead. As he walked towards the Hikage tower, with determination burning in his eyes, he spoke,"There should be no violence involved in this, this is still our village." But as they walked towards the tower, which stood over the whole village and was covered in flames, he nearly spat to the ground. The Hikage Tower was nothing but an eyesore, one that was used against them in propaganda on how Shinobi lorded and loomed over the people, like some twisted Sword of Damocles. It was a good time to note that while he was walking, he wasn't by himself, accompanied by the group of people that had been with him for a good part of his life. Had they not been as close as they were, they may had rejected Daichi's plan from the beginning, but here they were walking towards the Hikage's tower together. The entrace would be spared from the flames that covered most of the tower and he would move inside, where the woman at the desk inside would ask if they had a meeting with the Kage,"No, but this can't wait. The village is at stake." The conviction and bass that was in his voice caused the woman to silence immediately, nodding her head before he would continue to move, now up the tower. As they moved, he thought about how the idea to force the Kage to step down, so that a successor could be named, was insane. But this was the moment that they had been talking about for a few weeks now, there was no going back. "I doubt this is going to be easy at all." He said as they would finally come up to the door, where Daichi would lead the group in opening it first and then entering.
  4. [wip]
  5. Name | Golem Elementals Species | Golem Appearance | (one example) Common Characteristics | Usually take on the humanoid look with appendages and a face. They are normally robust and much bigger than humans. Their size, shape, and various other things can change. Their appearance changes based on their element. Natural Abilities | Each golem has it's own separate natural abilities that consist of the element they take. e.g. A fire golem could withstand high amounts of heat whereas an ice golem is resistant to the cold. The fire golem can shoot fire and the ice one can freeze things. Availability | Private Requirements | Sign the contract
  6. Jutsu Name | Crystal Armor (Kesshō no Yoroi) Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | A-SS Rank Element(s) | Crystal Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 75-150 CP Handsigns | Dragon, tiger, dragon, tiger, dragon Range | Self Duration | 4-5 posts Description | The technique allows the user to coat any part of their body in a thin and transparent layer of crystal. (Noticeable if light hits it) Blunt attacks, slashing/piercing attacks and projectiles all of B rank or lower than the rank of the technique used will have no effect. Attacks made 3 ranks higher will do full damage, 2 ranks higher will do half damage and 1 ranks higher will do 1/4 damage and any of the same rank or lower won't do anything. Other Effects | +5 cp to cover joints in crystal resulting in minus 2 ranks of speed. Can uncover them when needed. Weak to lightning ninjutsu | Any used will be treated as 1 rank stronger Requirements | Crystal Release, Ninjutsu Advanced Status | Open to crystal users.
  7. Name | Akahana Nickname | Hannah Title Name | Gender | Female Age | 25 Home Link | Village | Flame Village Clan | Village Ranking: | Jounin Shinobi Ranking | A-Rank Element(s) | Doton Specialties | Primary: Summoning (Advanced) Secondary: Taijutsu (Advanced) Bloodline | - Chakra | 300 Stamina | 300 Jutsu | Equipment | Forms | Creatures/Summons | Styles | Mentors & Pupils | Friends & Family | Daichi Uzumaki, Jinpachi Madarame Recent History | None
  8. Travel topic for all participants. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After spending hours traversing the open ocean, the HST Kame was visible a few miles off of the shore. Hannah overlooked the land from atop Kame's head, his size giving her almost a birds-eye view of the land and any secrets it held. "Well all I can see for now is just trees. Will have to investigate more on foot for an in-depth look." The girl wasn't speaking to anyone moreso just thinking aloud. She quickly made her way down the turtles shell and across his fin which he lovingly extended for easy access to the beach. The beach seemed to stretch out for miles in either direction and proceeded inland quite the distance as well before it broke into a mixture of sand and dirt. Beyond that was the gathering of trees that Hannah spotted earlier in her observation. This spot was nice and all, but the main type of land she was looking for was a clearing. It stood that if one could not be found that she would resort to chopping down the trees, but she had high hopes for finding what she was seeking. "Perhaps this can be an area for ships. It is nice and open." Hannah's hand grasped on the hilt of her katana that was affixed on her left hip before unsheathing it and slightly holding it to her side. She walked through the woods with a moderate fascination and light apprehension. There was no telling what kind of beasts or peoples called this place home, if any. Slowly as she made her way further and further into the grouping did those emotions fade into nothing. "Maybe I was wrong about there being an opening after all. Just might have to chop down those trees. Wood help with the needed materials..." (xP) She wasn't so easily swayed and stayed her course. A determined look upon her face as her trek continued for the next few hours. "Finally." The girl stated following a heavy sigh as she brought her hands to her knees and eventually sat on the ground to recover some stamina. In front of her was a large clearing. "This is just what I was looking for. Only took triple the amount of time I assumed." After taking a short rest Hannah stood to her feet and moved to jump on top of a tree and see if gave an overview of the area. The next landmark she wanted to examine was a mountain range. They excited her and opened up so man opportunities for her to expand on. It was always a dream to harness the power of a volcano! How cool would that be? They housed caves and dangerous beasts among many other things. One should easily see why her regard towards them was such as it was. "That will have to wait until another day. I have to return for now before we start the process of building the outpost. I'm sure the others will be happy." 7/7/17 | Final
  9. Hannah sat upon Kame's head as she waited for the others to show up. It shouldn't take any of them too long to get here. After all Kame's massive size was like a beacon in itself and anyone within 5 miles would be able to see his shell if they stood upon an object that jutted out from their surroundings. The plan was to ride Kame all the way to the new land and back once they finished there. It was a much better idea than doing it by boat or some other travling mechanism. It ensured that they didn't need to worry about the hazards that came with those other options.
  10. A job is a job Hannah thought to herself as she made her way towards the post office via the villages currently dead streets. It was early morning before most people were up besides shop owners and farmers who were getting ready for the day. It was the perfect time for the girl to earn some quick money. Once she arrived at the building she'd open the door and walk up to the worker there stating her assignment to help them. It was probablly an odd site for them to see a jounin doing such a mission and in truth it felt a little weird to Hannah, but like she said, easy money. She made her way to the back where the mail was being sorted and was given a few packages that needed to be deliever around town and a map that had each location pinpointed with red. Normally no such thing was needed for the regular members, but for people that filled in they liked to help them do it in a timely manner. With the packages in hand and the map Hannah made her way back into the village streets and towards the housing district. On the list were three people: Gingi, Akai, and Maiko. All who lived in apartments which meant Hannah had to search around a bit. The map only showed the apartment buildings and the layout of those things sometimes....were just terrible. It would take longer than the girl had wanted to find the first apartment with Mrs. Gingi, but thankfully the other places had the same layout. The lowest apartments starting with the first letter and getting higher with the letters. In total Hannah had done it all in just about 20 minutes. Something her superior would have scorned her for if she worked for the post office. Due to the nature of the assignment she had and the time of day she was well within her limits of delivering the packages successfully. Hannah made her way back to the post office building to tell them that the packages were delivered successfully before heading back to the missions building. It was only common courtesy that she let them know instead of heading right back to turn in her assignment. She was a bitch, but not when it came to making sure a system ran smoothly. After all it did affect her in some way. She got mail too. [417/400]
  11. Jutsu Name | Newton's 3rd Jutsu Type | Defensive Ranking | C Element(s) | - Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | Varies on jutsu defending against. Handsigns | Dog, cat, rat Range | Self Duration | Varies Description | Essentially the user of this jutsu 'coats' their body in chakra. Once a technique is shot at them (e.g. fireball jutsu, water bullet, and so on) the user will use the exact opposite amount of chakra in order to nullify the attacker's technique completely. Pheonix Flower Jutsu costs 25 CP to cast and in order to defend against that I must exert the same amount of chakra. Other Effects | - Requirements | - Status | Personal, upon request.
  12. ( The redhead went over the scroll given to her that contained the mission. Its contents read that the merchant's name was Eizō Fujio of middle age and all around generic appearance. He was head of the association aimed to revolutionize the current merchant system and thus was now the focus of a planned assassination. How they had gained such information of the assassination was not revealed to Hannah though she had a pretty good thought of someone being a rat. The initial task instructed her to remain outside the meeting room to ward off any malefactors. The subsequent task instructed that she escort Eizō from the current building and back to his residence. "Well isn't this exciting." Hannah mused to herself as she leaned against a wall. Her waiting had consumed at minimum the last 40 minutes of her life. Something the girl wasn't overly fond of nor totally against either. Who didn't like easy money? Exactly opposite of her, the door to the room opened. From within an elderly man in a suit and another older man sauntered out seemingly in a argument over something. Behind them came Eizō who had a suitcase in hand and was almost successful in hiding his smug smile. Apparently he was able things in his favor once more. "Shall we go?" he spoke to Hannah while outstretching his hand in the same direction as the men towards the exit. Once outside, the noontime sun gleamed down upon the two and shot their shadows across the fervid ground. Around them were an amassment of others all who were adorned in similar style to Eizō. It was the business sector after all. After being told the general direction of his carriage the duo would walk there in a short while before getting in and letting the driver take over. Eizo lived with his family in a mansion on a steep hill that overlooked most of the city. The ride there would take time as traversing the roads that led there sometimes proved to be fatal. Extra caution was needed. They must have been at least halfway up the hill when a sharp pomph sound emitted seemingly from nowhere. Shortly after a thud followed and the horse started to whinny. Without making any sound Hannah issued Eizo to get low. He hand reached for the carriage's door handle to open it just enough for her to quickly peak her head around if indeed what she thought had happened did. POMPH! Another arrow whizzed through the air and make a loud thud against the wood of the door Hannah had opened mere inches. "Shit!" Hannah hissed as she jerked the door close. She had to think and fast. The driver was more than likely dead and the arrows had come somewhere off to the side from cover. Presumably high up and overlooking the path. She had studied the path before she took the mission, but even so. For someone who had planned the assassination for weeks her observation probably didn't trump their own on picking the perfect spot. Hannah rolled across the seat of the carriage and kicked open the other door while covering herself with her cloak, using the steel lining to block any projectiles aimed for her as she ran to cover. One would argue that she could've used the carriage for cover, but she felt it was too close to the VIP and made any attacks towards her become a secondary threat to him. Once behind the cover of a trusty tree she would bring her cloak up to just below her eyes and held her free arm just above them. This offered 90% of her head protection while searching for the archer's position. Knew that the goggles should've been included in her everyday gear bag. That wasn't going to stop her and she quickly peered around the opposite side of the tree just long enough for both of them to see each other and the assassin to fire off a shot in her general direction that ultimately missed as she pulled her head behind the tree once more. In the current state of things Fujio would be safest in the carriage behind the thick wood while Hannah directed the killer's attention on her. The spot she picked had the perfect line of sight for the carriage so that a sneak attack would be impossible. Perfect stalemate or was it? It was true that if she poked her head out that an arrow would be aimed at her, but it was also true that she could cross the distance between her and his position by using the cloak as cover. In hindsight that should've been her first move.... She jumped out from the cover of the tree with her arm extended over her head leaving just enough visible ground underneath to navigate without being totally blind. With her movement came the sound of the bow releasing the arrow and the secondary 'ping' as it hit the cloak's steel lining without penetrating it. Now! Hannah threw off the cloak and jolted for the position of the bowman he needed time to reload his bow and without the weight of the cloak she was faster than ever. covering the estimated 50 meter distance between them in seconds flat. The sniper seeing Hannah rush towards him jumped out of the tree and onto the ground below, throwing his bow and arrows to the side as he pulled a wakizashi from it's sheath and got into form. Just as well Hannah would stop meters from the man and pull out her katana. They would circle around each for a moment before stopping in the direct opposite positions they had been in. Just as Hannah was about to attack the man's eyes would start to roll in the back of his head and he'd fall to the ground while clutching his chest. Not taking anytime to see what was wrong with the man Hannah took her sword and rammed it straight through the man's heart. Ending his suffering and completing her mission of killing him.....technically. The rest was to escort the merchant back to his house on foot. The threat of an assassin gone for now. [1038]
  13. Name | Kame Rank | SS Species | Island Turtle Appearance | (Scale his size in comparison to the castle) Personality | Kame is a very loyal and calm individual. His old age is reflected in the way he speaks and how he looks at life. He will talk for hours to those who are willing to listen and takes life in a slow manner as it comes. He doesn't jump to conflict and thus hasn't trained in any way for combat. He is essentially the embodiment of old age. Jutsu | (None if any ever) History | Kame was born as a small island turtle just like any other. Unlike others however is his size. He is by far the largest of his kind and also the oldest. Some speculate him to be no less than a few hundred years old. Most of his life Kame has traveled the waters of the world learning it's secrets and watching events unravel. Kame sadly is water-locked and thus has very little knowledge of many land things. Recently he has met Akahana and a few others leading to a rather close relationship between them. Ryo Cost | 1200
  14. Name | Akahana Uzumaki Nickname | Hannah Title Name | Lady Gender | Female Age | 25 Birth Date | June 1st Hair Color | Red Eye Color | Red Height | 5'5" [167 cm] Weight | 120 Lbs [54 Kg] Appearance | Hannah boasts a slender build of modest height accompanied by fair skin and vivid pink eyes. Her red hair reaches down well pass her lower back and ends slightly above above her knees. She usually sports short brown shorts, and long black thigh high stockings with black sandals. As well as cloth mesh that extends over her naval and ends just above her chest. Her left arm and chest are bound tightly by black cloth. In order to cover most of the black material upon her chest Hannah wears a makeshift part-shirt that she can adjust at will with the belt, she casually drapes the right side on her shoulder. Village | Flame Clan | - Village Ranking: | Jonin Shinobi Ranking | A-Rank (S-Rank) Element(s) | Doton, Crystal Release Specialties | Summoning(Adept), Taijutsu(Novice) Bloodline | - Favorable | Power, lack of care, ambition, chocolate ice cream, loyalty, fire Unfavorable | Weakness, most people, spiders, most things, spiders x2 Personality | Hannah shows an inherent lack of care towards most things, living and non. Only showing interest for something if it stays in her life long enough. Whether it be an item or an actual living creature. The longer it sticks around the more likely she is to develop a deep care for it. Hannah despises short lived acquaintances and often comes off as vain and cold hearted to most, especially those she doesn't plan on seeing again. The only thing that matters to her is loyalty and longevity of the relationship(s) she forms. On the reverse side she is an extremely loyal companion to those who stick around enough to befriend her. Going to extreme lengths if need be to ensure their happiness and well being over her own. If her best friend turned into the devil and was set to rule hell she would stand by their side as they burned the innocent alive. Philosophy & Beliefs | Passionate about building long lasting relations and believes heavily in self freedom. Even though she doesn't care about those she doesn't know she has an odd inclination to try and bestow freedom onto those who lack it. A paradox she's always fighting within her mind. History & Background | Hannah grew up in an Orphanage that has since burned down, nearly 20 years ago. Just like her parents (in the next sentence) no one knows exactly how the orphanage burnt down or why only three children that got out were the redheads. As said no one knows what happened to her parents and to this day it is a mystery though most speculate it was due to fighting between rival clans or villages. While in the orphanage she found friendship in two others whom she now calls her brothers. She always speculated it was due to their uncanny resemblance to each other despite being unrelated that first made them come together. Since that fateful meeting the three have been nearly inseparable. Her and her brothers had hard times after the orphanage burnt down and had resorted to creating their own gang they deemed The Lollipop Gang. This group while light in naming was no less than a stealth criminal organization that was rumored to have stolen thousands worth of goods from various stores across the land. Soon however their reign of childhood terror would come to an end once they heard the world of shinobi in a village closely. Instead of using their skills for ill gotten gains they put them to use in a lawful manner. Taking various jobs and chores they were assigned. Still, their ambitions and sights are aimed high. Their current chapter ends here, but as for what their future holds only time will tell.
  15. Name | 島のカメ Shima no kame Species | Turtle Appearance | Common Characteristics | Shells, olive-green, yellow, greenish-brown, reddish-brown, or black in color. , oil-suffused skin, which is an excellent insulator, flippers Natural Abilities | Each turtle has an island on it's back once it reaches maturity. The islands vary in size and shape and often the type. Ranging from snow to tropical or many variations in between. Each turtle can swim extremely fast through water and can cross land if needed. Availability | Private Requirements | Sign the contract
  16. Akahana leaned against a tree as she waited for whomever she was paired with to come along. She didn't mind the waiting much. It was a rather peaceful night despite the aspect of a enemy being seen at their border. Was it even an enemy or maybe just a friendly group of travelers settling down for the time being to get some rest. She hoped for the latter even if it had been awhile since her last fight. Currently she just didn't feel the need to exert herself...maybe she did need a good fight to get rejuvenated. Really she was just doing this mission mostly for the money. The complex she and her brother had bought costed them just about all their money. They did agree that in the long run it was worth the investment. She adjusted the cloak she brought with her and double checked to make sure she didn't forget any equipment. A katana, some ninja tools and the cloak was all that she had brought with her and yet she didn't have the ability not to check. Some may have counted that as hardly prepared for fighting, but she was well enough aware of her own skills to tackle the assignment. Plus she was going to be with someone. Usually they were paired based on their weaknesses and strengths to cover one another. "I wonder where my partner for all this is." She slid down to sit against a random tree and looked up to the darkening sky. [WC: 253]
  17. Name | Black Dragon Type | Blade - Sub-Type | Katana Ranking | B Material(s) | Kaguya bone, F6 Steel, Diamond Dust, Leather, Stingray skin, Buloke wood, dye Dimensions | 65 cm length, 3.5 cm width, 1.6 kg weight Nature | None Appearance | Black blade with a blue hue near the edge. Black handle wrapped with black dyed leather and skin. Abilities | None Description | The blade was forged with F6 steel and covered in diamond dust at the edge to increase durability and cutting prowess. The tang of the blade extends into a handle made of Buloke wood and Kaguya bone. There are two peg locations for the tang and the handle. The handle has been wrapped with stingray skin to supply more grip even if wet and further with leather. The entirety of the blade has been made black. Availability | Akahana Requirements | Be Akahana Ryo Cost | 400
  18. Name | Kazan Tigers Species | Tiger Appearance | Common Characteristics | Varying colors of darker stripes on lighter skin/fur colors. Usually circular pupils with yellow irises. Tigers are naturally big creatures weighing anywhere from 200 to 600 pounds. Natural Abilities | All tigers have an innate ability to see 6 times better at night time than humans. They can also swim faster than other animals that aren't naturally aquatic and due to their habitat exhibit an uncanny ability to withstand high amounts of temperature and their fur is somewhat fireproof. Some also have katon as an element. Availability | Super Rare Requirements |Sign the contract
  19. [ Defend ] | Three members of an S-Class criminal organization have come to lay waste to your village. Defend your home. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hannah perched herself high upon a pole that overlooked the Eastern side of the village. Her pink eyes idly overlooking the grouping of trees not even 100 meters in front of her. Captain Eiji Amano had assigned her this post. A job he declared quite adamantly was of great importance before she was able to be promoted. It was a choice between guard duty tonight or the escort of a wealthy and recently widowed woman whom some speculated killed her husband. Hannah softly scoffed at the thought of spending any amount of time with such a vainglorious person. "I don't envy her though..." Her reminiscence of yesterdays events would be cut short as a slight quiver in the trees preceded the current sweep of wind over the area. Fixating on the approximate location of said movement Hannah leapt down from the pole and jolted across the rooftop towards a ladder that led to the ground. Opting to be on the safe side in case this did turn out to be more than a wild animal she followed along the shadows given by the moonlight until the distance was down to 25 meters from the woodland. Taking cover from behind one of the few trees that weren't part of the forest she slowly peaked her head around. The shadow of the trees seemingly morphed into one black blob that obscured any kind of sight from looking into it's depths. The gleam of the moon caused the kunai to sheen as it propelled into the air from Hannah's hand. A creature that blended perfectly in the night had withdrew from it's cover and flew into the sky. She inhaled sharply and leaned her full weight against the trunk of the tree as the ninja tool missed the crow by mere centimeters. "Fucking bird...scared me.." Overhead the bird cawed once as it circled. After taking a few moments to regain her composure Hannah decided to return to post by following the shadowy path taken to get here. However just as she turned to leave the reflective gleam of metal entered the outermost radius of her peripheral. She turned fully towards the forest as a wooden thud emitted from behind her. "Wh...what?" Hannah almost chocked on her words as she brushed the tips of her fingers over the newly formed gash on her cheek and brought them in front of her. Now wide eyed and jaw agape Hannah slunk fully behind the trunk. Three figures emerged from the forest garbed in a black cloak that had a singular pearlescent white diamond patched into the front of the hood. The cloak stretched from their base up to their necks where it looked to be reinforced with thicker material. "Three", Hannah mentally annotated. Each one carried a wakizashi to their side as they branched out into a 'V' shape formation and switched to a crouched combat position. 'Two..." As the 2 outer flanks begun to round the tree Hannah gripped the hilt of her katana and turned on her heel to the right, launching forward with the blade pointed straight. The steadfast warrior turned to parry Hannah's thrust with the forte of his blade and angled it downward towards the right using the forward momentum of the attack against her. Though successful Hannah was still able to keep the man in her line of sight and react fast enough as he brought his free hand down to strike at her vagus nerve. Using her own free hand she would grab hold of his and pull downward using his weight as a counterbalance to bring herself to a standing position and allowing the opening for a upward strike across his torso. The malefactor cried aloud in pain as blood pooled on the ground underneath them and he fell limp. Hannah pulled her blade out of the gash in the mans chest and brought it up in front of her as the two others attempted a joint attack upon her. The second cloaked figure, a young female, jumped into the air and positioned her sword in such a way that it would slice down the middle of Hannah's skull if not blocked. The third, another male, stopped just before reaching Hannah and lowered himself near the ground. Using his arms as anchors he swung his leg in an attempt to sidekick Hannah's legs out from under her. However in a truly ninja-esque fashion Hannah would jump into the air while lifting her katana to blatantly block the female's blade and dodge the sweeping kick. Once again with her free hand, Hannah reached out to grab the girl by the collar and pulled her down in order to throw her against the man on the ground. The two would topple over completely as he tried to catch the female without seriously hurting himself in the process on a blade. Hannah employed the use of a roll to reduce impact force upon falling to the ground. At the end of said movement the two cloaks were still recovering from the toppling and left ample time for Hannah to stab her blade into the ground and perform the handsigns for the fireball jutsu. As the final sign was made Hannah inhaled an excessive amount of air and blew outward. The resulting effect would be like holding a lighter in front of an aerosol can and moving it from side to side. Instead of trying to run away or counter the attack she was surprised to see the duo pull a trick from a turtle's safety book and try to conceal all of their body inside their cloaks. It would only become apparent that the material used to make the cloaks was fireproof as Hannah exhaled the last bit of her breath. Under the guise of the fire's foggy aftermath the female figure pulled out a modified grappling machine and shot it outwards towards Hannah, purposely shooting it just to her side. The pull mechanic of the device would automatically kick in seconds later and pull the girl forward as she readied her sword again. This time hoping the cover of the smog was enough to throw the night guard off. Hannah's eyes momentarily diverted towards the kunai as it raced past her and stuck into a tree trunk in the background. The whirling sound of the grapple then catching her attention only to see the girl's blade inches away from her neck, aimed to chop her head clean off. Reaching deep down into the Matrix energy that radiated from her, Hannah leaned backwards as the sword just barely cut off a lock of her hair. Hannah reached for a shuriken as she straightened her back and threw it forward at the remaining man. Whether he was rushing her or not she didn't know, but the sound of clinging metal reassured her that she had a couple seconds to move. Once again gripping the handle of her katana Hannah pulled it out of the ground and as if she were a previous Olympic medalist threw it like a javelin aimed at the girls back. Her parents should've named her Lucky Suzanne. The move miraculously worked and impaled the girl in the center of her spinal cord severing it and either instantly killing the girl or leaving her severely handicapped. Hannah turned while standing to see the last man with his sword drawn out in front of him. He was visibly shaken as his knees started to buckle under him and his eyes wide with fear. They stared at each other for some time before Hannah started to laugh maniacally. Something inside her must've finally ticked at the rush of her first kills and she fell prey to it. Her mental state too far gone to fight it off and without the help of others. She ran forward towards the man weaponless while he stood with his mouth in awe and confusion at the situation. "Well come now let us visit your dear friends together!", Hannah shouted at the top of her lungs as she ran herself straight into the blade of his sword. Blood started to drip from her mouth as she smiled in full. One would assume from the suddenness of the events that she had killed herself and the male was fine. This was not the case as at the last moment Hannah withdrew a kunai and shoved it into the left side of his chest, puncturing the thin layer of skin and muscle that protected the heart. The two of them slumped down to the ground and Hannah pulled herself off his sword just enough to where she could turn to watch the sunrise. A tear trailed down her face as she seemed to reach out to the sky in an attempt to grab it. "Hm...that's weird. I don't see my life flashing before my eyes...I guess it might be because I don't have a photographic memory. Ha ha ha...." Moments later her hand fell limp against the cold and bloodied ground. The End of Alternate Universe Hannah