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Found 3 results

  1. Jutsu Name | Hakkeshou Kaiten - Eight Divination Palms of the Hand SpinJutsu Type | DefensiveRanking | C-RankElement(s) | N/ASpecialty(s) | TaijutsuEnergy Cost | 25 CPHandsigns | N/ARange | 3 Inches from FingertipsDuration | InstantDescription | The user is able to release chakra from the tenketsu in their bodies and spin rapidly. This creates a vortex of defensive chakra capable of deflecting projectiles and tossing close range fighters a few feet upon contact. If the user uses this skill against a jutsu it weakens the damage dealt by 1 Rank.Other Effects | The user can increase the range of the protective dome by expelling more chakra, this has no other effect besides increasing the spin radius. The range will increase by 1 foot for every 5 additional CP.Requirements | HyugaStatus | Open - Hyuga
  2. Jutsu Name | Juuho Soushiken - Gentle Step Twin Lion Fist Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B - Rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Taijutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Initial, 10 CP Per Post Handsigns | N/A Range | Melee Duration | 3 Posts Description | The user infuses their fists with chakra, upon nearing a target a spectral lions head appears around the fists. When coming into contact with a target the user releases the chakra into the targets body, this chakra will block the targets own, making them unable to use chakra for 1 Post. Other Effects | The target will feel mild pain when using jutsu for 3 posts after being struck. Requirements | Hyuga Status | Open - Hyuga
  3. Name | Gentle Fist Elements | N/A Specialties | Taijutsu Abilities | E-rank: A strike that hits a tenketsu point causes a chakra bleed effect of 2 CP per post for 5 posts D-rank: A strike that hits a tenketsu point ups the chakra bleed to 5 CP per post for 5 posts C-rank: At this stage there is no more chakra bleed instead closes off 30 chakra points per strike that lands in a post for 5 posts. B-rank: 40 chakra points are closed off per strike that lands in a post for 5 posts. A-rank: 50 chakra points are closed off per strike for 5 posts. S-rank: 60 chakra points are closed off per strike for 5 posts. Equipment | N/A Description | This secret taijutsu style known only to the Hyuuga clan is based on a soft style using palm and finger strikes to close off the tenketsu points which they can see with their activated Byakugan. This style can only be used in conjunction with the activated Byakugan. In terms of how it fights, the stance which the Hyuuga user takes is a combined horse and cat stance with an emphasis on the back foot being firmly planted with the palms facing toward the intended target. Strikes are made in a very fluid fashion with some full body rotation to increase the power and speed of the strike. Cost by Stage | E-rank- 3 SP per strike D-rank- 5 SP per strike C-rank- 10 SP per strike B-rank- 15 SP per strike A-rank- 25 SP per strike S-rank- 30 SP per strike Origin | A secret taijutsu style developed by the Hyuuga clan its mastery is directly tied into the hierarchy of the clan.