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Found 11 results

  1. @Kao Masayoshi Another hot and humid day in the village of Yamagakure. Katsu walked down the main street towards the village's entrance. Today was another mission for Katsu and he'd be teaming up with a familiar face: the weird, older puppet guy from a previous mission. Katsu was excited he'd be teaming up with someone he at least slightly knew, rather than another brand new face. Kao was a chunin, though, so this mission may be a breeze to him. Easy money, though, he supposed. Katsu definitely would not complain! He continued his walk, wiping sweat from the top of his forehead. He'd make sure his headband was secured tightly around his forehead. He was growing prouder and prouder of that simple headband and the village it stood for, so he wants it to stick out. 'May have to get a haircut,' he thought for a second. 'Nah..I would never do that!' He chuckled. His mind wandered aimlessly for a few moments before reaching the village's entrance. As he reached his destination, he made sure to stand in the shadow of the gate, attempting to stay out of the sun that glared down over the village. If only it rained, maybe it would cool down a bit. He leaned his body against the gate and removed a folder from his robe, reading over its contents. The dossier explained what the objective of the mission would be: investigating the mountains and attempting to find any information on a giant scorpion. 'I don't even like normal-sized scorpions.. this is going to be freaky.' He let a frown move across his face. 'I doubt it's real..someone probably let the heat get to them. No way a creature that big could be hiding out there.' Katsu shook his head and chuckled at the thought of such a large scorpion walking through the mountains, somehow managing not to be spotting by our shinobi in the past. He wondered what Kao would think of such a creature. Probably not believe it, either. Although, Kao was an odd guy, so he'd probably believe a lot of things. Katsu sat along the gate, waiting for Kao to arrive. He'd tap his foot impatiently, wanting to get done with this mission as soon as possible so he could get inside and away from this glare, heat, and humidity. He'd wipe the sweat from his brow before looking up towards the sun. Judging from its position, it was a little after noon. Seems like Katsu got there a tad bit early. He let out a loud and long sigh before sliding his back down the gate and sitting his body on the ground, making sure to keep himself out of the sun and in the cooler shade. He rested his head back for a moment and closed his eyes. 'I'll just rest my eyes for now!' WC 474 / 700
  2. [Mission Link] Several events had occurred within a short time frame, coalescing into a singular culmination - Saisaki had been made the head medic of Yamagakure. She was now in charge of all of the other medical nin in the village and the operation of the medical hospital headquarters located at the peak of the Sky Path. One such operation was the care of several academy students that had been injured in an unexpected rock slide at the base of Byaku Mountain during a class outing. The crisis had been handled by the healers on short notice, but a handful of those involved in the tragedy had died. Since then, there had been reports of the rock slides occurring more frequently and a cause had yet to be determined. So Saisaki had put in a request to evaluate the situation; it was approved, along with permission to bring one of Lightning's genin along with her. Her new desk quickly became covered in manila folders that had been forwarded to her by the kage's office. Each one was a dossier on a different genin. The selection wasn't meager per se, but it lacked a certain fullness that Saisaki was surprised to discover, though a later inquiry revealed its source stemming from duties previously assigned to many of the other genin that might have been included of not for that. The limited choices did allow for a quick decision though and Saisaki eventually landed on a genin by the name of Keisan Arashino. He would be summoned via a letter that described the nature of the mission to investigate the rock slides and both a time and location to meet Saisaki; their meeting would take place two days from the time the letter was sent in front of the village's main entrance at dawn. - Saisaki stood at the entrance to the village hidden in the mountains and watched the sun rise overhead as she waited for the arrival of her fellow shinobi. A wave of illuminated blue spread out from the sun's origin to eat away at the dusky shadows that still clung to the sky. Despite being summertime, most mornings in the village were still cool because of their location between the mountains. Saisaki paid no heed to the cooler temperature because of the clothing she so commonly wore; the long sleeve gray shirt covered by a blue tunic that descended past the soft curves of her hips to hit her thighs, further layered by a dark brown leather jerkin that matched the long gloves that rose to her elbows and the equally long boots that came up over her knees and only allowed very little of her gray tights to be seen between them and the tunic. A belt was strapped over the jerkin that hosted a pouch of goodies at the small of the young woman's back as well as secured a long staff of dark wood between the belt and the willowy frame of her body. [Mission: 494/800]
  3. Over three weeks had passed since Saisaki had last set foot in Yamagakure. A third of that had been spent traveling with Kabel throughout the Voltage Lands. She had watched as he had manipulated more than wires to his advantage throughout the settlements in a game of power where he had all of the leverage. What had transpired with the political situation beyond the beginning of deals hidden away in manila folders and the pile of corpses Kabel had left in his wake after their visit was a mystery to the young woman as her mentor had then left her stranded there as the start of her own mission involving the Earth Village. The abandonment was something Saisaki was still coming to terms with; she understood the intellectual reasoning behind Kabel doing what he had, but it had still hurt her feelings - not that she would ever tell him that. There were things that she would have to tell the man though. A debriefing was needed to relay the information she had gathered on her quest, not that there was a significant amount to be revealed with the exception of the strange stack of posters that had been on the desk of the man she had been sent to assassinate. She carried one with her now, tucked in the russet hued jerkin that she wore over her blue tunic and long sleeved gray undershirt that matched her tights. Despite having traveled for such a long time, Saisaki's clothing was in good condition, albeit a bit dusty, especially the leather boots those rose up over her knees. The night before her arrival back in the village that was hidden in the mountains, she had stopped at an inn to clean up and mentally prepare herself to deal with Kabel. Anxiety still moved in a perpetual ebb and flow in her mind as she passed through the village gates; she was terrified of disappointing him. It felt like gravity and time were playing a cruel trick on her with every inch of forward progress made. Her steps felt heavy, sluggish. Yet the scenery around her shifted as if she was moving quickly, changing from the entrance of the village to the more populated section, and finally bringing her before the kage tower where she hoped Kabel would be now that it was just past noon. At least Saisaki thought it was based on the sun's positioning in the bright cloudless sky above her. She could feel its heat pouring down upon her back as she loitered in front of the building's door, made all the hotter by the thick obsidian braid that hung heavily along her spine and reached the back of her knees. Heat and necessity won out over fear and Saisaki entered the tower. All the eyes of those in the lobby were drawn to her lithe frame that was contrasted by the flood of sunlight behind her into nothing more than a dark silhouette until the door closed. The receptionist was familiar with Saisaki. Her comings and goings with Kabel were frequent enough to have garnered some recognition from those who were around most. Yet, as it was wherever she went where there might be onlookers, Saisaki felt the gaze of several of those waiting linger upon the veil of dark hair that formed the fore of her fringe and fell over the left side of her face where it mostly, but not quite, concealed heavy scarring starting at her forehead and running along to her jawline, marring the otherwise perfectly soft peachy skin. Saisaki nervously combed through her bangs and flattened them down with a gloved hand as she averted her own sapphire gaze away from those staring before heading up the stairs, her long braid swinging behind her and bumping into the dark wooden staff she had tucked into the back of the belt containing her medical kit that hung intertwined with her jerkin where it ended at her hips with each step that she took. She felt the distinct increase in her own heart rate. It thudded against her ribs in a stress induced arrhythmia and she took a calming breath or five while she stood in front of the door to the office before her hand rose once more, this time to knock on the door in three sharp taps. [Tags: @Drak @Kabel Waltenden @Hanako ]
  4. There were several things that Yamagakure was known for, or would be known for if the world ever turned its eye upon the land of Lightning, besides the culture of power and loyalty it promoted. Efficiency, secrecy, security - even the quality of its weapons and its medics. Still, it was the first three that made the village flourish the way that it did and they would be nothing without the intensive information gathering that much of the shinobi resources were dedicated to. Everyone took a turn at plying intel from the world around them. Some were general knowledge seekers, scattered to the wind to observe and collect data on anything and everything; it was something you could never have enough of as it could eventually be put to use somehow. Others were tasked with more specific goals, such as trailing suspicious individuals to ensure the sanctity and security of Lightning's borders. It was only because of Yamagakure's widespread network of informants that such thing was almost always noticed, not to mention so quickly relayed back to where it mattered and that was how yet another manila folder found its way into Saisaki's hands. Her familiarity with the border towns of the Voltage Lands had become second to none, having spent much time traveling among them, sometimes with Kabel, sometimes with others such as Kao or Hitomaro, and sometimes alone as she had when the kage had left her stranded in the middle of the outskirts. Most recently her travels involved visiting the satellite clinics of the Reizan no Kitoushi where medics of Yamagakure aided the civilians at no charge. Even though her appearance was known throughout the settlements, she had been chosen because of this intimate knowledge so that she could navigate and guide a fresh faced genin. Lightning didn't coddle their inexperienced - they threw them into the fire. However, they never did such a thing without giving them the tools to survive. Saisaki would evaluate and teach her charge, but making sure that the mission was successful would rest in their own hands. She waited outside of Yamagakure's gates for her new traveling companion, where the mission briefing that had been forwarded to the genin stated they would depart together from. The dossier Saisaki had received on the other shinobi listed some basic information about them; gender, name, general description, estimated skill level, etc. Her gaze shifted over her surroundings, searching for someone that fit the profile. Even if this Kenta person knew of Saisaki and her appearance, the woman had gone out of her way to disguise herself in a simple manner to hopefully escape the notice of locals that knew her face. Her long inky tresses that were normally worn in a braid down her back had been twisted into a single messy bun at the back of her head. Her scarred face had been made whole with the aid of makeup, giving her a flawless appearance. Even her eyes weren't their usual sapphire blue, but an electric green thanks to contacts. She had forsaken her normal fully covering attire for something suitable for the season and traveling on the road; a loose flowing tan tank top over slightly darker tights of olive green that were tucked into dark brown ankle boots with stable soles made for hiking. She carried no weapons on her. The mission parameters were clear - no engaging. Since that was the case, there was no real need for weapons and Saisaki was better with her jutsu anyway. [Mission: 585/700]
  5. Fate seemed to keep putting Saisaki under the long shadow cast by Yamagakure's highest peak - Byaku Mountain. The medic stood outside the village next to a cart of rare materials that had been gathered from the other mountains that encircled the village that sat within the valley that Lightning shinobi called home. She wore her usual traveling garments; the dark grays of her tights and under shirt were complimented by the stormy azure of her tunic and the warm browns of well worn leather gloves, boots, the jerkin that cinched in her torso, and the belt from which her medical kit hung at the small of her back. A wooden staff was tucked into the back of her belt - it clearly saw less use than the rest of what Saisaki carried on her. Unlike her most recent mission, the genin that was assigned to Saisaki had not been chosen well in advance. She had no idea which of the village's youth would be accompanying her. It had been interesting to start meeting the different variety of people that called the mountains their home. Most of her time before now had been spent avoiding people other than her brother, patients, and more recently, Kabel and perhaps Hitomaro by extension. Each new day and the missions they brought had become a learning experience for the woman in one way or another. Saisaki mused over what kind of person would be joining her today as she examined the ore that filled the cart that she and her mystery partner would be delivering to the badgers that inhabited the gargantuan mountain. Toxic heavy metals were Saisaki's area of expertise when it came to poisons given the environment she had been raised in, so she knew a little about ore and how it was processed, though common materials had never interested her that much. Her training under Kabel had changed that ever so slightly since she had briefly exposed to the world of weapons. She had even considered turning her focus to them for study, but her work with the hospital and the never ending stream of missions she had been on as of late had stopped her from doing so. Still, it was a thought she reflected upon beneath the clear sky of a warm summer morning while waiting for her traveling companion to arrive. [Mission: 394/500]
  6. Mission Name | Defend the Wall Mission Type | Service; Flame Village exclusive Ranking | B Repeatable? | Yes; once per character Mission NPCs | Old lady; basic C-Rank abilities Mission Description | An old woman has been spotted near the village’s east wall multiple times, acting shady. Despite her outer appearance, it is believed that she has received basic ninja training; her abilities is equivalent to that of a C-Rank shinobi. Intel is assuming that she is planning to sabotage the wall. Your job is to investigate what she is up to and bring her to the higher ups for interrogation. Word Count | 1000 words Requirements | N/A It was still early in the day, shortly after noon as Nori walked herself through the town's center market. Her eyes wandered around for a few minutes, looking to find anything she could to snack on before her next mission. She received it earlier in the morning and was scheduled to head to the wall. It seemed like a more advanced patrol job than normal, so she was interested. She'd stop herself at a small stall and purchase a delicious-looking apple. She'd take one small bite into it and fell in love. She'd give the old lady running it a small smile and her thanks before heading off towards the east wall. The mission information she received spoke mostly of an elderly-looking woman and Nori and her partner would have to detain her for questioning. It felt odd to her; she had always been taught to respect her elders, which was taken to a new level in the tradition of her clan. So she was not keen on the idea of taking in an old woman, so she hoped they wouldn't have to work too hard to do it. She wasn't sure who her new partner was, but she hadn't been too comfortable with her last few partners. Nori was not exactly looking forward to meeting another new person, but hopefully he was at least pleasant to be around for a patrolling job. Nori assumed they'd meet up at the wall, so she started to quicken her pace and maneuvered her petite body through the crowds of people in the streets. She took a few more bites of her apple, only nibbles mostly, as she almost broke into a sprint, making sure to get there on time. She arrived at the gate shortly but after looking around, noticed she had made it there before her partner. She sat down on a bench near the gate and continued to chow down on her apple, hoping to finish it before he or she arrived. She sat her body straight up as she finished her apple, placing it on the bench next to her. She sat in her formal robe that covered a majority of her body but stopped near her ankles. Her black hair wasn't fixed well, so it was a tad bit messy and knotted. She moved her hand to the back of her head and tightened her forehead protector and pushed her bangs away from her face, making sure it could be seen by anyone. She'd turn her head towards the streets, watching with her large, white eyes for a few moments before moving them back in front of her and began staring at the ground as she waited for her partner to arrive. wc 454 / 1000 @Peridot
  7. Mission Name | Escort the Merchant Mission Type | Service; Flame Village exclusive Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission NPCs | Merchant; special abilities include heightened chance of robbery because he is rich 2 D-Rank shinobi; attributes are all at level 1; both ninja are each equipped with a katana and 5 shuriken. Mission Description | Recently, there has been news that merchants are becoming the target of bandit attacks. In light of the news, a merchant has inquired the Hikage for an escort whilst he makes his way back to the Flaming Gulf. Your job is to ensure that the attackers are dealt with and that the merchant safely arrives to the Flaming Gulf. Word Count | 700 words Requirements | Flame Village shinobi, must have 2 people. @Sennin Amai Nori walked through the streets of Hikaen, her head held down and her body moving quickly through the crowds. The sun was barely visible yet, but Nori felt it would be good to get an early start to her day. Plus the mission she would be going on today wanted an earlier start time. She just hoped her partner would get there early enough as well. She hadn't met this partner yet, so she was a tad nervous about the whole situation. She still was not used to working in a group she didn't know. She had taken a few D-Rank missions with her academy friends, but her friends have not graduated yet, and she's not the type to hold herself back. So Nori tried to get herself excited, but the nervous tick in her stomach stayed. She continued to quickly move through the crowds, using her small body to maneuver easily between the passing civilians and shinobi. She decided to try and be more confident, and as such, moved her head and eyes up from staring at the ground. She was one of the remaining Hyuga, so she would do her best to make a great first impression with this mission. She finally reached near the village's exit. Their mission was a simple one: escort a merchant back into the flame's territories. The two had agreed to meet up with the merchant and escort him back to the village. Once prepared, she began heading out towards the Kaen Gulf. It took her a decent amount of time to arrive, but she made it safely and got herself ready for the mission. She'd be waiting for her partner to arrive before escorting the merchant, though. She was not really sure what to expect out on the road. It couldn't be too much, but you never know what's waiting for you in these forests. Nori met up with the merchant and spoke with him for a few moments about her partner. “Yes, myself and another shinobi of the flame will be escorting you to the village. We're just waiting for him to arrive!” Nori would keep her head up when she spoke to the man and let a small smile run across her face. She decided to move into the shade, where she sat her body and mentally prepared herself while waiting for her partner. Her eyes closed and her long, black hair covered a majority of her face. She kept her head down while her mind wandered. Her formal robes stretched down the length of her body and attempted to hide the small, petite body that was underneath it. She regulated her breathing and let her mind continue wandering. She didn't know how long she'd have to wait. WC 458
  8. invite

    Kao read the scroll no less than three times before groaning, burying his head in his hands. He was never one for stealth (one of the primary qualities of being a ninja) with his distinct appearance and his own inability to stay quiet for more than five seconds at a time. It seems that fate had it out against him that this was the only mission left on the till when he went out to check. All the other available missions were taken by overtly enthusiastic kids and workaholic adults and that pretty much left him with the trash of the batch. At least it wasn't one of those garbage-cleaning and, well, general cleaning requests. He had to admit that it was somewhat his fault, being drawn by the five percent sale one of the market kiosks were having on Ninja Trading Cards (he got Nuitari Kouga's card and he'd be damned if that wasn't worth it) and he had spent the better part of five hours pilfering the stock and opening up dozens of booster packs before he was content. But he had to digress, bringing attention back on the situation at hand. He had no idea where to find the suspects and his only clue was that they'd probably be at the market place (looking suspicious, no doubt) and his only help would be with some strange partners that he'd never met before. He loved making new friends, don't get him wrong, but this mission seemed like it was destined to fail (as most missions ended for Kao, either by his own sheer idiocy or through terrible luck). He sighed before slumping over, sitting cross-legged against a fishcake stand. The owner had long since given up on shooing him off and had barely even reacted when Kao's hand crawled up the wooden planks and grabbed a small sample of soy-bean fishcake. He took a bite and immediately spat it out. "Urgh," he muttered, spitting out the bitter taste. He looked up at the sky. When would his little accomplices-in-stalking-foreign-strangers come? @Aito @Tenri 342 / 700
  9. The Tataru have been an active bunch for a little while now. They have been going on about doing tons of C-rank missions and they were acknowledged for that. So now they got to do a B-rank mission. Even though, the three were still genin. To be fair, the mission didn't involve fighting super strong shinbo. It was more of a research oriented, resource collection mission. If they weren't too bad on their feet, this one would be an easy one for the trio. And in this mission, their barbaric ways wouldn't harm anyone. They were becoming notorious for crossing the line even for the simplest of tasks. So now, they had to go to a secluded location, cave dive into the earth and collect some steam. Try your barbaric ways now, Ha! Tataru. Someone sitting on a comfortable chair somewhere would be giggling their behinds off for this one. Regardless, it was the Tataru; you never know what they were truly capable of until they did it. So, the long coat wearing humming puppeteer was awaiting the arrival of his fellow Tataru. It was snowy and pretty cold but the feathery long coat helped keep him warm. Waking up early was awful though, it was bright and the birds were chirping; just awful awful stuff to endure. But he had to, they needed to make up some time by departing early. So even though he didn't want to, he had to. But that didn't keep him from being cranky, he was awfully cranky this morning. He was still however, humming a favorite tune. He couldn't help it, he was the humming puppeteer after all. He had already provided the necessary documentation to the shinobi guarding the gates. The orders of the kage that allowed him and his two brethren to depart from the village. They would still be within the territory but it was a bit away.The authenticity of the documents were verified and Jin and his fellow Tataru were good to go. All they had to do was get there, Jin had taken care of the rest. It was snowing today. The cold air being brutal as it was. He felt like getting some coffee so he decided why not drink it while he waited. He left the front gate, walked into a coffee shop and ordered a cofee. He would have ordered three but he did not know the taste preference of the other two. They can get their own coffee when they got their. A few moments of wait and the hot coffee was presented to him. He paid the bill and headed back to the village gates, sipping through the warm and excessively sweet coffee. Jin had quiet the sweet tooth so he made sure to add tons of sugar. "Hmmm hmm.. chandelierrrrrrrrr..." he let out a little lyric as he hummed. The sweet coffee was helping his mood. Word Count: 483
  10. Resources had been bustling in and Mizumura technology had begun to evolve. It was a new era, a new age; the new Mizukage was bringing about progress. This implied, the sudden increase in the demand of raw material and resources. So shinobi, who used to be instruments of terror and death; specifically the shinobi of Mizumura, were now reduced to resource collectors. Sure, the resources present in the Tundra weren't easier to get. But, specialists could have taken this job. It was simply the collection of resources. What was so amazing about it anyways for it to be a B-rank mission? Jin didn't know what to make of that. He had no comments about the progress because he cared little for it. In the name of progress, many unspoken deeds could be committed. Nations could rise and fall and all would be for the progress of a certain nation. May be his clan being murdered mercilessly was all part of progress? Who knew? Regardless, he did not care but the job paid and it was a B-rank mission. This would serve well for the acquisition of reputation for the Tataru. And for the Tataru, he would do anything. He had mixed feelings about this mission because of the company that tagged along. One was Jin's closest friend and fellow clan member: Rei Tataru. The other was a lady he had done a mission with, not so long ago. He didn't interact with her much because he didn't have to. She kept her distance as well. So his perception of her was not too bad but it was still as bad as everyone not-Tataru. The lady was named: Meiko? Was she Meiko? He recalled her name because the mission details had them when it was assigned to him. That was the only introduction he had with her. May be this time he would try words or not, he wasn't really a socially adept Tataru. The third thing adding to the whole two Tataru and one not-Tataru situation was the cold Tundra weather. It was snowy all around the place. Good thing for Jin though, his signature long coat with the feathery texture was actually pretty warm and helped cope with the cold. But what would happen during the night? They needed to stock up on supplies because they were supposed to be searching for crystals in the snowy tundra forest. A good thing for the Tataru was that they could speak to spirits, so the spirits; if they felt cooperative enough, would guide them towards crystals. This may turn out to be an easier mission for the trio but who actually knew the future? Regardless, for now, Jin stood at the gates with a warm excessively sweet coffee in his hands awaiting the arrival of @Rei and @Meiko. Word Count: 467
  11. Rei

    The slums, the only place left with the fleeting essence of the bloody mist still intact. The strong survive, the weak fall victim and die helplessly. Jin could understand that kind of a life, he was used to it. He had survived it. Now, murderers were on the loose; taking belongings and killing people. So Jin and Rei, considering their violent nature, were given the mission to 'dispense' these killers. It was probably a no-brainer for the man pulling the strings. Take the violent Tataru and send them to take care of some killers. Regardless of the result, the village would be better off for it. But if you take into consideration the Tataru will to survive, the odds of the murderers surviving would fall drastically. It was cold, the air would seep into your bones and make you shiver. Not Jin though, he was always wearing a ton of stuff. Specially that long coat with the feathery texture, it was quite warm and resistant to the cold weather of Mizumura. The mist was floating on about, it was dark now. The kind of dark that Jin preferred. Only when the light fades away and the dark reigns, do the villainous truly display their colors. Ironic, since the dark is the composition of all colors; thus any displayed color would simply lose itself in the darkness. They showed their true self only to be consumed by the darkness. Jin was standing a top a tall building in the slums, this was the meeting point for the two Tataru. He had a little plan.Louring these killers wasn't a difficult task. Simply use the transformation jutsu, exhibit some jewelry and they would probably come running for you. And then lure them into a dark alley way. After that, Jin didn't even have to do anything. He had Rei with him. Snakes in a dark, narrow alley way. Who could survive that? Even with Jin, his puppets and strings could easily kill in a narrow alley way. Not much room to run away from the poison. And then add to that explosives and it would all end with a boom. He was waiting on the rooftop, patiently and silently. As much as he wanted to hum, that would be counterproductive. So he had to focus on not humming. Not until this mission was over. Word Count: 390