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Found 3 results

  1. Fu paced back and forth the hospital room impatiently. For the passed year, this one room had been her home. She ate, slept and was healed here by various shinobi. Ever since her incident with her family in the fire from a year ago, she had been saved by a certain shinobi in the village. She had suffered terrible injuries, mostly burns and even one of her organs had ruptured that terrible day. At the time, Fu didn't know what happened exactly, but the more she thought on the situation, she got a better understanding of what had happened. She possessed an advanced element of explosions. Involuntarily, she had caused her house to explode. Killing both of her parents and the thug inside. By some miracle, she had managed to survive but with serious injuries. She had spent the last year in the hospital: the medical shinobi healing her wounds and making the scars disappear. During that time, her hair had grown back long and beautiful. All of that time was just about over now. Fujin continued to pace the middle of the room impatiently as she waited for a certain medical shinobi to arrive. Fu had spent many days with this shinobi, talking and healing Fu's wounds... Fu just had one last thing she wanted the medical nin to do for her before she left the village. She just wasn't too sure how to ask for such a weird favor.
  2. Open

    The young genin stared off in the distance to where the waterfall seems to drop off the end of the world, the same apathetic scowl he always wore firmly embedded on his face. The expression was only empathized by the string wet strands of dark locks clinging to his face, he was not only wet, but he was also hot... and sticky. Despite the water itself being quite refreshing, the humid weather definitely hadn't won the child over as he scoffed aloud to himself. Satomi had been forced to abandon his coat in favor of shedding the heavy fabric to allow his skin to breath better, something that he was beginning to regret as he could swear that the air was physically sticking to his sweaty flesh. The boy's expression shifted as he combed the fingers of his left hand back through his hair, the right hand following suit as he desperately preened himself in an attempt to not look like a wet dog—only smell like one. A frustrated sigh said it all as his arms fell to his side with a slightly wet slap against his soaked clothes. “I should reeeally think these things through...” Truth be told, the shinobi has been out since the early morning. Right out the door following breakfast he made the special trip to Maiden's Falls with the intent to practice his ninjutsu arts, he may have not have graduated from the Academy not too long ago but he was already determined to show that he could make a great ninja. Only that unfortunately meant he couldn't be as lazy as he had hoped, a thought that only brought out a groan from the boy as he stood as still as he could in the middle of the very river threatening to sweep him right to a rocky death. Perhaps in wasn't the right word to, but he was rather standing on the river the best he could. A few wobbles however would suggest the violent current of the river wasn't keen on having the shinobi use his jutsu to defy the natural laws of the universe, forcing the child to rapidly adjust his chakra on the fly to keep himself planted and not carried off to a ten mile reflection of where he went wrong before becoming a yakatori on the sharp rocks at the bottom of the falls. Word Count: Post: 397 Total: 397
  3. Things seemed to have a turning point for Rei. The last thing he had remembered, was leaving the cave in the tundra from a mission he and Takara had. Both he and her had been injured, his a physical injury and hers a head injury. She was quite stubborn at the time, so he had insisted on carrying her back to the village. Throughout the trek back to the village, his own injury had worsened until he had passed out from the pain. That was when he had woke up in a comfortable clean bed, in a quiet room connected to a busy hallway. It was a hospital room. His clothes had been stripped and his ribs were set back into place and healed by the medical shinobi. I must have passed out before we got back to the village... he thought to himself as he jumped up from the bed, fully naked and quickly finding his clothes. They had not been difficult to find. His clothes had been watched and mended with sewing and then placed in a chair across from the hospital bed. It was an odd sensation and he didn't personally care for the smell. He had never been in the hospital before. Growing up homeless in the slums, he had never been afforded with an opportunity to be treated in such a fancy place. Ever since he had become a shinobi, he had let his summonings do all of the heavy lifting for him with little danger involved to himself. His first time in the shinobi hospital and it had been for taking damage for someone else. He shook his head, regretting how foolishly he he tried to save Takara. Not so much in his decision to save her, but because his body had moved on its own without him consciously willing it. He grabbed his pants from the chair and began to put them on, his upper body still wrapped in heavy white bandages as he grumbled a bit. Though his body had healed, he was still in a fair bit of pain. "I need to know how long I was unconscious..." he would say absently to himself as he pulled his pants up and buttoned them. He didn't like being in an uncommon environment and not knowing what had occurred while he was unconscious. Had Takara been okay? How did they get back to the village? He had several questions but first he needed to get dressed and find someone to ask. His eyes scanned the room for any odd details, but all he could see was a bottle of sake beside the bed on a table. Why was that there? WC-446