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Found 7 results

  1. Flowing through all, there is balance There is no peace without a passion to create There is no passion without peace to guide Knowledge stagnates without the strength to act Power blinds without the serenity to see There is freedom in life There is purpose in death The Force is all things and I am the Force" -Code of the Kouga Manjidani Clan Clan Information Clan Name | Kouga Manjidani Home Village | Lightning History & Culture History At a time when most shinobi relied solely on physical skill and prowess, the Kouga Clan thrived as one the best in the shinobi world. This closed society of people lived to serve the shogunate with unbridled and unmatched loyalty. The clan served as the shadow, excelling at bukijutsu to the extent they were regarded as elite assassins. At its birth, the clan was ran by three elected officials that oversaw all the tasks of the Kouga ninja. Each official oversaw a community of Kouga ninja. Naturally, with three minds set to a single task; arguments always came about when dealing with a crisis. It would not be long before infighting broke and the clan separated into three factions, all within the land of Lightning. To this day the clan remains scattered into three different factions, though all answer to the clan leader. The first clan leader had in fact waged a small campaign with only the best, brightest, and most loyal of the clan to bring the 3 factions in line. This leader, Shibata Kouga, was the first in the clans history to ever possess the Force and with it, ordered the complete unification of the factions under his rule as leader. Few argued and those that did were immediately labeled traitors, names erased from any text, and then put to death. Once united, Shibata then ordered the clan to live away from the influence of the world and only come from the shadows when beckoned. Thus came its arrival into the Wind territories, which would put them on the path of becoming one of the more respected, and feared group of shinobi. Naturally, after Shibata Kouga's death, many leaders tried to pick where the man left off. Sadly, few could command the fear that Shibata imposed on those that would rebel. Only a few years after his death did the factions begin to show signs of separation. None were able to quell the violence and once again, rebellion and separation threatened the livelihood of the clan. It was the granddaughter of Shibata, Shikana Kouga, who would take up the mantle of leadership and quell the fighting; for she, too, possessed the Force. It was then that all knew, after going through several leaders that had all died mysteriously in office, only one possessing the Force could command the loyalty of the clan. Thus, as decreed by Shikana, only one who possesses the ability will lead the clan. Under her rule, Shikana remained true to her grandfather's ideals and made the clan isolated from world. It was not until many years, three different clan leaders rule, did one attempt to change the clans way of life. The shinobi in the outside world were constantly at odds, vying for dominance. Naturally the fighting had found its way to the Kouga Manjidani doorstep. The leader at the time, Maede Kouga, was known for his kind heart and skill as a healer; thus could not turn away from such bloodshed. For the first time since a clan leader had been made, the Kouga clan opened its doors to any shinobi in need of medical help. To protect their charges, the Kouga protected all within their territory regardless of outside allegiance. Over the course of the turbulent years, the clan grew in size due to many shinobi wanting to remain with the Kouga; whether out of love or personal choice. Maede, being kind as he was, allowed them to remain only if the let go of past allegiances and vow a blood oath to the Kouga. Many were more than happy to comply. This time period turned the Kouga Manjidani clan from its isolation and accepted outsiders to live among them. As time passed the clan eventually completely left behind its isolated tradition and allied themselves with Wind, the neighboring village at the time. Under the leadership of Jun Kouga, known among her peers as the "Cur Kouga" for agreeing to the alliance, the Kouga clan served the village; though many of the clan were outraged by this. Still none were foolish enough to press the issue past complaints, for even to this day people feared the legacy of Shibata Kouga. The position of clan leader changed hands thrice under the alliance, all of those men and women eager to serve Wind. It wasn't until the 20th clan leader, Shishimaru Kouga, was cheated out of a chance to be the village leader; did the Kouga begin to once again alienate themselves from the village. It is believed that Shishimaru distrusted the competence of the village elders and rather than rebel, the clan would simply give its allegiance to someone more deserving, Lightning Territory's leadership. This was seen as disrespect to the Wind Leaders and in response they sought to have Shishimaru's head as penance for the clan's crime. The result being known as the "Kouga Rebellion". The battle was waged for half a year, both sides taking loses; but with the Kouga clan so astoundingly outnumbered, the toll was greatest on them. In the chaos, Shishimaru and the one that was selected to be the next clan leader were both slain by the Wind ninja. The leaderless clan quickly fell to turmoil and had all but surrendered to the might of Wind Ninja. Until one child, who like many before him, bore the legacy of Shibata took the mantle of leadership. Yokuno Kouga, the 21st leader of the Kouga Manjidani clan, was but a boy of 14 but had rose through the ranks that equaled to those thrice his age. Credited as a genius, Yokuno was a shinobi that desired only to be just that. However the death of his brother, the heir who died with Shishimaru, was said to have turned the boy into one of the most feared leaders in clan history. In his wake he not only rallied the Kouga to push back the Wind's final assault, but also lead the clan away from Wind Territory into the territories of Lightning, particularly around Yamagakure. It was in Yamagakure where the Kouga clan finally set its roots, with the assistance from the people of Yamagakure. Ironically, the village itself was only a decade into its lifespan and the arrival of ones such as the Kouga promised to only bolster the growing village. Currently the clan is led by its 25th leader, Nuitari Kouga, a man that is a descendant of Yokuno Kouga. Though the clan still chooses to set the compound outside the village, some Kouga do reside within the village itself; most of them being shinobi or shop owners. Those that actually possess the true skills of the Kouga, I.e. force manipulation, have become less frequent among the clan. This is believed to be because of the mingling with those that are not of the bloodline. This is why those that possess the ability are viewed as royalty and being that only one with the legacy can lead the clan; these few are taught only by the best in the clan in all areas from cooking and foraging to fighting and politics. A regiment that started by order of the 21st clan leader, Saito Kouga, said to have been the greatest strategist to ever come out of the clan. To this day there are a few young shinobi that carry Legacy of Shibata, being groomed to add to the mighty history of the Kouga Manjidani Clan. Culture Unlike most clans, the Kouga is incredibly diverse when one speaks of its members. Whether for love or political gain, the Kouga Manjidani have co-mingled with outsiders to the extent that there are fewer members in the clan that actually possess the abilities of a true Kouga. So much so that only 3 in every generation of Kouga will actually possess the traits of the original Kouga ninja. When such an event does occur, it is an highly celebrated event. Those that possess the true traits and bloodline are viewed as royalty among the clan. They receive the best training under the most skilled and wisest in the clan. The family of the child are elevated among the clans society as a result as well. This is only because one who possesses the trait are the only ones capable of leading the clan. The direction of the clan is place solely on the clan leader, hence the reason why the development of the "chosen" members of the Kouga clan is so imperative. Naturally, because despite origin and upbringing, each person has their own ambitions and goals which the society encourages; so long as the end is for the betterment of the clan. All members of the clan are traditionalists and rely on farming and manual labor to flourish rather relying on trade, though they still take advantage of the perks trade brings just not reliant on it. This self-reliance has made practically all members of the clan very proud and regal, even those that do not possess the clans pure bloodline. From their attire to their homes, the Kouga appear to be stuck in feudal Japan. They are renown bukijutsu practitioners, making them a step ahead of most clans when it comes to that particular area of expertise. Clan Element(s) | No set element unless they are descendants of the original bloodline. In which case, Force (non-elemental chakra) manipulation is the element. Clan Specialties | All members must have access to force release. Clan Status | Open. Meaning all that meet the requirements can join the clan, this includes those that are not descendants of the bloodline.
  2. ☯Kouga Bloodline ~ Masters of the Force☯ ☯ Bloodline Name ☯ Kouga Bloodline ☯ Possessors ☯ Direct bloodline Descendants (Permission from Nuitari Required) ☯ Appearance ☯ Those of the Kouga bloodline rather large in regards to height and often have beast-like facial features; slightly longer canine teeth, often having savage or feral looks in their eyes, face typical rests as a scowl or frown, naturally well built even without much exercise, and are typically taller than the average shinobi. Regardless of age. ☯Abilities☯ Direct descendants of the Kouga bloodline all possess the ability to use Yin Release and manipulate the chakra from within them, as well as, around them and apply it offensively, defensively, and supplementary. Though it is actually chakra, practitioners often refer to this as the 'Force' and varies depending on the practitioners own creativity. For example, the force can be manipulated to increase users ability to perform movements of incredible physical prowess; such increasing the force of ones physical strikes, make ones body more durable to endure punishment longer, or even perform sudden (acrobatic) feats of speed and evasion. Even the effects of toxins and poisoned can be lessened or removed from a practitioners body, using chakra as a means to heal their body and assist the recovery process. Keeping in mind that one must have medical knowledge in order to use the force in this capacity. Given that the force is nothing more than chakra (the term being how the Kouga refer to chakra) the most practical ability granted to the bloodline is their ability to sense the force. This ability is typically called "Force Sense". It is through the bloodlines ability to sense the force that they are able to wield and manipulate it in the first place. This alone made them one of the most proficient sensory specialists in the land. Being able to navigate in complete darkness by using the force like echo location or telling friend from foe on a battlefield. Their even capable of blending their own chakra with their surroundings, cast out their presence to different locations, or even mask the presence of allies. The bloodline itself was conceived during a warring era and sense remained a useful warring ability (Naturally jutsu for any acute sensory based jutsu will be needed, these are just examples). In regards to being expelled from ones body, this application of the ability is much more difficult to perform than the previous. However, how one manipulates the force is no different than one manipulates elemental chakra based attacks. Rather than combine an element to perform a technique, the practitioners simply uses their own chakra as if it were an elements. This allows for them to expel their chakra from their bodies in numerous ways; focused blasts of chakra or in all directions simultaneously. Even techniques that may be used as a means for evasion (like using the force from an attack to change their position while in mid-air) are well within the repertoire of this rare bloodline. The experienced practitioner can even cast out their influence of control and effect chakra based techniques from external sources; for feats that slow down the speed of chakra based attacks or even re-direct it entirely. [2000 WC Training/Near Death Thread. If taught IC by a Kouga this number is cut in half. Both must split the WC, however.] Wrap-Up Force Manipulation ~ Advance Chakra Manipulation ~ Able to wield non-elemental chakra to create a variety of techniques and even empower other techniques that come directly from the host only. Force Sense ~ Chakra Sensory ~ Able to use advanced sensory jutsu that are empowered by the usage of the force, this results in a passive ability to sense minor chakra fluctuations in a person if one is looking for them (usually hinting to sudden aggressive mood swings or if one is feeling sad. The user gathers this information from the source that few know how to disguise, thier chakra.) [The connected bloodline ability to this is located below.] Limited to only one element (Lightning, Water, Earth, Fire, Wind) Force Manipulation counts as a default primary element. This bringing the max allowed, in regards to elements, is two. Regardless of rank. ☯ Weaknesses ☯ While the use of this ability grants numerous application of it, there are several drawbacks and downsides to the bloodline. In regards to the abilities internal usage, while it does enhance the practitioners and even assist in the recovering process; they are only able to focus on one application of its use at a time. This mean that while the user is fighting with enhanced strength, a sustained costing jutsu that will be made at the creators discretion, they will be unable to use the enhanced endurance or slow down the spread of a poison in the body (all of which being in jutsu format. These are just examples). To even attempt this would result in wasted chakra (the one attempting to be used) and the cancellation of the current sustained jutsu (the currently being used). Also it should be noted that how force is capable of being used relies heavily on the individuals chosen specialties. A good example being a medical specialty being required for any form of curative force jutsu or genjutsu being a requirement for illusion based force jutsu (Ex. Jedi Mind Trick). While the force is non-elemental, it does not overpower any other elemental jutsu that doesn't come from the wielder itself. Serving as a neutral element of sorts, the force collides with most jutsu or equal rank techniques. This serves as a stand alone element, meaning it cannot be used in unison with other jutsu from external chakra sources (no team combos, but one can combine with their own elemental chakra based techniques). The passive ability of the Kouga, Force Sense, which allows one to feel minor fluctuations in chakra that are caused by emotional reactions; this does not work on those who are higher ranked shinobi and must actually be looking for the fluctuation. Used more as a interrogation tactic, unless your intentionally searching for a reaction, a member wont notice a pissed off guy running up on him while he is shopping for groceries. Not to say that Kouga are incapable of dealing with such an issue in other ways, in this there is no automatic sensory. Their either looking for the fluctuation or they don't notice it at all. Lastly, those of this bloodline are limited to having no more than one element, excluding the Force. The use of the force is deemed as a primary element and fill that slot, despite the fact the force is non-elemental. Thus, Kouga can only possess one actual element (Lightning, Wind, Water, Earth, or Fire. No advance elements. This due to their genetic make-up and can't even be changed through surgical methods. Their ability to use the force cannot be transferred through transfusions. Your either born with it or not). ☯☯☯
  3. Jutsu Name | Force Wave Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 Handsigns | Dragon Range | 15 meters Duration | Instant Description | After the appropriate handsigns the user gathers their force (chakra) at his core, before a pure wave of condense force energy pulses out from the user in all directions. This is useful to stun and knock back targets and projectiles within the blast radius. (Endurance Level 6 Can withstand the wave) Other Effects | Targets with Endurance lower than 5 will be stunned for a post if caught within the AoE. Requirements | Kouga Status | Open (Clan)
  4. Jutsu Name | Kouga Bukijutsu Art Form I: Leviathan's Limb Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | B Element(s) | Force Release Specialty(s) | Bukijutsu ~ Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 CP Handsigns | 4 Range | 20m Duration | 50 CP to Activate. 25 CP to Sustain. Description | A deadly fighting style created by Kouga Nuitari. This jutsu revolves meditative breathing technique that causes the user to focus entirely on the force (chakra). Through this they are able to heighten their reaction time to the world around them, and counter just as swiftly. Eyes always closed and chanting "Ton-tah-tah" under their breathe, the user gracefully moves throughout a battlefield. With movement ranging from acrobatic flips to agile dodging and rolling, the technique is created to fight an opponent up close and counter from any angle. Using the force as a sixth sense, their able to perform this technique even in complete darkness; using the force like echo location to map out the world around them. In regards to reflexes this technique raises it by 2 Levels. The signs of this jutsu's activation are mostly seen in the users face. They become so focused that they seem to be void of any emotion whatsoever. Every time the user stands still they will mutter under their breath a sort of chant, which is "Ton-Ta-ta". The stance of the user will become much more relaxed and movement is comparable to a leaf dancing in the wind. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Kouga Bloodline Status | Kouga Bloodline Only
  5. Jutsu Name | Force Shield Jutsu Type | Defensive Ranking | B Element(s) | Force Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 [10 CP Sustain] Handsigns | Two Range | Self (Expands from user to 3m) Duration | Instant Description | The user creates an oval shaped shield that that offers protection from all directions. It is translucent, so from a distance one can hardly notice its activation. It offers protection equal and/or up to its rank, physical attacks only. Once the protection has received equal damage, it will completely dissipate without any harm to the user. If higher, the power of the enemy attack is reduced by the rank of this jutsu. Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Kouga Bloodline Status | Kouga Bloodline Only
  6. Jutsu Name | Force Roar Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Force Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | Handsigns | N/A (One Round of Posting Prep Time) Range | 10m Duration | Instant Description | One of the simpler jutsu of the Kouga Clan, the user utilizes the force to release a blast of non-elemental chakra from thier mouth. The blast upon being fired gives off a sound like a lion's roar, hence the name. The blast is comes out in a cone shape, the blast itself expanding until its 5 meters wide and extends out only 10 meters away from the user. Its damage is comparable to a moving brick wall that causes concussive damage Other Effects | N/A Requirements | Kouga Bloodline Status | Kouga Bloodline Only
  7. Jutsu Name | Fus Ro Dah Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | A Element(s) | Force Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 Handsigns | Monkey -> Dragon -> Rat Range | Long Range (20 Meters - 50 Meters) Duration | Instant Description | This jutsu is used by people in the Kouga clan. They focus their chakra deep in their lungs and let out a huge yell causing the person being hit by it to be viciously thrown back. A better description is that they are using their bloodline of the Force Release to send out a huge expel of chakra. It takes two posts to charge the chakra in your lungs, and you can still do things while charging this chakra. If the shout is not controlled, and more wide spread, is 20 meters. If it is a controlled shout is can go all the way up to fifty meters. Other Effects | - Requirements | Lightning Village, Force Release, and Being Part of the Kouga Clan Status | Restricted