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Found 65 results

  1. Jutsu Name | Hotaru No Michi: Silk shot Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B Element(s) | Fire | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 Handsigns | Rat-Dragon-Boar-Rooster Range | 20 Meters Duration | Up to 3 Post Description | Due to members of the Hotaru being host to insects their bodies have come to become different then that of most ninjas, and because of this once the the Hotaru has done the needed hand signs they are able to mold their chakra and have the bugs inside of their body produce their special silk. The Hotaru is then able to expel this silk either threw the palm of their hands or their mouth if so be. The silk will come out in a quick long stand that is about 10 centimeters thick and equal in strength of ninja wire its rank. The strand will move at the speed of that of a B rank jutsu and if makes contact with its target will completly wrap around them leaving immobile until the silk is cut off. Other Effects | The Hotaru also has the choice of utilizing the silk by adding their elemental chakra to it allowing for the silk to have other effects. That being said if the silk is coated in fire nature chakra it will be hot and capable of causing Burn equal to B rank to any thing it touches. While on the on the other hand if lightning nature chakra is used the silk will have a electrical property to it. Causing it to cause B rank lightning dank to anything it comes into contact with. Now if the silk is actually able to come into contact with a living target and entangle them, for every post that they are caught inside of the silk, 25 CP will be drained from them. This being due to the nature of the Photuris fireflies used by the Hotaru Requirements | Hotaru No Michi Bloodline Status | Open
  2. Jutsu Name | Living Shadow Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 initial, 10 CP per post Handsigns | Dog - Rat - Dragon -Horse Range | Casting Range: Self; Operational Range: 15 meters Duration | 3 posts Description | This jutsu causes the users shadow to seemingly come alive, animating it in a fashion similar to a clone technique (ie it moves independently of the user). While remaining two dimensional in nature the users shadow can move freely away from the hosts body. Although when it moves it appears to mimic a humans movement (running walking etc) it still physically behaves like a shadow. That means it's not effected by gravity so it can run "up" a tree or a wall and will "wrap" around the edges of any surface it was moving across rather than stepping off of it. This can be used for recon since, like a clone, once it disperses the knowledge of what it experienced is transferred back to the user. So one can send their shadow out to scout an area and then learn of it once it disperses. In combat this clone is more unique than the traditional one. It cannot physically interact with anything that isn't shadow but it can strike an opponents shadow and the damage will be reflected on them as if the user had physically struck his opponent himself. Similarly the shadow can "grapple" the opponents shadow and the restraint will be applied to the opponent. If the living shadow grabs the wrist of an opponents shadow they will feel as though their wrist is being held in the grip of the techniques user and how much that hinders them is up to the difference in strength between the user and opponent. The shadow can attack with weapons the user was holding but it cannot throw projectiles. While it can move through other shadows it cannot attack from within one. Similarly if an opponent does not have a shadow to attack either because it is high noon and no shadow is cast or because they are standing within a larger shadow that completely engulfs their own then the Living Shadow cannot damage them. Other Effects | While the technique seemingly gives the user an incredible advantage of a clone immune to attack that is not the case. In the same way the living shadow can only interact with other shadows, shadows can act upon it. If the opponent figures this out they can deal damage back to the user in the same way the user attacks. In example, if one were to throw a shuriken in such a way that its shadow strikes the Living Shadow than the clone will disperse upon being hit and the damage will be reflected back on the user, up to and including lethal damage. Requirements | Ninjutsu Adept Status | Private
  3. Jutsu Name | Kageoni Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | Hare - Dragon - Rat Range | 20 meters Duration | 1 turn Description | Using their chakra the user plunges a limb or weapon "into" a near by shadow. A shadow construct in the shape of whatever was initially inserted will then rise up from a designated point from within a shadow with the 20 meter range of the user. The construct maintains the speed and power of whatever was used to shape it but if someone attempts to break it they only have to overcome a C rank. This jutsu can only be used with something attached or held by the user, so you cannot throw a shuriken into a shadow and have a shadow shuriken fly out somewhere else. The shadows of humans or animals cannot be used. Other Effects | Requirements | Ninjutsu Status | Open: Fire Village
  4. Jutsu Name | Nimbus Formation Technique Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP Handsigns | Snake -Dragon Range | Duration | 3 posts (4 if it is a calm day) Description | This technique uses the natural surrounding water in the air to rise up and form a low-hanging nimbus cloud. The chakra is merely used to accelerate the natural process of cloud formation in the area in which the technique is used so the cloud is not made of chakra and does not disperse as most jutsu do. However it is not under the users control either, meaning it cannot be further manipulated, and natural air movements will eventually cause it to float away. It is in every way an average cloud. Other Effects | Requirements | Water Release Status | Open
  5. Raikiri Jutsu Name | Lightning Cutter (Raikiri) Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | S-Rank Element(s) | Lightning - Raiton Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 100 (50 initial, 20 upkeep) Handsigns | Ox → Rabbit → Monkey Range | 30-meter distance ( 25-meter Aoe ) Duration | Instant Description | Kakashi later demonstrated the ability to imbue a projectile weapon, such as a kunai, with his Lightning Cutter, granting the technique long-range capabilities. In this instance, the kunai was capable of piercing through multiple large rocks with ease, without any loss of momentum or change in trajectory. Other Effects | The Lightning Cutter is an enhanced and concentrated form of the Chidori with the same effects and drawbacks. Requirements | Chidori Status | Open
  6. Jutsu Name | Enhanced Haze: Electromagnetic Repulsion Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | B Element(s) | Lightning Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 Initial - 10 Upkeep Handsigns | Snake - Tiger - Bird - Monkey Range | 5 to 25 Meters - (AoE) Duration | 3 Posts Description | This jutsu acts upon the static mist produced by Lightning Release: Haze and enhances it into a stronger electromagnetic field. Any object with conductive metal capable of being magnetized to an extent and not held or carried on a person's body is repulsed directly backwards out of the area of effect by 10 meters when this jutsu is activated; these objects being held or carried by a person lose this immunity if they extend more than five feet away from the source and become subject to the jutsu's effects. Any metal containing object being thrown or otherwise attempting to move through or into the area while the field is active is repulsed back in the direction it came at the same force it is launched or moved with. While this jutsu does not effect objects with metal underground, it does prevent them from surfacing above ground through the same repulsion mechanics. If a metal is resistant to being a conductor or magnetized, but still capable of it, the technique acts at half force in regards to how far a metal object is expelled from it, putting it at 5 meters rather than 10 meters, and how much force it is sent backwards by if thrown or moved. Other Effects | Because it cannot be used without another jutsu active, its range is dependent upon the range of the aforementioned technique rather than its own rank. Requirements | Lightning Release: Haze must be active and produced by the caster of this technique. [link] Status | Open - Lightning Village
  7. Jutsu Name | Shadow Trapping Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | C,B, A Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | Snake - Dog - Rat- Tiger - Clap Hands Range | 15, 20, or 25 meters from user. Size of the affected shadow. Duration | 3, 3, or 4 posts Description | After making the required hand signs the user uses their chakra to rig a trap on a shadow they are touching (usually by standing on it). If anyone with chakra differing from the user touches the afflicted shadow (again, usually by stepping on it but any bodily touch will activate it) tooth-like shadows will rise up and clamp down on them like a comically over sized bear trap. For instance if someone stepped on it the jaws would clamp down just around the knee of a person of average height, rather than around the ankle like a realistically proportioned bear trap would. If the user moves out of the 15 meter range of the shadow or if the shadow is of a moving object and it moves out of the ranger of the user the trap will vanish, even if it has already sprung on someone. Since the trap is made out of shadow if someone creates a bright enough light that the afflicted shadow is completely wiped out, even for a moment, the trap will vanish once again even if it has already sprung. The trap will not spring on the person who cast it but it cannot differentiate between ally and enemy so communication is key if used with friendlies around. The trap will not spring if touched by an inanimate object so once could cross a trapped area by doing something such as knocking a tree down on the shadow and then stepping over that. It will also spring around any foreign chakra source meaning that if someone knows an area is trapped they could create a small amount of any element and drop it on the shadow, which will spring the trap since it is composed of foreign chakra. The amount of traps that can spring from one shadow are based on the rank of the jutsu. 1 for C, 2 for B and 3 for A. Once all traps have sprung the shadow can be safely touched by anyone. Other Effects | Requirements | Status | Open to Flame Nin
  8. Today was the day that those in the academy would be given a chance to learn the 2 most basic jutsu's required to be come a fully fledged ninja of Konohagakure. Kurai, being the exited person that he usually is turned up to the class half an hour earlier than what was intended. Class started at 9am and yet here he was sitting inside the classroom waiting for her sensei to come with the scrolls that contained the techniques information. It did not take long for her sensei to enter the room with a bunch of scrolls, to the point that even a few of them were falling out of his hands as he made his was towards his desk. Setting them down he noticed a figure in the corner of her eye. Like any normal person would he diverted his attention momentarily so investigate what he had perceived in his peripheral vision. "Kurai. What are you doing here so early?" To be frank Kurai's sensei did not really need to answer this question considering that it was quite obvious of what she was here for. "Actually I already no what you are here for." Looking at her sensei Kurai could only smile and try to contain his excitement as she watch the man, pick up a scroll of the floor and toss it over to her. "Looks like you get an early start, get practicing kiddo." Catching the scroll mid flight Kurai, bolted from the classroom outside, not before saying "Thank you!" on her way out without even turning around. One could say that her eagerness showed no bounds. Reaching the villages training field Kurai posted himself underneath a tree with the scroll she had only just received. Opening it up Kurai's eyes lit up with more excitement that before. There in his hands contain the information the she needed to prepare himself for becoming a great shinobi It was one step in being able to make her mother proud. The first technique on the scroll was the Clone technique, heck the person who wrote the scroll even threw in a little summary of what the jutsu is; Clone Technique : Ram → Snake → Tiger A simple type of ninjutsu that creates and intangible copy of ones self. Perfect. Setting down the scroll Kurai went through the hand signs that the scroll had indicated for her to do. Ram, Snake and then Tiger. Kurai went through this a few times just to get the hang of it in addition to so that she does not fumble when the time comes for her to actually perform the jutsu. Testing the waters Kurai went through the hand signs imbuing each one with very minimal chakra. Finishing the hand signs a small cloud of smoke appeared next to her revealing the clone that he had just created, and this thing definitely did not represent Kurai. The clone was extremely skinny, with no muscle or fat on the body, only skin and bone was present. She had succeeded in making a clone of himself but it was definitely not an exact copy of him. Dispelling the 'clone' he ran through the hand signs again. Ram → Snake → Tiger This time putting more chakra into is another cloud appeared next to Kurai, revealing a more direct copy of himself. Wearing the exact same clothes; simply blue t-shirt with white shorts. Kurai had succeeded in creating a clone of himself. Putting her hand up in celebration Kurai looked on proud as the clone copied exactly what she did. Seeing this only made her laugh and causing a large smile to appear on her face. Dispelling the clone Kurai, sat under the tree giving herself a small rest before continuing onto the next technique. After taking a small break Kurai stood up, once again giving herself a small pat on the back for successfully completing the clone transformation. Taking a deep breath, it was time for Kurai to once again attempt the transformation jutsu. This was definitely not the first time she had attempted this jutsu, as she was one of the few out of the academy class to receive the opportunity to attempt it to show that it was fairly difficult to pull off. However this did not faze her one bit in this instance. Taking a quick peek at the scroll again, she doubled check that the hand signs were; dog, boar, and ram. Just like the with the clone technique jutsu, Kurai quickly ran through the signs to make sure that her felt comfortable in doing so. Performing the jutsu, Kurai did the necessary hand signs whilst adding chakra. A large cloud of smoke appeared around Kurai however nothing happened. Looking at her hands to check whether his transformation jutsu had worked was something that she did instinctively, however after doing so, Kurai recalled a piece of vital information that was given to the entire academy class about performing the jutsu, imagination or another way to put it was visualise the object or person that you wish to transform into. Now to begin with this was a fairly difficult concept for her to grasp however as time went on, Kurai stopped trying to transform into complex objects like shuriken and instead decided to transform into a copy of her academy teacher. With the image of his academy teacher in her head Kurai went through the hand signs at a decent rate, allowing him more time to concentrate on the minor details of his tutor. In a large puff of cloudy smoke, Kurai had completed the transformation jutsu, actually creating a decent copy of her academy teacher. There were a few minor imperfections like the weapons pouch being on the right side instead of the left, however minute details come in time with practice of the technique. Looking at his hands, what Kurai saw definitely were not her own. Seeing this she shouted as loud as possible with joy, causing a few nested birds around the area to fly away in annoyance at their peaceful environment had just been rudely disturbed. Transforming back to himself, Kurai went and pick up the scroll that contained the information about both of the techniques and ran back to her academy teacher with what one would call good news. WC - 1058
  9. Jutsu Name | Shadow Gathering Technique Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | D Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 10 CP Handsigns | Snake - Rat Range | 5 meters Duration | 2 posts Description | The user can create up to two small shadow tentacles that are capable of precise movements. The tentacles do not have much physical lifting strength and cannot lift anything heavier than a normal sized katana, but are usually used to lift ninja tools such as kunai or shuriken. They can arise from the users own shadow or any shadow the users is already connected to. Other Effects | Requirements | Status | Open
  10. Jutsu Name | Shadow Bind Technique Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C, B, A, S Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | C-Rank: 15 CP Activation, 5 CP Per Post B-Rank: 25 CP Activation, 10 CP Per Post A-Rank: 30 CP Activation, 15 CP Per Post S-Rank: 50 CP Activation, 20 CP Per Post Handsigns | Rat - Dog - Tiger - Dragon - Hare - Snake (Three to six hand signs depending on rank used) Range | C-Rank: 15 Meters B-Rank: 20 Meters A-Rank: 25 Meters S-Rank: 30 Meters Duration | C-Rank: 3 B-Rank: 3 A-Rank: 4 S-Rank: 4 Description | The Shadow Bind Technique allows the user to send their shadow across surfaces, connecting to other shadows, to a target. Once it reaches the target it will connect to their shadow and prevent them from moving. This paralysis does not extend to the face, allowing any afflicted victims to continue speaking. The user can bind as many victims as they can stretch their shadow out to touch. Other Effects | The range of the jutsu can be increased by connecting the user's shadow to preexisting shadows or by using a source of bright light such as a flash bomb to artificially increase the size of the users shadow. Requirements | Ninjutsu Status | Open
  11. Jutsu Name | Shadow Bind Hosting Technique Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25 CP Handsigns | Dog - Hare - Snake Range | 15 meters Duration | 3 posts Description | The user attaches their shadow to a "hosts" shadow. This does not restrict the hosts movement in any way. The host will then move and attempt to connect their shadow to the true targets shadow in some fashion. Once this happens the shadow will transfer over to the new target and from that connection the user can activate the Shadow Bind Technique and restrict their movements. Other Effects | Requirements | Ninjutsu Status | Open
  12. Jutsu Name | Water Release: Great Shark Bullet Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | A Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 75 CP Handsigns | Clap - Snake - Dragon - Tiger - Great Shark Bullet Seal Range | 20 meters Duration | 4 posts Description | The user creates a gigantic shark out of water and, by thrusting both hands forward, sends it to attack the opponent. This technique differs from the original, since this is able to absorb the chakra from an opponent's technique and in turn, use that chakra to grow larger and more powerful. Therefore, the stronger the opponent's technique is, the stronger this technique will get. For every technique this jutsu absorbs that is below or equal to A rank it will increase in power .5 ranks. For every jutsu it absorbs that is stronger than A rank it will increase 1 rank in power. If the technique ever reaches the point that it is two full ranks above the shinobi level of the caster (so SS rank for an A rank shinobi) it will become too powerful for them to control and collapse in on itself in a harmless fashion. The technique is unable to absorb Earth element Ninjutsu due to the elemental weakness. The shark moves one rank faster if used underwater. Other Effects | Requirements | Adept Ninjutsu Status | Open; Fire Village
  13. Jutsu Name | Newton's 3rd Jutsu Type | Defensive Ranking | C Element(s) | - Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | Varies on jutsu defending against. Handsigns | Dog, cat, rat Range | Self Duration | Varies Description | Essentially the user of this jutsu 'coats' their body in chakra. Once a technique is shot at them (e.g. fireball jutsu, water bullet, and so on) the user will use the exact opposite amount of chakra in order to nullify the attacker's technique completely. Pheonix Flower Jutsu costs 25 CP to cast and in order to defend against that I must exert the same amount of chakra. Other Effects | - Requirements | - Status | Personal, upon request.
  14. Jutsu Name | Clone Great Explosion Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | A Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 75 CP Handsigns | Rat - Rat- Rat - Rat - Dog Range | 10 meter AoE on the blast Duration | 4 turns. Description | The Clone Great Explosion is a technique used to create a shadow clone that can be detonated. After forming the shadow clone it can act completely like a normal shadow clone except they cannot use offensive Ninjutsu and it can be detonated with an additional hand sign from the original. If they are hit and dispersed by an opponent they will detonate immediately, which is beyond the users control. Other Effects | Requirements | Ninjutsu Adept, Shadow Clone Jutsu Status | Open
  15. Jutsu Name | Dustless Bewildering Cover Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | B Element(s) | Water Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 CP Handsigns | Snake Snake Snake Snake Range | Self Duration | 3 turns Description | The Dustless Bewildering Cover technique utilizes water vapor to bend the light around the user making use of Water Release to do so. The user erases their presence, causing them to have neither a physical form nor detectable chakra while the technique is active. They are not detectable through the use of Doujutsu or traditional chakra sensory techniques while this jutsu is active. However the user can be detected through the use of tactile sensory abilities, jutsu that alert their caster when something is physically touched. While the user of the technique can be detected through their disruption of their surroundings most ninja are fairly adept at moving undetected and it is not usually an issue unless they are put in a situation where moving in any fashion would result in them disturbing something. Due to the incredibly suppression of their chakra and form it is impossible for the user to attack, cast jutsu, or maintain other jutsu while the technique is active. If the user makes any moves to attack or use a technique the cloaking will instantly cease. Other Effects | Requirements | Adept Ninjutsu Status | Open; Fire Village
  16. Jutsu Name | Doton: Scatter Killing Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | Doton Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu/Taijutsu (it's a nintaijutsu move) Energy Cost | 25 CP to activate, 10 CP per turn to maintain. Handsigns | Ox -> Boar -> Technique specific seal Range | Self Duration | Until dismissed (max 3 turns) Description | By performing the necessary seals, the user envelops their feet in Doton-element chakra. This allows their kicks/stomps to locally rupture the ground and/or cause small tremors, causing the user's normal kicks to deal damage as if they were C-rank Doton techniques (of course, rules for interacting with other elements apply). However, throwing a normal kick while this technique is active costs 10 SP per kick. This bonus damage does NOT stack with kick-based (or stomp-based) taijutsu techniques that are already C-rank or higher. Other Effects | None Requirements | Have Doton as your primary nature, have both ninjutsu and taijutsu as specilities, each at a level that would allow the use of a C-rank technique. Status | Public as long as the above requirements are fulfilled.
  17. Jutsu Name | Scorch Style: Disposal of The Unnecessary Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | A-Rank Element(s) | Scorch Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 75 Handsigns | N/A Range | 10 Meters Duration | 1 Post Description | Developed as a method for quickly disposing of bodies, either mid combat or afterwards. This Jutsu makes use of Scorch Style's insane ability to super heat items, specifically body parts, to dispose of them. This jutsu Creates a cone of energy 10 meters long, by 10 meters wide. If this jutsu hits severed useless limbs, or dead bodies they are instantly vaporized leaving behind nothing. Anything else stuck in the cone takes normal damage. Other Effects | -Having no handseals this jutsu takes an entire turn to charge up. Requirements | Status | Open
  18. Jutsu Name | Scorch Style: Spirit Sword Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B-Rank Element(s) | Scorch Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 25, 10cp Handsigns | Tiger, Horse, Rooster, Tiger Range | 1 Meter long Blade Duration | Upkeep Description | Using Fire to generate heat, and wind to fan and shape that heat the user is able to create and wield Sword Made completely out of Scorch chakra. For all intents and purposes it's treated like a regular sword, and can be used in conjunction with bukijutsu techniques. While the sword isn't technically solid it does produce constant stream of energy that allows it to physically clash with other solid objects. It doesn't not have a sharpness as it's simply a long baton of energy, but it does burn anything that it touch. Other Effects | The User is able to safely wield, and control the sword. Requirements | Status | Open
  19. Jutsu Name | Wind Release: Vacuum Space Jutsu Type | Supplementary Ranking | C Element(s) | Wind Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 15 initial, upkeep of 5 Handsigns | Dog-Rat-Snake Range | 15 meter range; variable AoE with a max of 10 meters Duration | 3 turns Description | Through the manipulation of air the user removes all breathable oxygen out of the designated area creating an oxygen-less vacuum. An invisible bubble of chakra stops any outside air from blowing in while the jutsu is active. This creates a space that has several noticeable effects. Fire cannot burn without oxygen as fuel, so any fire inside of the space would almost immediately die. Sound cannot travel through a vacuum so anyone inside the space would be unable to hear any sounds generated from outside it, just as anyone outside the space would be unable to hear any sounds coming from within. Finally, and most obviously, anyone inside the space would begin to choke as there is no breathable air. This can of course be dangerous but as the space does not inhibit ones movement at all anyone inside of it can simply move outside the space and be able to breath again. Other Effects | Requirements | Ninjutsu, Wind Release Status | Restricted
  20. Jutsu Name | Wind Release: Vacuum Wave Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B-Rank Element(s) | Wind Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 Handsigns | Rat → Snake → Horse → Dog Range | 20 Meters Duration | 1 Round Description | The User takes in a large breath, and turns their head while exhaling. Producing a 20 meters wide blade of air which flies forward cutting down anything in it's path with cannot withstand it's B-Rank sharpness. Other Effects | Requirements | Status | Open
  21. Jutsu Name | Collaboration: Ultimate Supreme Rasengan Jutsu Type | Offensive, Defensive Ranking | S-Rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 75cp, and 75 cp Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | 2 Rounds Description | This is a collaboration technique between two users who know the Rasengan. By combining their fully formed rasengans into an even stronger one! Slightly larger in size, and with the capacity to do S-Ranked Damage! Two Rasengan Become one. Other Effects | -The Supreme Ultimate Rasengan also surrounds the user in tendrils of energy like a tornado, deflecting attacks A-Rank and below, allowing the user to charge through attacks safely in order to get to their opponent Requirements | Rasengan, and two different people using the rasengan to form a single version of this jutsu. Status | Open
  22. Jutsu Name | Runt Ball Rasengan Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | B-Rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50cp Handsigns | N/A Range | Touch Duration | 1 Round Description | A small, less destructive version of the OG Rasengan. It's about the size of a standard marble, and does B-Rank damage. It has all the same powers and abilities of a standard Rasengan, but with less power, and costing less chakra. It also requires a full round to charge up. Other Effects | Requirements | Rasengan Status | Open
  23. Jutsu Name | Chidori Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | A Element(s) | Lightning Release [Raiton] Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 75 CP Handsigns | N/A Range | Melee Range Duration | Instant Description | This technique channels a large amount of lightning chakra to the user's hand. The amount of chakra is so great that it becomes highly visible. The high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping, hence the name. Once the technique is completed, the user charges forward and thrusts the Chidori into the target. The focused strike will tear through any substance of Equal or Lower Rank. Other Effects | Items and Jutsu of A-Rank and lower. Requirements | N/A Status | Open
  24. Jutsu Name | Rasengan Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | A - Rank Element(s) | N/A Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Energy Cost | 50 CP, 15 CP per post (7.5 inch Diameter Sphere) 100 CP (2 Foot Diameter Sphere) 150 CP (5 Foot Diameter Sphere) 200 CP (10 Foot Diameter Sphere) Handsigns | N/A Range | Melee Range Duration | 2 Posts Description | The Rasengan is a high level shape manipulation technique. The user concentrates a contained, fast, rotating sphere of chakra in their hand that, upon contact, releases with destructive force. The size of the sphere can be increased if the user increases the initial chakra cost, however if increased then it can only be held for one post. If the sphere is kept in its smaller state it can be held for multiple posts as long as the user continues to control the chakra. Other Effects | The rotating chakra causes solid objects of Lower Rank to shatter and go flying. Requirements | N/A Status | Open
  25. Jutsu Name | Lava Release: Flower-Fruit Mountain Technique Jutsu Type | Offensive Ranking | S/SS-Ranked Element(s) | Fire Release, Earth Release Specialty(s) | Ninjutsu Chakra Cost | 100cp (S-Rank), 150cp (SS-Ranked) Handsigns | Bird → Dog → Monkey → Tiger → Slam palms on ground Range | • SS-Rank: 40-Meters anywhere within the user's vicinity (Explosion extends outward in a 12.5-meter radius) • S-Rank: 30-Meters anywhere within the user's vicinity (Explosion extends outward in a 10-meter radius) Duration | Instant (The residual lava cools after 2 posts) Description | After performing the associated hand-seals, the user forms a semi-large 13-meter tall construct of rock and earth before afterwards, having the volcano explode violently. During this phase, the volcano annihilates itself almost completely as it sends several metric tons of molten rock outward in all directions as waves of lava. If the force of the hulking, molten rock isn't enough to kill it's victims, the actual heat will. The lava, being more dense than an actual human, allows for anyone caught within the radius of it to essentially float on the resulting pools of lava, burning alive as they suffer instantly from severe burns before dying after a short duration of 1 post. Other Effects | Along with the previously stated information, any metal-based materials equal in rank to the technique are heated to the point at which they become too hot for their weilders to carry. Any metal-based materials less than the technique's rank, instantly bend upon contact with the lava before after an additional post of exposure, melting completely. [Weaknesses]: Requirements | Must have access to Partial Transformation and Yotōn (Lava Release) Status | Public