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Found 4 results

  1. Fu paced back and forth the hospital room impatiently. For the passed year, this one room had been her home. She ate, slept and was healed here by various shinobi. Ever since her incident with her family in the fire from a year ago, she had been saved by a certain shinobi in the village. She had suffered terrible injuries, mostly burns and even one of her organs had ruptured that terrible day. At the time, Fu didn't know what happened exactly, but the more she thought on the situation, she got a better understanding of what had happened. She possessed an advanced element of explosions. Involuntarily, she had caused her house to explode. Killing both of her parents and the thug inside. By some miracle, she had managed to survive but with serious injuries. She had spent the last year in the hospital: the medical shinobi healing her wounds and making the scars disappear. During that time, her hair had grown back long and beautiful. All of that time was just about over now. Fujin continued to pace the middle of the room impatiently as she waited for a certain medical shinobi to arrive. Fu had spent many days with this shinobi, talking and healing Fu's wounds... Fu just had one last thing she wanted the medical nin to do for her before she left the village. She just wasn't too sure how to ask for such a weird favor.
  2. Things seemed to have a turning point for Rei. The last thing he had remembered, was leaving the cave in the tundra from a mission he and Takara had. Both he and her had been injured, his a physical injury and hers a head injury. She was quite stubborn at the time, so he had insisted on carrying her back to the village. Throughout the trek back to the village, his own injury had worsened until he had passed out from the pain. That was when he had woke up in a comfortable clean bed, in a quiet room connected to a busy hallway. It was a hospital room. His clothes had been stripped and his ribs were set back into place and healed by the medical shinobi. I must have passed out before we got back to the village... he thought to himself as he jumped up from the bed, fully naked and quickly finding his clothes. They had not been difficult to find. His clothes had been watched and mended with sewing and then placed in a chair across from the hospital bed. It was an odd sensation and he didn't personally care for the smell. He had never been in the hospital before. Growing up homeless in the slums, he had never been afforded with an opportunity to be treated in such a fancy place. Ever since he had become a shinobi, he had let his summonings do all of the heavy lifting for him with little danger involved to himself. His first time in the shinobi hospital and it had been for taking damage for someone else. He shook his head, regretting how foolishly he he tried to save Takara. Not so much in his decision to save her, but because his body had moved on its own without him consciously willing it. He grabbed his pants from the chair and began to put them on, his upper body still wrapped in heavy white bandages as he grumbled a bit. Though his body had healed, he was still in a fair bit of pain. "I need to know how long I was unconscious..." he would say absently to himself as he pulled his pants up and buttoned them. He didn't like being in an uncommon environment and not knowing what had occurred while he was unconscious. Had Takara been okay? How did they get back to the village? He had several questions but first he needed to get dressed and find someone to ask. His eyes scanned the room for any odd details, but all he could see was a bottle of sake beside the bed on a table. Why was that there? WC-446
  3. Mission Name | Wild BoarMission Type | Water VillageRanking | CRepeatable? | YesReward | 500 Ryo, per ParticipantMission NPCs | C Rank BoarMission Description | A wild boar has been reported breaching the gate of the village. Stop it before it destroys the outer rim buildings.Word Count | 600 WordsRequirements | C+ Rei stood by one of the smaller gates that lead from the slums to the outer rim. His mission today seemed to be a bit exciting and already he could hear the raucous cries and protests of the outer rim's inhabitants as undoubtedly, the boar was going wild through the streets. It brought a small smile to his sharp angular elf-like face: his yellow serpent eyes dashing back and forth as he attempted to discover the exact location of the boar and its destructive path. The wind blew softly this day, his long jade green hair bouncing in the soft breeze: that very breeze gave away the boar's position as a plume of dust was kicked up into the air. Fresh dust means there's something big going on down there... he reasoned, guessing correctly that the boar was down the street to the left of the gate. How the boar had managed to get into the village, Rei wasn't certain. He was sure however, that whomever had been on duty at the gate during the time, would receive a good few choice words from their superiors. If a boar could get passed them... What was to stop an enemy shinobi? Rei was ready to move out, but he was waiting for a couple of people. This was a group mission and though he felt confident he could do this mission by himself, it was meant to be a group effort. WC- 240
  4. Oh what was this? A letter? From the hikage? What did it say? Was that right? Was it already time to assign genin to squads? What? She wanted Fa Zheng to lead a squad? Well wasn't that something? Who could his genin be? Wait was there any on the back? What was this a list? Were those the name of his genin? alright he couldn't keep that question thing for long. Squad one will consist of the following Genin: Momiji. alright alright that alright, yeah. Out of the three genin he knew he'd for sure pick her. They'd already done some bonding, so this could work out. Fa made a note to have many candy bribes on hand during training. Then there was kaiji. ??? Fa had no clue who that was. Perfect, totally perfect. The old man was all about meeting new people this would be great, no doubt. He'd have momiji who he'd known for a while and then two brand new pupils the perfect bridge! And last but not least the genin rounding off the roster was: Shinrin . Oh dammit. Now Fa didn't have anything against shinrin. He just seemed like a lazy, arrogant self important a-hole. And Fa just didn't have the brand of personality that mixed well with that. However Fa was ever the diligent servant and this was an order straight from the hikage. Thus we all take a deep breath, shrug our shoulders and move on. He did muscle some poisoned candy out of momiji's throat so he had that going for him. Maybe Fa was a judgmental a-hole. Maybe it wouldn't take the lad a week to respond to a post. Whatever that meant. So so with his roster in mind Fa reread through the letter, came to know what was expected of him, and made some scrambled eggs. After that he sent out three letters to his genin. It was a letter informing them that they'd all been selected for a team, who their squad leader would be, and that they'd be having a team meeting in two days. Plenty of time for Fa to reread his instructor 's handbook. It'd laid in his closet untouched for years. looks like all of his hard work had been seen and acknowledged! This old man was making waves. He was going to make this thread the most competent least clownish squad in the flame village! xxx two days in the future xxx Ah the flame village park! A vast expanse of natural green in the midst of a sprawling urban jungle. Fa Zheng professional old man sat underneath a shady tree with a bright expansive blanket covering the better part of a hill top. Upon this quilt sat a portable stove, a tea kettle, and a platter of various salty, or sweet treats. Today would be a calm day, where the ninja in his squad would be temperate young professionals. With strengths and weaknesses, hopes and dreams. Character depth with stories to tell, and not caricatures. He just knew it! The flame village might of had a reputation as a carefree part city, an ideal spot for spring break, a place where you woke up at 12 and started drinking at 4. But he and his squad of eager young pupils would prove that flame ninja knew how to put their noses to the grindstone and get to work. xxxxxx sorry for typos, on mobile