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Found 5 results

  1. Hitomaro’s feet hit the ground a bit harder than he’d intended, forcing him to a knee. Rushing through the trees like he was was going to cause more damage than it was worth, unfortunately he didn’t have the time to worry about his body. As soon as the thought of time flashed through his mind he turned to look over his shoulder. The sun was still high in the sky, but it wouldn’t stay that way for too long. He kicked off the ground, feeling the building strain in his knees as he picked up pace as he went. He shifted his body around the trees, this was actually the easiest part of his retrieval, the downhill run. Earlier that day he’d been summoned to the Kage’s tower, only this time it wasn’t for a meeting with the Kage, it was for an assignment. An agent they’d strategically placed was returning with important information they’d gotten, that was all the taskmaster had given him because that’s all that he had. It wasn’t uncommon for Lightning Village assets to reach out for a meeting, it was uncommon for one to send an urgent help request. All the old man sitting behind a desk could do was give Hitomaro a location, a deadline, and a reminder of the importance of that information before shooing the blond out of the tower. It was a bit strange not to hear from the Kage, even moreso not receive a manila folder; but if time was of the essence then it made sense. The blond Shinobi grabbed one of his pre stocked kits then hit the ground hard, running for the meeting location. He’d been told there would possibly be help, someone who’d been in the area who could encounter the asset before Hitomaro could have made it. If the informant was in as much danger as his message seemed to allude then the blond ninja hoped someone would keep him safe until he could get there. The asset was Akimitsu Murosaki, a young man who’d been placed somewhere South of the Lightning Country, his location was need to know. Given what his last message said h’d already crossed into the Hiraishin Mountains, there were plenty of Shinobi stationed in the area given the recent assignments, and he’d likely be resting in one of the small mountain towns while he waited for his escort. Hitomaro would have to hurry, even if he got there in a few hours getting the informant back to the village before sundown would be a feat, after all Akimitsu wasn’t a Shinobi and wouldn’t be able to keep up on his own. Worse yet he would stick out like a sore thumb to anyone hunting them, based on the intel Hitomaro had gotten he was a young redhead. That would draw attention, wouldn’t help that he was a blond. Hitomaro ground his teeth and ignored it as he pressed on around the trees, when he had Akimitsu firmly in hand he’d worry about making the deadline, until then he couldn’t afford to worry himself with it. He’d be there soon, hopefully he’d get there before whatever spooked the informant. @Kiroyashi@Katsu@Rue@Kao Masayoshi@Rysano@Aries@Fujin@Bastian(Any of you are free to Join this, if you join this you may NOT join the other one I put up) 529/1000
  2. In a pale lilac short-sleeved shirt and a pare of bright white pair of shorts, Chaohuan sat on a small bench overlooking the beautifully curated rock gardens of the parks within the village. Well, the bench was not actually small, but the man took up so much of it with his imposing figure that the seat seemed minuscule by comparison. He had placed a bow and half-full quiver next to the bench and, in his left hand, held a silver can which appeared to contain a beer of some sort. Which, frankly, most passersby found odd as the drinks of choice within the village focused more around wines, spirits, and the occasional cocktail. Still, he sipped idly upon a cheaply made beer, his face twisting into the infrequent scowl beneath the brim of a stupid looking plaid post-boy hat. He, technically, should have found some village sponsored mission to fill his time, but for now he found it most enjoyable to just sit in the rather chilled air and sip on some luke-warm alcohol. A few dogs ran too and fro, a few children scampered around, but this man simply sat, piercing blue eyes moving up, up, and up until they met with the slate-colored sky and began to watch idly as the clouds slowly meandered by, sometimes doubling back on themselves to persist in his frame of view. On not a few occasions he felt his head slip back as his body attempted to slip off into listless sleep but, unfortunately, the angle at which he sat upon the bench prevented this as, when his body relaxed, the torque on his neck caused him enough pain to reawaken. And so he remained, occasionally spazaming as his body attempted to go to bed, watching the columns of moisture high in the heavens, for once allowing his mind to empty out, devoid of spirits or thoughts of danger. @Kurai
  3. Open

    The young genin stared off in the distance to where the waterfall seems to drop off the end of the world, the same apathetic scowl he always wore firmly embedded on his face. The expression was only empathized by the string wet strands of dark locks clinging to his face, he was not only wet, but he was also hot... and sticky. Despite the water itself being quite refreshing, the humid weather definitely hadn't won the child over as he scoffed aloud to himself. Satomi had been forced to abandon his coat in favor of shedding the heavy fabric to allow his skin to breath better, something that he was beginning to regret as he could swear that the air was physically sticking to his sweaty flesh. The boy's expression shifted as he combed the fingers of his left hand back through his hair, the right hand following suit as he desperately preened himself in an attempt to not look like a wet dog—only smell like one. A frustrated sigh said it all as his arms fell to his side with a slightly wet slap against his soaked clothes. “I should reeeally think these things through...” Truth be told, the shinobi has been out since the early morning. Right out the door following breakfast he made the special trip to Maiden's Falls with the intent to practice his ninjutsu arts, he may have not have graduated from the Academy not too long ago but he was already determined to show that he could make a great ninja. Only that unfortunately meant he couldn't be as lazy as he had hoped, a thought that only brought out a groan from the boy as he stood as still as he could in the middle of the very river threatening to sweep him right to a rocky death. Perhaps in wasn't the right word to, but he was rather standing on the river the best he could. A few wobbles however would suggest the violent current of the river wasn't keen on having the shinobi use his jutsu to defy the natural laws of the universe, forcing the child to rapidly adjust his chakra on the fly to keep himself planted and not carried off to a ten mile reflection of where he went wrong before becoming a yakatori on the sharp rocks at the bottom of the falls. Word Count: Post: 397 Total: 397
  4. And just like that, the sound of the double doors unlocking announced Setōshi's arrival into the library. With a heavy sigh a single foot was put through the door and as soon as he did he immediately regretted it. The rustling of pages and low chatter from group projects carried out by students and shinobi alike came to a dead silence, all gazes were averted to the young boys entrance. Setōshi paused at the halfway point of being both in and out of the doorway, half of his body visible and the other half seemingly peeking into the library. His body tensed up as the early warning signs of possible interaction triggered his disorder. Look at them... They know the truth... You're a mistake... A death sentence... Who you are and what you'll become have been set in stone since birth... They'll see right through it... "But... I have to try... " — Setōshi mumbled to himself whilst pushing his way through the door and slamming it shut behind him. "!uoy em ot eciN !ssilB m'I“ A jumbled mess of words woven backwards made him look like the fool that he tried to be for the public's eye, few snickers here and there, but for the most part people brandished a nuisance to their studies and brushed his arrival off by beckoning him to keep the noise down. Setōshi beamed a smile, gauging the situation to have worked well for himself, something which he was clearly wrong and misguided by from the promotion of himself as "Bliss", but what more could be expected of an individual who neglected his own emotional attachment to the world... "OK then! Carry on with your stu—“ *SHHHHHHH...* — Bliss was interrupted mid speech and shushed to a silence by a girl in the corner who had grown quite annoyed by his antics. *Cough* *Cough* It was a library afterall, as minimal noise as possible was key to the learning environment of others. Much to no surprise Setōshi did not care for such a rule, and at the times he chose to speak he did. Walking through the small group project area the young boy gazed over the shoulders of those sitting with their books open, a plethora of subjects by different authors were being discussed on the hush. It wasn't until he got to the third group closest to the rows of books did he come stop, the title of the book "Anatomical Composition of the Human Body" stuck out to him like a sore thumb. Between him and valuable information in his field of study was the interaction with the group, specifically the female who it was closest to. Shit... Humans... At a distance things were fine, but this... Up close and personal... Setōshi's breathing became staggered as his mind went blank and both palms and neck increased with sweat, his entire body began to tremble so much so that it caught the groups attention. To the studied scholar these were telltale signs of an anxiety attack, but in this case it was much worse due to the lineage from which he hailed. "Hey kid... What's your problem?.. You alright, or what?.." — One of the two males of the four students sitting at the table spoke in a hushed tone as he stood to his full height. A moment past with no reply from Bliss furthering the confusion from the students who all exchanged a look before those sitting began ushering the standing boy to check him out. The book that caught Setōshi's eye was one among many that lay sprawled across the table between the four students, each with a running theme of corresponding with the medical field, thus by check him out they were only intending to check out his vital signs. A dire mistake, and one foreseen prior by the student after having witnessed a flicker of what appeared to be Setōshi's breath, but instead chalked he it up to his pure imagination and reached out grabbing ahold of his shoulder and wrist. The trembling stopped. All realization of the outside world can't flooding back, yet he was too late... "Aggghhhhh" — Screamed the student as he retracted his hands and fell backwards into his friends. The student's cry became the focal point of attention, heads peeking over books and around shelves to view the commotion. Setōshi stood wide eyed with the reassuring smile of one who knew he was caught, the negativite perceptions of him could seemingly be felt, prompting rash decision makings on his part. "Yikes! Talk about giving you the cold shoulder!.. He he he..." "That'll heal right up with the right technique, ya know!? Unfortunately I need to borrow a few things—" — Setōshi said while everything swiping into his arms several books, plenty were left for the students, but the selected few were untouched at the time and ripe for a picking. "—In order to figure it out!.. You guys look like fine scholars, so beat me to it! Ok?!. Thanks bye! " The words he spoke trailed after him, before they knew it he was gone and the students were left dumbfounded at what exactly just happened. Rows after rows of shelves filled with books created the library into a labyrinth of sorts, chestnuts m passages leading to clearings hear and there gave birth to prime locations for an independent student to work, thus he sat. Fueled by the pursuit of knowledge, the young man coming to be known simply as "Bliss" began reading the first of four books: "Guide to the field Medical Shinobi: Evasive Healing Standards Vol. 1". With finger under word retreated inward absorbing the information as he read, the persona of "Bliss" was flipped off like a switch and in his isolation Setōshi was allowed to be himself without the pressure placed upon him by his subconscious mind. And just like that, from street smarts to book smarts, Setōshi increased his knowledge in the medical field page after page, but what he'd soon come to find out was that knowing was only half the battle. Application and practice was its counterpart. Lurking in the shadows was a presence whose sights were set on the Setōshi, having caught wind of the incident from earlier the figure felt a duty to protect the students and books alike from any further harm... "Annex..." 1,033/750 WC
  5. With a final and satisfied sigh Fa Zheng rose his hand to his brow, and then flicked it away sending sweat showering off his head like a summer afternoon's rain. Before him stretched out the village parks, and upon that park sat hundred of tiny eggs! Multicolored and magnificent! Some were hidden in nooks of trees, and in tall grass, some rested at the bottom of the lake, meters under ground, or were floating attached to balloons high in the sky! Many of these eggs were fake! Decoys! It might have been easter but there were no true holidays for a ninja! Only those witth keen senses would be able to determine which eggs were the real ones and which were false. If you were round the fake eggs would blow up covering you a bright gaudy paint! Feeling satisfied with his work Fa Gave a not to the other Jounin who had helped set up this field, and sauntered over to the consession stands to grab a nice tall glass of lemonaid. He wanted to be nice and refreshed, because the event was about to begin. Some chunin were holding off the genin and academy students from the park for the time being, but they weren't able to hold them for much longer! Few if any could stand the might of youngsters looking for phat loot.