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Found 4 results

  1. Mission Name [Entity] | Babel: Trade Diplomacy [Water Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | A Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | At least 2 shinobi are requested to each travel to a nearby minor land and secure trade deals with the ruling governments there. Aside from the protection which the Water Nation has always been able to provide, this will help cleave them to their motherland's breast and ensure that they remain obedient, should the need arise. Of course, the mutual benefits of trade will prove an almost irresistible benefit as well, especially with the nation's sudden increase in shipping, imports, and exports. These are some of the final pieces required to solidify the village as an international trade powerhouse, but those assigned must be of the highest caliber of diplomats, for the building of long lasting and fruitful relations are in the nation's greatest interests. Fighting with the foreign powers should be avoided at all costs, though there are many ways of obtaining the trust of these villages. Some may require gifts, others may ask you to compete in a tournament. The possibilities are endless. BE ADVISED: International travel is dangerous and you should be prepared. Do not split up from your partner, do not relax your guard, and bring equipment with you as you need. It would also be wise to bring some way of sending word of your location and the progress of your mission back to the village if and when possible. (Travel and mission threads may not be private.) This mission is part of the Babel: Tower on the High Seas mission series and proceeds shall count to the running tally in the acquisition of a fully renovated harbor and shipping district complex. Once the total amount of funds exceeds 20,000 ryo, the new complex shall be completed. This mission requires travel abroad. The territories on the World Map which require attention are as follows: 3, 4, 5, 27, 28, 26, 33, 19, 18, 16 & 10. Mission NPCs | Ruler of the territory and his or her guards. Ruler has no powers, each has 2 guards which are both A ranked samurai with skills in bukijutsu. Word Count | 1800 per participant / 5 posts per participant Requirements | Must have at least 2 people. Please PM me with a link to your approved mission grading so that I can keep the tally on our way to the building of fancy village stuff! Assigned by Chaohuan/Duke.
  2. This is the location where I shall keep track of progress on our most glorious of Harbor Complexes as built through the construction of it with the Babel series of missions. (If you search "Harbor" in the site search the missions should come up for you!) If I can figure out how to I'll try and make a fancy bar to show our progress, but I'll also have a text thing. SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU, YOU BEAUTIFUL WATER NINJA?!?! Well if you would like to do one of these missions, do them! Or post here and ask for one of the higher ranking missions and I'll help you find a partner (or be your partner!)! Have you already done one of these missions? This the most splendid thing to hear!!! Post here or send me a PM with the link to your mission grading approval (in the mission board area) and I will add the ryo to our total. It is only through the hard work of all of our loyal Water Shinobi that we can turn our dream of an international super power into a reality. Together we will step bravely into the future, clean up our streets, and solidify our place as a world power. PROGRESS: 0/20,000 ryo. Top Contributors: This could be you! This could be a different of you! This one could be you OR a different you! (I will try and figure out some sort of prize for top contributors if possible.)
  3. Mission Name [Entity] | Babel [Water Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C Repeatable? | Yes! Mission Description | The time of the rampant slums and crimes plaguing the village has finally come to an end, and this shall begin with building. This mission will focus upon the creation of a huge, industrial port with a massive customs office and a collection of warehouses for the storage of goods, primarily dry goods though there will also be specialized locations for more specialized equipment and such. You have been tasked with helping in the physical building of this most glorious of complexes and all hands are needed on deck. Materials need to be moved or harvested, concrete must be poured, blueprints must be drawn. Chip in to create this ambitious complex and help the village solidify itself as a world economic power, all the while disincentivizing the rampant crime of the village. No single instance or missions of this series of "Babel" missions will complete this complex. Once the total amount of ryo generated from these mission exceeds 20,000, a complex will be created as described above, which will grant access to international shipping and the like. Mission NPCs | N/A Word Count | 700 Requirements | Please PM me with a link to your approved mission grading so that I can keep the tally on our way to the building of fancy village stuff! Must be assigned by Chaohuan/Duke
  4. From the album Places of Significance

    Noumu Harbor was originally known only as Noumu, when it was still controlled by criminals and rogue shinobi. As time passed, few would go near Noumu out of fear for their life or goods. This began to develop a problematic reputation for the Water Village. The second Mizukage, in an attempt to rectify the matter, deployed multiple high-level squads to the territory, effectively conquering it by the following day. The docks that criminals once used to import illegal goods were transformed into a harbor surrounded by stalls and small shops. Noumu Harbor quickly became a critical cornerstone of the Water Village's economy, and essential for their trade with the South Eastern villages and clans. Although the area remains plagued by petty thieves and thugs, there are small squads of shinobi from the village who patrol frequently and may be alerted if their assistance is needed. They are in place to enforce the village's laws and to ensure the protection of foreign diplomats, as well as merchants. Noumu Harbor is often filled with both people and ships alike, with merry singing and instrumental music often resounding from all over. Those who are homeless often play music in hopes of receiving ryo, food or other goods as charity.