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Found 1 result

  1. Bloodline Name | 一騎当千 Ikku Tousen (One Man Army) Possessors | Kushinada Clan— Chae Yoon. Appearance | The Kushinada are monolithic people. To the eye they are more like statues than men. Their muscles are dense and ripple beneath their skin. Their bones are heavy like iron rods and their tendons resemble braided steel. They don't share any other physical traits aside from their incredible musculature, but that does not mean they are indistinguishable from other clans or even one another. The privy will know a Kushinada when they see one, and those unfamiliar will know the difference between them and normal people should they come to blows. Abilities | Superior Condition: The Kushinada are built for combat. They are stronger and faster on average (can access Taijutsu one rank above their level), and generally have more stamina (SP) than their counterparts (one rank above their level). Body Supremacy: The clan itself has barely survived the advent of chakra usage, and while a Kushinada may utilize chakra similarly to his counterparts he will always be disadvantaged. But with training and through sheer force of will a Kushinada can develop a deeper understanding of their own body and, eventually, become sovereign to it. In the beginning they learn to localize their stamina to augment their strength and speed, but later in life they can develop control over their conscious and subconscious bodily functions. Weaknesses | Underdeveloped Tenketsu: Clan members possess weaker chakra circulatory systems than their counterparts. As a result, they are born with lower chakra reserves (CP) than normal (one rank below their level) and have a harder time molding chakra. The Kushinada can never possess an Advanced Release. Chakra Cost | All SP costs are one rank lower than average. All CP costs are doubled— excluding non-elemental Taijutsu with additional CP costs.