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Found 15 results

  1. Hello fellow Lightning Village Members! Kaii is looking for thread partners, whether it be for training or social or even to go on a mission. But the one thing I do ask if we do thread together and do training or mission is that we add some social aspects too it. I don't want to just do the training and then stop the thread, I'd like Kaii to make friendships and acquaintances and I know Lightning village don't do static squads but I'd like for him to eventually get noticed and people wanting to take him out on squad missions. I like to think I'm pretty fast to reply and I would let you know if I have a busy few days with work or a weekend plan but it shouldn't stop me from getting a post to you every day. I'm keen to start whenever and do whatever type of thread you want, I just want to get started and make the Akimichi clan more popular!
  2. Mission Name [Entity] | Friends of the Mountain [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | No Mission Description | We've recently felt the need to ensure strong ties with some of the minor villages, one of those being the Wind Village. We don't have permission to send one of our diplomats to the Kazan Islands yet, but we'd like to send you to start opening that door. Sōhei Nijiro has agreed to let us meet with his closest adviser, Kazuchika Okada. Okada isn't as isolationist as Nijiro is but don't expect a comfortable visit with the somewhat flamboyant spiritualist. Get in, avoid incident, and try to assure them that we are only reaching out to build a strong alliance and help strengthen their own held territory. Mission NPCs | Kazuchika Okada, the close adviser to Sōhei Nijiro. He will be accompanied by his 3 A-Rank guards. There should be no combat with them unless things go very, very wrong. First A-Rank: Ino Urimeshi (Female/Blond) Element: Fire, Wind Specialty: Bukijutsu (Spear Fighter) Second A-Rank: Kazu Imei(Male/Sandy Blond) Element: Water Specialty: Ninjutsu Third A-Rank: Tara Isumei (Female/Brunette) Element: Water, Wind Specialty: Ninjutsu Word Count | 1000 WC Requirements | Must be in the Open Seas board since the Meeting must take place on ships outside of Kazan Islands.
  3. Mission Name [Entity] | Walking the Edge [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | B-Rank Repeatable? | No, Must be assigned Mission Description | After clearing out the local bandits it's come to our attention that there is a much more pressing danger forming in the region. Missing-nin from the Akishi Valley are pushing North, this will undoubtedly upset our own interests in the area. Head towards the border of Gona'ku(Region 40) and eliminate the Missing Ninja supplying arms to the local bandits. It's likely they've taken prisoners, freeing them before harm can be done is important to our local image. We'd like for this not to turn into a bloodbath, our intelligence is telling us that the leader is prone to brutality, if you are seen coming he may kill hostages to make a statement. Do not let that happen, stealth is key here. Use the terrain to your advantage. Mission NPCs | Ghi Itoroki - B-Rank Missing Ninja Elements: Fire Threat Level/Background: Ghi is a reckless brute, more a threat to everyone around him than to a trained killer. He left the Flame Village during the last regime change as a low grade C-Rank, we now consider him more an equal to a B-Rank due to his increase in killing effectiveness since. He is known for using a number of large area flame techniques, more often than not catching his own men in his flames. You will be able to clearly identify him, his left side is scarred by old burn's, a memento from a previous encounter with a Lightning Shinobi. If he knows you are coming he is going to put hostages in the firing line to test you, the best option is to kill him without alerting anyone to your presence, if that isn't possible his death MUST take priority even over the lives of the hostages. Hideki Tojo - C-Rank Missing Ninja Element: Unknown Threat Level/Background: Hideki is a newer recruit from what are intelligence has given us and due to that we can't give you much information on him. What we did dig up is that he once called the Wind Country his home, was top of his class in their ninja training program. Shortly after attaining rank he left the village and has been hunted ever since. He is relatively young, appears to be early twenties. We aren't sure how he plays into the situation but we know that shortly after joining up with Ghi the small group began funneling weapons into the the Gona'ku Cliffs. If anyone is going to have good intelligence on where the weapons are being made and coming from it is likely to be him. Yoshijiro Umazu - C-Rank Missing Ninja Element: Earth Threat Level/Background: Yoshijiro is one of ours, a former Lightning Shinobi that managed to sneak out during the rebellions. He stayed underground for quite a while before resurfacing in the Akishi Valley, since then he's attached himself to a number of would be warlords on the rise. We view him as relatively low threat, however he does pose an interesting opportunity. Yoshijiro is a malleable piece to the puzzle, if we could get to him and convince him that we could put him in charge of the gang in return for helping us deal with their more volatile members then it's possible he could open the door for us. We know he likes to frequent drinking establishments outside of his gangs control, likely to avoid fighting for the same women and booze, strongly consider approaching him and flipping him to our side. 15 E-Rank and D-Rank level combatants are also in the base at all times, they are not truly trained as Shinobi and will be on the low end of their respective ranks. They will be armed with common weapons like spears, pull-arms, swords, and bows. Word Count | 1000 Per Participant Requirements | Must kill Ghi Itoroki, If attempting at C-Rank there must be 2 people, B-Rank and up can Solo. Must be done in 2 Posts, cannot be done in 1 post., Must have completed "Laying the Groundwork", this is the second in that mission line and will qualify for plot upon completion. Side Objectives: - Free the local prisoners to gain favor in the region - Capture Hideki Tojo so he can be interrogated later - Turn Yoshijiro Umazu against the gangs leadership, this will allow us to use him to keep further intrusions into the Gona'ku Cliffs to a minimum without assigning heavy resources. MUST BE ASSIGNED BY DRAK
  4. Mission Name [Entity] | Laying the Groundwork [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Once Per Character (Until Removed) Mission Description | We need some of our Shinobi to head Southeast to a given location in secret. You'll have to travel out of the Lightning Country to reach the location so be on guard. Once you've reached the small town report to the man running it, his name is Daud Ishikawa, he's asked for our help in rooting out a growing bandit problem. Eliminate the bandits quickly and send word via messenger, we will relay further orders after that. Mission NPCs | 12 Bandits in a small enclave, the bandits are little more than armed populace. They will be armed with common weapons such as spears, bows, swords, of low quality. They are holding up in a mountain hideout, their position, base layout, and readiness is up to you. Word Count | 700 Words per person Requirements | Must travel to Region 40, travel topic must also be linked and does not count towards the 700 WC. Will require more than 1 C-Rank, 1 B-Rank and up can complete alone.
  5. Mission Name[Village] | Building Bridges [Lightning Village] Mission Type | Village Mission Ranking | C-Rank Repeatable? | Yes Mission Description | The village has received a request from friendly nobles in a Foreign Country, they are looking for a little added protection during a local tour. They are willing to hire our Shinobi out and clear their presence in the area. Our informants are telling us that it should be relatively uneventful, that being said stay on your guard, you are representing Yamagakure out there. Mission NPCs | minimum of 1 political ally, could be enemies as well. Word Count | 700 Words Requirements | The Politician must survive.
  6. Name | Shōshi Uchiha [ 彰子うちは ]. Nickname | Sho • Shoshi • Chichi. Title Name | Five Feet of Fury. Gender | Female. Age | Fifteen [ 15 ]. Birth Date | July 23rd. Hair Color | Black. Eye Color | Black, with a hint of almond that particularly shows in bright light. Height | 5’0” • 152cm. Weight | 133lbs • 60kg. Appearance | Standing at five foot nothing, Shōshi is well known for her small stature, and has earned the nickname the “Five Feet of Fury” for it. With her disdain for feeling inferior to anyone, it’s not surprise that she’d like to be taller. But a part of her does like her height nevertheless, seeing many positives to her small stature. Her height has obviously had its part to influence her behavior as she obviously has a severe case of Napolean Complex. Her usual attire consists of a yellow-brown sweater vest over a plain white button-up shirt, with green accents at the sleeves, both of which fitted to her body snugly, accompanied by a green neck tie. This is accompanied by a pleated, patterned, mid-thigh length mini skirt of three different shades of green. What her skirt doesn’t cover, the pair of black thigh-high socks (sometimes stockings) adorning her thighs does, all the while accentuating the thickness of her thighs, all before descending into a pair of brown size six loafers. With all of this one can usually find her wearing a signature scarf around her neck and her hair is usually done up in a messy ponytail held by a simple ribbon (usually white). Her equipment is just as much a crucial part of her attire, and so, both her arms are bandaged up to just above the elbow and then covered by a pair of arm guards. Strap to the back of her waist is her ninja pouch containing her smaller weapons, and she long ago got into the habit of hiding weapons in her clothes, shoes, hair and even her unmentionables. And don’t tell anyone or she’ll kill you, but due to her mother pounding it into her head about how a young woman should be prepared, she secretly carries a bottle of pepper spray strapped to her upper thigh, concealed by her skirt; tell people she stores weapons in her ‘cooch’ and she won’t deny it, but tell them she carries pepper spray and she’ll kill you. Besides this, she has Lastly, at her waist, a pair of strapped holders hugs her tightly to hold the sheaths for her dual wakizashis. When not in her usual attire, to most people’s surprise, she in fact dresses very much like a girl. She acts tough, but at the end of the day she’s proud to say she’s a girl and telling her she looks pretty/cute/nice when she’s all dressed up will actually get you a long way. Don’t tell her she looks hot, sexy, etc though, that will get you cut. She has admitted to not liking pants whatsoever, and favors skirts & dresses - said skirts & dresses must not go pass her knees however, since she likes dressing as a girl, not an old lady. And despite being quite immodest and having no problem being seen naked, she never dresses trashy, and hates her tops showing more skin than her arms. She doesn’t wear heels, ever, and likes her shoes simple. Overall, her usual casual attire consists of sundresses (her overall favorite), miniskirts, practical tops & sandals or flats on her feet. While her clothing may seem normal however, almost every article of clothing she owns is in fact weighted clothing, with her usual attire being the most weighted. She doesn’t let a moment pass without getting some training in, and weighted clothing allows that. Everything from the ribbon in her hair down to the stockings on her legs to even her underwear weighs a few pounds, and worn altogether, when she says “you couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes”, for most people, that is a literal fact. The only problem with this of course is that to actually fight at full strength she would pretty much have to be butt naked, which she herself doesn’t mind as she acknowledges throwing away her humility years ago, but may not be so pleasant for others. Village | Lightning Village [ 雷の里 ]. Clan | Uchiha Clan [ うちは一族 ]. Village Ranking: | Genin [ 下忍 ]. Shinobi Ranking | C-Rank [ Cランク ]. Element(s) | Fire [ 火 ]. Specialties | Ninjutsu [ 忍術 ]. Bloodline | Curse of Hatred [ 憎しみの呪い ] • Sharingan [ 写輪眼 ]. Favorable | Training • Fighting • Learning • Her Breasts • Hardships • Cute Boys • Venting • Milk • Exotic Diets • Strange/Disgusting Foods/Tastes • Weapons • Hunting • Biting • Sundresses. Unfavorable | Weakness • Perverts • Accepting Help • Weaklings • Regulations & Authority • Her Breasts • Alcohol • Drugs (Medical or Recreational) • Children • Elderly • Easy • Feminism • Comfortable. Personality | A particular facet of Shōshi is that she likes things difficult. She believes that comfort is the enemy and as a ninja she refuses to get comfortable. A testament to this philosophy is her having moved out of her parent’s house and willingly staying on the streets as a hobo just to make things harder on herself. She’d rather eat worms in the forest than a warm meal. To some extent, subconsciously, she even deduced that her disrespectful attitude is partly her making people like her less so as to make things even harder on herself. Of course, she allows herself to indulge everso often, but for the most part, she’s all grit and no glam for herself. Be not mistaken by her behavior though, while she may act brash and uncivilized, she’s an absolute super genius. She graduated from the ninja academy with a perfect score in all categories and displayed such potential that she’s considered to have more potential than anyone who has ever passed through the village’s academy system. While many don’t expect such of her, Shōshi is in fact quite “girly” and is proud of such. No, she doesn’t like cute things, nice things or any of that girly stuff, she just likes being a girl. When it comes to deeper feelings, such as love or infatuation, Shōshi is, more or less girly in such. She knows that she can’t completely keep that side of her supress, she wouldn’t be an Uchiha if it was that easy, and so she simply embraces & indulges her feelings ever so often. Every now and then she finds a guy she likes, and, she turns on the charm. And for about two weeks, she’s more or less quite nice to whoever the object of her affection may be, but as mentioned, this is all temporary. Her affection comes in short, but intense bursts, and once that spur is done, she usually dumps guys like a hot potato. Philosophy & Beliefs | Shōshi simply wants power. She doesn’t want to conquer the world, she doesn’t want to be the world’s greatest ninja, she doesn’t want to protect anyone. She just wants to prove to herself and everyone that she can do anything she sets her mind towards. And she will kill, betray & deceive whoever gets in her way. Of course, at some point some people began thinking she’s doing it cause of feminist “girl power”, and now she can’t stand feminists. History & Background |
  7. Jutsu Name | Blight: Acid Shock Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Medical - Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 CP Handsigns | Snake - Hare Range | 15 Meters Duration | Instant Description | The user accumulates and enhances naturally occurring acid within their stomach via chakra and applies the lightning element to it when it is spewed out in a heavy stream from the mouth. The acid becomes more intense upon hitting the air and easily eats away through organic material, but inorganic material, aside from things such as fabric, remains unaffected. The stream can reach up to 15 meters and reaches approximately 1 meter in width as it fans out more the farther it reaches from the mouth. Other Effects | Any flesh hit by the acid that is not covered by something more than fabric immediately blisters into open sores. If the acid is not thoroughly washed from the skin, it continues to eat downward until the entire affected dermis is melted away after four posts. This time is halved for soft or internal tissue such as eyes, which are immediately blinded due to sores forming on them if they are hit, the inside of the mouth, muscles, or intestines. Ironically, the lightning chakra mixed into the acid causes the pain from these injuries to be completely numbed for these four posts, often causing general damage to be overlooked, but does not stop the effects from the wound such as blood loss and the like. Upon the fifth post if the wound is left untreated, the victim is overwhelmed by the sudden onset of pain and suffers a one level loss to reflexes; this effect cannot stack with itself. The user's mouth is protected from the acid during the spew by their own chakra coating the inside; they are not immune to it once it has contact with the air. Requirements | Medical [Adept] - Ninjutsu [Beginner] Status | Open - Lightning (changed from restricted)
  8. Jutsu Name | Lightning Release: Electric Current Armor Jutsu Type | Defensive Ranking | C Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 15 CP Initial 5 CP upkeep. Handsigns | Ram - Tiger - Boar Range | Self Duration | 3 Post Description | The user channels his chakra around his body which is engulfed in a dark blue current of electricity. This current acts as a ninja tool deflector, sturdy defense against C rank or below weapons and provides a paralyzing coating around the user which shocks others when contact is made. Other Effects | This Jutsu deals no damage, instead paralyzing one limb for one post when physical contact is made. Small projectile weapons of C rank or lower will be deflected. Large and melee weapons will bypass this defense, but deal reduced damage. Requirements | Lightning Release Status | Lightning Village
  9. Jutsu Name | Lightning Release: Black Lightning Vortex Shuriken Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | A Rank Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu, Bukijutsu Energy Cost | 45 CP Handsigns | Snake- Dog- Dragon- Bird Range | Short- Midrange (when detonated the range of the blast is 35 Meters long, while its range to paralyze is only within 15 meters of the center of the blast radius.) Duration | Can be maintained as weapon (Bukijutsu Spec), otherwise until destroyed Description | The user concentrates his black lightning chakra forming a large fuma shuriken like spinning vortex in his hand made of condensed heated electricity like chakra (similar to the chidori). The chakra solidifies and its sharp blades rotate in a circular motion rapidly giving off screeching air cutting noise (the blades 3 feet long each, 4 inches in thickness, and 2 inches wide) . Its points become extremely sharp able to cut through even rock. This can be used as a secondary weapon or as a projectile (travels at A rank speed). Other Effects | The shuriken can be detonated by the user by forming the appropriate handsign (dragon) the blast radius (A rank power Blast) is about 35 meters wide while the eye of the blast (center point) gives off a paralyzing current (15 meters) (A rank Paralysis for 3 post, 6 for B, 9 for C) Endurance of greater level (8) can endure the paralyzing effects while those equal lvl (7) have the effects (post count) halved. Requirements | Lightning Village, must be taught by Kensei Status | Permission
  10. Jutsu Name | Lightning Release: Shadow clone Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive, Supplement Ranking | A rank Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 35 CP per clone, 10CP to maintain Handsigns | Clone seal- Ox seal, Tiger, Clone seal Range | short-mid range Duration | Till deactivated, Destroyed Description | This technique allows the user to make a shadow clone infused with lightning. Because it is a shadow clone, it is able to perform techniques and interact with the environment due to it having physical substance; and also evenly distributes the user's chakra to each clone. If the clone is injured, it will revert to its natural lightning-state, at the same time electrocuting whatever it is touching. Other Effects | Constant use, and multiple clones can cause user to exhaust chakra reserves. Requirements | A rank, Lightning Spec Status | Lightning village only
  11. Jutsu Name | Lightning Release Armour Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | S Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Chakra Cost | 100 Handsigns | 3 Range | Self Duration | 20 CP per Round of Posting Description | The user wraps their body in a layer of lightning chakra which, instead of being used offensively, is used to electrically stimulate their nervous system. The technique speeds up neural synapses reaction time, and pushes physical prowess to the absolute limit allowing for tremendous raw speed. The technique has different levels of activation each visibly depicted by the users hair which stands up when the technique is activated to the fullest. This is still determined by the users own base speed and/or reflexes. Speed is increased by 2 levels and reflex by 1. This means that if a user of this jutsu can still have a speed lower than someone who has higher base speed, despite the 2 levels this grants. Typically combined with taijutsu, this jutsu can also be paired with bukijutsu that deal with close quarters combat (a thrown kunai or projectile don't carry the ability of LRA), allowing for unorthodox methods of combat. Other Effects | If the jutsu is combined with the force, the lightning becomes more potent and is enough to cause slight paralysis upon contact lowering the speed and reflexes of the victim by 1 Level. An effect that can even transfer through his weapon strikes (close quarters, not projectiles). Effects last two rounds of posting. It doesn't stack, but if hit again while already under the influence of the de-buff, it is re-started. To do this costs another 50 CP and raises the sustained cost to 30 CP. Original jutsu can only be activated twice per thread. Force enhanced only once per thread. Requirements | Lightning Village Only. Must be S-Rank. Must learn it from creator or others the creator has taught. Status | Permission Required
  12. Jutsu Name | Fus Ro Dah Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | A Element(s) | Force Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 Handsigns | Monkey -> Dragon -> Rat Range | Long Range (20 Meters - 50 Meters) Duration | Instant Description | This jutsu is used by people in the Kouga clan. They focus their chakra deep in their lungs and let out a huge yell causing the person being hit by it to be viciously thrown back. A better description is that they are using their bloodline of the Force Release to send out a huge expel of chakra. It takes two posts to charge the chakra in your lungs, and you can still do things while charging this chakra. If the shout is not controlled, and more wide spread, is 20 meters. If it is a controlled shout is can go all the way up to fifty meters. Other Effects | - Requirements | Lightning Village, Force Release, and Being Part of the Kouga Clan Status | Restricted
  13. Jutsu Name | | Chidori Sharp Spear Jutsu Type | Offensive, Supplementary Ranking | A Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 60 Handsigns | | Monkey Range | | short-Midrange Duration | | Contact/Instant Description | | The original Chidori gained its power by shaping it into a form sufficient for an electrical discharge and using it together with the user's own "thrust". This technique uses shape transformation to form the original Chidori into a spear or blade-shape, adapting it for mid-range attacks with a maximum range of about 35 meters. Its increased range means there is less of a risk to the user. It also has the advantage of being able to be used for surprise attacks and capturing. When the enemy's body is pierced, the user can alter the spear's shape into multiple additional blades, increasing the number of wounds. The blade can also be swung in order to cut things as well as cause fatal injuries. Other Effects | | -This technique can also be channeled through a Chokuto (Bukijutsu Primary Only) -This technique can act as a makeshift sword (Bukijutsu Primary only) Requirements | | Lightning Village - A Rank- Must possess chidori Status | Open
  14. Jutsu Name | Chidori Jutsu Type | Offensive, Supplementary Ranking | A Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 Handsigns | Ox → Rabbit → Monkey Range | short range Duration | Contact/Instant Description | This technique channels a large amount of lightning chakra to the user's hand. The amount of chakra is so great that it becomes visible. The high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping, hence the name. Once the technique is completed, the user charges forward and thrusts the Chidori into the target. This produces heavy amounts of damage that is usually fatal (piercing damage without any other effects.). This technique is classified as an assassination technique because of the speed at which it is performed, despite the loud noise it produces. Other Effects | can also transmit his Chidori through weapons (Bukijutsu Spec only) Requirements | Lightning Village - A Rank Status | Open
  15. Jutsu Name | Chidori Senbon Jutsu Type | Ninjutsu Ranking | A Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 70 (up to 95 for max amount of senbon as A rank) Handsigns | Ox -> Rabbit -> Dragon -> Tiger Range | Short-Mid Range Duration | Instant/Contact (When concentrated senbon can be solidified and used to pierce targets unto objects and may last for a short period of time after.) Description | In comparison to the standard Chidori, it further specialties in speed, by being transformed into countless sharp senbon, which are all aimed and fired at the enemy. By increasing the amount of chakra used, the number of senbon also increases proportionally. Other Effects | When used in tandem with Sensory techniques/bloodlines it becomes far more effective and deadly, as it allows the user to precisely shoot for the target's vital points. Requirements | A Rank- Lightning Village- Must possess Chidori Status Lightning village